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by LastBossKiller

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Guide and Walkthrough by LastBossKiller

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/15/2016

Bimbogami Densetsu Walkthrough (Continued)

Enemies - World Map North of Donbei Village:

Enemy NameZeniExpItem DropsSpecial Abilities
Medochi (めどち)5142Cotton Loincloth (もめんのふどし)
Kintan Oni (きんたんオニ)
Kurogappa (クロガッパ) Can steal all your money or one item. Kill it to get your item/money back, but if it runs away, you lose it.
Jikisui Gaki (じきすいガキ)8767Coral Charm (サンゴのおふだ)Can steal all your money or one item. Kill it to get your item/money back, but if it runs away, you lose it.
Gold Oni (きんのオニ)21213 Can heal a single ally by 20 HP.
Hyousube (ひょうすべ)7853Cucumber (きゅうり)
Shibaten (しばてん)6858Oak Staff (かしのきのつえ)Can attack twice per turn.

Go back toward the bridge that you first crossed near Donbei Village. From that bridge, go as far West as you can, then go Northwest and you will find another cave. This one has a chest containing a Diamond Staff (こんごうのつえ), which is an even better weapon.

Your next goal is to head to the Zeni King Village, which is farther Northeast.

Zeni King Village (ぜに王のまち)

You need to have some money to wander very far into this village. It's not much, but several of the people in town will require you pay 100 zeni to pass them. One is at the entrance, so agree to pay the 100 zeni, and then you can proceed. Keep paying villagers 100 zeni to be allowed past them, and you'll eventually be able to reach the Zeni King Castle in the Northwest corner of town. Be warned, if you leave the town, you will have to pay the villagers again.

The village contains a save point at the North end and some shops.

Zeni King Village Shops:

Tea ShopEquipment Shop
Onigiri (おにぎり) - 15Diamond Staff (こんごうのつえ) - 4000
Millet Cake (きびだんご) - 30Gold Loincloth (きんのふんどし) - 6000
Antidote (どくけし) - 8Deer Tabi (シカのたび) - 1500
Angel Garb (はごろも) - 10Lion Tabi (シシのたび) - 2800
Spider Thread (くものいと) - 15
Invisibility Cloak (かくれみの) - 300

In a house located just above the equipment shop, a guy will ask you to pay 10 zeni to go on a boat ride. If you agree, he'll take you out on his boat and start charging you a bunch of money during the sightseeing trip. Even if you tell him no, that you won't pay the charge, he'll make you pay anyway. If you don't have enough money, you'll wind up in debt. The debt will stick with you until you pay it off, and will probably be around 5000 zeni. So in summary, don't go in that house to ride the boat.

Head to the upper-left corner of town to enter the Zeni King Castle.

Zeni King Castle (ぜに王のしろ)

There are a few spots in this castle where you can fall down pits. They're always located right in front of a treasure chest, and the treasure chest is always next to some stairs. If you see a chest by some stairs, beware. To get the contents of the chest, you must always go up the stairs, then back down the stairs, then directly on top of the chest to open it. If you go directly onto the chest (by not going onto it via the stairs), you will fall in a pit. Treasure chests that are not next to stairs will not have a pit by them.

If you fall in a pit from the first floor, you will be in a large, bare basement. You will only be attacked by Gold Oni, so you can easily get money. To exit, you need to speak with the guy at the center of the room and agree to pay 1000 zeni. Someone will appear to escort you out. You'll be brought back to the castle entrance.

Zeni King Castle Enemies:

Enemy NameZeniExpItem DropsSpecial Abilities
Odoro Hannya (おどろはんにゃ)137104 Can seal your magic.
Tatata (たたた)16193Onigiri (おにぎり)Can decrease your defensive strength.
Ebisen Gappa (えびせんガッパ)6472Falcon Ball (はやぶさのタマ)Can attack six times in one turn, but it does little damage per attack.
Ibaraki Douji (いばらきどうじ)92117Gold Loincloth (きんのふんどし)
Tatari Mokke (たたりもっけ)9982 Can summon an Ibaraki Douji to join the battle. Can put you to sleep.
Will o' Wisp (おにび)13495 Can heal a single ally by 20 HP.
Takunousho (たくのうしょ)250139Hermit Peach (せんにんのもも)

There are a few good pieces of equipment in treasure chests in this castle. There are lots of other chests too, but their contents aren't very exciting. I'll give directions below to the equipment.

