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FAQ/Walkthrough by Psycho Penguin

Version: 0.10 | Updated: 05/03/05

|                Adventure Island (NES) FAQ/Walkthrough v0.10                |
| Author: Psycho Penguin  |                       | Submitted: 5/3/05        |
*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-|                       |*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

     [ 1.0 ]  INTRODUCTION
       1.1      Author Introduction
       1.2      Game Introduction
       1.3      Guide Introduction

     [ 2.0 ]  GAME BASICS
       2.1      Storyline
       2.2      Points System
       2.3      Controls
       2.4      Other Basics

     [ 3.0 ]  LISTS
       3.1      Items
       3.2      Enemies

     [ 4.0 ]  WALKTHROUGH
       4.1      World 1
       4.2      World 2 
       4.3      World 3
       4.4      World 4
       4.5      World 5
       4.6      World 6
       4.7      World 7
       4.8      World 8

     [ 5.0 ]  FAQ'S
       5.1      Wonderboy Differences
       5.2      Gameplay Issues
     [ 6.0 ]  CONCLUSION
       6.1      Other Information
       6.2      Revision History
       6.3      Wrapup

                            [ 1.0 ]  INTRODUCTION

Song to download as you use this guide: "Minerva" by Deftones. RUN ALONG NOW.

     | 1.1 |       AUTHOR INTRODUCTION        | 1.1 |

Hello, and welcome to yet another Psycho Penguin guide! Wow, the last year has 
been pretty interesting in terms of guide work. The first few months I came 
back, I was on fire, completing a few guides. Since then, my progress has been 
mediocre, at best. And I'm being nice to myself when I say that. Fortunately, 
I did find time to play games, watch movies, and spend time with my 
girlfriend, which was the main things I wanted to do in the months I was 
working on FAQs.

However, lately, I've been having the itch to write again, but I couldn't 
focus enough on any single game. I tried Alias, but it's just not my type of 
game and not one I plan to come back to writing with. I will definitely finish 
it later, however. NCAA Football 2000 was my next project, and while I worked 
hard on it for a while, my progress has come to a complete halt. I plan to 
finish it soon, though.

Thankfully I found this game, and I am focused enough to finish writing for 
it. I tried writing for Adventure Island 3, but then someone came and got a 
guide up for it themselves, killing my motivation. Grr. Thankfully I still 
have my copy of it on the hard drive, so we shall see. 

I love writing, music, wrestling, games, and ESPECIALLY sports. I am a huge 
sports nut and will watch just about any of the major four American sports, as 
well as Australian football and some international sports. Movies is also a 
big interest of mine, especially Predator, Terminator, Jerry Maguire, and the 
almighty classic Milo and Otis. (The new adventures will be better, though.)

Feel free to say hi to me at penguin_faqs@yahoo.com . That's also the address 
to email questions and stuff to. See how sneaky I am?

I LOVE YOU CASSEY BOO, ALWAYS! Just checking to see if you're reading this. ;)

     | 1.2 |        GAME INTRODUCTION         | 1.2 |

Adventure Island is one of the more interesting games released for the NES, 
simply because it is nothing more than a port of the SMS hit Wonder Boy, 
released a few years prior. I knew nothing of this when I played the game as a 
kid, as the Master System was unknown to me at the time. The game was 
definitely a childhood favorite, with awesome music, and interesting level 

Now that I am a grown boy, I will say that the game still has the same long 
term appeal that it did many moons ago. While not being the most original game 
out there (the same stages tend to repeat over and over), it's a whole lot of 
fun, with creative enemies, fantastic music, and replay value. It's also quite 
challenging, making for a lot of broken controllers and cursing.

The biggest drawbacks to the game are the repeating level designs and insane 
challenge, but once you can get past those, you will find a pretty interesting 
game. The most important part is the fun factor, and Adventure Island 
definitely has lots of that. Check it out now, and use my guide since you'll 
damn well need it. ;)

     | 1.3 |        GUIDE INTRODUCTION        | 1.3 |

Lately I have been on a real Adventure Island kick. I beat 3, then 2, then 1 
recently. I went in reverse order, hehe. I also found 2 to be the most 
challenging, so I might write for that one day as well. Who knows. The point 
of this is not to talk about that, but to talk about why I am writing this 
guide, and that's a pretty interesting story.

It had a fairly interesting story, but that's old news. Now, it's just because 
I loved playing this game as a kid, and wanted to write a guide for it because 
it was a childhood favorite. I hope to get a TMNT 2 guide done soon as well, 
for two reasons. 1) Because I played this game and TMNT 2 at my cousin's house 
a lot, and 2) So I could use my kick ass boss guide for it. ;)

I sincerely hope you enjoy this guide. It was a lot of fun to write, and the 
game is quite challenging, making for a lot of deep breaths as I wrote this 
guide. I know it won't hold a candle to Dalez's amazing guide, but hopefully I 
help you progress through the game, and make you laugh during the process.

                            [ 2.0 ]  GAME BASICS

This game is so complex, it needs its own basics section! Haha.

     | 2.1 |             STORYLINE            | 2.1 |

Here it is from the manual: The Evil Witch Doctor has kidnapped Princess 
Leilani from Master Higgins and taken her to Adventure Island in the South 
Pacific. It is your mission to help Master Higgins and save Princess Leilani, 
but it's not going to be easy. On the island, there are forests, mountains, 
caves, many enemy characters, and traps waiting for you. Can Master Higgins 
save Princess Leilani from the Evil Witch Doctor?

Here is my translation: The opening screen shows Master Higgins running. 
That's it. At least 2 and 3 actually showed a scene showing his girlfriend 
getting kidnapped. What the hell is this? I guess it's another one of those 
games where you need to read the manual to know the storyline. So, if you 
don't have the manual, now you know: You are going through 32 challenging 
stages to rescue fatso's girlfriend. Now you have a purpose in life.

     | 2.2 |           POINTS SYSTEM          | 2.2 |

Adventure Island uses a points system, as well as a unique vitality system. I 
will quickly explain both. The points system is not that hard to figure out. 
You get points for killing enemies and collecting fruit. You also get 1,000 
points if you find the hidden pot in each stage. If you find the pot, you get 
an additional bonus at the end of the stage.

The bonus you get depends on how much vitality you have remaining. On the top 
of the screen, you will see a bunch of lines. These lines indicate Fatso's 
vitality. It slowly decreases as you progress through the stage. In order to 
keep it up, you have to collect fruit. Milk also helps, as it refills all your 
vitality. If you run out of vitality, you die. You get a bonus at the end of 
the stage, each bar of remaining vitality is good for 200 points. You get 
double the points if you collected the pot.

Finally, you get an extra life every 50,000 points. My high score right now is 
203,465. Can anyone beat that? Email your high scores to 
penguin_faqs@yahoo.com and I'll post them in future versions.

High Scores:
1. Psycho Penguin  203,465

     | 2.3 |             CONTROLS             | 2.3 |

The NES controller only has a few buttons, so the controls are not complex at 

Control Pad: moves Master Higgins left and right
A Button: Master Higgins jumps
B Button: shoots weapons or push while running to make him faster

I'll just add that Higgins slips when he jumps sometimes, so make sure to keep 
an eye on that.

     | 2.4 |           OTHER BASICS           | 2.4 |

Level Designs
There are 32 levels in Adventure Island, with about six different level 

Outside: This is the first level design you will see. It is usually littered 
with boulders, birds, frogs, snails, and fires, and it will repeat several 

Water: My personal favorite level design. You jump from cloud to cloud 
normally, avoiding swordfish, pigs, and flying octopi. This also repeats 
several times.

