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FAQ/Walkthrough by Dammit9x

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/09/2006

Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu FAQ/Guide (Nintendo Entertainment System)
July 9, 2006 v1.0
dammit9x at hotmail dot com

Copyright 2006

    This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
any unauthorized web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited and a violation of copyright.


1. Game summary
 1a. Introduction
 1b. Game modes
 1c. Menu options
2. How to play
 2a. Basic moves
 2b. Killer techs (KTs)
 2c. Combo techs (CTs)
 2d. Character types
3. Character parameters
 3a. Stats
 3b. KT types
 3c. Zodiac compatibility
4. Premade characters
5. Items
6. Battle venues
7. Rules
8. Secret codes
9. Hacking table


1. Game summary

 1a. Introduction
  Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu is a 4-player fighting game produced by Technos 
Japan in 1992. It is part of the Nekketsu (Hot-blooded High-school) series 
starring Kunio and Riki (Alex and Ryan of River City Ransom fame). Like most 
Technos games it never made it out of Japan. An English translation of the name 
would be something like Nekketsu Brawling Legend.

 1b. Game modes
Story Mode
  This mode is available with 1-player + CPU partner or 2-player cooperative. 
Eight teams of two fighters battle to determine who is the greatest, and team-
work plays an important role. Fighters get stronger after battles by leveling 
up. The difficulty is self-adjusting: if you lose battles you fight weaker 
teams. Winning results in more experience, but you have to face stronger teams.
  If after 19 battles you have won less than 15, the game ends. But if you win 
15 battles you face the powerful tiger twins. This battle, while difficult, can 
be attempted as many times as necessary. If you beat the twins, you see the end-
ing, the details of which depend on whether Kunio and/or Riki were in the team.

Battle Mode
  This mode is a 4-player free-for-all with up to 4 human players participating.
You choose the rules and the venue. Unlike Story mode there is no teamplay and 
no leveling up. You can still import strong characters with passwords, however.

 1c. Menu options
  This diagram is intended to help players who can't read the menu text.

Game start
 |_Top: Story Mode
 |  |_Select 1P-2P
 |     |_(for each human player)
 |     |  |_Left: make custom character
 |     |  |  |_Input name, month of birth, day of birth, blood type
 |     |  |     |_Left: Confirm
 |     |  |     |_Right: Redo
 |     |  |
 |     |  |_Right: use a password character
 |     |     |_Input a valid password
 |     |        |_Left: Confirm
 |     |        |_Right: Redo
 |     |
 |     |_(for each CPU player)
 |        |_Left: use premade character
 |        |  |_Select character
 |        |
 |        |_Right: use a password character
 |           |_Input a valid password
 |              |_Left: Confirm
 |              |_Right: Redo
 | Between battles
 |  |_Upper left: next battle
 |  |_Upper right: view status and passwords
 |  |_Lower left: view rankings
 |  |_Lower right: quit to main menu
 | Before final battle
 |  |_Upper left: begin the battle
 |  |_Upper right: view status and passwords
 |  |_Lower: quit to main menu
 | After 19th battle with less than 15 wins
 |  |_Left: view status and passwords
 |  |_Right: quit to main menu
 |_Bottom: Battle Mode
    |_Select 1P-4P
       |_(for each human player)
       |  |_Left: use a custom or password character
       |  |  |_Left: make custom character
       |  |  |  |_Input name, month of birth, day of birth, blood type
       |  |  |     |_Left: Confirm
       |  |  |     |_Right: Redo
       |  |  |
       |  |  |_Right: use a password character
       |  |     |_Input a valid password
       |  |        |_Left: Confirm
       |  |        |_Right: Redo
       |  |
       |  |_Right: use a premade character
       |     |_Select character
       |_(for each CPU player)
          |_Select a premade character

  For Story mode, you can use a premade character, but to do so you have to 
input his password. Likewise for Battle mode, the only way to use a custom 
character is by password. After setting up all the characters, choose a rule 
(see section 7) and start playing.

2. How to play

 2a. Basic moves
A           Punch
B           Kick
A+B         Jump
  A         Punch
  B         Kick
D-pad       Walk
  A+B       Walking jump in direction pressed
    A       Punch
    B       Kick
L,L or R,R  Run left or right
  U or D    Move upwards or downwards while running
  A         Running punch attack
  B         Running kick attack
  A+B       Running jump
    A       Running jump punch attack
    B       Running jump kick attack
D,D         Elbow slide (when facing downhill on a slope)
  A+B       Running jump
    A       Running jump punch attack
    B       Running jump kick attack
A or B      Guard (just before attack arrives)
A           Reversal front throw (facing opponent's incoming running attack)

Stunning: To stun the enemy so he leans over, hit him with several punches or 
kicks. Hitting from behind or using Mach KTs stuns faster.

