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Reviewed: 09/23/00 | Updated: 09/23/00

A Mega Man clone without a doubt, but hey...some clones can be quite good.

All it took was the first few minutes of playing Vic Tokai's ''Krion Conquest'' to find out it plays exactly like Mega Man. The interesting thing is, instead of controlling a spunky, little blue robot, you're controlling a spunky, little red witch who's battling the robotic empire known as Krions. Save our planet little witch, we'll gladly hand over Hansel and Gretel to you in return!

On to the review.

Story -8-
The Krion Empire of robotic conquerers has invaded Earth and demands that we surrender nice and easy. Naturally, we decline and get our butts handed to us (Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith aren't around during this time). Enter Francesca, a witch derived from a magic cane used by a girl defending herself from Krion patrol robots. Some nice anime scenes during this sequence.

Graphics -8-
The visuals in this game work well. Francesca and all the enemies are nicely sized and colored and easy to regonize. The backgrounds are competently put together with nice images and plenty of colors. One thing I wish Krion Conquest had was the detail of the enemies like Mega Man. Capcom's Mega Man baddies had visible nuts, bolts, screws and working parts. But at any rate, the graphics are just fine.

Sound and music -8-
I think the sounds are done well in this game. Firing your wand and using different spells brings about varying audio bits. The music works with the game pretty good too. Although the tunes aren't something you'll be humming during a plane trip, they get the job done and that's what they're supposed to do.

Gameplay -8-
This game is truly fun to play. Unlike Mega Man, your other weapons can be used as often as you like and you don't have to earn them by beating robots an elemental persuasion. Your normal magic includes a wand that fires shots in waves of three at a time. Hold down the fire button to charge your wand to create a super shot that's 4x stronger than regular firing. In addition to that, you have 4 other special spells (freeze, richocet, sheild and broom) and 1 mega spell (fire). This is indeed a remarkable concept. There's only 5 stages in the game but if you're thinking about beating this game quickly, please have your head examined. The stages are broken down into rounds and there are no mid-point stops in a round. You die, be prepared to play the round over. This makes for a good challenge as well as respected difficulty.

Control -8-
This is another high mark for the game. Remember in Mega Man 2 when those flying prop-bots would hover over your head and you were powerless to do anything about it? Francesca can shoot up and crouch under enemy fire. The controls are responsive; press a direction on the d-pad and/or a button in conjunction and Francesca responds immediately. Flyin on the broom can be tricky sometimes. If your timing is off, the broom might disappear from under Francesca. This is even worse when flying over spikes or pits!

Overall -8-
Krion Conquest is a good action-adventure game. Even the highly vaunted Mega Man could've used a few tricks of Francesca's. I you like the Mega Man series, I recommend you give this a try.

Worth a buy? -Sure-
I'm an avid Mega Man 2 player and I found Krion Conquest to be fun and enjoyable as well. Add this to your collection of platform shooters, it's worth it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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