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FAQ/Walkthrough by darkwolf777

Updated: 03/19/03

Kouryu Densetsu Villgust Gaiden
Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgust
Faq by Darkwolf777

NOTE: To make this faq,  I used a translated rom and played on my computer. 
Please note that roms are illegal so do NOT use them.  I risked my life to
use this rom and to create this faq!! :P

Patch by: J2E Translations (I'll put the site when I get it).

I. Characters
II. Walkthru
  A.  The Search for Friends (...well, maybe War Comrades)
  B.  The Pit of Despair
  C. The Mystery of the Missing Pot
  D. Appearing Castles and Stone Curses
  E. The Dragon Tower and the Town of Fork: Finding The Cure
  F.  Holn and the Holy Medicine
  G.  Ruvelio and The Trip to God's Island
  H.  Shipwrecked!!
  I.  Travel to The Cave of God
  J.  Inside God's World and the Final Battle
IV.  Thanks to...

I.  Characters


You are Muboro.  He is a powerful character and also is the Goddess
Hero.  He does not use magic, but that shouldn't be a problem.  He will
boast a very high attack and defense rating.  You shouldn't expect less
from the Goddess Hero.


Sylvie is a cat-like human who joins your party in search of a friend
named Lucia.  Sylvie is quick and can learn magic spells as he levels
up.  He may be weak at first, but will get stronger as he grows.

Spells (MGP)

Lv. 02 -- Heal (5)
Lv. 05 -- Nypeta (10)
Lv. 10 -- Heal All (10)
Lv. 14 -- Cure Poison (5)


Lucia is another cat-like human and is a friend of Sylvie.  Once you
find her in the forest, she will join you.  Like Sylvie, she is weak
when you get her and she also uses magic.  She ends up being one of
the most powerful comrades.

Spells (MGP)

Lv. 03 -- Cure Poison (5)
Lv. 04 -- Air Cutter (10)
Lv. 11 -- Nypeta (10)
Lv. 15 -- Typhoon (25)
Lv. 21 -- Fire Stone (20)


You will met with Lemmy in Chapter 2 of the walkthru.  She is good with
magic knowing Heal and Heal All.

Spells (MGP)

Start  -- Heal (5)
Start  -- Heal All (10)
Start  -- Fire Ball (10)
Lv. 09 -- Cure Poison (5)
Lv. ?? -- Typhoon (25)
Lv. 16 -- Jet Hurricane (35)
Lv. 21 -- ThunderSpark (20)


Bostoph's story is that his hometown accuses him of stealing a sacred
pot from their town.  He uses a boomerang to fight, so he can attack
rom a distance.  He also knows many healing spells then learns powerful
attack spells.

Spells (MGP)

Start  -- Heal (5)
Start  -- Heal All (10)
Start  -- Heal Up (25)
Start  -- Air Cutter (10)
Lv. 07 -- Cure Poison (5)
Lv. 08 -- Energy (25)
Lv. 09 -- Typhoon (25)
Lv. 16 -- Hellfire (30)
Lv. 20 -- JetHurricane (35)

Princess Lita

Lita joins your party to replace Lemmy when you destroy the castle
oppressing their kingdom.  She knows many attack spells and learns
the healing spells later on.

Start  -- Fire Ball (10)
Start  -- Nypeta (10)
Lv. 11 -- Air Cutter (10)
Lv. 14 -- Heal (5)
Lv. 16 -- Heal All (10)
Lv. 20 -- Heal Up (25)
Lv. 22 -- Cure Poison (5)
Lv. 26 -- Energy (25)

II. Walkthru

A.  The Search for Friends (...well, maybe War Comrades)

You are Murobo, the Kobold Knight.  You are in search of companions, so
you ask around town.  After talking to the townspeople, you learn that
there is a strong, cat-like creature to the north.  Head toward the town
north of where you are (north and a little bit west).