Cave: This level shows up a few times. The main thing to remember here is that 
it usually has an ice part in section 3. 

Dungeon: The level that repeats most, and is cause of most of gamers' 
frustration with this game. The big problem is the many platform jumps you 
have to make in sections 3 and 4.

Wasteland: Only appears a few times, but is my 2nd favorite level design. The 
music is super cool, and the graphics are simple yet effective. I remember the 
first time I saw this stage, and thought how cool it was. The problem with 
this stage is the lack of fruit, so you must hurry through. The stage usually 
has lots of spring jumps in section 4.

Forest: Always is the last level of each area, so every time you see -4 expect 
this design. The spiders are the main threats, as well as running wolves. The 
levels get really tricky towards the end, as the amount of spiders increases.

Game Tips
- Don't waste time collecting hard to get fruit. You usually end up spending 
more time getting the fruit, wasting vitality, then if you just skipped it and 
moved on.

- The controls are a little shaky, so remember that Higgins jumps higher 
depending on how hard you push the jump button, and that he has trouble 
landing smoothly due to his constantly moving feet. If you have to make a 
precision jump, make sure not to hold the directional button facing the enemy, 
because you'll run right into it.

- Pots are usually located in enemies and rocks after the 8th level. Make sure 
to check suspicious enemies and rocks. If an enemy is in an odd place, maybe 
it has the pot...

- Make sure to get the Hudson Bee at the end of Level 1-1. It's the only way 
to continue. To get it, at the end of the stage, go to the left of the final 
platform, jump up, and get the egg. To continue, hold right and push start at 
the game over screen.

- There's hidden stages and items, so if your weapon disappears when you shoot 
it, and you hear the shooting sound, there's something there. It's usually an 
egg, so jump at the spot. If nothing appears, keep shooting the spot and a 
cloud will appear to take you away.

                                [ 3.0 ] LISTS

     | 3.1 |              ITEMS               | 3.1 |

Eggplant: The big meanie item. He drains away energy quickly, leaving Higgins 
with only 2 bars left. Seriously, he won't leave you alone until you have two 

Fireball: This special weapon is usually found in hidden eggs, and can be used 
to shoot fireballs at enemies. This weapon cuts through rocks and boulders, 
making it better than the Stone Axe. Range is still a concern, however.

Flower: This item doubles the point value of all the fruits for the remainder 
of the stage, except in bonus stages. Does not double the vitality of them, 

Fruit: Found all over the place. There's several types, ranging from Bananas 
(50 points, 1 bar) to Pineapples (200 points, 3 bars). They increase your 
vitality and points. 

Honeygirl: Makes Higgins invisible. Run through the stage, killing everything 
in your path! Point value of enemies killed increases as you kill more using 
her. She lasts for about 20 seconds.

Hudson Bee: Found in the first stage, allows you to continue if you get a game 

Key: Takes you to a bonus stage. Only found in hidden spots or in hidden eggs.

Milk: This cool item refills all your energy.

NES Controller: Only way to get one of these is by killing a Wolf that comes 
flying from behind. Jump over it, then shoot at it quickly, usually in mid 
air. Worth 1,000 points.

Ring: Found in hidden eggs. Worth 2,000 points. Collect three before dying to 
get an Extra Life.

Skateboard: It makes you go faster, and gives you an extra hit, but brakeing 
is a little tricky. Hold back the left button quickly to brake. Not 
recommended to use this item during jumping sections.

Stone Axe: Your main weapon. Use B to throw them. You can throw lots at one 
time, but the range is a little tricky so watch out.

     | 3.2 |              ENEMIES             | 3.2 |

Basser (50 points): These bats are almost always found in caves, and their 
attack is simple: they wait for you to get near them, then swoop down. Shoot 
them as they come down, or jump over them when they get close to you.

Boulders (100 points): Only way to kill them is by using the fireball weapon. 
These boulders come out of nowhere, usually from the right side of the screen. 
Jump over them and move on. Note sometimes they come two at a time, so beware.

Cavas (100 points): Um, pretty interesting name considering they're just 
birds. Regardless, shoot them with weapons or carefully jump over them. They 
come in packs, so be very careful.

Coyote (500/1,000 points): These coyotes come charging at you from behind, but 
you can always be assured that they are coming, due to the presence of flowers 
on the ground before hand. You can kill them from behind for 500 points, or 
jump over them, and then kill them for 1,000. Note later coyotes actually jump 
too, so watch out.

Fire (N/A): Only way to kill it is by having a Honeygirl, so just jump over 
them and move on.

Cobra (100 points): There's two types: one just stands there, and one shoots 
fireballs at you. They are usually found behind rocks, so jump up and aim the 
weapon over the rock to kill them, while avoiding their devastating fireballs.

Ice (20 points): You can see these coming in ice levels, as they hang on the 
ceiling. Kill them, or proceed past them slowly. I usually just make a mad 
dash and jump to the next section before they come down.

Kello (200 points): Easily my choice for most annoying enemy in the entire 
game. These frogs jump out at you, and take two hits to kill. Brown ones jump, 
green ones don't, but green ones turn brown if you hit them once. I advise not 
hitting them. To successfully get past a brown one without a weapon, run 
straight to it without stopping. It'll jump over you. Do this to clear large 
amounts of them quickly.

Octopi (Red: 100, Blue: 200): Wow, I'm surprised they didn't call them 
Charmanders or something, consdering how odd the naming system in this game 
is. Anyways, octopi are found in water levels, and jump up at you. Red ones 
take one hit, blue ones take two. To avoid them without a weapon, time their 
patterns properly.

Pooter (100 points): The little pigs you find, usually in water worlds and 
cave levels. They are tricky at times because they usually appear in sections 
where you are forced to run or jump a lot, meaning you plow or run right into 

Rock (100 points): Only way to kill it is by using the fireball weapon. These 
rocks are not deadly, as you can trip over them and only lose a few vitality 
points, but they are usually placed near enemies or fires, so I wouldn't 
recommend tripping over them.

Skeleton (10 points): Little floating skulls covered in fire, jump over them 
or shoot them. They sometimes come in packs of three, so use precision then.

Sneil (10 points): Easiest enemy in the game, as all they do is stand there 
and take up space. They're tricky later on, though, as they appear in spaces 
where you don't see them coming.

Waler (100 points): These swordfish come flying at you out of nowhere during 
water levels. To get past them, jump up as soon as they get near you, so they 
pass underneath you.

Zigmo (100 points): The spiders you find in the 4th area of each world. Some 
of them move, some of them stand still, and some of them stand still then move 
when you come near them. Much easier to take care of with a weapon, otherwise 
avoid them and time your jumps properly.

                             [ 4.0 ] WALKTHROUGH

Here it is, the real portion of the guide, the walkthrough. This game was an 
insane challenge, so I hope you appreciate the hard work that went into this 
walkthrough. For the levels, I split them into four different sections, 
representing the sign posts. This hopefully will make navigating a little 
easier. Good luck and enjoy this challenging yet fun game!

     | 4.1 |              WORLD 1             | 4.1 |

[ AREA 1 ROUND 1 ]

Section 1: Ah, the classic Adventure Island tune I have come to know and love. 
Note this area is not really hard. Go right, collecting apples and bananas, 
and run through the egg to collect your first weapon, the stone axe. This will 
come in handy. Kill the EVIL SNAILS, hopefully you can handle them. Collect 
more fruit, jumping over rocks and collecting yet more fruit. 

