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FAQ/Walkthrough by DJosef

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 07/14/01

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                             Adventure Island II
                                 By DJosef
                               Copyright 2001 
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Table of Contents

I.Version History 
2.Controls etc.
7.Contact Info

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Version History  
= = = = = = = = = = 

V1.0: This is my first FAQ, so bear with me here.
V1.1: Worked on the FAQ's format and fixed a few areas.
V1.3: Reformatted and changed font. 
V1.4: Added disclaimer and fixed an error.

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You play Master Higgins, an odd-looking islander seeking to rescue his 
girlfriend who has been captured by aliens. You will travel from island 
to island in search of Tina (your aforementioned girlfriend). Along the 
way you will encounter all sorts of foes. You will have to make your 
way through eight islands in order to reach your goal. If this story 
sounds familiar it's probably because it's almost the exact same one as 
in the original Adventure Island. 

= = = = = = = = = =
2. Controls
= = = = = = = = = =

Control Pad- Cardinal direction you wish to move in
A-Fire weapon if on dinosaur, throw axe if walking by foot
In order to do a super jump press up and the direction your jumping in 
when you jump.

Other important things:
The energy bar at the top of your screen is very important. If it runs 
out you die. In order to keep it full make sure to get plenty of fruit.

= = = = = = = = = =
3. Items
= = = = = = = = = =

Fruit- The most common item in the game, this gives you energy and 
Milk- Full energy and 2000 points
Meat- See Milk
Skateboard- Speed Up
Fairy- Temporarily makes you invincible
Egg Plant- Drains your energy, making it very easy for you to die.

= = = = = = = = = =  
4. Dinosaurs
= = = = = = = = = =

Blue Dinosaur- Shoots electricity from it's tail
Maroon Dinosaur- Shoots fire balls from it's mouth
Swimming Dinosaur- Swims quickly underwater
Pterodactyl-Flys and drops bombs while you ride on its back

Keep in mind that while riding a dinosaur your energy runs out more 
quickly than when
I personally find the pterodactyls next to useless, and find the blue 
and maroon dinosaurs the most useful 

= = = = = = = = = = 
= = = = = = = = = =
(A note: The levels you play are chosen depending upon which egg you 
chose. I always pick the first egg so in order to use this walkthrough 
you should do the same. No matter what you always end up playing 7 of 
the possible 8 levels on the island. The only ones you definitely play 
are the first and last levels on the island.)


Level 1-1: This should be a real breeze, just pick up the fruit as it 
appears, and dodge or kill the enemies you discover along the way. 
Should take you all of 3 minutes. If you're on your skateboard about 
halfway through the level a dinosaur will come and help you out. 

2nd Jungle Level: You should have no trouble here, follow the same 
process as with level 1-1. You can skip this entire level if you find 
the hidden key towards the end of this level.

Pyramid/Temple Level-This level shows you as going to a pyramid but you 
instead go to a short easy level outside with a maroon sky as the 
background. This is a very easy level, much like every level on the 
first two islands

Cave Level- Open the first egg to get a skateboard. A matter of seconds 
later you should be upgraded to a blue dinosaur. Another easy levels as 
long as you manage not to get hit.

Pink Sky Level- Yet another easy level. You should have at least one 
dinosaur by now, but if not you can earn another by killing the crow 
near the end of this level.

Lava Jungle Level- This is another easy level. Just be careful not to 
fall in the lava and make sure to upgrade to a maroon dinosaur by 
finding one in the egg early on in the level.

Platform Cave- Basically this is just an easy upward climb. Make sure 
to get the milk on the right near the end for full health

Boss Level- This is basically a slightly harder of the earlier Lava 
Jungle Level. There is a Pterodactyl in one egg that may come in handy 
against the boss at the end of this level.


2-1- Hop on the skateboard found in the first egg that you see. Watch 
out for the boulder as you go up the hill early in the level. Right 
before the large hole in the ground crash into a rock on purpose and 
then kill the crow and collect its egg to upgrade to a maroon dinosaur

2nd Jungle Level (I believe you have to play this one)- The simplicity 
continues. You have the opportunity to change to a purple sea dinosaur 
but I wouldn't recommend taking it, as long as you have one in your 

Underwater Level- This is another easy level, although it can be hard 
to control your character underwater at first. 
3rd Jungle Level- Just as easy as the previous two found on this island. 
Make sure to get the invincibility fairy and milk found in eggs.