When you arrive, you notice that the town if full of feline humans.  Go
to the house in the southeast corner of town (right of the entrance).
Talk to Sylvie.  He will be worried about a warrior named Lucia.  He
will join you to look for her (in the eastern forest).  When you talk to
the Elder of the town (he is in the building next to the inn), he will
also ask you to look for her.  Make sure you buy some armor for Sylvie
as he will be very weak and will die quickly if you are not careful.
His weapons are his fists, so he will get stronger over time.  You may
want to level him up a bit.

Head west to the Forests (you'll see a hut).  Head left at the first
fork.  Then up, right, and down.  If you went the way previously given,
then you will find Lucia, a female of the cat-like humans found in the
previous town.  She will also join you.

You may have seen a hut before you found Lucia.  While going back,
you'll find a passage that will lead you to the hut.  You may want
to heal first.

Boss: Magician (35), Orc Fighter x2 (35)
      525 Exp, 750 Gold

The Magician will float and dissappear after he attacks.  He attacks
by shooting an electrical wave from his staff which has the power to
confuse your characters, causing them to be uncontrolled for a few

Before selecting the Fight command to initiate the battle, put Murobo
first in battle, the Sylvie and Lucia.  This will have Murobo attack
the Magician and the felines to handle the Orcs.  The best way for
Sylvie and Lucia to attack is to jump and press down on the D-Pad.
This will cause them (or any character) to attack from above, making
it safer to attack the Orcs (especially cause Lucia has not been
trained).  Not only that, this kind of attack is stronger than the
normal attacks, so its wise to use them when possible.

After the fight, return back.  Talking to the Elder and the people
in your town, you hear some talk about "The Demon".  Who is that??
If you talk to the Mother near the entrance of the cat city, she'll
mention that the Magician's wife is to the castle to the west.  Do
you even want to go to see the Magician's wife, the wife of the guy
who tried to kill you??  Well, weather you like it or not, you must.
Hopefully she is nicer than her husband.

When you get to the tower (west of the cat town near the ocean), take
the left path.  At the end of the pathway, there are stairs.  I hope
that I don't need to tell you to take the stairs, but take them now.
Continue down this pathway and take the stairs at the end.  Again,
take the stairs at the end of this pathway.  After that, take the right
path to find a Mega Potion.  Go back and take the north path to find
a Basic Potion.  Take the south path for another Basic Potion.  Then
take the west path to the stairs.  At the first fork of the pathway,
you'll find an Antidote.  Then, once again, take the stairs at the
end of the pathway.  Make sure you heal, then procede.

Boss: Ghost Mage (43), Kyuona x2 (48)
      525 Exp, 780 Gold

This time, he is serious.  His attacks hurt much more than before so you
must be careful.  He flies low and attacks with an electric ball that
comes from his staff.  When it his the ground, electricity is emitted
from the ground and will hurt when you touch it.  If it does hit you, it
may stun you, causing you to be immobile, leaving you to be hit at least
2 more times.  Touching him can also stun you.  Attack as you please,
but especially after he tosses the electric ball because wont move for
a long while.

The Kyuonas will themselves into a whirlwind.  You can't hit them in
this form.  They also disappear and reappear in different places.  They
attack by shooting waves horozontally from their hands.  They aren't
strong and are easy to kill.

After the fight, you'll find a bunny.  Talking to it, you'll find out
that it is the... goddess???  Anyway, you'll find out that you are done
in this area and the goddess will teleport you to a new place.

B.  The Pit of Despair

Enter the town north of where you appear in the first land.  Talk to
everybody and learn about a pit where people fall in.  After talking to
the towns people, speak with the Leader of the troops in the house.
Then talk to everyone again (even though they don't say anything
different), but when you notice that the army has left the house, head
east to the "pit".

When you get there, talk to the soldier and a monster will appear.
After destroying the Orcs, talk to him again and they will go
downstairs.  You will do this again on the next floor.  On the next
floor, you will see two soldiers on the ground.  After going downstairs
again, you will find Lemmy.  She will join you.  Continuing down, you
will find the boss.

Boss: Great Mouse (43), UndeadPeopl x3 (32, 32, 48)
      592 EXP, 940 Gold.

The mouse is simple.  It will walk around and attack when you are near.
It is also weak on defense and will die easily.  The UndeadPeopl attack
like their counterparts and are also weak.  The UndeadPeopl can put you
to sleep, so watch out for that.  When using Lemmy, attack using the
Fire Ball spell.  

