Review by AceUltraGamer

Reviewed: 07/16/09

Classic game, but the sequels are better. Namely because they don't contain the frustrating obstacle near the end of this game that ruins it.

Synopsis: A classic NES platform game. The setting is on an exotic island in the south Pacific and you go through forests, caves, mountains, etc., getting past hoards of enemies to save your girlfriend or something.

Graphics: Everything about this game, including the graphics, are pure NES. They don’t look too cheap, but it still is NES. I did like the many colors of the game so it didn’t look dull or boring. The scenery and monsters were simple but made the game better than many other platformers.

Play Control: Not that it was bad, but I didn’t like how the only way to kill enemies was to shoot at them. In many platform games, you can jump on enemies, and without that, the game was pretty difficult at times. The game has basic and decent play control, but for what it’s worth, there are some parts of this game that are downright challenging.

Game Design: It was pretty good. Many different kinds of enemies, power-ups, etc., however it got mundane after a while due to only several different kinds of levels and as the game progresses, it’s basically you getting past different setups of enemies and stuff. But then again, it is NES, so it’s not that big of a deal.

Satisfaction: I was satisfied for the most part, because it is a good game. Just if they changed a few small things about it, it would be better. I enjoy old platform games and this is a good one, just I hope the next two games in the series are easier and everything.

Sound: Nothing memorable, but fun little NES ditties to go along with this game. It fits the game, but isn’t anything spectacular or anything…

Comments: One major thing about this game that I dislike: The end of Level 8-3. Some genius decided to put the hardest challenge in any video game ever in it. It was so tough, I just quit and have not played the last level, which is very disappointing. That, and they didn’t have a warp feature that works, so the game seems impossible to beat the entire thing. It has it’s nostalgia to it for myself, being one of my favorite games as a little kid, but I think it was Adventure Island II that I played instead, I don’t remember, it’s been over 15 years. Whatever the case is, it’s a great game for platform lovers, but beware for the impossibility that haunts the end of this game, just consider that the ending and it’s satisfying enough…

Ultimate Rating: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Adventure Island (US, 09/30/88)

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