Energy Loincloth (げんきのふんどし):

From the castle entrance, go directly right, all the way to the corner of the screen. Some stairs are located in the Southeast corner which you should go up to the second floor. On the second floor, follow the linear path to another set of stairs. On the third floor, you will find the loincloth.

Energy Staff (げんきのつえ)

Back on the first floor of the castle, head to the Northeast corner of the room. Left from the Northeast corner are some stairs that you should go up. This path will lead to a couple more good pieces of equipment and to the last boss. On the second floor, go down into the hallway, then go right and make your way to the upper-right corner of the screen. Go up the stairs in the upper-right corner.

Go down to the bottom of the screen, then head left. Continue left, passing a room with a chest containing a monster-in-a-box, and go up. You'll come across a room you can enter that contains two chests with another monster-in-a-box and the Energy Staff (げんきのつえ). Continue left and the path will curve downward. Follow it until you find some stairs leading up.

Energy Tabi (げんきのたび)

After going upstairs, you will see some text which is the Zeni King, demanding that you pay 300 zeni to have the room illuminated. Agree to pay for the room to be lit. From the stairs, go straight up for a little while to find a chest containing the Energy Tabi.

Zeni King:

After finding the Energy Tabi, go back to the stairs and go right all the way to find a room with three funny looking statues. Push each statue up one space by walking into them and a door will open a little bit to the left, leading up to the top of the screen. Go along the path to find the Zeni King. When you speak to him, he demands you pay him 10000 zeni. You must select はい (yes) to pay him. Otherwise he'll send you back to the entrance of Zeni King Village. If you don't have enough money, just fight the Gold Oni on this floor to make some quick cash, then challenge him.

Boss: Zeni King (ぜに王)
Zeni King

The Zeni King is a pretty easy boss. He can attack three times in one turn, but doesn't have any devastating attacks. Just make sure you heal when your HP gets low and keep attacking and he should go down easy. You probably want to be at around level 23, but lower might suffice as well.

After defeating the Zeni King, he begs for your forgiveness. Say はい (yes) or else you'll have to fight him over again. Warp back to Donbei Village and save your game (if you don't, you might regret it). Then go to your house to the East. Inside, speak to Momotaro and a hermit will appear. He asks if you want to start scenario 2. Choose はい and the scenario begins. Otherwise, if you choose いいえ (no), the game will ask if you are sure that you don't want to play the second scenario. Select はい and the Bimbogami scenario will end and you'll see a summary of your final stats. If you want to say you beat the game without guilt, you should probably choose to play the second scenario.

Scenario 2 Character SelectThree gods are shown, as seen in the screenshot to the left. After selecting はい, a box will appear at the top of the screen, and the names of the three gods cycles in the window. Press A to stop the cycle and whoever's name is shown is the character you will play as.

There's nothing you can do to control which character you get, which is why I suggested you save your game just in case you end up getting the crappy one. The best character is the God of Fortune (ふくのかみ). He gets four times the zeni and experience as Bimbogami, so he can level up quickly, and he's a good character in terms of stats and spells. The Hexagon Hermit (ろっかくせんにん) is also good, but he only gets twice the amount of experience and zeni as Bimbogami. His starting spell Hexagon (ろっかく) is pretty good.

Amanojaku (あまのじゃく) is by far the worst character. You don't get to control his actions, so you will have a lot of wasted turns during battle. If you've played the Yashahime scenario, then you've had a chance to have him in your party already. See the Yashahime scenario for a description of the abilities of Amanojaku. Like the Hexagon Hermit, Amanojaku gains twice the amount of zeni and experience as Bimbogami.

All three of these gods cannot equip weapons, armor, or shoes.

Other than the fact that you are controlling a different character, the second scenario is identical to the first. Just level build and make your way to the Zeni King Village. Then head up to the top floor to challenge the Zeni King again. This time he is called the Zeni Great King.

Last Boss: ぜに大王 (Zeni Great King)

Zeni Great King

The Zeni Great King is a pretty easy boss. His only special ability is to decrease your defense. Just attack and heal as needed and he should be easy to defeat if your level is decent.

After the battle, select はい to forgive him or else you have to fight him again. Then the scenario finally ends. You have recovered a great sum of money for the villagers so they can live rich and happily. You'll see a summary of your stats, and the screen just sits on the stat menu. You have to reset the game or turn off the power at this point. However, the game will record the fact that you beat this scenario, which will allow you to unlock a few minor options (staff credits/sound test/enemy encyclopedia) after you've completed all three scenarios (Yashahime, Bimbogami, and Urashima).