You will recieve the GlimmerEgg.  Now leave.  When you return to town,
speak with Butterfly (some guy in front of the church) and give him the
GlimmerEgg.  Now return to the Pit and at the end, there will be stairs
leading up.  These stairs will take you to the other side of the

C. The Mystery of the Missing Pot

When you get to town, speak to the Rich Man in the house in the center
of town.  He will mention a man named Bostoph, who appears to have
stolen a pot.  Head west to find a castle.  

Once in the castle, go left, then straight to find an Antidote.  Then,
take the path that you passed and then go up and left for a Mega Potion.
Go back to where you were and continue going right.  You'll find a Basic
Potion at the end.  Then go up.  You'll see a door.  Enter it. 
Encounter Bostoph and he'll tell you that he does not have it.  Search
the pots in the room, then talk to him again.  After talking, Bostoph
will join you.  Go through the doorway that he blocked and you will find
that you are outside again.  Return to town.

When you get to town, sleep at the inn, buy Bostoph a Silver Boomerang,
and save your game.  Go back to the area in the center of town.  You
find that the man is not blocking the door as he was before.  When you
enter, you'll find a pot, who will then attack your party.

Boss: Pot Mimic A (53), Pot Mimic B x4 (48)
      600 EXP, 1790 Gold

The first one attacks by putting a forcefield around them to protect
themselves.  It will to tons of damage when you touch it.  They also
hide in their pots so that you can't hit them.  Its best to have Bostoph
fight this one.

The rest attack by shooting a fireball from its mouth toward you.
You can attack the bubble to pop it, but it is easily avoided because of
its small size and slow speed.  They can turn around and come back at
you though.

You recieve the Storm Boomerang after the match.  You will then see the
Goddess rabbit again.  She will teleport you once again.

D. Appearing Castles and Stone Curses

When you enter the first town, buy some new weapons for you party at
the weaponry/armory place.  There is also a new store in the town.  At
the east side of town, there is a black smith who will make you weapons
strong if they have a L# next to their name.  He will make them stronger
(and for a cheap price too!).  After talking to the townspeople, exit to
the north side of town to enter the castle.  Head stright ahead and you
will enter the chapel.  You will see a woman appear and she will say
some stuff (while doesn't seem to help at all, but at least you saw
her).  There are no monster here, but there are treasure chests in the
castle.  The southeast corner has a Basic Potion, the northeast corner
has a Mega Potion, the northwest corner has an Antidote, and the
southwest corner has a Basic Potion.  Find your way upstairs.  When you
do, go left to find a Basic Potion.  Then continue to the right through
a long passage way, keep going past the guards and you will find stairs
going up.  At the end of the next pathway is an Antidote.  Then enter
the king's room.  Speak to him about his problem.  Then travel west to
the castle.  (The town that you are in IS the eastern town).

Once inside, go left, then up the long pathway to find a Mega Potion.
Go back to the entrance and go up.  Then down at the fork to find the 
stairs going up.  Continue through the passageways to the next stairway.
You'll know quickly if you are going the wrong way, because you don't
travel to far without finding the deadend.  When you get to the next
floor, heal and fight the boss.

Boss: MessangerGard x5 (58)
      700 EXP, 2150 Gold

They attack by either throwing two energy balls at you, or by floating
their ghostly hands at you.  Either way, the damage is intense and you
may get killed in 1 hit if you're not careful.  Aside from being
powerful in attack, they are weak in defense and could possible die
in 3 hits.

After the fight, the castle disappears.  Return to the town.  Talk to
the king.  Then go to the chapel where you found the goddess earlier.
Get the Goddess Talisman.  Talk to the king again.  Then get the
Princess to join your party.  When you do, Lemmy leaves your party.
You'll find Lemmy on the floor below the king's room, in the library.
When you talk to her, she'll mention that a magician has an item that
you need.  Go back into town.  You will find in the house in the
northeastern part of town the magician.  Fight him because he turns
everyone in town into stone!

