Review by vgc2000

Reviewed: 08/31/09

A huge step over part 1 but it still feels longwinded.

Hudsonsoft released Adventure Island as a followup to the their hit Adventure Island game and I’ll never understand why neither game was so popular; in my opinion both were repetitive and mediocre platformers. They followed the first installment up with a sequel that is better in every conceivable way but to me, still feels tired. Music, sound, graphics, and most of all game play took a step up in quality. However, I still don’t understand how part II got so popular either as I grow tired of it after a few worlds. To me the game is just like playing Super Mario Bros. 3 without warping in one sitting, at least Hudsonsoft gives you a stage select code to continue in the game when you need a break, if not for that then I’d never want to think about this game again.

You have a map in this game and there are eight islands and each island has about 8 stages each. Now that’s one heck of a long game in one sitting if you ask me!

The fireball weapons in the first game are gone and Higgins only throws axes and rides a skateboard. The stages are shorter now thankfully and are a bit more varied but still seem to repeat after a few worlds. You have an inventory system now that will store your new dinosaur pals upon receiving another, you can use your inventory at the beginning of each stage. The dinosaur buddies add some quality to the game play each one can be rode and has different attack powers. Each Island has a boss and this time they aren’t the same old stupid half man half triceratops thing from the first game, they are all different and at least enjoyable to fight.

The sound this time around is much nicer to listen to, there is more tunes for the stages, unfortunately some are pretty catchy and others are just drab and don’t show much on the person who wrote the tunes. Sound effects are all pretty nice and are all cleaner and sharper versions of sounds of the first game.

Graphics received a significant upgrade this time around. I actually think the graphics are the high point of the game, they are way sharper than Adventure Island, they are brighter, more colorful and so much higher resolution than before.

Even though the game is vastly superior to its predecessor it still has a tired feeling to the game play. I can’t sit through such a long game in one sitting, the stages are too repetitive and the game is far too long for me. Adventure Island was a huge success in Japan, in the US it’s a niche market which I’m not part of. It wasn’t until Adventure Island IV that I finally feel like they got the game play right but Hudsonsoft never brought that stateside. If you weren’t a fan then, you probably won’t be now so stick to something faster paced or import a copy of part IV.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Adventure Island II (US, 02/28/91)

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