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Reviewed: 02/09/00 | Updated: 02/09/00

Lemme tell ya 'bout the time I defeated the aliens with some dinosaurs and an axe!


Sound Effects:6/10
Play Control:6/10
Group Enjoyment:4/10
Individual Enjoyment:5/10

Good Points:
Ah, the sequel to Adventure Island (in case you hadn’t figured that out). This one featured better graphics, more enemies, bigger (and better looking) bosses, and new cohorts to help you get the same ol’ job done. This job, as it was in the previous game, is to guide Master Higgins (the guy in the diaper and ball cap) through the 8 lands and save his girlfriend from aliens. At least this time, instead of only a crappy axe to get you through the game, you also have the the help of 4 dinosaur friends. So, does the diapered wonder get the job done, or do the aliens make crop circles out of him?

Graphics: This one had MUCH better graphics. Bigger enemies, and the dinosaurs don’t hurt, either.

Sound Effects: Better than the previous one, with more marginal bleeps and bloops.

Music: Much better from the first one, which is to say that this time, the music’s barely above average.

Originality: Sure, it’s just a continuation of the first game, but this one also has helper dinosaurs, vertical stages, and a neat screen where you can decide which items/dinosaurs you’re going to use. That’s enough to put it at the 8 mark.

Play Control: Not too good. I find it too hard to make some of the crucial jumps in this, or accidentally swim into a gigantic fish or something.

Enjoyment: As a single player, this is ok. It’d be more fun for a group if there was a way to play as Master Higgins AND a dinosaur at the same time (I mean 2 people controlling them individually, you doofus).

Challenge: Only warranted by some of the tricky jumps and moves, otherwise...

Ending: It’s ok...has some decent graphics, and it wraps up the story nicely.

Bad Points:
This game is still plagued by bad controls, but at least they’re not bad as SOME games (I’m looking at you, Bigfoot!). The challenge at some of the later levels is more based on memorizing exactly where to jump (stupid fox catches me every time), and what fruit to grab.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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