Boss: Messanger Axe (2B + 5), Theif x4 (53)
      750 EXP, 1570 Gold

Messanger Axe will disappear, then only his hands will appear and
attack.  When he reappears, attack.

Now that everyone has been turned to stone, you can do nothing now.
Return to the World Map and enter the building in the desert.

E. The Dragon Tower and the Town of Fork: Finding The Cure

Finally, a town with a Name.  Enter the desert town of Fork.  Talk to
the people, buy new weapons and armor, and save.  You'll learn that
there is a dragon tower north of town.  An old lady will tell you that
there is a Stone Flower there.  Maybe you can restore the people with
this?? Head north (and a bit west) to find the castle.

When you enter the tower, you'll notice arrows on floor.  When you walk
on them, it's like a conveyor belt that will take you to the end of the
path.  Take the path from the entrance going up, left, and down to find
a Basic Potion.  Go back up and take the path left, down to the stairs,
there is an Antidote there.  From where you got the Basic Potion
earlier, go up, up, then left.  Where it leaves you, move up and take
the stairs (ride the two up arrows).  You'll find a Cyncetan.  Find your
way back to the beginning.  Got there yet??  Ok.  There are two Basic
Potions on the first floor, but they're not important.  From EXACTLY the
beginning, go up, up, right, right, right.  Now go up and around the
area with the stairs.  Take the up arrows to get you onto the stairs.
You'll find a Mega Potion.  Now for the Stone Flower.  From the stairs
where you are now (with the Mega Potion), go along the right side of
the building.  You'll find the stairs when you go farther.  You will
then find the Stone Flower.

Now, return to the castle, and to the chapel where you first found the
goddess.  She will turn everyone back to normal.  Talk to Lemmy.  She
will rejoin your party and Slyvie will leave. 

Now head west for Holn (Go the the World Map and head west).

F.  Holn and the Holy Medicine

When you enter the new area, head west to the Town of Holn.  Once you
get to town, a merchant will stop you and tell you that the medicine is
gone.  He will give some to one of your characters to increase his/her
HP by ALOT.  Now, 5 men will appear.  One will be called Vasiph.  They
will fight you.

Boss: Theif x5

After the fight,  the character who took the medicine will be incredibly
weak in HP.  Somehow, you need to fix this.  When you walk around town,
you find that many of the citizens are also weakened because of this
"Holy" medicine.  The people around town mention that this merchant is
has great medicine.  Well, now that one of your characters are sick, you
must find the cure.  To the north, there is a cave.  Find it.  You'll
find the merchant blocking the cave.  Fight him.

Boss: Merchant (2O)
      195 EXP, 330 Gold

The boss fights just like and of the Undead you have fought in the past.
He throws a log, etc.

When you get there, you will find a Basic Potion to the left of the
entrance.  Go through the pathway to find a large area.  Go up, then
left at the first fork.  Continue down that path for a Mega Potion.
From there, go up, right, up to find a Life Potion.  Return to the
main (large) area.  Take the north exit.  Going straight will give you
a Basic Potion.  Going left, you'll find a stairway leading you to a
Cyncentan.  Going right, then up will get you a Mega Potion.  Then,
go back and go straight down the right side of the cave to find some
stairs.  When you go down there, continue going down and left and then
up to some stairs.  You will find a giant plant.  It may be the medicine
you are looking for.  But its alive!!

Boss: Flower Ghost (2O+10, 2O+5)
      1050 EXP, 2250 Gold

The First part attack with a head and shoots energy waves at you. 
Attack the body of the plant to do damage.
The rest will shoot a bud at you or shake the ground, shooting sharp
roots from the ground.

After the fight, the merchant will appear, make an antidote, and give
it to the character in your party who was poisoned.  He/She will recover
their lost HP.  Now return to the town.  Now you see that everything 
is fine.  Return to the world map and head north.  