Section 2: Your first introduction to the skateboard. It helps you go much 
faster. Purposely land on the 1st Cavas, then get the hidden egg to get 
fireballs. Nice. Now you can break open those pesky rocks if need be. Go 
right, killing some more Cavas and breaking open some rocks until you get to 
the next section.

Section 3: Jump over the campfire, collect some more fruit, then stand in 
between the final two totem poles for a few seconds to reach a bonus level 
with springs and lots of fruit, each worth 500 points. If you don't get this, 
instead go up the hill, dodging boulders and collecting more fruit, then hit 
the egg for a Honeybee Girl.

Section 4: Jump over the fire and pit, then stand on the tip of this ledge and 
jump up for a hidden egg. Jump on the spring, collecting the Pot Bonus, then 
defeat the Kello (the tricky little bastard), then make some simple platform 
jumps (they get a LOT harder quickly, believe me). Stand on the left part of 
this final ledge, and jump up to reveal the Hudson Egg, which allows you to 
continue. Go right for the goal.

[ AREA 1 ROUND 2 ]

Section 1: Jump up onto the cloud, then down onto the island. The egg here has 
a skateboard, it's your choice whether or not to get it. I personally don't 
get it as it makes the stage a little harder to complete. The next part has 
some simple cloud jumps. The next island has a hidden egg at the end, so jump 
up at the end to collect it. The next part has more simple cloud jumps.

Section 2: The only thing to really do here is to defeat some octopi and make 
some more cloud jumps. If you somehow die and lose your weapon (rookie!), just 
watch out for the pattern and continue onward to the next section.

Section 3: The egg here contains a Honey Girl, which certainly makes the stage 
easier. Especially since the island has a lot of Octopi and Pooters. Once on 
the clouds, watch out for a Waler which comes out of nowhere. The last part of 
this section is a tad tricky, as you have to jump onto clouds which fall down.

Section 4: More jumping from cloud to cloud while avoiding octopi. You may be 
wondering why this game is considered so challenging, but you will see later 
on. The very last cloud falls down when you jump on it, so jump off it 
quickly. 2 down, 30 to go..

[ AREA 1 ROUND 3 ]

Section 1: The first taste of the caves level. The first portion just has bats 
and stuff, so take care of them quickly. The egg contains a skateboard, which 
you could get if you want. The stage is not that challenging yet. Watch out 
for the ROCK HARD.. BOULDERS towards the end.

Section 2: The egg contains yet another Honeygirl, so plow through all the 
enemies. I like how the game places a lot of enemies in a row as soon as you 
get a Honeygirl. It would be a little harder with just a weapon. Make sure to 
get a hidden egg before getting into the Ice area. It's about ten steps before 
you cross into the ice area. Just jump up a lot until you find it. Jump onto 
the platform and you'll do a bonus stage.

Section 3: This is where the game starts to get a little interesting. You are 
now on ice, so the terrain is a little slippery. Watch out for falling icicles 
as you progress right. Do NOT get the egg, instead jump to the left of it to 
get a hidden egg. Haha, told you the game gets tricky and interesting. 
Progress through the next portion easily, only boulders and random easy 
enemies to worry about.

Section 4: Watch out for boulders as you make your way to the right. Avoid the 
egg, as it contains a skateboard, and we don't want that. The next part has a 
platform moving from up to down, and a pot bonus at the bottom. Here, move all 
the way to the edge, and wait for the boulder to fall into the pit. Now, jump 
on the platform and collect the pot bonus, then jump to the ledge. Kill the 
Bassers to finish the stage.

[ AREA 1 ROUND 4 ]

Section 1: I rather like this music as well. This is the first time you will 
encounter the forest stage, so get used to it. Zigmos are your first enemies 
here, but they are simple enough to manuever around at this point. Collect the 
pot bonus then move on. Fire, rocks, fruit, Cavas, they're all here. Easy 
enough, though.

Section 2: The Flower on the ground indicates the arrival of the Coyote. These 
come from the left. Jump over it, then hit it twice while jumping to get a NES 
controller containing 1,000 points. When you get to the fire, jump up to the 
left to get another hidden egg (fireballs). An annoying ass ****er Kello is 
next, so be careful and either shoot it twice or run under it.

Section 3: Progress through the forest. Once you get out, another Flower is on 
the ground, so you know the trick. Kill the Coyote again, another 1,000 points 
is yours. I killed EVERY Coyote in the game except the two that jump and the 
final one, that's how good I got at this game. 

Section 4: The final section before the first boss. Go up the hill, avoiding 
boulders, then jump over rocks (jump in between the two to get a 1-Up if you 
got all the previous hidden eggs and haven't died yet). Jump over the snake, 
then the music will change and the vitality bar will disappear. Boss time!

Boss: The weird thing about this game is how similar all the bosses are. 
That's why there's no need for a boss guide. The boss moves slowly from right 
to left, shooting fireballs out. You can just shoot axes at his head, via 
jumping, and probably kill him before he gets a shot off. 5,000 points, but 
more importantly, world 1 is history.

     | 4.2 |              WORLD 2             | 4.2 |

[ AREA 2 ROUND 1 ]

Section 1: This is another water level. Not that bad, though. The first egg 
has a Flower, so pick it up and enjoy the bonus you get from picking up fruits 
now. This section is really just jumping from cloud to cloud as quickly as 
possible. I noticed that it is really almost impossible to die as long as you 
jump consistently and don't stop much. The last cloud before the island drops 
out, and the island at the end has a hidden egg, so jump up to collect it.

Section 2: More octopi avoiding, as you have to jump across more clouds. It's 
really not that bad, however. The egg contains a Honeygirl, so use it to slam 
through hoardes of enemies, picking up tons of points in the process. :)

Section 3: More cloud jumping. Still nothing too major. There is a hidden egg 
in this section, though. The first two islands hold nothing, but the third 
island (it's a little bigger than the first two) has a hidden egg on the right 
hand side, so jump up to collect it before resuming your cloud jumping. The 
Pot Bonus is a little trickier to get this time, but nothing too bad. 

Section 4: Walers come out on the 1st and 3rd clouds, so beware of those. I 
noticed the best strategy was to stand on the left part of the cloud and jump 
up as soon as I saw them, as they go right underneath me. A few more cloud 
jumps await you, and the goal will be at the end.

[ AREA 2 ROUND 2 ]

Section 1: Pick up the Flower in the egg to start. Lots of Bassers confront 
you as you enter the stage, but they're rather simple to defeat. The Rocks 
prevent you from jumping into them, so just stand back and fire away, maybe 
you might have to jump to aim your throws over the rocks, but mostly you can 
just stand there and kill them before they kill you. Fires and boulders, and 
uh, jumps, OH MY, are the next things to worry about, then onto section 2.

Section 2: There's a skateboard in the egg, but I don't think you want the 
skateboard to be honest with you. The next section has one of those platforms 
which move up and down, with a boulder to the right. Get on the platform and 
wait for the boulder to fall down, then jump quickly to the ledge. Or, just 
jump on the ledge quickly and jump over the boulder quickly, but that's a 
little more dangerous. Kellos are nearby, watch out. Take the springy thing 
up, collecting the Pot Bonus along the way. 

Section 3: Pretty simple stuff here. As you make your way up the stair-like 
platforms, watch out for a boulder as it comes down. Just stand on the left 
part of the platform you are on and jump over the boulder, that's the easiest 
way to do it. The platforms you see next will move up when you jump on them.

Section 4: Collect the Milk from the egg, then go right, making sure to jump 
quickly off the platform, as it falls down suddenly as soon as you jump on it. 
When the blue background stops, jump up to reveal a hidden egg. There's 
another Kello nearby, grr. Dispose of it, then move on. Take the platform, 
jump over the skulls to complete the stage.

