Review by oldskoolfan

Reviewed: 10/12/04

Not Given Enough Credit

As I sit here playing this game that I got from the thrift store I work at for practically nothing, I think to myself: "How could anyone who likes video games not appreciate this for what it is?" I ask this because when I came here to check the reviews for it, most weren't really digging it. I figured I would give it a try and I was blown away. I never really played the Adventure Island games except one for the SNES once, and I really like this one. Here's why:

Story - N/A: Not a big factor in this game, but it works. It's your basic Higgins the hero is out to save his girl from some bad guy apparently. I dunno for sure because I don't have the book and don't care anyway.

Graphics - 10: For the NES, it's great. The animations are smooth and nothing flickers. What more could you ask for? Nice colors, too. Good variety of enemies and backgrounds.

Controls - 10: I love the controls. It's a basic mario/megaman deal where you sidescroll along and have the enemies/platform jumping thing going on. You jump with A, throw your hammer with B, etc.

Sound/Music - 10: I know I may seem generous by now, but to me this stuff isn't that big a deal with NES games. As long as the music isn't annoying and the sounds are fitting and not annoying then I'll give it a ten. Now on to the biggest factor...

Gameplay - 10: You gotta love this game. To me it's pretty original, since it's got the primitive island theme going on. You run along through one big level with four little stages and throw your hammer at different enemies. there's a lot of dodging by jumping that goes on too. You don't start out with the hammer, you have to get it from this huge egg for some reason. If you have it already, you get either a skateboard to ride, invincibility, or sometimes this horrible thing that drains your strength. As you go through the level, you strength is constantly draining a little bit at a time and the only thing that brings it back is by grabbing the fruit that's thrown about everywhere. All this combined by the fact that you have three lives makes for a challenge. Anything that hits you kills you and not collecting fruit and losing your strength kills you too. This is what at first made me hate the game, till I learned that there was an infinite lives code that totally redeems the game.

Conclusion - 10: A true classic. I mean come on, this is part of a generation of gaming that made history. Sure the graphics aren't incredible but the gameplay is what matters and any real gamer knows it. It's fun, and why do we play video games? Still, there is somewhat of a bias in any review since I like sidescrolling platformers and some people might not, but I think anyone who likes video games would appreciate this game for what it is. Play it. But get the infinite lives secret found on this website.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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