Urashima Densetsu Walkthrough

The scenario begins in Urashima's hometown. The villagers are up early and hard at work. The scene changes to Urashima's house. He's getting ready to go fishing when a villager enters the house. He says that tanuki have been disturbing the villagers recently. He wants you to go chastise the tanuki king, and you must select はい (yes) to agree to this task. He leaves the son of the tanuki king, named Kamuro, in your care, who had been terrorizing villagers.

When the dialogue ends and you're able to control your character, you'll note that a tanuki is following you. He says annoying phrases at every step, but stops once you exit the house. If you engage in battle (when you exit to the world map), the tanuki will take a random action each turn that is usually antagonistic toward you. He will either attack you or heal the enemy by 20 HP. Sometimes he will heal you instead for some reason. As he follows you, he will change form to a rock, a leaf, or a hermit.

Urashima's Village (うらしまのむら)

Urashima Village Shops:

Equipment ShopTea Shop
Lance (モリ) - 30Steamed Bun (おまんじゅう) - 8
Shell Lance (かいがらのモリ) - 100Onigiri (おにぎり) - 15
Kimono (きもの) - 5Millet Cake (きびだんご) - 30
Unlined Kimono (ひとえのきもの) - 20Antidote (どくけし) - 8
Sandals (わらじ) - 10Coral Charm (サンゴのおふだ) - 80
Rabbit Tabi (ウサギのたび) - 140Angel Garb (はごろも) - 10

Buy the Shell Lance now and buy the Unlined Kimono and the Sandals as soon as you can after fighting some battles outside. Buy the Rabbit Tabi later when you have enough money.

You can restore your HP and MP for free at any time by talking to the guy standing next to the water in the upper-right corner of town. Some villagers tell you about a sparrow village that lies to the North of town.

World Map Outside Urashima's Village

Enemies - World Map Outside Urashima's Village:

EnemyZeniExpItem DropsSpecial Abilities
Child Oni (わらべオニ)32 Can attack twice per turn. Can put you to sleep.
Skull Oni (どくろオニ)44Sandals (わらじ)
Red Oni (あかオニ)119Onigiri (おにぎり)
Blue Oni (あおオニ)97Antidote (どくけし)Can inflict poison on you.
Laughing Hannya (わらいはんにゃ)810
Green Oni (みどりオニ)119 Can cast a lightning spell that does ~18 damage.
Fox Oni (きつねオニ)137 Can attack twice in one turn.
Kintan Oni (きんたんオニ)2515Snow Onigiri (ユキのおにぎり)Can heal himself or another enemy.
Will o' Wisp (きつねび)2018 Can decrease the defense of your party
Nuppefuhofu (ぬっぺふほふ)183Coral Lance (さんごのモリ)
Nozarashi Oni (のざらしオニ) Can seal your party's spells.
Henokappa (へのかっぱ)142Invisibility Cloak (かくれみの)

Fight some battles to gain money and experience, and return to town and use the spring in the upper-right corner to restore your HP and MP. Notice that Urashima attacks twice per turn, which is not typical of characters in this game.

When you have gained a few levels, head directly North to come across the town of Sparrow Oyado.

Sparrow Oyado (すずめのおやど)

Sparrow Oyado Shops:

Equipment ShopTea Shop
Shell Lance (かいがらのモリ) - 100Steamed Bun (おまんじゅう) - 8
Coral Lance (さんごのモリ) - 300Onigiri (おにぎり) - 15
Lined Kimono (あわせのきもの) - 800Millet Cake (きびだんご) - 30
Silver Axe (ぎんのまさかり) - 1000Antidote (どくけし) - 8
Silver Apron (ぎんのはらがけ) - 500Cure Paralysis (まひけし) - 10
Rabbit Tabi (ウサギのたび) - 140Angel Garb (はごろも) - 10
Fox Tabi (キツネのたび) - 500

Don't buy anything in this town! If you do, it will disappear from your inventory! You have to defeat the tanuki that's hiding in town first. Speak to the statue at the top portion of the town if you want to save your game here. Enter the upper-left house and search the chest to encounter a tanuki, who is your first boss character.

Boss: Shout Orabi

Shout Orabi

This boss is a bit tough early in the game, especially since the tanuki following you will attack you during the fight. I was able to defeat this boss at level 7, but I had to heal often. The boss just has a regular attack.

After defeating the boss, he asks you to forgive him. Say はい (yes) or else you'll have to fight him again. After forgiving him, he'll give you the Tanuki Fur (タヌキのけがわ) and says you'll be able to meet the tanuki in Kintaro's Village with it.

