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Reviewed: 06/12/02 | Updated: 06/12/02

Better than the first? Yep!

The first Adventure Island was a good game, though it had a few problems: too much difficulty when you lose your weapon, sensitive controls, etc. Yet, it never really detracted from the island hopping experience. A few years later, we are introduced to Adventure Island 2, with a host of new features like a map, dinosaurs, water levels, and a lot more variety in levels and level design. The result is a very entertaining game which is even more fun than the first one.

Gameplay: 9/10

If you've played an Adventure Island game before, you are already quite familiar with the style of play. Pick up items from eggs, toss hammers at enemies, eat fruit when your life is low, and so on. Adventure Island 2 is more fast-paced than the original, and more fun to run through. The 4 dinosaur friends (2 camptosauruses, an elasmosaurus and a pteradon) add an extra dimension of gameplay, each with their own unique abilities and attacks, and as well as an extra hit. The stages are shortened down, but there are now more of them, and multiple routes through the game as well. Therefore, the game difficulty has been toned down quite a bit, but makes the playability and fun factor much better than the first, where losing one life and dropping your weapon was the end. Almost anyone can pick this one up and play, and get pretty far into it (the first one holds the opposite true).

Controls: 9/10

Same simple controls as before. A to jump, B to fire. Higgins moves faster in this game, though.

Story: 4/10

Loses points for originality, but who plays the games for story anyways? Master Higgins lost his girlfriend again. Go save her.

Graphics: 9/10

Much better than the graphics in the first one. A lot more colourful and easier to understand. Higgins is still a littly pauchy though!

Audio: 10/10

The music is quite catchy! You might find yourself humming or whistling it at inappropriate times (like me). The sound effects are top-notch as well.

Replayability: 9/10

You'll probably beat this game before you beat the first one, but it's worth another run through. Try it without dinosaurs. Try it with the skateboard. Try different routes! Be creative and set up your own ways through!

Buy or Rent: Considering the fact you can't rent NES games anymore (shame....), you should buy this one. It's probably about 5 dollars, but it is worth much more than that.

Overall, a solid addition to the NES side-scrolling library. Fixes the problems found in the first one and adds new quirks like the dinosaurs and stuff. Hopefully, you'll like it as much as I did.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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