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Reviewed: 04/29/09

One of my first NES games and it hasn't aged a bit.

Game-play 8/10

1942 is your everyday plane shooter game. You basically play as a pilot who is on a mission to destroy the enemy's forces. It is based off of the historical battles between the US and the Japanese in...well 1942. During the game you shoot down enemy planes and on the occasion, collect a power-up or more energy. You have a method of fire and a method of evasion. You have a machine gun that is fairly effective and then you can do a flip though you only have a few uses. If you take a hit, you die. The graphics can easily be identifiable so this helps with playing the game more. A plane looks like a plane and the ocean is blue. Its an NES game so there is nothing really special about the graphics.

Control 9/10

The controls function extraordinarily well in 1942. The controls are simple and easy to learn. D-Pad moves your plane, B shoots, and A does a flip. The movement of your plane is smooth and responsive though you do move a little slow. You do kind of have to hit the B button a little faster for rapid fire but it still fires if you hold down the B button. The A button you only have to hit once. Overall, the controls are excellent.

Replay Value 6/10

The replay value of 1942 is fairly good though it's not one that you will be playing again and again. Since it does keep a record of the high score, this gives a little more to the replay value but not much. I would mostly play it again just for the sake of bringing yourself back to those fond memories so long ago. The game can be addicting if you are into this kind of game but if you are not, then I suppose the nostalgic feeling is good enough. Trying to make achievements throughout the game could also provide some replay time; that is if you fell like it.

Difficulty 6/10

This game is a little bit hard but not too hard so that it makes the game impossible to play. If you get hit once, you die and have to start either at the beginning or at a checkpoint. The worst thing about the difficulty is that when you do die, you lose all of your power-ups and when you are pretty far into the game, you are basically dead unless you are really good at video games. Most of the enemies in the game go down with one shot but some take several. These enemies are just a little too tough in my opinion but I guess the designers thought that they don't want to make it too easy to shoot everyone down.

Music 1/10

Ok I don't give 0's to any of the scores since most gaming websites don't have 0's. I have to give the music a 0 because...there is no music...well if you count beeps as music. I can't say much more about this since it is pretty self-explanatory. The beeps can become extremely irritating if you listen to them long enough. The designers should of put more thought into the music department. No music would have actually been better than annoying beeps. At least then, you could put some different kind of music on and be all set to go. The option of turning the music off would have been even better for a game like this but oh well.

Sound 1/10

Well the sound is not much better than the music at all. You hear about 3 different sounds throughout the entire game, which is nowhere near how many it should be. The sound of the planes getting shot down and the sound your gun makes are the same. I would think that there would be a difference there. Unlike the music, I honestly don’t think that you would take the time to replace the sound in the game. Like the music, the designers should have put more thought into the sound.

Originality 8/10

This game is a good plane shooter for its time. There were not many, if any before it's time so it is to say...original. However, this is a game based upon an actual event which makes it slightly unoriginal so it kind of loses its interest factor but not enough to make a difference. Shooting enemies down and getting power-ups for it is also not exactly what you would call original, but at least there are some throughout the game.

Final Score 6.2

This was a good game for its time but there were a few issues that made it nowhere near as good as it should have been. I would certainly rent this game just to try it out. Playing this game again does bring back good times on the NES.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: 1942 (US, 11/30/86)

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