Review by mushroomfantasy

Reviewed: 03/30/04

When A Best Man's Friend is a Hawk..

..You can't expect it to be very good at all.. 8 Eyes is basically a Castlevania clone for the NES. The game is of the action genre which usually involves running, killing, and shooting random creatures/things.

Story 3/10: There is hardly any plot in this game. You have to visit 7 countries(the levels)which are: Arabia, Africa, Spain, Germany, Egypt, India, and Italy. In each level you can collect these jewels called 'eyes'. Hence the title of the game, 8 Eyes. Once you get one from each stage, which would be the first 7 'eyes', you can go to the house of Ruth(Worst. Name. Evar.), kill some more stuff, and finish up the game. Also, you have this reddish tinted hawk following you around all the time and it really doesn't seem to do much for you..

Gameplay 4/10: The gameplay is much like a Castlevania game; run through levels while defeating enemies using swords/daggers/etc and collecting items. The controls may take a while to get used too as they can be very confusing at first. The menu is poorly designed as well. On top of all that, the levels are pretty difficult to the average gamer. You sometimes have 4-5+ enemies attacking you at once, and it doesn't help that there are enemy respawn points nearby.. Some of the enemies range from: flying bats, jumping Mages, knife throwing guards, and sword slashing warriors. Enemies drop various types of crosses which heal your HP and what not. In order to get through most rooms, you have to find a switch and slash it with your sword. Once you activate the switch, the door leading ot the next room opens, and you're on your way.

Sound/Music 8/10: The music for this game is pretty well done for a NES game. It's not your standard lets-loop-10-seconds-of-a-tune-and-call-it-a-full-fledged-song.

Graphics 6/10: The graphics are very good for a NES game. Each of the enemies have distinctly different sprites and the backgrounds are colorful and somewhat detailed.

Replay Value 4/10: There's some replay value to this game, like using different combinations of items, moves, tactics, etc to get through the levels. You might just want to replay the game to see if you can beat your high score or beat the game faster.

SUMMARY 4/10: If you're into Castlevania-like games or just love action games and are up for a challenge- this game is for you. If you're not good at action games or simply don't like being followed around by a useless hawk- don't worry, you're not missing anything.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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