[ AREA 2 ROUND 3 ]

Section 1: There's a Flower in the egg as you start off, so make sure to pick 
it up. The platform jumps here are a little trickier to make than normally. 
The platforms move back and forth, so wait for the jump to be safe before 

Section 2: Do some minor platforming, then avoid the egg (unless you really 
want a skateboard, but I personally wouldn't advise it at this point). Quickly 
jump from platform to platform, as some of them fall down. There's a few 
Kellos here at the end.. if you run under them, watch out for the Pooters that 
come soon after.

Section 3: There's a decent amount of platform jumping to do in this section 
of the stage. Jump quickly from platform to platform, noting the last platform 
falls out.

Section 4: More platform jumping. There's a Kello in the middle portion of the 
stage, and he's well placed, so make sure to watch out for him. The Pot Bonus 
is in this section of the round, as well. It's towards the end, and you'll be 
able to see it.

[ AREA 2 ROUND 4 ]

Section 1: Hooray, another forest level. There's a lot of Spiders in this 
section. Thankfully, you should have the tomahawk weapon or fireballs, if you 
haven't died much, so you should be okay. Kill off all the Zigmos, while 
avoiding the fire and rocks. There's a Flower in the egg right before the end 
of section 1.

Section 2: There's two flowers on the ground, so that means 2 Coyotes will 
come charging at you this time, but fortunately they're still easy to take 
care of for the most part. There's more Zigmos avoiding and rock jumping, 
followed by two Kellos, but you can run underneath them (It's a good strategy 
for later on). The Rock before the end of section 2 is the first hidden Pot 
Bonus of the game, so run into it to trigger the Pot.

Section 3: More Coyote and Zigmos bashing. If you don't have a weapon, this 
section will be a little trickier. There's a distinct pattern for each Zigmos, 
so make sure to memorize it. 

Section 4: Go up the hill, avoiding boulders that come down the hill, then 
down the hill, jumping over rocks, to get to the boss. He works the same way 
the previous boss did, only he's a little faster and takes 10 hits to kill 
instead of 8! Hasta la vista, baby!

     | 4.3 |              WORLD 3             | 4.3 |

[ AREA 3 ROUND 1 ]

Section 1: Oh man, the stage that first gives me significant problems, even 
now. The first egg has a skateboard, but again, there's no reason to take a 
risk and use it, at least for me personally. Jump over some rocks, kill some 
annoying ass Kello, then run into the rock at the end of this section for the 
hidden Pot Bonus. Then jump on the platform, jump onto the ledge, kill the 
Bassers, and move into section 2.

Section 2: Get the egg for a flower, then jump onto the platform and move to 
the right edge, and the other platform will move down. Jump onto the next 
platform that falls down, then jump onto the ledge. Jump over the Kello as you 
make your way down, then when you reach the bottom, move a few steps to the 
right and stand still. A bonus stage will occur, only there's more fruit this 

Section 3: Collect the Milk from the egg, then jump onto the platform. This is 
the first really tricky part of the game, and it doesn't get any easier from 
here. The key is to time your jumps to match the speed and pattern of the 
platforms. Take your time and make proper jumps, when both platforms are 
nearest to each other. It may take you a few times, however.

Section 4: Jump over the fire, watch out for a boulder, then get ready for 
ANOTHER tough section. The platforms here fall every other platform, so 
quickly jump from one to the next, barely running across each. This level is a 
pain in the ass, and it only gets worse from here...

[ AREA 3 ROUND 2 ]

Section 1: Oooh, the first wasteland section. I remember when I first got here 
and thought how cool the graphics and music were, but in reality this level 
design sucks and it's way too hard to run out of energy, so you must hurry. 
Break open the egg to get the skateboard, and I actually advise using it this 
time as there's no real platform jumping to worry about. Barrel along, 
avoiding enemies and boulders.

Section 2: Get a Flower from the egg, and make sure to start picking up some 
fruit. Avoid the fires on the way down, and the Cobras on the way up. Sure is 
starting to get a little tricky, huh?

Section 3: Coyotes come at you from down the hill, so watch out for those. 
Just jump over them, and you may actually get to kill them if you want, but I 
would just advise avoiding them and moving on. The Kello here is facing the 
wrong way, so don't kill it. Run from it, and after it jumps four times, it 
turns into a Pot Bonus! Nice. Collect it, then proceed down the hill, dealing 
with springs and stuff.

Section 4: Honeygirl makes this section really easy, as you can just run youe 
way through it until you get to the end. 

[ AREA 3 ROUND 3 ]

Section 1: Hooray, another cloud hopping stage. I wish I could detail these 
stages better, but seriously, all you can do is cloud jump most of the time, 
and it's hard to give good strategy for that. Jump onto the cloud, then 
quickly jump onto the island. Get the Flower from the egg, do some more cloud 
hopping, then find the hidden egg just left of the section 2 sign.

Section 2: Yet more cloud hopping. This time you can do my old strategy of 
just running across and jumping from cloud to cloud as quickly as possible. I 
not, wait for the octopi to go down, then quickly jump across the cloud. The 
large island at the end has a hidden egg on it, a few feet after you land on 

Section 3: Another "Honeygirl makes this section way too easy." section. I 
hope I eventually get to feel like a walkthrough writer here, because right no 
all I can say is "run through the level" and stuff.

Section 4: More cloud hopping, then the stage actually gets a little tricky. 
You see a Pot Bonus near the bottom of the screen. To get to it, wait for a 
cloud to appear at the bottom, then quickly jump on it, landing through the 
Pot Bonus. Nice. Watch out for your next jump, as Cavas come near. Stand on 
the cloud, kill them, then proceed to the goal.

[ AREA 3 ROUND 4 ]

Section 1: More forest fun. There's even more Zigmos to worry about this time, 
but since you have your weapon you should be okay. Once you get past that 
part, watch out for the Cavas that come flying in. Pick up the Flower at the 
end of the section.

Section 2: Lalalala, another flower on the ground. You know what to do. Move 
onward, ho! to take care of a green kello, followed by three brown ones (you 
can run underneath them if you wish). Jump up on the springboard, but avoid 
the egg, as it has an evil, yucky eggplant in it. Ew. 

Section 3: More flowers on the ground mean more coyotes to worry about. Two to 
start off with, then kill some more Zigmos. Another coyote will soon attack 
you, followed by more Zigmos, and yet another Coyote. Jump over the fires to 
complete this section.

Section 4: The first rock has the hidden Pot Bonus, so run into it and collect 
it. Jump over more rocks (and boulders), then watch out for the first platform 
in the boss's area, as it falls down. The boss is slightly harder again, but 
STILL can be defeated easily. You may need to avoid a fireball though, but if 
he gets close enough to you, the fireball usually just floats over your head 

     | 4.4 |              WORLD 4             | 4.4 |

[ AREA 4 ROUND 1 ]

Section 1: Hmm, looks familiar, doesn't it? God bless the amazing level design 
variety of Adventure Island! It's just a harder version of 1-1. This section 
isn't so hard, because after a few enemies, the egg you run into contains a 
Honey Girl. Run through all the enemies, and then kill a few more if you have 
to before getting to Section 2. You might not have to, though, as the power 
lasts a little while.

Section 2: The egg here contains a skateboard. It's up to you on whether or 
not you want to take it. I always do. Jump over some rocks, kill some enemies, 
and watch out for the flying birds before going to Section 3.