  A or B    Power blow
  D-pad     Grab

Grabbing: Walk up to a stunned opponent from the front or behind to grab him.

(front grab)
  A         Front throw
  B         Irish whip towards your back

(back grab)
  D-pad     Move the opponent around
  A         Back throw
  B         Irish whip towards your front

Irish whip: When whipped the opponent is forced to run into walls, soft walls, 
hazards, or the waiting arms of another fighter.

(Irish whip)
  A         Front throw (when facing the whipped fighter)

Knockdown: Any move other than normal punches or kicks knocks a fighter down.

  A at edge         jumping elbow drop
  B at edge         jumping stomp
  A or B at center  pick up fighter
    A               slam near
    B               throw far
    D-pad           walk or run around
    A+B             jump
      A             slam near
      B             throw far
  U or D            sit on fighter
    A               mounted punch
    B               jumping stomp

 2b. Killer techs (KTs)
  Each fighter gets 1-3 KTs which depend on his date of birth. (See section 3b.)
The chart below explains how to perform them.

Mach Punch       replaces normal punch
Mach Kick        replaces normal kick
Spin Attack      P while landing from a jump (repeatable)
  S.A. followup  Do a Spin attack; As you hit the enemy, hold L or R.
Bomb Kick        K while landing from a jump (repeatable)
Jump Elbow       P after the peak of a jump
Jump Guillotine  K after the peak of a jump
High Spin Kick   D during a running jump
Mach Stomp       replaces jumping elbow drop
Stone Guard      replaces normal guard
Tornado Attack   Do a running jump kick; As you hit the enemy, hold L or R.

 2c. Combo techs (CTs)
  There are two combo techs, which require a partner and can only be done in 
story mode. These moves do good damage, are unblockable and grant temporary 
invincibility to one or both members, through they require coordination and 
leave both members vulnerable while setting it up.
  To set up a type A CT, one partner stands on the other's shoulders. This is 
usually done by jumping up, but can also be done by dropping down from higher 
ground. The black bar on the CT indicator will start moving back and forth. At 
this point the upper partner can punch, kick or jump normally while being 
carried around. If the lower partner pushes B, or pushes A when the black bar 
is in the white, the upper partner will just jump off. But if A is pressed when 
it's in the orange region, the bottom partner will be launched at the enemy as 
an invincible spinning homing missile. The initial direction is in front of the 
bottom partner, so it's best to face the enemy before launching.
  For a type B CT the partners must face one another and walk together to join 
arms. This looks similar to grabbing a stunned opponent. In this state the 
black bar moves along the CT bar. If either member pushes B the grip is 
released. If a member pushes A when the bar is in the white, he throws his 
partner with a front throw. But if the bar is in the orange region they become 
invincible, start spinning and turn into a homing missile with special graphics 
that depend on the character who pushed A. (See section 2d.)
  To do CTs in 1-player story mode, hold A or B to call your partner. Button A 
causes him to try to jump up and with B he'll try to join arms.

 2d. Character types
  There are four types of fighters (five if you count the tigers) which have 
different moves and fighting styles. The differences seem to be in the initial 
stats; the damage calculation formulas are the same for all of them. 

Wrestlers         Well-rounded
Street fighters   Strong Punch
Kung fu fighters  Strong Kick
Judo fighters     Strong Throwing

|Type    | Punch| Kick |   Power|Running |Running |     Front |    Back|  Combo|
|        |      |      |    blow|  punch |   kick |     throw |   throw| attack|
|Wrestler|   Jab|Side- |   Cross|Running |Running | Powerbomb |  Suplex|    Ice|
|        |      | kick |   punch|shoulder|   knee |           |        |       |
|Street  |   Jab| Knee |Uppercut|Running |Running |Neckbreaker|   Back-| Light-|
|fighter |      |      |        |   hook |   knee |      slam | breaker|   ning|
|Kung Fu | Back-| High |  Double|Running |Sliding |   Jumping | Jumping|Tornado|
|fighter |  hand| kick |    kick|  elbow |   kick |piledriver |bodyslam|       |
|Judo    |Karate|  Low |Crescent|Rolling |Rolling |  Hip toss |Shoulder|  Flame|
|fighter | punch| kick |    kick| attack | attack |           |   throw|       |
|Tiger   |  Side|  Low | Turning|Spinning|Running |    Flying |  Flying|   Fire|
|twins   |  chop| kick |uppercut| lariat |shoulder|     press |   press|  demon|

3. Character parameters

 3a. Stats
HP: This is how much damage the fighter can take before being knocked out. 
Maximum 255.