G.  Ruvelio and The Trip to God's Island

After speaking to the townspeople at Ruvelio, you learn about a town
called Nalsa which has a boat.  You can take this boat to the Gate of
the God's world which is on an island across the ocean.  Head south
to Nalsa.  When you get there, talk to a man named Butterfly.  He will
tell you that the boat needs to be fixed.  Also, there is a woman in
another house.  You will find out that she is a ghost.  She asks you
to get some SakanaFish for the magician's cat.  You can buy SakanaFish
at the shop.  Now, leave town, and enter the world map by going east.
NOTE: You MUST buy the SakanaFish.

When you get to the magician's house, it will look destroyed.  There is
a hole in the center of the room.  Fall in it.  Heal and fight the

Boss: Golem (2O + 15)
      EXP ???, Gold ??? (I forgot to mark it)

This fight is impossible.  No matter what you do, you can't damage it.
It attacks by throwing rocks at you, and will constantly push rocks up
from the ground, till you smash into the ceiling.  What are you going
to do??? Well, remember that SakanaFish you were suppost to buy?? Well,
just use it in battle.  That's it!

Now, talk to the woman and she'll give you some wood.  Return to Nalsa.
Talk to Butterfly.  He'll tell you about Carmyu, a town who is under
seige by the Demon.  Now, to the east of Ruvelio, through the mountains,
you will find Carmyu.

After you do the normal things you do in a new town (buy stuff, save,
talk to people, etc.)  Exit the city on the east side to enter the
demon's castle (you'll know about it by talking to the townspeople).

When you enter, a man will be waiting.  He will trick Lemmy into putting
on a magical robe.  This robe puts her into a trance and she leaves your
party.  You must save her.

From the entrance, going up to the first intersection, going right, then
up will lead you to two Meag Potions.  Going left and up will take you
to where you need to go.  Following the path, taking the stairs as you
go, will lead you to a door.  Inside, you'll see a man.  Talking to him,
you learn that you need to take a test and must go to Lereef and back.
A man named Hash, who is being controlled by the Demon enters the room.
He asks you to hurry before he is under complete control and will have to
hurt you.  Now, return to the first intersection of the castle.  Go all
the way to the right, and down to the stairs.  You will find a treasure
chest containing a Pretty Mirror Holy Water (Huh...).  Anyway,  Hash and
two men will appear and since Hash is still under the Demon's control, he
attacks you.

Boss:  Devil Emperor (OOO+1), Mouse Great (OO+20), Lemmy (OOO+1),
	 ExaminrHash (OO+20)
	 828 EXP, 1450 Gold

The Devil Emperor will attack by shooting a black ball and disappearing.
There is a chance that after attacking, he will summon some electricity
sorta like this   //  //  //  //  //
                  \\  \\  \\  \\  \\
where the thin part is the electricity.  You wont get hit if you stand
between the electricity.
You can't hurt Lemmy.  You must use the Holy Water you just recieved.
For some reason (probably due to translation), you can't see the item
on your item list.  It will be the last item on your list, though.
ExaminrHash will just walk and attack and shouldn't be a problem.

Now that everyone is back to normal, talk to Lemmy so that she can return
to your party.  Now talk to Hash.  Somehow, Bostoph and Lemmy have the
ability to save Hash.  You'll find out what by talking to Hash.

Now return to Nalsa.  When you talk to Butterfly, you'll learn that your
boat has been completed!!  Go outside and find it in the water.  But
before you do, make sure you rested and save!!

H.  Shipwrecked!!

As you take your boat out, it will begin to flood.  This leaves you 
stranded on an island.  You must find some wood to repair the ship. 
Enter the cave and explore.

From the entrance, move left and take the stairs down.  Continue down
the path and take the next stairway.  Take the path going left, then up.
On the next fork, going up will get you a Mega Potion.  Going left will
get you a Plank which you will need to repair the ship.  Now return to the

Now, from the entrance, go right, then up.  At the intersect, go right,
then left.  Take the stairs, then go left to take the next flight of
stairs.  Then, go down the stairs once again.  Now, go straigh down and
pass the first flight of stairs you see.  You will see some stairs going
up, so take them.  There, you'll find a Cloth.  Now go back to those stairs
you missed.  You will find a Life Potion.  Now go back and take the path
that you did not take yet (from the beginning, go right, up, then left
and up).  Now continue till you get to the end (take all the stairs, etc)
and you shall find a stick. (NOTE: There is no reason that you should get
lost while finding the stick as it is pretty much a straight path there.)