2nd Underwater Level- Use the same strategy you used in the first, 
seeing how they're practically clones of each other.
Platform Cave- The only tricky part here is jumping on the moving, 
spiked, platforms, and even that isn't much of a challenge

Boss Level- A bit of a challenge. Make sure to avoid the spikes early 
on in the level and be careful not to crash into any enemies and you 
should be all set.


3-1- This is where the game starts to become a bit of a challenge 
(although it's still pretty easy). Get the skateboard at the beginning 
of the level and be careful not to crash into any enemies. Make sure to 
pick up the meat towards the end of the level for full energy.

Desert Island Beach- This level hosts the introduction of falling 
coconuts, so from now on be on the look out for them on any beach 
levels. Also make sure to look out for the foxes which may ambush you 
from behind in this level.
Cave- This level has some very tricky jumps, so take your time. Halfway 
through there should be an egg containing a blue dinosaur.

Pink Sky Beach- A pretty easy level, just take your time to avoid the 
fire and the mosquitoes and you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Desert Level- Another fairly easy level. Just watch out for the 
scorpions and be careful not to sink into the quick sand and you should 
be all set.

Boss Level- See desert level


Level 1(Ice Mountain 1)- A bit of a challenge. There are a few 
difficult jumps here and there but you shouldn't have too much trouble, 
just take your time. 

Ice Mountain 2- Watch out for the fires that seem to be everywhere 
(must be cuz of the cold). Once again a few difficult jumps here and 
there but overall not to hard.

Ice Forest- Another easy level. At the end of the level make sure to 
get the key hidden in an egg for a chance at tons of fruit, energy and 

Ice Beach- Watch out for all the white pigs in this level and make sure 
to time your jump over the fire at the end of the level and you should 
have no problem

Ice Plain- Early in this level there is a hidden egg, which will get 
you a key. Pick it up and you will be brought to a dragon that will be 
kind enough to give you an item. Watch out for the penguins in this 
level as they will drop snowballs down that can kill you quite easily.

Underwater Level- This plays just like all the other underwater levels 
you've seen so far with the exception that you go in and out of the 

Boss Level- The only hard part to this one is one large jump. In order 
to do it with just Master Higgins simply press up and right while 
making the jump. If on a dinosaur use it's firing ability while about 
an inch from the ledge and while he's still going really fast hit jump 
and you should make it no problem.


Level 1 (Cave One)- This plays just like all the other caves you have 
visited so far in the game. Only time that this is a challenge is the 
end when you have to jump on some moving platforms.

Forest- This is also just like all the other forest you've played so 
far. Halfway through the level jump on the spring for a ton of energy. 
You can get a purple water dinosaur from the egg at the end of this 
level if you want.

Cave 2 (Lava Cave)- About halfway through this level you can find an 
egg with a key in it that will allow you to skip the rest of this 
island. I suggest that you do. If you choose to play this whole level 
through don't take a  because it will drain your energy way too fast. 
Be prepared to have to make another one of those mega jumps at the end 
of the level.

Cave 3 (Vertical Cave)- This is a bit of a challenge. There is a blue 
dinosaur halfway through this level; make sure to get it.

Cave 4 (Water Cave)- This level is really easy _if_ you make sure to 
use the purple water dinosaur.
Just use the dinosaur to swim through the water and be careful not to 
run into any enemies and you should be all set.
 Left Mountain Level (appears as a mountain on the screen)- There is a 
hidden egg halfway through this level that contains a key that will 
bring you to a hidden area full of fruit. Make sure to watch out for 
the foxes that will try and ambush you.

Right Mountain Level- The only thing to watch out for here is there 
will be a place where there will be a drop between two platforms and an 
egg in the middle of them; DO NOT get that egg, it contains an egg 
plant which will drain you of all your energy.