Buy equipment in town, then exit to the world map. Head West, following the water line as it heads Northwest. Continue until you come to a place where mountains prevent you from continuing along the water line. At that point, head North, then West to reach Kintaro's Village.

Kintaro's Village (きんたろうのむら)

A tanuki is throwing rocks in the village. You can't see the tanuki, but if you get hit by the rocks, you will be damaged.

Kintaro's Village Shops:

Equipment Shop
Coral Lance (さんごのモリ) - 300
Iron Lance (てつのモリ) - 1500
Lined Kimono (あわせのきもの) - 800
Hunter Kimono (りょうしのきもの) - 1200
Deer Tabi (シカのたび) - 1500
Copper Axe (どうのまさかり) - 300
Apron (はらがけ) - 14
Sandals (わらじ) - 10
Rabbit Tabi (ウサギのたび) - 140

Go to the top of the screen and equip the Tanuki Fur (タヌキのけがわ) before speaking with the tanuki blocking your path. With the Tanuki Fur equipped, you will be disguised as a tanuki and the tanuki guard will let you pass. On the next screen, follow the path and eventually a giant boulder falls. It is about to hit Kamuro, the tanuki following you, and you push him out of the way to save him, getting yourself crushed under the boulder in the process. Kamuro is touched by your gesture. You ask him to go find Kintaro to get him to help you. Select はい (yes) to have Kamuro agree to get help, and you will then take control of Kamuro (かむろ).

Kamuro starts at level 1, so you will be a bit weak. Luckily, the enemies outside this town are not very strong compared to the ones Urashima has been fighting. Note that Kamuro cannot equip anything, and that he comes with the Ripple (さざなみ) spell that damages all enemies and is pretty useful for this stage of the game. Fight some battles outside town until you are around level 4 or so. Then go a little Northwest to find the Gold Cave.

Gold Cave (きんのどうくつ)

Enemies - Gold Cave:

Bat (こうもり)508
Boy Oni (こわっぱ)283

The enemies in Gold Cave drop a good amount of gold, so keep that in mind for when you want to build up money. When you first enter the cave, follow the path until it splits. You will see a chest beyond the wall below you. Go left, down, then right to reach it, and it contains a Millet Cake (きびだんご). Now follow the path that leads downward and go down all the way. At the bottom of the path, go left to open a chest that contains some Fox Tabi (キツネのたび). Now go back to the right until you meet Kintaro (きんたろう). Speak with him, and you tell him that Urashima is trapped under a boulder. He joins your party in order to go help. Exit the cave and return to Kintaro's Village.

Speak to the tanuki at the top of the screen in Kintaro's Village and he tries to prevent you from entering, but Kintaro punches him in the face. Go up to the next screen and follow the path to the boulder that Urashima is trapped under. Approach the rock and Kintaro breaks it in pieces, freeing Urashima. Now all three of you join forces in order to meet Kamuro's father, the great tanuki king. Go up, past where the boulder was, to find the tanuki who has been throwing boulders, and a boss fight commences.

Boss: Sunakake Tanuki (すなかけダヌキ)

Sunakake Tanuki

This boss can damage your whole party at once. Just attack him and heal when necessary. If he proves difficult to defeat, go to Gold Cave and make some money so you can buy better equipment.

After defeating the tanuki, choose はい (yes) to forgive him, otherwise you will be forced to fight him again. When you return to town, you will see that the people are celebrating. A band is performing on stage, and you can ask them to play different songs from the game's soundtrack if that appeals to you. By speaking to people, you will learn that tanuki are causing trouble in a town North of Sparrow Oyado. So return to Sparrow Oyado (you can buy some better equipment here for Kintaro, by the way), then head North, crossing the bridge, then go directly North for awhile to find Fart Village.

Fart Village (オナラのむら)

Enemies - World Map Outside Fart Village:

EnemyZeniExpItem DropsSpecial Abilities
Cow Oni (うしオニ)2913Steamed Bun (おまんじゅう)
Urumanto (うるまんと)3024Cure Paralysis (まひけし)Can paralyze a single member or poison your entire party. Can decrease the defense of your party.
Anmyou (あんみょう)2820Hexagon Ball (ろっかくのタマ)Can cast a spell to damage your entire party.
Horse Oni (うまオニ)2515Book (ほん)

Fart Village Shops:

