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Reviewed: 03/02/05

Very nicely done.

I never got into this game as a kid, because I didn't know of it. However, after seeing that there were FOUR Adventure Island games on the NES, I figured it had to at least be decent, so I gave it a try, and I was pretty happy with what I saw.

At A Glance: Hudson's Adventure Island, released onto the NES in 1986, is a 2-dimensional action platformer. Similar to Mario games, you run around and try to get to the end of the level while avoiding treacherous foes. Combined with fruit gathering elements and high quality fun, this game was a huge success. It was such a success, that, three (3) different sequels of the game were made for the NES, totaling FOUR different Adventure Island games brought to the NES alone. There have been Adventure Island games for the arcade, SNES, even Mobile Phones! This game really was the beginning of something huge.

Game Plot: The Evil Witch Doctor has kidnapped Princess Leilani from Master Higgins. After the Princess was taken to an island called "Adventure Island" in the South Pacific, Master Higgins has asked you to help him save Princess Leilani. Now, you have to go into Adventure Island, and fight your way through forests, mountains, caves, and other terrain to save the beautiful Princess Leilani. Can you do it?

Game play: The game play of Adventure Island has been done extremely well. You have to fight your way through 8 different areas, each area divided into 4 different rounds, making 32 different rounds in the game (extremely similar to SMB). As you fight your way through each round, you have a certain amount of strength that must not run out, or you will die. A little bit of your strength is randomly taken away, even if you do nothing except stand there, your strength will slowly lower. If you trip over a rock, your strength will lower. The only thing you can do to increase your strength is get fruit, which is very abundant and plentiful. Also, you can obtain hammers, which can be thrown at enemies to kill them. If you accidentally touch an enemy, it is an automatic death. The game is not forgiving in this aspect. Also, there are cool powerups, such as you can get a skateboard and ride it around, or if a bee if flying around you, you will be invincible for a certain amount of time. All in all, the game play was done very good.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are incredibly good for an NES game. They are bright and full in color, giving the game a happy atmosphere. The backgrounds consist of actual trees, not just a single color like in most 2-Dimensional Platformers. The guy that you control has been done nicely, though he only has 3 frames of animation for his walk. All the enemies have been done nicely, too. All in all, Hudson has done a very nice job designing the graphics for this game.

Sound: Like the graphics, the sound has been done well, too. There is a nicely composed background song for many of the levels. There are different tunes for the cave levels, for the boss fights, a death fanfare, and there is a nicely constructed title screen theme. The sound effects, such as when you throw a hammer, or when you jump have been done nicely too. Good job in this aspect, Hudson.

Weapons: You only ever have one weapon, and that is a hammer. When you first start the game, you don't have the hammer, but you get the hammer at the very beginning of the first round, so you have it pretty much the whole game. You throw the hammer at enemies, and you have an infinite supply of them.

Enemies: There are many enemies that litter the nice happy land of Adventure Island. The most abundant enemy is the snail, especially in the earlier levels. There are also birds, frogs, raccoons, octopuses, and plenty other enemies. All of the enemies have different properties, but all of them are killed the same way: by throwing hammers at them. There are also bosses at the end of every Area, which you just defeat by throwing multiple hammers at their vulnerable area. There are plenty of enemies in this game, and a nice wide variety.

Levels: They aren't called "levels"; they are called "Areas". There are 8 different Areas in the entire game. In each Area, there are four different Rounds, totaling 32 different Rounds in the entire game. The Area/Round properties are extremely similar to the World/Level properties in Super Mario Brothers; they're just called something different.

Graphics: 8
Game play: 10
Sound: 9
Story: 6
Fun: 8
Replay ability: Moderate
Overall: 8/10

Final Thought: This really is a nicely made game, and it's extremely similar to any Mario game, especially SMB. Though, there are still many unique features that set it apart from SMB. Any Mario fan, or 2-Dimensional Platform fan will most likely enjoy this game. If you are not a Mario/2-Dimensional Platformer, then you should definitely give this game a try anyway, though chances are smaller that you'll enjoy it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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