Punch, Kick & Throwing: These determine how much damage is done to the opponent 
when you hit with punching, kicking, or grappling techniques, respectively. 
Maximum 99.

Speed: This affects how fast the fighter can run or walk. Maximum 99. Speed is 
always a multiple of 9 and so the actual speed is an integer from 1 to 11.

Defense: This reduces the amount of damage taken when hit and plays against the 
opponent's Punch, Kick or Throwing.

Teamwork: This stat only applies to Story mode. It has 8 levels and determines 
how effectively your team's CTs seek the enemy. At level 1 they don't stray far 
from the starting point, and at level 9 they chase the enemy all over the 
arena. Teamwork goes up automatically over time and goes down when team members 
hit one another.

  Stats are the most important aspect of your fighter. Stats (except for 
teamwork) go up when the character levels up. By the end of Story mode, your 
team will likely be at or near maximum stats. The tiger twins battle will still 
be difficult though, because they have stats higher than the maximum: Punch, 
Kick, and Throwing at 112 and Defense at 160. Plus their teamwork is locked at 
level 9.

  The stats are arranged on the status screen as follows:
HP       Throwing
Punch    Speed
Kick     Defense

 3b. KT types
  The Killer techniques that a fighter gets depend on his date of birth. 
To predict a fighter's KTs, use the following formula:

KT# = Birth month + Birth day - 1

If the number is greater than 19, divide by 20 and take the remainder. 
Match the resulting number with the techs on the table below.

KT#     Technique 1      Technique 2      Technique 3
 0      Spin Attack        Mach Kick 
 1      Stone Guard      Spin Attack        Bomb Kick
 2       Jump Elbow      Stone Guard      Spin Attack
 3  Jump Guillotine       Jump Elbow      Stone Guard
 4       Mach Stomp  Jump Guillotine       Jump Elbow
 5      Spin Attack        Bomb Kick   High Spin Kick
 6       Mach Stomp   Tornado Attack   High Spin Kick
 7       Mach Punch   Tornado Attack   High Spin Kick
 8      Spin Attack       Mach Punch  
 9      Spin Attack       Mach Punch   Tornado Attack
10       Jump Elbow        Bomb Kick  
11   Tornado Attack   High Spin Kick  
12       Mach Stomp        Mach Kick   Tornado Attack
13  Jump Guillotine   High Spin Kick  
14       Jump Elbow        Mach Kick  
15        Bomb Kick   Tornado Attack   High Spin Kick
16   High Spin Kick   
17      Spin Attack        Bomb Kick        Mach Kick
18   Tornado Attack   
19        Bomb Kick        Mach Kick  

Table adapted from http://www.rahga.com/nkd/

  As you can see, some KT numbers are better than others.

 3c. Zodiac compatibility
  The effectiveness of a team depends in part on the Zodiac matchup of its 
members. Better compatibility makes it easier to perform Combo techs because 
the black bar on the CT indictor moves more slowly. When it moves fast the move 
is more likely to be botched. The Zodiac signs and corresponding birth dates 
are given below, along with their Western counterparts. (By the way, the 
Japanese names are literal translations of the Western names.)

 #  Birth dates  Jap name  Western name
 1  12/22- 1/20      Yagi     Capricorn
 2   1/21- 2/18  Mizugame      Aquarius
 3   2/19- 3/20        Uo        Pisces
 4   3/21- 4/20  Ohitsuji         Aries
 5   4/21- 5/21     Oushi        Taurus
 6   5/22- 6/21    Futago        Gemini
 7   6/22- 7/22      Kani        Cancer
 8   7/23- 8/22    Shishi           Leo
 9   8/23- 9/23     Otome         Virgo
10   9/24-10/23    Tenbin         Libra
11  10/24-11/22   Scorpio       Scorpio
12  11/23-12/21       Ite   Sagittarius

  Compatibilty is graphically represented by the color of the team outfit. The 
colors from best to worst are red, blue, white, green, and yellow. The chart 
below shows the team color that results from matching any two fighters.

