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Reviewed: 04/20/02 | Updated: 04/20/02

I don't see how a guy whose first name is 'Master' can't afford clothes.

This game shows that you don't need to spend big cash for a lot of fun. It stands out as a classic in the NES library (and beats the original by far).

Story: 5/10 (average)
It doesn't need one. It's just about a little chubby guy in a grass skirt jumping from island to island flinging axes at things. If they had even tried to give it a story, the game would have suffered.

Sound: 9/10 (awesome)
The game has simple yet fitting sound effects. boooeep!
The music is catchy and quick, and always cheery and lighthearted, even when you're in parching deserts and murky depths. It helps to keep the game light and undramatic, which is a good thing in this case. :p
It's the kind of music that you'll find yourself humming years after playing and wondering, ''what IS that??!''

Graphics: 9/10 (awesome)
As I always state in my reviews, graphics are NOT what matters. The graphics in this game, though, are great! They're bright and colorful, but not obnoxious, so they're easy on the eyes. Master Higgins has been redrawn and reshaped from the first game, and he looks a lot better here than before. You can actually tell what things are!

Control: 10/10 (perfect)
The controls are simple and functional, making this game easy to learn and play. A is jump, B is fire. That's all there is to it!

Gameplay: 10/10 (perfect)
This game is just plain FUN. It's never too repetetive or tedious, and it's broken down into lots of small levels rather than a few huge ones. This prevents long stretches of play from being boring, and between levels, you get to see a fancy schmancy map of the island you're on. As for the difficulty & challenge, it's easy and fair. It's designed very well to accomodate all from beginners, little kids, & old people, to very skilled game-stompers. You'll never get bored, trust me. The game also has plenty of replay value - once you've finished, you'll probably want to play through again right away.

Buy or Rent:
Buy it. Now. (Good luck finding a place that rents NES games anyway! >:) )


Story 5/10 average
Sound 9/10 awesome
Graphics 9/10 awesome
Control 10/10 perfect
Gameplay 10/10 perfect

Overall: 9/10 awesome

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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