Equipment ShopTea Shop
Iron Lance (てつのモリ) - 1500Millet Cake (きびだんご) - 30
Silver Lance (ぎんのモリ) - 2800Snow Onigiri (ユキのおにぎり) - 100
Gold Lance (きんのモリ) - 5000Antidote (どくけし) - 8
Sun Kimono (たいりょうきもの) - 2100Cure Paralysis (まひけし) - 10
Kuroshio Kimono (くろしおきもの) - 3000Float Ball (ふゆうのタマ) - 50
Deer Tabi (シカのたび) - 1500Spider Thread (くものいと) - 15
Lion Tabi (シシのたび) - 2800Angel Garb (はごろも) - 10
Gold Axe (きんのまさかり) - 2400
Gold Apron (きんのはらがけ) - 1200
Hope Apron (きぼうのはらがけ) - 3500

The villagers are suffering from bad gas. The whole place is loud and smells, at least that's what the villagers tell you. If you speak to the doctor in the village (building in upper-right area of town), he will tell you that the cure was stolen by a tanuki. The tanuki can be found in the cave to the West. So head West to the cave.

Anatsubo Cave (あなつぼのどうくつ)

Enemies - Anatsubo Cave:

EnemyZeniExpItem Drops
Sarude Tanuki (さるでダヌキ)7242Millet Cake (きびだんご)

From the entrance, you can go up to find a chest containing a Cure Paralysis (まひけし). Or just ignore it, and go right from the stairs to find stairs going down to the next floor. On the next floor, go left and you will find a chest containing a Coral Charm (サンゴのおふだ), then go up to find stairs down to the next floor.

On the next floor, go down to find a chest containing a Hermit Mist (せんにんのかすみ), then continue right to find stairs going down. You have reached the lowest floor. Go to the Southwest corner of the room to find a chest containing Books (しょもつ), which can be used to give a character ~150 experience points. Go up from the chest to the upper-left corner of the floor to find stairs up.

On the next floor, you can open the nearby chest to get a Float Ball (ふゆうのタマ). This is your clue that you need to use a Float Ball to cause your party to float (or cast the Float (ふゆう) spell instead). Now you can float over the pits to reach the nearby chest, which contains another Float Ball. Next, float to the Southeast corner of the room to find a chest containing the Morning Sun Lance (あさひのモリ). It can be used as an item during battle to decrease the defense of all enemies.

Float left to find some stairs leading up to the next floor. On the next floor, I recommend casting a Float spell again right away (or using a Float Ball). You probably don't need to so soon, but it's best to play it safe, because if your Float spell wears off, you'll plummet back to the basement. There is a chest directly North from the stairs you came up that contains a Snow Onigiri (ユキのおにぎり). Go to the Northeast corner of this floor to find some more stairs leading up.

On the next floor up, cast Float again, then head to the Southwest corner of the room to find the tanuki's hideout. Approach and speak to him to engage in a boss battle.

Boss: Anatsubo Tanuki (あなつぼダヌキ)

Anatsubo Tanuki

This boss has a spell that can damage your whole party in one turn. He can also attack with a regular attack twice in one turn. Kamuro can cast Defend (まもり) to increase the defense of your party, and he can cast Haze (かげろう) to reduce the hit rate of the enemy. Otherwise, attack and heal as needed.

After defeating the boss, he asks you to forgive him. Choose はい (yes) or else you'll have to fight him again. When you do, he gives you the Hikaridake (ヒカリダケ). Return to Fart Village and speak with the doctor in the doctor house in the upper-right corner of town and you will automatically give him the Hikaridake. With it, he is able to create a cure for the gas that the townspeople suffer from. After curing the villagers, he gives you the Grappling Hook (かぎなわ), which is something you will need in order to make your way into Mount Nazotoki.

On the world map, head East, then North across a bridge and you will find the entrance to Mount Nazotoki shortly after.

Mount Nazotoki - Floor 1

Enemies - Mount Nazotoki Floor 1:

EnemyZeniExpItem DropsSpecial Abilities
Toudaiki (とうだいき)6834Float Ball (ふゆうのタマ)Can reduce the defense of your party.
Chisui Bat (ちすいこうもり)5523Energy Ball (げんきのタマ)Can attack twice in one turn. Can attack your whole party.
Weatherbeaten Skull Oni (しゃれこうべオニ)12033 Can steal MP from one of your party members or put your entire party to sleep.

The first floor is covered by poisonous liquid. Cast Float (ふゆう) or use a Float Ball (ふゆうのタマ) so you can fly over it. Head to the upper-right corner of the room to find dry land and some stairs leading up to the next floor.

