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    Enemy FAQ by schwagles bagels

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 02/28/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgust
                           Enemy FAQ
    I. Table of Contents
     I: Table of Contents
     II: Introduction
     III: Version History
     IV: Battle Flow
     V: Battle Controls
     VI: Enemy List
     VII: Misc.
     VIII: Legal Stuff
     IX: Credits
    II: Introduction
       This is an FAQ for the video game Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgust.
    I will just call it Villgust, because I don't want to type out
    "Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgust" many times. This is my first FAQ
    ever, and, at the time of it's writing, is the first FAQ for this
    game to be submitted to GameFAQs. It may be incomplete, so if you have
    additions and proof of them, then e-mail me at ElCid828@AOL.com with
    the subject "Villgust FAQ Submission". I get a lot of crap mail
    and I don't want to accidentally delete it if it's useful.
    III: Version History
     Version 0.50
     -Submitted FAQ to GameFAQs
    IV: Battle Flow
    First Stage: Battle Selection(Menu)
       This is where you choose what you want to do, such as run,
    change order of characters, and view character info. This is
    also where you will see the enemies you are fighting, and who is
    fighting what. To do this, look at the window at the bottom of the
    screen. You will notice your characters' names are arranged in a
    pentagonal pattern. The enemies are also arranged in this pattern.
    Just match the two up. If one of the enemies' sections are blank,
    that character will not fight. If this happens and you have less
    five characters, the first name clockwise-wise (wise-wise?) will
    fight that monster. For example, Morubo is the character on the top.
    A monster is on the upper-right part, but no character. Morubo
    will fight that monster.
    Second Stage: Fighting
       Your characters fight their individual group of monsters,
    starting with the top and going in a counter-clockwise pattern. After
    all the battles are over, assuming no one died, you go to Stage 3. If
    one of your characters dies, then the next person in line will fight
    that enemy instead.
    Third Stage: Victory
       After you win the battle, you will view your exp. and gold acquired,
    as well as any level-ups you may have.
    V: Battle Controls
    |                                                    |
    |        Up                                          |
    |        __                                          |
    |       |  |                                         |
    |     __|  |__                                       |
    |Left|        |                         __   __      |
    |    |__    __|Right                   |  | |  |     |
    |       |  |                           |__| |__|     |
    |       |__|           __   __          A    B       |
    |       Down          |__| |__|                      |
    |                   Select Start                     |
    I'm doing this from complete memory, so bear with me.
    Also, these are only going to be the battle controls. No other
    controls will be defined.
    Battle Controls
    A Button: Jump
    B Button: Attack
    Left: Move left
    Right: Move right
    Up: Used in combination with B to cast spell
    Down: Crouch, used in while in air to perform your downward
    thrust attack
    Start: Pause battle
    Select: Bring up status screen
    VI: Enemy List
    -Enemy Name-
    Enemy HP (1 tally=1 HP/1 dot=30 HP)
    Difficulty (out of 5)
    Details of Enemy
    Exp. given (coming soon)
    Gold given (coming soon)
    -Evil Slime-
    6 HP
    Difficulty: **---
     Evil Slimes move across the ground. That's it. Why did I give it a 2 then?
    If you touch them, you will probably get Poisoned, which can be annoying if
    you can't cure it. Otherwise, they are arguably the easiest enemy in the game.
    18 HP
    Difficulty: ***--
     The Cockatrice is very annoying. They fly towards you, then as
    they get close, swoop downward towards you. After they dive at your
    head, they fly staright up, wait for a few seconds, then repeat the
    process. Wait until they swoop down at you, then walk backwards.
    They will miss you, then attack them as they wait in the sky.
    -Wood Dwarf-
    28 HP
    Difficulty: **---
     Wood Dwarves can do one of 2 things. As he gets close, he can either jump backwards,
    or rush and swing at you. Avoid the attack if need be, then attack if he jumps backwards.
    -Killer Sasoli-
    31 HP
    Difficulty: ***--
     Killer Sasoli are basically scorpions. They can burrow underground, then
    they come back up. After they come up, they will walk towards you and shoot
    at you as they get close. They can aim their shots too. After they shoot,
    they will burrow back underground, then come back up and shoot at you again.
    Attack them while they are coming up, but before they emerge completely. Their
    attacks can also stun you.
    -Docro Sasoli-
    20 HP
     Same thing as Killer Sasoli. Deal with in the same way. Beware that these ones
    can posion you.
    -Giant Spider-
    25 HP
    Difficulty: **---
     Giant Spiders will climb along the ceiling, then drop down after they go a certain
    distance. After they drop, they will release 3 webs, which go in random directions,
    then they will go back to crawling around the ceiling.
    These webs can be destroyed, but can hurt you if you touch them. Destroy one of
    the webs, then attack the spider while he isn't moving, or attack him as he descends
    the ceiling.
    -Half Dwarf-
    36 HP
    Difficulty: ***--
     Half Dwarves are kind of difficult if you have a slow character.
    As they get close to you, they shoot a fireball onto the ground
    in front of them, which spreads to the ground in front of it,
    then spreads forward one more time. You can either jump over him
    and attack him from behind, or attack the first fireball
    before it spreads, move between him and second fireball, then
    swing away.