    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12
 1  C   E   B   B   D   B   A   C   D   C   E   C
 2  C   B   B   B   C   B   D   A   B   E   C   B
 3  C   A   D   A   B   E   B   D   C   C   B   C
 4  B   B   C   D   C   D   B   B   A   C   C   C
 5  B   B   C   B   B   D   E   D   A   E   B   A
 6  C   C   A   C   D   C   B   B   C   B   B   D
 7  D   B   C   B   C   E   A   C   C   B   B   A
 8  C   B   D   C   D   C   C   C   A   D   C   B
 9  D   D   C   E   C   B   C   C   A   B   B   E
10  B   E   B   A   C   C   D   B   C   A   D   B
11  B   D   B   C   C   C   B   B   E   C   A   D
12  A   A   C   C   A   A   C   E   E   D   B   C

Table adapted from http://www.rahga.com/nkd/

4. Premade characters
  There are 16 premade characters to pick from for Battle mode or your CPU 
partner in Story mode. Each row is a different fighter type, and the columns are
stronger going to the left and weaker to the right. The procedure for playing a 
premade character in Story mode is simple: Start a Battle mode game, choose not 
to make a custom character, and pick the fighter you want. Then note the 
password. Enter this password in Story mode.

 Name    Blood type
 DOB  KTxx   Zodiac
 MHP Pu Ki Th Sp De

|Kunio           AB |Shibata         AB |Ishiduki         O |Yamaishi         A|
|11/27 KT17     Ite |10/17 KT06  Tenbin |4/4  KT07 Ohitsuji |6/28  KT13    Kani|
|198 49 57 45 90 47 |190 42 35 39 90 51 |179 26 31 29 81 48 |175 40 41 44 90 27|
|Riki             ? |Ebihara         AB |Mashiba          A |Jinnai           O|
|5/5   KT09   Oushi |9/2   KT10   Otome |8/20 KT07   Shishi |6/11  KT16  Futago|
|204 55 44 51 81 43 |198 52 42 48 81 44 |188 39 29 32 99 47 |169 48 31 43 90 41|
|Himeyama         B |Raidou           O |Aoi             AB |Anzawa           B|
|1/19  KT19    Yagi |12/20 KT11     Ite |3/3  KT05       Uo |7/3   KT09    Kani|
|202 46 64 43 99 58 |175 37 52 39 81 51 |171 36 59 45 90 60 |178 37 55 45 81 51|
|Midou            B |Fujikura         A |Suga             A |Ookumi           O|
|1/1   KT01    Yagi |11/6  KT16  Sasori |5/25 KT09   Futago |2/19  KT00      Uo|
|203 32 34 66 81 59 |206 35 30 68 90 53 |194 39 38 63 81 56 |190 32 38 63 81 49|

It is also possible to play as the tiger twins by using a code (see section 8).
Note that the twins you fight in Story mode have higher stats.

Tiger twins:        |Toraji           B |Toraiji         AB |
                    |9/1   KT09    Yagi |12/6  KT17  Tenbin |
                    |254 99 94 75 99 95 |255 99 90 99 90 82 |

5. Items
  When a fighter is defeated an item is dropped after the body disappears. These
have various effects, usually good, for the fighter who picks them up. Note that
the stat boosts given are temporary; they last for the current battle only. 
However, they can raise punch, kick, throw and defense above 99. Items disappear
if not picked up in about 6 seconds.

Item            Effect
Hamburger        30 HP
Onigiri          50 HP
Fish             70 HP
Curry & rice    100 HP
Bento           150 HP
Shrimp tempura  200 HP
Mushroom        Randomly gain or lose 50% HP
Sushi           +32 MHP and refills HP
Boxing gloves   +32 Punch (dropped by street fighters only)
Kung fu shoes   +32 Kick (dropped by kung fu fighters only)
Black belt      +32 Throw (dropped by judo fighters only)
Band-Aid        +32 Defense
Running shoes    +1 Speed (dropped by wrestlers only)
Iron geta        -3 Speed
Blue capsules   Revives your ally if he's dead; otherwise it does nothing.
Gray capsules   After the battle, the rule changes to a different random rule.
Pink capsules   Strengthens CTs
Red capsules    Invincibility for about 8 seconds; doesn't work on hazards

The Blue and Pink capsules only appear in Story mode. The Gray capsule can be 
found in Battle mode but it doesn't do anything there.

Since some items are hard to identify, I'll describe the appearance of them 
here. I had to use my imagination for some of these.