Underwater Level (appears as a mini-island)- You can get a 3rd axe about 
halfway through this level and I recommend that you do, just in case 
you lose the others. As always in this type of level simply use a 
purple dinosaur and take your time and you should have no trouble at 

Beach Level- An easy short level, just be sure to avoid the boulders, 
falling coconuts, and fire.

Vertical Cave (Cave 5)- Make sure to break the first egg for a milk, 
you'll need the full energy. Try to avoid enemies and finish this level 
as quickly as you can, because there is little fruit in this level, and 
you may run out of energy and die if you don't.

Boss Level- Simply use a water dinosaur and beat this level and take 
your time and this level should be a cake walk.


Level 1 (Forest 1)- Watch out for the purple mosquitoes. Make sure to 
get the egg at the end of the level, which should contain a 

Underwater Level- You really have to take your time in this level or 
you won't make it far in this level. Make sure to pick up the axe that 
is found towards the bottom of the screen near the middle of the level.

Mountain Level 1- This level is kind of hard so make sure to take your 
time. Take special care not to get hit by the octopuses that that 
spring up from the water, as they appear quite suddenly.

Bottom Right Cloud- This is another hard level. Make sure to time your 
jumps well and take your time so not to collide with enemies and this 
will be much easier.

Mountain Level 2- There are a few challenging jumps here but just time 
them well and you should be all set.

Vertical Cave- You may want to ignore all the enemies and just go 
through as quickly as you can because there will be very little energy 
to find in this level. If you want there is a maroon dinosaur in the 
level, but be aware it may be time consuming to get it.

Forest 2 (Pink-skied forest)- A very easy level. The second half of 
this level doesn't even contain enemies., and the first half contains 
very few.

Lava Cave- Also not a very challenging level. Make sure not to fall 
into the lava and watch out for bats and you should have no trouble.

Beach- You have to watch out for the foxes that ambush you in this 
level, because they appear a lot. Other than that you should use the 
same strategy you use the same strategy you always use.

Boss Level- Just play this using the same strategy as all the previous 
cave levels and you should have no trouble at all. If you have a 
pterodactyl in reserve you'll probably want to use it.


Level 1 (Mountain Level 1)- Once again take your time and watch out for 
the octopuses and you shouldn't have any problems finishing this level.

Pink-Skied Forest- Nothing important in this level, just be careful to 
avoid the mosquitoes.

Lava Cave- There are a lot of fire balls popping up from the lava in 
this level, so watch out for them. Also make sure to time your jumps 
well so you don't fall into the lava.

Mid-Right Mountain- Be sure to take your time because there aren't many 
enemies in this level but when you do find them they'll be in fairly 
large groups.

Grey/Green Cave- Be very careful in this level, or you're bound to get 
hit by a fireball.

Beach- Follow the usual strategy. Halfway through this level near the 
pit make sure to kill all four crows to earn an egg containing a maroon 

Pink-skied Forest 2(found between the two tunnels)- This level has 
enemies swarming everywhere but luckily most are fairly slow, in fact 
some may not even move at all, so this level shouldn't be much trouble.

Left Volcano- Follow the same rules as the mid-right volcano, the two 
levels are very similar.

Boss Level- This level is actually quite a challenge. First of all make 
sure to be careful of the volcanoes and the lava rocks that they shoot 
out at you. Shortly after the 2nd volcano don't open the dinosaur egg 
because it contains an energy-draining eggplant. Towards the end of the 
level watch out for the small lava pits in the ground.


Level One- A pretty easy level. All you should do is make sure to not 
get hit by the snowballs the penguins throw and you shouldn't have a 
lot trouble beating this level.

Underwater Ice Level- This is yet another easy level. Make sure to 
watch out for the spiked balls floating in the water. About halfway 
through the level you can get a spare axe, I recommend doing so, just 
in case you need it.

Ice Cave- This level is hard. Watch out for the large pieces of ice 
falling from the ceiling and also be careful not to stand on the ice 
platforms above the large hole towards the middle of the level for too 
long as they will collapse on you. 

Upper Forest- Watch out for the foxes that will sneak up on you in the 
beginning of this level. After that you won't find many enemies and the 
ones you do see will go down pretty easily.

Underwater Cave- Simply use a underwater dinosaur and you will have 
little trouble with this one.