Section 3: This section isn't so hard, either. Run to the right, killing the 
Cobra that spits out fire, and then go up the hill, jumping over each boulder 
that comes down. They'll come down quite a few times, but eventually you'll 
get to the top of the hill, I promise. :D The Egg here contains a Flower, so 
make sure to pick that up. Kill some more Cobras and then the Section 4 sign 
will greet you.

Section 4: Kill some enemies and move onto the right, nothing too complicated. 
When you get to the three rocks, purposely trip over the 3rd rock. Why would 
you do this? The hidden pot bonus, of course! Be careful about the snail, and 
kill it. After this, it's some platform jumping and a few more enemies to 
kill. End of level!

[ AREA 4 ROUND 2 ]

Section 1: This stage is more of a speed run than anything, as it's fairly 
long and doesn't contain a lot of food. The first section has a fair bit of 
enemies but no major challenges. The egg here contains a Flower, so make sure 
to pick that up.

Section 2: Hurry through this section, as there's NO food whatsoever. There's 
a few enemies, but nothing too major. Just run quickly and stop between the 
fires to get a hidden egg if you have enough energy. The rock at the top 
contains the hidden pot bonus, so make sure to trip over it. Run down the 
steps some more and you'll be at section 3.

Section 3: After some more running and killing enemies, you'll finally pick up 
a Milk. Whew. I know you were stressing about the lack of food and energy 
around here. I BET YOU WERE! ;) I sure was. Section 4's coming up soon after 
the Milk, just dodge some fires and stuff.

Section 4: The last section of this god forsaken level. It's not that long, 
thank God. Be careful about some of the enemies here, but you should be okay. 
The toughest is behind you!

[ AREA 4 ROUND 3 ]

Section 1: This is an ice level, so the floor will be rather slippery. Watch 
out as you make those tight platform jumps, as you could land on an enemy or 
slide off the ledge on accident. There's a lot of Icicles on the ceiling, so 
watch out for those as you make your way through this section, picking up a 
Flower from the egg, as well as killing some weak enemies.

Section 2: This is when things start getting a little bit trickier. Jump over 
some fires, and then collect the Milk from the egg. At this jump, you'll have 
to be careful. There's an Icicle on the other side of the jump, so walk to the 
ledge so the icicle falls down, then make the jump. Jump across some slippery 
platforms and you'll be at section 3.

Section 3: When you see a rock, trip over it to uncover the hidden pot bonus. 
Do a similar to section 2 jump to avoid another icicle. Just run along the 
path, doing some minor platform jumping, but when you see a flying bird, stop 
at the ledge. A secret egg will appear, containing a key to a secret stage. Go 
through this fun stage, and at the end, you'll be in section 4!

Section 4: This section has a LOT of enemies. Kill them all while doing the 
typical platform jumping. Be careful and take your time through this section. 
You'll be at the end before you know it!

[ AREA 4 ROUND 4 ]

Section 1: You know the deal by now. Go right, dealing with a bunch of 
spiders. The patterns are starting to get a little trickier, but still nothing 
THAT bad. You'll encounter some fires and rocks, so jump over them. Soon, 
you'll face more birds and spiders, but you'll be well prepared hopefully. The 
egg at the end of this section contains a Flower.

Section 2: You'll see a familiar flower at the beginning, so jump over the 
coyote and take him out with a few tomahawk shots to get the controller bonus. 
Take out the spiders here, then get the hidden egg after the last spider. 
There's no hidden pot bonus here, you just need to spring up to get it and 
then avoid the fires at the bottom. 

Section 3: Almost this entire section will be taken care of, thanks to the 
Honey Girl you get at the beginning.

Section 4: Run up the hill, jumping over boulders and rocks, make the usual 
platform jumps, and you'll be at the fourth boss! He's still not anything that 
special. This time he takes 14 hits, but with a little patience and some 
dodging of his weak fireball attacks, you'll be fine. Four worlds down, four 
to go!

     | 4.5 |              WORLD 5             | 4.5 |

[ AREA 5 ROUND 1 ]

Section 1: Another fun ocean level. This one is going to be harder than 
normal, but you haven't seen anything yet. Later's going to be much tougher. 
:( Anyways, get the Flower from the egg, and then take care of some weak 
snails. Run into the last snail (I'm serious) to get the hidden pot bonus. 
This game is getting WEIRDER! After doing that, get the hidden egg from the 
edge of this platform to get a Key. Go across the clouds and you'll be taken 
to a bonus stage.

Section 2: Usual platform jumping and octopi jumping here. Be careful and take 
your time if you have to. Jump across the clouds, watching out for the ones 
that fall, and then get the skateboard from the egg. Go past the little piggly 
men, and jump over a boulder. The fires are guarded by flying birds, so take 
your time in that area.

Section 3: More octopi jumping and platform jumping. There's nothing really 
interesting here, sadly. There is a hidden egg on the edge of the island after 
the damn frogs. Jump across some more platforms to get to section 4.

Section 4: Jump across the clouds, and be careful for the incoming swordfish. 
Be EXTRA careful in this area. Right before you get to the signpost, stop for 
a second to pick up a hidden egg.

[ AREA 5 ROUND 2 ]

Section 1: Yep, believe it or not, we've seen THIS stage design before, too. 
*sigh* Get the Flower from the egg, then go through this section, avoiding 
enemies and fires. The frog behind the rock is a real jackass to try to beat. 
Wait for him to jump over the rock before killing him, or angle your tomahawks 
so they hit him over the rock. 

Section 2: The egg contains a skateboard, so it's up to you on whether or not 
you want it. It definitely makes things a little bit more challenging, which 
is always fun, but not really needed in a game that's this insane. Kill some 
snakes, then jump across some platforms. Kill some frogs, or run under them if 
you want, then run into the first Pooter here to get the hidden pot bonus for 
this stage. 

Section 3: Just stupid platform jumping. Be careful with some of them, but you 
just need to practice to get the timing down. 

Section 4: These platforms move around, so make sure to figure out the 
patterns. The frogs at the end of these platforms really piss me off, but you 
can kill them or run under the as usual. Hop across the final few platforms, 
killing the enemies that dare stand in your way, and soon you'll be at the end 
of the level!

[ AREA 5 ROUND 3 ]

Section 1: This is when things start to get rough. Be prepared. Get the 
skateboard from the egg if you want, then jump over the rocks. Kill some 
enemies, then hop over the fires. Go over the platform, then down some stairs. 
Avoid the eggplant egg, then either kill or avoid the frogs. At the bottom of 
this part, take out the snakes and fish, then go up the moving elevator 
platform. Run under the frog, then take out the Bassers.

Section 2: The egg here also contains a skateboard, but again, you don't have 
to get it if you don't want to. It might actually hinder you at this point. 
Jump across the platforms, then down the steps, avoiding some more frogs. Drop 
down to the area with the platform, then get the hidden egg from the ledge to 
the right. Go up the moving elevator platform again, and jump over the 
platforms. You'll see three rocks here. The second one has the pot bonus this 

Section 3: Get the much appreciated Milk from the egg, then jump across the 
moving platforms, killing the bats as you go. Be extra careful here and really 
take your time. The platforms move in different speeds and directions, so you 
should take the time to learn the exact time to jump before jumping. It will 
save a lot of cheap deaths! 

Section 4: Jump over the fire, then jump over some boulders. This is the 
toughest part of the game to this point. You have to jump across a series of 
platforms, which drop beneath you. The key to winning is to jump as far right 
as possible, as quickly as possible. Once you jump over all the platforms 
successfully, this challenging stage is finally over. Your reward: a much, 
MUCH harder version later. You're welcome.