Hamburger: Very tall burger with paper underneath.
Onigiri: Two triangular rice balls, broadside facing right.
Fish: The distinguishing feature is two chopsticks laid across the plate, and 
what looks like an eye underneath. I think it's a fish anyway.
Curry & rice: Fork, drink and plate half white, half brown stuff.
Bento: Brown boxes and a small drink beside them. Looks like a stack of waffles.
Shrimp tempura: Two sausage shaped things on a high platter.
Mushroom: A big brown mushroom tilted to the right.
Sushi: Two blocks on a brown sushigeta (wooden platter) with cup and chopsticks.
Boxing gloves: Bright red, strung together, and pointed down.
Kung fu shoes: Round, brown, featureless shoes pointing left.
Black belt: A curvy black squiggle.
Band-Aid: Pink and laid diagonal, with the white pad in the middle.
Running shoes: 80s style hi-tops pointing left. Looks more like a bead necklace.
Iron geta: Looks very much like a cinderblock split lengthwise.
Capsules: These are all pairs of giant, two-toned pills.

6. Battle venues
  There are eight venues in total:

1. Arena: Soft walls
2. Powerstation: 2 electric walls
3. Factory: blast pipe, moving floor, spike wall, spike floor
4. Minefield: 5 mines
5. Freezer: slippery floor, spike floor
6. Waterfall: moving floor, spike floor
7. Bridge: blast pipe, disappearing floor, spike wall, spike floor
8. Tiger arena: No hazards; only available in Story mode

Explanation of hazards:
Soft wall: Running into a soft wall turns you around instead of knocking down.
Slippery floor: Bodies slide along the floor and it's hard to change direction.
Moving floor: The floor carries bodies towards spikes.
Disappearing floor: Floor periodically disappears, revealing spikes.
Blast pipe: Enter the hole and get blasted out the pipe; damages bystanders
Spikes: 8 damage; victim goes flying
Electric wall: 16 damage; victim goes flying and shocks others (for less damage)
Mine: 48 damage; victim goes flying and mine disappears

In Story Mode, the venues are played in the following cycle:
Round 1: 1-4, 5
Round 2: 1-4, 6
Round 3: 1-4, 7
Round 4: 1-4
Each round paints the arenas in a different color scheme.
The tiger twins battle is always fought in venue 8.

In Battle mode player 1 chooses the venue before each battle.

7. Rules
  Rules are special methods of winning or losing the battle other than by 
elimination. Typically wins are by knockout but occasionally the rules play a 
role. Before beginning Story or Battle mode, you must choose a rule. The rule 
may be changed by picking up a gray capsule. This happens even if the rule 
changer was picked up by the losing team. Rule 5 is always applied for the 
final Story mode battle vs. the tiger twins.

Rule 1: A team that strikes 10 times with the B-type combo attack wins. Combo 
attacks that strike both opponents count for two. (Story mode only)

Rule 2: In Battle mode, a fighter that gets hit 10 times by spikes or 
electricity loses, and the fight goes on. In Story mode, a team that gets hit 
10 times loses.

Rule 3: If a fighter executes 10 specific throws, he or his team wins. The 
throw might be a front throw, a back throw, a front Irish whip or a back Irish 
whip. The correct throw is indicated by a tone.

Rule 4: If a fighter takes no damage for about 50 seconds he or his team wins.

Rule 5: No special conditions are applied.

8. Secret codes

Sound test: At the title screen, hold select and left and then press A.

Choose the same character more than once: On the title screen, hold A and B on 
controller two and then push start on controller one.

Go directly to the final battle: On the title screen, hold select+right and 
press A. Then select story mode.

Play as the Tigers: Choose Battle mode, choose the number of players, push 
right to not use a custom fighter, then hold select and press A, Right, A to 
use Toragi or A, Left, A to use Toraichi.

Codes adapted from http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/nes/code/581215.html

9. Hacking table

For the following addresses, add 0x1 to reach the next character
04C2  Current HP
04C6  Defense
04CA  Punch
04CE  Kick
04D2  Throw
04D6  Speed (don't raise it any higher than 0F)

The following addresses only pertain to Story mode:
04EA  Levels to be gained by player 1 at the end of battle
04EB  Levels to be gained by player 2 at the end of battle
05EB  Player 1 Max HP
05EC  Player 2 Max HP


Information from the following sources was used in this guide:

http://www.rahga.com/nkd/ for the KT tables.
http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/nes/code/581215.html for the codes.

  The rest of this document is my own work. Any questions, comments, corrections
or complaints should be addressed to the address below, with clear indication in
the subject line that the email is concerning this FAQ. 
  Given that I prefer to write for obscure titles, I enjoy hearing from people 
who read my guides. If you've played the game and used the FAQ, feel free to 
drop me a line and tell me what you think.

dammit9x at hotmail dot com

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