Right Volcano- Make sure to watch out for all the volcanoes and 
fireballs in this level. There are few enemies in this level, luckily, 
so just worry about avoiding the fireballs and volcanoes and you 
shouldn't have a whole lot of trouble.

Left Volcano- Almost a clone of the right volcano, just a few more 

Grey/Green Cave (Vertical Cave)- Pretty much a clone of the other 
vertical caves, except with a few more enemies. Watch out for the bats; 
they appear out of nowhere and are very, very, fast.  Also make sure to 
take your time jumping over the two torches at the end. Soon as you 
make it over a bat will attack you, so be on the lookout for it.

Bottom-Left Mountain- The enemies in this level is a cinch so you 
should be able to take them out without any problem. However some of 
the jumps in this level are close to impossible if you're rushing 
through, so take you time, trust me it'll be quicker than trying to 
rush through and dying all the time.

Boss Level- Take a purple underwater dinosaur and make sure to hurry 
through here, because there is only one energy power up in this whole 
level, a milk you find about 1/4 of the way through. About halfway 
through there will be a pool of water, jump in with your dinosaur and 
make sure not to get hit, and hurry through, while making sure to toss 
your axes at every enemy you see. After you get out of the water run 
into the first enemy you see to get rid of your dinosaur and go as 
quickly as you can through the rest of this level, because you should 
be running short on energy.

= = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = =

Fern Island Boss: Living Wall                              Difficulty 
Level: 1.5/5 
This is the first and easiest boss. Simply throw your axes toward the 
center of the wall and if any of the green spheres get too close just 
destroy them using your axe. This guy should be no trouble at all, 
especially not if you have a dinosaur.
Lake Island  Boss: King Hermit Crab                       Difficulty 
Level: 2.5/5
Just wait for the crab to stick his head out of the shell and then 
unload axes on him like a mad man. He should go down in a 4 or 5 
Desert Island Boss: Sand Scorpion                        Difficulty 
Level: 3/5
Wait for him to finish firing then just throw as many axes as you can 
before he disappears. If you want you can just not use the platforms at 
all, although they help.

Ice Island Boss: Giant Octopus                                
Difficulty Level: 3.5/5
This boss is the hardest yet, but still not much of a challenge. Stand 
on the middle block of ice move from end to end of it, depending on 
which side of the room the octopus is at. Also be careful to avoid the 
blocks of ice falling from the ceiling.

Cave Island Boss: Mutant Moth                              Difficulty 
Level: 3/5
While not a very big offensive threat this guy is pretty hard to hit. 
The time you're most likely to hit him is when he is in the middle of 
the screen. Simply stand on the right platform and unload all the axes 
you can on him.

Cloud Island Boss: Blue Hawk                                 Difficulty 
Level: 3/5
This guy is pretty easy, the only trick is to use a hit and run 
technique. Throw 3 or 4 axes at him, jump up a cloud, later, rinse, 
repeat. This might take a while but it works pretty well and you have a 
low risk of getting hit if you keep moving.

Volcano Island Boss: Blue Scorpion
When the scorpion is on the bottom big platform stand on the ground and 
throw your axes at him.

Dinosaur Island Bosses- Boss One: Green Hanging Scorpion. Difficulty 
Level: 2/5
Simply stay on the left side of the screen and toss your axes at him 
and he'll go down in no time.

Dinosaur Island Bosses- Boss Two- Blue Bug: Difficulty Level: 4/5
This boss will teleport to all four corners in this order: top-right, 
bottom-right, top-left, bottom-left. Keeping this in mind go to the 
opposite side of the room that he's in and unload your axes on him, 
making sure to keep moving so that he can't target you with his 

= = = = = = = = = = 
7.Contact information
= = = = = = = = = =
For questions, comments or suggestions e-mail me at 
skapunk_14@hotmail.com or IM me at my AIM name skapunkdude14 or 

= = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = 
This FAQ is protected under copyright and can not be used without my 
permission. If you are interested in posting this FAQ e-mail me and ask 
permission. If I do not respond don't assume my silence is a yes.
This FAQ should currently be available only at www.gamefaqs.com and 
www.geocities.com/nesfaqs (a classic gaming site ran by myself and some 

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