[ AREA 5 ROUND 4 ]

Section 1: Kill and dodge the several thousand spiders in the first part of 
the area, then jump over the fire and rock. Take out some more spiders, then 
kill some more enemies. Right before section 2, get the Milk from the egg.

Section 2: As usual, a flower will be here, so jump over the coyote and kill 
it with a couple of well placed tomahawk shots to get the controller bonus. 
Getting used to that yet? ;) Jump over some more rocks and fire pits, then 
kill and avoid the spiders here. 

Section 3: Kill or avoid the first spider here, then take out some more 
spiders. Another coyote will greet you here, which means another controller 
bonus if you're good enough! There's a snail here for some reason.. which 
means you should run into it! Hidden pot bonus!

Section 4: There's a hidden egg right after the section 4 sign. Run up the 
hill, dealing with the usual boulders, and then do some minor platform jumping 
again to get to yet another of the same old bosses. He takes 16 hits this 
time, but he's still easily beatable. Yawn. 5 down, 3 to go.

     | 4.6 |              WORLD 6             | 4.6 |

[ AREA 6 ROUND 1 ]

Section 1: Finally to world six, but everything looks the same as usual. Jump 
across the huge gap, avoiding the egg because there's an eggplant in it. Told 
you the game starts to get pretty nasty. Do some cloud jumping and octopi 
killing as normal. It's starting to get tougher and the octopi go faster and 
come back quicker, but you should have no problems. After some cloud jumping, 
you'll be in section 2.

Section 2: There's a hidden pot bonus on this section. Run into the snake that 
is in the middle of nowhere to get it. More cloud jumping after this will lead 
you into section 3.

Section 3: Run into the egg to get a skateboard, if you really want it. It 
makes the stage harder, though. Kill some enemies, avoiding the rocks and 
boulders. LOL, there's a nicely placed coyote here, so kill it to get a 
controller bonus. That was definitely a cool spot for a coyote... Kill some 
more enemies, then get the hidden egg from the tip of this ledge. The next 
section of cloud jumping has a nastily placed swordfish, so be careful for it. 
The final part of this section has a boulder.

Section 4: Jump over some more clouds, avoiding the nasty swordfish and some 
less nasty octopi. Watch out for the birds right before you get to the finish 

[ AREA 6 ROUND 2 ]

Section 1: The egg here contains a skateboard, so get it if you want to. Kill 
the million bats, then stand to the right of the rock for a few seconds to get 
to a well-placed hidden stage. After going through it, you'll be dropped off 
at section 2.

Section 2: Go right, getting the skateboard again if you want it. Kill or 
avoid the skulls, then watch out for a boulder that comes from BEHIND you this 
time. Nice little placement there, Hudson. :) This game is getting badass now. 
Do some running, run under the frog, and get the hidden egg from the bottom 

Section 3: If you don't have a weapon, this section gets more interesting as 
the frog jumps after you throughout the section. If you have a weapon, use it 
to take out the creepy little bastard. Get the flower from the egg, then use 
the spring to grab the pot bonus. You don't want the egg here, however, as it 
contains an Eggplant.

Section 4: Boulders start to come out from BOTH sides now, wow. Climb the 
stairs, avoiding the egg unless you really want a skateboard (which will 
probably kill you at this point), then make a large jump down onto the 
platform. Take out or run past the final few bats to end the stage.

[ AREA 6 ROUND 3 ]

Section 1: Yay, another wasteland level. Go up the stairs and get the flower 
from the egg, then keep going up, avoiding the enemies along the way. There is 
a nastily placed frog at the top of these stairs, so let him jump down first 
before proceeding, as he could jump right on you if you jump first. Kill some 
more enemies to get to the next section.

Section 2: Go as fast as you can, avoiding or killing some skulls and 
boulders, then jump over the fires at the top. Kill some skulls while going up 
the stairs, then go down the other side while avoiding the frogs. Kill the 
various enemies to get to the next section.

Section 3: This section contains a honey girl, which makes everything a little 
easier. Run through all the skulls and rocks, then through the fire to get the 
hidden pot bonus for this stage. Jump over the next egg, the eggplant, then 
get the hidden egg next to it if you want. 

Section 4: Use the springs to jump from section to section, picking up the 
much needed Milk from the first egg, but avoiding the much UNneeded Eggplant 
from the second egg. Go down past the skulls, jump over the boulder, and 
you're done with this level!

[ AREA 6 ROUND 4 ]

Section 1: This stage is starting to get on my nerves. Go right past the 
spiders, then jump over the fires. Kill some minor enemies, then get the 
Flower from the egg.

Section 2: As usual, there's a coyote at the beginning of this section. Kill 
it to get the controller bonus, then jump over the fires and rocks. Get the 
hidden egg to the left of the first spider, then kill or avoid the six 
spiders. Use the spring to jump over the fires and rocks. Run into the enemy 
to get the hidden pot bonus for this stage.

Section 3: Avoid or kill the spiders here, dash past some more spiders, then 
get rid of yet another coyote. YAWN.

Section 4: Same old running up a hill, avoiding the boulders, only a frog is 
on the other side this time, so be careful. The boss takes 18 hits to kill and 
is more powerful, but don't sweat it really.

     | 4.7 |              WORLD 7             | 4.7 |

[ AREA 7 ROUND 1 ]

Section 1: Well, this is a challenging stage. Get the flower from the egg, 
then go past the skulls and icicles. Jump over the fire, then quickly jump 
over the boulder that comes shooting out at you. 

Section 2: Yet another stupid frog greets you, so run under it or kill it 
before moving on. Avoid some icicles as you go down the stairs, then avoid or 
kill the TWO frogs that are awaiting you at the bottom. Jump over the fires 
and rocks, then kill the spider (no, it's not the pot bonus.. I guess Hudson 
thought the game was too easy so they decided to trick you like this now!)

Section 3: Jump over the rocks as you go up the stairs, then jump over the 
fire at the top as well. Get the hidden egg after the fire, then jump across 
the moving platforms, avoiding the spiders or killing them as you do so. Jump 
across the series of small platforms, avoiding even more spiders now. Grrr. Do 
a running jump onto the springboard, getting the pot bonus, and try to land to 
the right of the egg, because it's an eggplant. Just to reiterate: This game 
is MEAN. 

Section 4: Go down the stairs, avoiding or killing the bats and skulls, then 
run under the frogs on your way up the stairs. Jump across the last few moving 
platforms and this stage is HISTORY!

[ AREA 7 ROUND 2 ]

Section 1: This ocean stage is tough, but guess what, it's going to get WORSE. 
Get the flower from the egg, then run across the island, avoiding the snails 
and octopi along the way. Get the hidden egg from the ledge, then jump across 
the clouds a few times. A frog will chase you into the next section.

Section 2: Jump across the three clouds, which fall down as you jump on them, 
then jump in between the fire pits. Avoid the egg, as a skateboard will NOT be 
your friend right now. Run into the first Pooter here to get the pot bonus, 
Kill the various enemies, jump over some fires, yadda yadda.

Section 3: Take care of the three frogs, then get the hidden egg from the edge 
of the island. Jump across the clouds, avoiding or killing the octopi along 
the way, and you'll soon be into section 4.

Section 4: There will be some swordfish greeting you at the beginning of this 
section, so watch out. Do the typical cloud jumping, watching out for the 
aforementioned swordfish. The final jumps here are a little tricky. Wait for a 
pair of moving clouds to come down, then jump onto the bottom cloud, up to the 
top one, and over to the edge. End of level!