Mount Nazotoki - Floor 2

On the second floor, you will see a series of Jizo statues. If you speak to the Jizo statue closest to you, you will learn that there is a puzzle you must solve to make the stairs up appear. You need to speak with the Jizo statues and figure out which one is a tanuki in disguise. After you think you know the answer, speak with the Jizo statue by the stairs again and tell him the statue number that you believe is the tanuki. If you are correct, he will turn into some stairs that you can use to go up.

Solution Hint:

If you speak to the Jizo statues, they will tell you what number they are, and they'll tell you which statues they are facing. The statues are arranged in the following pattern:

Top row: 12, 7, 13, 10
Second row: 5, 8, 2, 6
Third row: 15, 11, 4, 1
Bottom row: 3, 16, 14, 9


If you keep track of what statues are facing what statues, you will find that the only statue that does not have any statues facing it is statue 8. Therefore, report to the Jizo statue near the stairs that statue 8 is the tanuki and you will make the stairs appear up to the next floor.

Mount Nazotoki - Floor 3

This floor has more Jizo statues and another puzzle to solve. If you speak with the Jizo statue near the stairs, he will tell you that the code word is タヌキ (Tanuki). Speak with the other Jizo statues to try to figure out which one is the tanuki in disguise. Then speak with the Jizo statue near the stairs and report to him which statue is the tanuki in order to make him turn into stairs leading up so you can go to the next floor.

Solution Hint:

If you speak to the statues they all say what statue number they are and a one word "code" that is the name of an animal. If you speak to the Jizo statue near the stairs a second time, he says that the code word is タヌキ (Tanuki), and the next code word is キツネ (Fox).


This is a reference to a well known game in Japan. Somebody says a word, and then the next person has to take the last letter of the word and say a new word that starts with that letter. So for example, the Jizo statue near the stairs said タヌキ (Tanuki), which ends with the letter キ. He then says the next word is キツネ, which starts with キ. So you need to find the third word, which will be one that starts with ネ, and so on. By speaking with the statues, you will find the following words (which I've arranged in order of the rules of the game):

タヌキ - キツネ - ネコ - コウモリ - リス - スカンク - クジラ - ラクダ - ダチョウ - ウサギ

Statue 7 says the last word in the series, so the correct answer to the puzzle is statue 7. Report this number to the Jizo statue by the stairs to make the stairs appear to the next floor.

Mount Nazotoki - Floor 4

Enemies - Mount Nazotoki Floor 4:

EnemyZeniExpItem Drops
Polite Gaki (せつせつガキ)8328Spider Thread (くものいと)

On the fourth floor, there are paths in the four cardinal directions. At the end of each path is a boulder and a switch. You need to solve this puzzle to make the stairs up to the next floor appear.

Solution Hint:

At the end of each path, the surroundings are shaped like numbers.


You have to push the boulders onto the switches in the correct order. You have to push the boulder at the end of the path that's shaped like the number "1" first, then the boulder at the end of the path that's shaped like a number "2", and so on. The correct path order is: East, North, South, and West.

It's easy to push the boulders on top of the switches, but for completeness, I'll list the directions below:
East path: Push the boulder right 2 and up 1.
North path: Push the boulder left 3, down 1, and left 1.
South path: Push the boulder right 4, down 5, left 8, up 1, and left 1.
West path: Push the boulder down 3, right 6, and up 8.

Go back to the Jizo statue near the stairs you came up and you'll see he has turned into stairs. Go up those stairs to reach the next floor.

Mount Nazotoki - Floor 5

Enemies - Mount Nazotoki Floor 5:

EnemyZeniExpSpecial Abilities
Gawanbatcho (がわんばっちょ)37111Can heal itself by 20 HP.

There are lots of chests on this floor. Many contain a monster that will attack you, although their easy to defeat. The chests containing good items are:

  1. Directly down from the stairs is a Gold Apron (きんのはらがけ).
  2. In the lower-left corner is a Light Lance (ひかりのモリ).
  3. To the right of the stairs is a Lion Tabi (シシのたび).

The Light Lance can be used as an item during battle to heal your party's HP by 30.

Go up the stairs that are just to the lower-left of the stairs that you used to reach this floor.

Mount Nazotoki - Summit

You emerge outside, on top of Mount Nazotoki. A nearby statue tells you to go East and use the Grappling Hook (かぎなわ), but also mentions that you need Kamuro in your party (and not dead) in order to proceed. So if Kamuro is dead, you need to revive him before you can go any farther. Walk over to the right and you'll find what looks like a black key sticking out of the ground. Stand on it and use the Grappling Hook and you will throw a rope across the gap that you can now walk over. Continue right and you come across a giant tanuki statue. Talk to it and Kamuro opens a secret entrance behind the statue. Go down the secret entrance to enter Mount Nazotoki (East) - Floor 5.

