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Reviewed: 03/23/02 | Updated: 06/12/02

1942 IS a good game!

In the late 1985 or, to be exact, the 11th December 1985 was 1942 released by Capcom. The game was first released as an arcade game, but that was 1984. A year later did it also come out to the NES. The game occurs at the World War II. The year 1942. Your role is to fly one of the american planes, you'll first start at a aircraft carrier, and then fly away to destroy other aircrafts, or in other words, the japanese air resistance. It's not the deepest story, but enough to make it feel like a story. In the first levels is the enemies pretty easy. But as the game is proceeding the enemy planes will get harder and harder. It will also be much more enemy planes after a while. At the last levels will it be so many enemy planes that you'll probably have sore fingers after playing. But this does not make the game boring, it makes it very funny instead!

The graphics aren't really great, but it is not really needed in this game. It's great anyway. There are many different planes. There are the big planes, the small, the green, the group of yellow planes, and many, many more. The courses, however, are not so different. They are all almost the same. The differences are the enemies, which is harder and harder from course to course, and also more from course to course. The courses consists of water (which looks pretty good to be on NES), some islands that are totally green (which also looks pretty good), and of course the aircraft carrier that you start on.

The gameplay in the game is great. There are no less than 32 courses to fly through, and as the enemies gets harder, the more game overs will you get, and you'll play it through more times! Still, if you manage to beat the game, have you probably spent many, many hours on it, and you may be tired of the game in that time. The game still holds may hours of gameplay and fun, and it's a big chance that you'll want to play it to the end, even (as I already has said) if it takes much time. When you kill all the six-seven (don't really know how many they are) yellow planes that sometimes comes, you'll receive a POW. There are a few different things that POW makes. The regular effect is that your usual ''two-shot'' is gone, and instead, you'll fire four shots at once, which can be pretty useful. Also, there is a POW that will let you get an additional set of planes that helps you on your way. They stay in formation beside your plane, on the left and right side to provide support fire, but (too bad) they can also be shot down. The third POW is also very useful. It's the ''kill-all-enemies-on-screen'' type. When you're in a hectic situation, or if there are pretty much enemies in your way, just use this and all the enemies will explode. The fourth and last POW is an extra roll for your plane. Your current rolls are displayed in the down-right corner of the screen. This is very useful far later in the game when you actually start using these things. Too bad that they don't stay with you after the end of each stage, instead when you start the next stage, only the usual three will be there, and the fourth one has been replaced with 1000 points.

For the music, it can be pretty boring after a while because the same music are played on every stage. That makes it very repetitive, and you'll probably want to turn on some good music from a good CD that you like. For the sound effects, they are nothing great. In fact, the sound effects is pretty repetitive, too. One more repetitious factor in the sound section, I know, but its still pretty minor, considering the game's age. If you really like games (and especially shooters like these) would you probably put these things aside, and still play the game.

This game is... VERY funny! Just try to go through all the stages again, and this time, try to kill the 100% of the enemies. This game contains many, many hours of very fun gameplaying!!

I give the controls almost a perfect, because the response. You are doing three main things in the game: moving forward, left, right and back, rolling and finally firing. The screen moves forward all the time, and the plane can move forward, down, left and right on the screen. The good thing about the game is that it responses very fast, so it's no problem if like 8-10 planes are on the screen at once, the control responses so fast, so all you need is good reflexes.


the STORY: 5/10
the GRAPHICS 5/10
the GAMEPLAY 8/10
the SOUND 5/10
the FUN FACTOR 8/10
the CONTROLS 9/10

an OVERALL rating: 7/10


*+ The controls
*+ The fun
*+ The times you want to play it (many)

*- The sound

If you find this at an second-hand market or something, and have a NES, I really suggest you buy it. In a total, 1942 is a great game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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