Now, return outside and use the items you found in this order: Plank, Stick,
then Cloth.  Now, you can move freely in your new boat.

I.  Travel to The Cave of God

Now locate Ruvelio, when you do, on your boat, travel west till you find
some islands.  Once island is inaccessable because of the current around
it.  Try going to the island with the building on it.

Now, go once in the builing, you'll find some pirates!!  You seem to need
the Staff of Shining Stars.  They attack you for intruding on their grounds.

Boss: Pirate x5 (OOO+6)
	1125 EXP, 2250 Gold

The pirates just walk around and attack by swinging a sword.  Pretty basic
attack pattern that you should be used to.

The pirate, realizing your strength, relinquishes the Staff.  Using this
item causes the ocean to stop, so that you can enter the area that was
protected from the current.  When you try to enter the cavern, you find
that there is a vast darkness inside, so you can't enter.  

Now, to the north of God's cave, you find a small island with a cave.
When in the cave, go all the way up, then right.  You should see some

From the enterance, go down to find a Life Potion.  Now, go back, then
go up until you are at the last open path to the left.  Now go up, left
till you find some stairs.  Go right, down, right, up for a Mega Potion.
From there go down, right, down to find an Aurora Claw.  Go back to the
stairs and at the intersection, go right and up to find a Pretty.  Now
return to God's cave.


From the entrance, head down all the way.  You'll find a Mega Potion after
going left.  Now, go down again as far as you can.  Go left, then left again
going up, left, up, left till you find some stairs.  Going right, then up
will get you a Miracle Potion.  Go back upstairs and then go back to the
intersection and go down.  You will find a treasure chest containing a
Dragoon Sword for Lita.  No go north of the intersection and go right.
You'll find some stairs.  You'll find a Mega Potion.


Now, in front of God's cave, use the Pretty and you'll warp to God's World.

J.  Inside God's World and the Final Battle

Take the bottom right hut.  Go throgh the path and you end up on another
island with a house.  This house is an inn, go rest and save.  Now
continue going through the next caves.  You find yourself in a huge cave.
Walk down/right to find the next stairs to the next cave.  In the next
cave, go up/left to the next stairs (don't get confused because the two
caves are identical).  Once outside, you'll find another house with a
Chapel.  After going through a few more caves, you be outside in front of
a tower.  Enter it.

From the entrance, go right, down, then right, up and left to find some
stairs going up.  Then go left, down, left, and up to find a FlashDoor.
This item will teleport you outside the castle.  From the stairs that you
got here from, go down 3 intersections then go left all the way to find
some more stairs going up.  Now go right, up, down to find some more stairs.
Now, go through the passages ahead.  They are not too difficult to get
through.  Now at the top floor, you'll meet the goddess.  She will restore
your life and wish you luck for the next battle.  Walk toward the wall.
It will come alive and attack you.

Boss: Cobra x5 (OOOOOOO+4)
      2500 EXP, 3500 Gold

The First head attacks by shooting fireballs in 3 directions.
The second head either shoots a small beam or screeches, causing bricks
from the ceiling to fall.
The third head with shoot a ripple beam at you similar to the second head's
The fourth head will either throw fireballs at you, or will screech, causing
gaps in the ground.  Falling in them wont do anything to you though.
The fifth head will shoot a laser from its mouth, or will stick his head
up high, giving you a chance to attack, and then will swing its head down.
You must attack the body to damage them.

After this, you've beaten the game!!!


Currently there are no questions yet.  If you have any, either e-mail me
at darkwolf777@hotmail.com, or try to post on the message boards.  Hopefully
I'll get to one of them.

IV.  Thanks to...

Myself -- For playing this game and spending my time to write about it.

Gamefaqs.com  -- For all your gaming needs (and for giving bounties 
              motivating us to write these faqs for unpopular or 
              japanese games)

J2E Translations -- For their patch to the rom.  (Site as soon as I get it).

(C) 2003 by darkwolf777 -EOF-

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