Mount Nazotoki East - Floor 5

Enemies - Mount Nazotoki East:

EnemyZeniExpItem DropsSpecial Abilities
Kachikosho (かちこしょ)14736Hermit Peach (せんにんのもも)
Shuten Douji (しゅてんどうじ)9843
Ketsugahyou (けつがひょう)13337Falcon Ball (はやぶさのタマ)Can attack three times in one turn.
Bakkanki (ばっかんき)15449

You can't use magic while on this floor, so hopefully you came stocked with some healing items.

There are several excellent pieces of equipment to collect as you make your way to the final boss. Instead of explaining what way to go, I will simply show you some maps. The only treasure that could be confusing to reach is the Hope Axe (きぼうのまさかり), the best weapon for Kintaro. To get it, go right from the stairs on the fifth floor, then go left at the fork and fall down a pit to the fourth floor, where you'll find the axe nearby. The other good pieces of equipment are the Justice Kimono (せいぎのきもの), the Justice Lance (せいぎのモリ), the Hope Tabi (きぼうのたび), and the Justice Tabi (せいぎのたび).

The following maps were made using free software found on this website:

Mount Nazotoki East Floor 5 Map

Mount Nazotoki East Floor 5

Mount Nazotoki East Floor 4 Map

Illuminate the floor by standing over the candles and searching.

Mount Nazotoki East Floor 4 Map

Mount Nazotoki East Floor 3 Map

Mount Nazotoki East Floor 3 Map

Mount Nazotoki East Floor 2 Map

Mount Nazotoki East Floor 2 Map

After gathering equipment, make your way to floor 1 where you'll find a straightforward room with no random encounters where you'll come across the last boss.

Last Boss: Tanuki Great King (たぬき大王)

Tanuki Great King

This boss can attack your whole party at once, and can deal ~60 HP damage to a single character with his regular attack. He can also heal himself by 50 HP. Have Kamuro cast the Defend (まもり) spell and the Haze (かげろう) spell to increase your party's defense and decrease the enemy's hit accuracy (cast Haze first, it's the most helpful). Since the boss does so much damage, you might have to heal every turn. If Urashima is slower than the boss (so he get his turn after the boss every round), then you'll probably need to heal by having Kamuro use items since he'll probably be faster than the boss. Otherwise, if your HP is low, Urashima might not get a chance to heal the injured character before the boss hits him again and kills him. In any event, reserve Urashima and/or Kamuro for healing and use Kintaro to do most of the damage. Use Hermit Peaches to restore your MP as needed.

After defeating the last boss, you appear in a village where humans and tanuki are living together in harmony. You can go around and speak to all the characters from this scenario, then go to the upper-right corner of the village and speak to the old man, then select いいえ (no) when you're done exploring the village and are ready to officially end the scenario.

You will see a summary screen of all your stats, and the screen will just sit here forever. You have to reset or press power to go back to the main menu and start a new game. But note that the game will keep track of the fact that you beat Urashima's scenario, and you can unlock some mini features (staff credits, sound test, and bestiary) when you finish all three scenarios.

Staff Credits, Sound Test, and Bestiary

After you have completed all three scenarios, you will unlock the staff credits, sound test, and a bestiary. To interact with them, go to the main menu and choose はじめて ("Beginning"). Then, you will have the options:

  • はじめて - "Beginning". View the intro to the game.
  • スタッフローロ - "Staff Roll". View the staff credits.
  • おまけ - "Extras". Has the two sub options:
    • おんがくしつ - "Music Room". The sound test for the game. The left column of the screen is for choosing sounds (おと), and the right side is for choosing music (きょく) tracks. Select the options つぎ ("Next") and まえ ("Previous") to cycle through the sounds/songs. Choose やめる ("Quit") to exit the sound test.
    • びじゅつしつ - "Art Room". View the enemies in the game. Choose the options つぎのてき ("Next enemy") and まえのてき ("Previous enemy") to cycle between enemy graphics. Choose やめる ("Quit") to exit the art room.


