Review by Braben

Reviewed: 01/11/04

Way better than the original and one of the best adventure games for the Nes.

The original Adventure Island was a great platform game, highly original and very well done. Well, as you will be able to see the sequel is much better, the gameplay is basically the same, but Hudson also added a nice amount of improvements.

Pretty much like the first one, but with less bright colors, because some times in the first one they were too bright and it was a bit hard to distingue some items (something very typical during the Atari times and during the first generation of Nes games), no more bright colors in the sequel, and that mean more detailed environments and enemies, but aside from that they are very similar to the first game’s.

The first game also had very nice music, and the same happens with this game, the music is really good, very happy a catchy, specially the map theme, that one has got stuck in my head perpetually.

The gameplay, although it may seems identical at the very beginning, as been greatly improved with very nice additions. First of all, the most interesting new feature are the dinosaurs, we have four of these monsters, and we can find them hidden on eggs like the regular items, and they will help us in different situations.

Something very interesting too is that at the beginning of each level, we will be able to choose items, these are the items we collected during the previous stages, so for example if we finish a stage with the axe, at the beginning of the next stage we can choose keeping that weapons or storing it. Once we store something we can remove it whenever we want. We can store up to five of items (yet we cans store different quantities of the same items), including our friendly dinosaurs.

This time we have a map and eight islands to visit, each one with a different number of stages and a final boss in each one. At the end of each stage we will also find a little bonus game where we can obtain points, items, or even dinosaurs. And of course, as the game is now much longer we thankfully have the possibility to continue from the last stage we beat. There are bosses this time also, at the end of each world.

Maybe with this the game is not as challenging, but it sure is much more entertaining.

Everything else is the same from the previous game, we have the skateboard, and our objective is again to obtain food, dodging little pitfalls and killing enemies to reach the end of each stage.

Adventure Island II is better than the original in almost every way possible, it’s longer, has nicer graphics, better gameplay... so if the first one was great and this one is much better, that can only mean Adventure Island II is one of the finest platformers available for the Nes, don’t expect another Super Mario Bros. 3, but you’ll have lots of fun wit this title, that is for sure.

”My lack of vocabulary and grammatical errors (if there’s any) are because I’m not from an English speaking country, sorry about that.”

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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