[ AREA 7 ROUND 3 ]

Section 1: LOL, nice job by Hudson at least trying to make the stages look 
different. Can't fool me, though. ;) Get the flower from the egg, as usual, 
then go right past a few bats and jump over the boulder. Go past the spider 
and coyote, getting a controller bonus. Jump over the fire, then kill some 

Section 2: Run through the egg to find a skateboard, if you want it. Again, 
this game is so challenging at this point that you might be better off without 
it. Kill some cobras, jump over the boulders, then do some platform jumping. 
Kill the skulls and other enemies, then kill a few frogs behind the rock. Jump 
over it, then kill a few more enemies before getting to the next section.

Section 3: The platform jumping here is starting to becoming insane. Be very 
careful and don't worry if you die a lot, it took me forever to get through 
this part. Watch out for the obstacles as you make your jumps. The pot bonus 
is at the end of this section almost. Stand on the next to last platform, then 
inch forward until a boulder rolls in and off the ledge. Jump to the next 
platform, and it will drop. Stay on it to get the pot bonus, then quickly jump 
to the next ledge.

Section 4: Jump across the few ledges, then jump across the moving platforms. 
Kill some frogs after these platform jumps, then hop across some more 
platforms to eventually reach the end of this stage.

[ AREA 7 ROUND 4 ]

Section 1: Ugh. Thank god this walkthrough is almost done, I'm starting to be 
driven insane. Move past the spiders, then wait for the birds to go by before 
jumping over the rock. A frog will chase you into section 2.

Section 2: Guess what? A coyote flower greets you to start this section! I 
sure didn't see THAT coming! Do the usual to get the controller bonus, then 
jump over the rocks and fires. Jump over some more fires, then avoid or kill 
the spiders. Use the spring to get across the fires and rocks, while avoiding 
the eggplant at the end.

Section 3: Take care of the spiders at the beginning, then run past the 
spiders, leaping over the last two. Avoid or kill the coyote here for another 
controller bonus. Three pooters come in now, but the last one goes slower, so 
run into it for the hidden pot bonus.

Section 4: Climb the hill, avoiding the rocks and boulders. Kill or avoid the 
Pooters at the top of the hill, then jump over the fires. Get the hidden egg 
from the space after the last fire, run under the following frog, jump over 
four rocks, and you'll be up to the boss. As usual, he's killed by shots to 
the head. 20 of them, this time.

     | 4.8 |              WORLD 8             | 4.8 |

[ AREA 8 ROUND 1 ]

Section 1: Finally, up to the last world. This is a wasteland level, and boy 
is it pretty tough! Go right and climb the steps, avoiding the boulder as it 
comes screaming down at you. Get the flower from the egg, then go up past the 
enemies. Get the hidden egg halfway up, then kill some more enemies (including 
the horrific frogs) before going to section 2.

Section 2: Go through this area really quickly, as usual. Go up the stairs, 
past the skulls and spiders, then jump over the boulders. Jump over the 
spiders as you go down the stairs on the other side, then you'll soon be up to 
section 3.

Section 3: Get the hidden egg from the right of the marker, then the following 
egg contains a Milk, thank the heavens. Go down the stairs, avoiding all the 
enemies and obstacles here, then trip on the rock to the right to get the pot 
bonus. Go right and stand still on the steps before you reach the bats to get 
to a bonus stage! You'll be left off in section 4.

Section 4: Use the spring to jump over the fires, then run through the egg to 
get some Milk. Perform a running jump onto the spring, then clear the rocks 
and egg at the bottom, avoiding the frog along the way. Kill the skulls and 
frogs and you'll finally be at the end!


[ AREA 8 ROUND 2 ]

Section 1: This is the 2nd hardest stage in the game. I really wish this game 
had a save feature. Make a big jump down to the island below, then start cloud 
jumping to the right, past all the swordfish and octopi. The swordfish are ALL 
OVER THE PLACE in this level and will make you pull your hair out by the end 
of the level, I assure you. Make a huge jump onto the next island, then do 
some more cloud jumping past some more swordfishes.

Section 2: The swordfish and octopi are coming from everywhere now. There's a 
certain pattern to do this. You have to run and jump REALLY quickly from cloud 
to cloud. Once you do so, get the hidden egg in the front of the palm tree. 
Kill the lone Pooter, then go to section 3.

Section 3: Jump to the next island, then HONEY GIRL will mercifully join you. 
Go as quickly as possible, so you can get to the next section before she 

Section 4: The edge of this platform has a hidden egg, so grab it, then cloud 
hop like crazy through this section, avoiding the millions of enemies that 
attack you. There's a pot bonus out in the open here, so make sure to grab it!


[ AREA 8 ROUND 3 ]

Section 1: This stage is 5 times harder than 6-2 of Ninja Gaiden, just to 
explain how challenging it is. I'll try my best to guide you through it, but a 
lot of it is really trial and error. DO NOT GET THE SKATEBOARD FROM THE EGG 
HERE. The stage will kill you enough as it is. Jump over the rocks and fires, 
then jump over the frogs and the following eggplant egg as well, then use tje 
platforms to go up to the upper ledge. Kill the bat, and you'll be in section 

Section 2: DO NOT GET THE EGG HERE. IT IS A SKATEBOARD. Kick it off the ledge 
to get rid of it, then use the moving platforms to get up to the upper 
platform. Get the hidden egg at the top of the steps, then go down, avoiding 
the various enemies you'll find here. Use the moving elevator platform to jump 
up to the upper ledge, then spring across to section 3.

Section 3: The nightmare begins. Kick open the egg to get some milk, then go 
across the moving platforms, while bats come down after you. I hope you 
remembered the platform pattern. The key here is to first jump over the bats, 
then to time your jumps. There's a hidden egg on the ledge at the end of this 

Section 4: The ultimate nightmare. This gets my vote as the toughest section 
of any video game ever. Jump over the fires and boulders, then inch forward 
until the fire is not seen any more. Now, you'll have to do the TOUGH ASS PART 
THAT DROVE ME INSANE. You have to jump from platform to platform, which fall 
down, while avoiding the bats. Once you manage to do this, you can trip over 
the fire to get the hidden pot bonus, and this stage is finally over.


[ AREA 8 ROUND 4 ]

Section 1: Wow, doesn't this look familiar? Couldn't the witch doctor at least 
have a castle or something? :( Kill or avoid the spiders here, then avoid the 
various enemies here as you head towards section 2. The egg here contains a 
milk, as usual.

Section 2: COYOTE! What a bloody surprise. At least that's the last time we'll 
have to deal with that. Get the hidden egg to the left of the first rock, then 
jump over the rocks, then over the fires. Carefully go past this section of 
spiders, then use the spring to jump over the various fires and rocks, then 
run quickly to section 3 so the frog can stop chasing you.

Section 3: Go past the various amount of spiders, avoiding the eggplant egg, 
then get the hidden egg shortly after this. Run past the spiders and jump over 
the last two, as always. Kill the kello before killing your last coyote of the 
game. Collect your final controller bonus before getting to the last section 
of the game.

Section 4: Avoid the rocks and boulders ad you proceed up the hill, then TRIP 
LEFT on the first fire to get the final hidden pot bonus in the game. Jump 
over the fire pits, tell the FINAL FROG IN THE GAME to kiss your ass, then 
jump over the rocks. 

FINAL BOSS: The final boss is a bit of a letdown, but he's still way stronger 
and faster than the other seven bosses. He looks the same and has the same 
music, though. :( He takes 32 hits, and he has the same pattern as always. 
Kill him and the game will be over.