Steamed Bun (おまんじゅう)8Restore 8 HP to a single ally.
Cucumber (きゅうり)10Restore 8 HP to a single ally.
Onigiri (おにぎり)15Restore 15 HP to a single ally.
Millet Cake (きびだんご)30Restore 30 HP to a single ally.
Snow Onigiri (ユキのおにぎり)100Restore 50 HP to a single ally.
Hermit Mist (せんにんのかすみ)--Restore 10 MP to a single ally.
Hermit Peach (せんにんのもも)--Restore 20 MP to a single ally.
Magic Mallet (うちでのこづち)--Completely restore MP to one ally. Can be used multiple times, but breaks eventually.
Antidote (どくけし)8Remove poison status from a single ally.
Cure Paralysis (まひけし)10Remove paralyzed status during battle from a single ally.
Spider Thread (くものいと)15Instantly escape from a dungeon to the world map.
Angel Garb (はごろも)10Warp to any previously visited town (or any floor of hell in Yashahime's scenario).
Invisibility Cloak (かくれみの)300Your party moves faster outside of battle and is attacked less often for a limited time.
Book (ほん)--Increase a party member's experience by ~55.
Books (しょもつ)--Increase a party member's experience by ~155.
Secret Papers (ひでんしょ)--Increase a party member's experience by ~250.
Coral Charm (サンゴのおふだ)80Seal the magic of a single enemy.
Leaf (はっぱ)--Use during battle to decrease the hit accuracy of all enemies.
Money Naruki (かねのなるき)--If used during a battle, you will gain more gold than normal when the battle ends.
Float Ball (ふゆうのタマ)50Causes your party to float outside of battle, allowing you to pass safely over damage tiles and pits.
Energy Ball (げんきのタマ)300Restore 30 HP to each of your party members.
Increasing Ball (ものふやしのタマ)--Choose any item in your inventory and you will get another one for free.
Falcon Ball (はやぶさのタマ)--Using during battle to damage an enemy twice.
Kaishin Ball (かいしんのタマ)--Use during battle to deal a heavy blow to a single enemy.
Hikaridake (ヒカリダケ)--Bring to the doctor in Fart Village.
Grappling Hook (かぎなわ)--Needed to enter the second half of Mount Nazotoki. Used on the mountain summit to cross a gap.



Yashahime Weapons

WeaponCostAttack PowerSpecial Abilities
Hairpin (かんざし)155
Boxwood Hairpin (つげのかんざし)10010
Jade Hairpin (ひすいのかんざし)48020
Silver Hairpin (ぎんのかんざし)150030
Dream Hairpin (ゆめのかんざし) 30Use as an item during battle to put all enemies to sleep.
Gold Hairpin (きんのかんざし)300040
Love Hairpin (あいのかんざし)--50

Asura Weapons

WeaponCostAttack PowerSpecial Abilities
Red Rose (あかいバラ)104
Blue Rose (あおいバラ)30020
Silver Rose (ぎんのバラ)200040
Purple Rose (むらさきのバラ)-- 50If used as an item during battle, the user is healed by 40 HP.
Gold Rose (きんのバラ)450060
Yomi Rose (よみのバラ)-- 70

Raijin/Fujin Weapons

WeaponCostAttack PowerSpecial Abilities
Rod (かなぼう)70020
Copper Rod (どうのかなぼう)280035
Iron Rod (てつのかなぼう)320050
Silver Rod (ぎんのかなぼう)550065
Gold Rod (きんのかなぼう)720070
Yomi Rod (よみのかなぼう)980075
Raijin Sword (らいじんのけん)--80, Note: Only Raijin can equipUse as an item during battle to decrease attack power of all enemies.
Fujin Sword (ふうじんのけん)--80, Note: Only Fuujin can equipUse as an item during battle to increase your party's speed.

Haradashi Weapons

WeaponCostAttack Power
Hesodashi Sword (へそだしのけん)650060

Bimbogami Weapons

WeaponsCostAttack PowerSpecial Abilities
Staff (つえ)--3
Bamboo Staff (たけのつえ)405
Peach Tree Staff (もものきのつえ)13010
Oak Staff (かしのきのつえ)45030
Thief Staff (しらなみのつえ)--35Use as an item during battle to damage all enemies.
Ivory Staff (ぞうげのつえ)--40
Diamond Staff (こんごうのつえ)400050
Energy Staff (げんきのつえ)--60

Urashima Weapons

WeaponCostAttack PowerSpecial Abilities
Lance (モリ)306
Shell Lance (かいがらのモリ)10010
Coral Lance (さんごのモリ)30015
Iron Lance (てつのモリ)150020
Silver Lance (ぎんのモリ)280025
Morning Sun Lance (あさひのモリ)--25Use as an item during battle to decrease the defense of all enemies.
Gold Lance (きんのモリ)500030
Light Lance (ひかりのモリ)--30Use as an item during battle to heal your party by 30 HP.
Justice Lance (せいぎのモリ)--40