    -El Race-
    40 HP
    Difficulty: **---
     They disappear after a few seconds, then reappear somewhere
    else on the screen. As soon as they stop flashing, they
    will fire a magic ball at you, which you can avoid simply
    by crouching. After the ball is over your head, get up
    and beat the snot out of him.
    -Mirror Cat-
    30 HP
    Difficulty: ****-
     Mirror Cats suck. They can shoot a flame at you if they get close.
    This may not seem like much, but getting hurt by the Mirror Cat or the
    flame it shoots can Stun you, during which period you can;t do anything
    and will probably get hit around 3 times. Jump over the flame, then attack
    with caution.
    -Skull Soldier-
    22 HP
    Difficulty: *----
     Skull Soldiers will simply walk towards you, and swing at you three times as
    they get close. Jump over them, then counter their attacks with your own.
    -Dal Slime-
    15 HP
    Difficulty: *----
     These guys are incredibly easy. They simply jump around,
    sometimes fast, sometimes slow, they shouldn't be a
    problem for anyone, and just attack them as they jump.
    -Royal Magiro-
    12 HP
    Difficulty: ***--
     These dudes aren't really too hard, but can take awhile to beat.
    As they get about half a screen away from you, they charge at you,
    either normally, or after curling up into an indestrucible ball.
    You can only hurt him in the normal form, and he's easy
    if you use the downward thrust attack.
    33 HP
    Difficulty: ****-
     Kyuonas are much like El Race, and can be dealt within the same way.
    However, they can shoot 2 magic balls at once,and can turn into a
    tornado, which can't be hurt. They are like a cross between a Royal
    Magiro and an El Race.
    -Orc Fighter-
    20 HP
    Difficulty: ***--
     Orc Fighters will walk along, then charge at you as they draw close.
    As they get close, attack them, then jump out of the way of their impending
    -Pumpkin Ghost-
    16 HP
    Difficulty: *----
     Pumpkin Ghosts are extremely easy. Their only attack is very, very slowly
    dropping a thunderbolt at you if you go under them. Go under them, then after they
    stop moving, jump up and attck them.
    -Pot Mimic (Boss)-
    48 HP
    Difficulty: ****-
     Pot Mimics are found after you get Bostoph. They have easily avoidable, but
    deadly attacks. They can surround themselves with 2 electric barriers, which you can't
    do anything about. They can also shoot 2 fireballs, one straight forward, one in
    a upper-left direction. This he will do if he starts to flash. He can also release a slow
    moving orb, which can probably kill your weaker charcters in one hit. Just attack him
    after he attacks you. You must hit the actual head to damage it. If you have a strong character,
    jump on top of it and repeatedly downward thrust it. You shouldn't take too much damage.
    -Dark Race-
    44 HP
    Difficulty: ***--
     Dark Races look like El races, except they are on the ground and have a different
    attack. They will appear, then make lava burst from the groundtowards you in a wave-like pattern.
    Just jump over the lava and attack.
    43 HP
    Difficulty: ***--
     DeathClecks are flying human-esque creatures. After they reach the edge of the screen,
    they will shock the exact spot where you are standing, so be sure to move out of
    the way in time.
    52 HP
    Difficulty: **---
     Fraught Jellies float toward you very slowly and/or shoot at you after they move
    about half a screen. They're easy, but poisonous, so be careful.
    38 HP
     Grounded Kyuonas. They disappear, then reappear and shoot 4 mini-tornados left, right,
    up-left, and up-right. Jump over the tornados and attack.
    33 HP
    Difficulty: **---
     LewdClecks teleport to random spots on-screen and shoot lightning bolts, which can inflict
    Sleep condition if it connects, up-left, up-right, down-left, and down-right.
    Just avoid the lightning blots and attack the LewdCleck after he shoots.
    53 HP
    Difficulty: **---
     Basilisk look like four-armed dragons. All they do is walk around the screen at a normal
    pace, occasionally stopping to breathe an extremely small fire breath. They are extremely
    strong, however, so attack them, then get out of the way.
    -Mouse Great-
    80 HP
    Difficulty: *****
     These guys are really hard. Not only do they have a crapload of HP, but they are strong
    too. They charge at you as they get close, and can do a lot of damage to weaker characters.
    Attack from a distance if you can. If you don't have long range, stand on the opposite
    side of the screen as him. Wait until he starts hopping, then as he gets close, jump over
    his attack. Attack him once or twice while he's walking around. Then get to the other side
    of the screen, and repeat. These guys are pretty tough.
    -Mommy Cat-
    52 HP
     Like the Mirror Cat, Mommy Cats can Stun you, but this time can shoot a slow, moving, but
    deadly flame. Avoid the flame and you should be fine.
    -Morgue People-
    20 HP
     Morgue People walk around, then jump up and throw a stick into the air. Just hit them
    before they throw the stick.
    VII: Miscellaneous Information
    Coming Soon...
    VIII: Legal Stuff
     This FAQ is property of me, Alex Schwagle. You may print or
    reproduce this FAQ. I don't care what you do with it, as long
    as you give me credit for writing it and you don't profit in any
    IX: Credits
    Me: For writing this FAQ.
    You: For taking time to read it.
    Developers/Translators/etc.: For making the game.
    If you submit any useful information that is provable, I will
    add you into this section. I realize that this FAQ is incomplete,
    and I should submit updates in the near future.
    End of FAQ...for now...

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