                                [ 5.0 } FAQ'S

I'm sure you all have millions of questions to ask me, but since I don't have 
time to answer them, I incorporated a FAQ section into the guide instead! 

     | 5.1 |      WONDER BOY DIFFERENCES      | 5.1 |

1. Wonder Boy is a lot like this game. Why?
A: When Wonder Boy was released, the developers soon left Sega and came to 
work with Hudson. They had the engine still, so they changed characters and 
enemies, and boom, Adventure Island was made.

2. What are the main differences between the two?
A: Storyline, level designs, enemies, and items. The main thing I noticed was 
that you could get into a bonus 10th world in Wonder Boy, and there's 9 worlds 
in total. There's only 8 worlds in Adventure Island..

3. The level designs are different too, right?
A: Mainly graphical changes. For instance, Wonder Boy has a desert, Adventure 
Island has a wasteland, but the stages themselves are virtually identical.

4. But they both feature damsels in distress, I bet!
A: Of course. The game was released before PCness took over gaming, you know. 

     | 5.2 |         GAMEPLAY ISSUES          | 5.2 |

1. How in the world do I beat the last part of 8-3?
A: Extreme luck. ;) Haha, basically you have to time your jumps perfectly and 
kill all the bats ahead of time. Knowing the pattern is definitely key. You 
can't stop to kill them while on platforms, so kill them while jumping from 
platform to platform. In terms of the fire at the end, jump to the very left 
of it, then jump over it. This takes lots of practice, so don't give up!

2. What do I get if I get all 32 Pot Bonuses?
A: A lot of points during gameplay, and the satisfaction of doing it. ;)

3. Boy, this game sure is lame! The stages keep repeating over and over.
A: That's not a question.

4. How do I get past a bunch of frogs at one time?
A: Just keep running underneath them.

5: Level 8-2 is impossible! How do I avoid the Wales?
A: Timing and practice. Know when they're coming and jump over them as soon as 
you know they're near.

                              [ 6.0 ] CONCLUSION

I'm sure you all have millions of questions to ask me, but since I don't have 
time to answer them, I incorporated a FAQ section into the guide instead! 

     | 6.1 |         OTHER INFORMATION        | 6.1 |


I'd just like to thank the following people for their support:

- Cassey Blankenship, my baby boo: My soon to be fiance, my soulmate, my 
everything. She is the sole reason I am still writing guides, as she provides 
me with love and affection for what I do, and she always believes in my 
talents. She never criticizes me for writing these things, which is what I 
need from my girl. ;) She is just DA BOMB! I love you always, Cassey! You are 
my only, my only one!

- I dedicate this guide to the people that made this game, just because it's a 
real bitch and they're not really nice, so no one has probably said anything 
nice about the developers before. Hudson was a really good company back in the 
day, and you can't go wrong with 

- Dalez's awesome guide, for motivation and information on some of the hard to 
find eggs and pot bonuses. He also provided information on the 1-Ups and 
Rings, because I had no idea about those until I read his guide. He is easily 
the most underappreciated writer on the site. 

- The instruction manual that came with my COMPLETE (w00t) copy of the game. 
It helped me with the game basics section. 

- The group of friends I made on GameFAQs: Thanks to you guys for supporting
me when things got tough, and you know I always got your back. Especially to
Dan, Gbness, Dyse, Positively Posterior, Ryan Harrison, MTincher, Fox, etc. 
You guys are the best friends a guy can ask for, and I appreciate it. I know 
some of you have bad taste in football teams, but you're all excellent people 
and great writers. Except for Fox, but he's deaf so HE CAN'T HEAR ME ANYWAYS 

- Music, for helping me to stay focused. Especially Savage Garden and Phil 
Collins. Also, Apple for providing the awesome iTunes which helped me get most 
of the music I have on my computer LEGALLY. 

| OTHER     |

You can check out all of my other guides on GameFAQs, which will hopefully
include a very sexy Final Fantasy Origins guide soon. I can't wait to finish
that thing. I am most proud of FFTA and Legend of Legaia, but I did guides for
a lot of Final Fantasies, as well as some random Castlevania and wrestling
games, and both Tales of Destiny games. Check them out!

In addition on my quest to write for all the Final Fantasy games, I will try
to finish my Aria of Sorrow and NCAA Football 2000, as well as some random NES
games (Predator, NOES, Jeopardy Jr., and Puss and Boots, anyone?) and guides
for the other 2 Castlevania games that employ the new style. Oh, and I might
do a Wild Arms 3 guide. And a Grandia guide. And a FF8 guide with my beautiful 
Becky. Stay tuned, kids.

And there's always Final Fantasy X-2 and Tales of Symphonia to look forward 

I appreciate any information you can contribute, especially to art moves and
side quests, as well as stuff I missed, walkthrough, etc. Anything can help.

Also, feel free to email any questions that would be good for a FAQ section,
as I plan to add one to a future update.

Any errors and omissions that you may see can be corrected if you inform me of
them. I'll also credit you, if your error or omission is actually correct and
worth an update for me to fix. I am somewhat busy, you know.

That's about it. If anyone would like me to add anything, you can always email

AIM: JuanDixonFor3
MSN: mcfa4834@bellsouth.net
YIM: nicklacheysnightmare

If you contact me on one of the instant messengers, and I do not respond, it
probably means I am busy. I am always talking with my girl, and friends, so
sometimes I just ignore some instant messages from people I do not know. Be
nice, and I will talk to you, just don't come out and ask the question and be
all rude if I do not respond in five seconds, otherwise I probably will just
block you. I will answer all e-mails about the game, however.

You can contact me by emailing me at penguin_faqs@yahoo.com

One last note: Only email me about the game at penguin_faqs@yahoo.com, all
emails about Adventure Island sent to my other e-mail addresses will be 
deleted and/or ignored. Thanks to all those that have emailed me so far, I 
appreciate it!

1. Check my email backlog. If it's filled up, you may have to wait a while
before you get a response.

2. I check my email once in a while. Please wait for a response, because I
will respond to all emails.

3. Please read my guide before asking questions, thats why I have a FAQ and
Reader Tips section.

4. I will only post your question/tip in my guide if it is good, and has not
been answered in this guide.

Also, I have AIM and Yahoo. My AIM name is JuanDixonFor3, but PLEASE do not
harass me with annoying questions or I'll block you. I only wish to chat with

     | 6.2 |         REVISION HISTORY         | 6.2 |

v0.10 - May 3, 2005 - 69.6K - Well, the guide took a lot longer to finish than 
I expected. ;) Lack of motivation sucks. I decided to stop talking shit in my 
head about finishing guides and JUST FINISH ONE, so I just spent six hours 
playing through this nightmare of a game and finishing the guide. 5 whole 
worlds typed in two hours, I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome now. ;) 
There's 15 unfinished guides I want to complete, and this was the 1st! Yay! I 
am so happy right now!

v0.02 - June 4, 2004 - 43.1K: Lack of motivation sucks, but at least I 
actually got back to this guide today. Added two more worlds, so only five to 
go. Hopefully I'll be done this week. And, GO FLAMES!

v0.01 - May 28, 2004 - 32.4K : Just started this guide today, and I've already 
got everything done except the walkthrough, which is done through world 1. 
Something tells me this won't be an extended project.. hopefully..

     | 6.3 |             CONCLUSION           | 6.3 |

That will just about wrap it up, folks. Thanks for checking out my latest 
guide, Adventure Island. This was quite an experience, as the game was 
challenging as hell and had a lot of secrets. Much thanks to everyone in my 
credits, especially my girl. I hope to get back into the writing flow now, and 
this was definitely a good start.

Until next time,

Psycho Penguin

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