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Guide and Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 02/12/2008

Titan(NES) FAQ/Walkthrough version 1.0.0
copyright 2007 by schultw.andrez@sbcglobal.net(spam spoonerism)

Please do not reproduce for profit without my consent. You won't be getting 
much profit anyway, but that's not the point. This took time and effort, and 
I just wanted to save a memory of an old game and the odd solutions any way I 
could. Please send me an email referring to me and this guide by name if 
you'd like to post it on your site.













Titan is a combination Arkanoid and maze game deal. It's certainly not flashy, 
and it's awkward, but many levels provide concrete, solvable and non-obvious 
challenges, even if some overemphasize the concept. You're a box that can 
bounce the roaming ball at various angles. You can speed up the ball or slow 
it down, and the object is, depending on the level, to get the ball to the 
exit, or knock out all the bricks that the ball can.

Different square types include ones you have to crush yourself, teleportals, 
ones that make you glide, ones either you or your ball can pass but not both, 
and "death squares." Some of these are mobile, including plain old barriers, 
and getting past them is a task.

Titan seems like a really awful game after your first play. You can't see the 
whole screen, you can't control the ball, and none of the blocks seem to do 
anything. It's plain and dull and easy 'til level ten. You just bounce around 
and the ball takes out everything. Then in level eleven, you get whooped up 

But then if you get to the challenge levels, you realize they're a sort of 
tutorial that can serve you well. The main limitation of the game is that 
there is only one move you can really rely on, that is, to trap the ball and 
then fire it off in a different direction. You can zigzag across a board as 
needed this way. That's not all you have to do, though. You have some maze 
puzzles, some where you need to reconnoitre, and some where you need to avoid 
enemies. There's enough variety for the eighty levels, but the game never 
really flies.

Throughout the FAQ I will use the phrase "playing arkanoid" as shorthand for 
just bashing the ball around and using relatively little intuition to get it 
where it needs to go, or to clear out the area.


Holding diagonally allows you to move diagonally if you can, which is handy 
when running through a nonlethal maze.

You move about on a grid that is 46x46 relative to your block size. Your 
block can move in half-squares at once. The angle the ball bounces off your 
block is affected by 1) its trajectory angle and 2) what area of your block 
the ball hits. You should get an intuitive grasp of the physics after playing 
a bit. Also if you run into the ball as it comes at you, it rebounds more 
quickly. You should also realize that you can stay put when the ball is 
moving on a 45 degree diagonal, and that often leads to it getting into a 
pattern where you can sit and wait. Getting into that sort of situation is a 
key to solving this game with a minimum of randomness.

[select] switches view from your block to the ball moving

[save] pauses the game

The big move to conquer here is trapping the ball. Basically, you slow it 
down and then approach it from behind. B slows the ball down and A, or 
hitting it a lot, can speed it up. Once you've trapped the ball, move in the 
opposite direction you want it to go, and it will. A also stops you sliding.

This is not perfect, however. The other big move is to be able to send a ball 
vertically or horizontally in the row, or half-row, you want. If you send a 
ball in a half-row, it can take out two blocks at once. This is very useful 
when wading through rows of blocks. What you do is to bounce the ball at 90 
degrees to how you really want it to go, back up 2 squares away from the 
direction you want to go, wait and, with the ball slow, move the direction 
you want the ball to go when the ball is 1/2 square away from where you can 
hit it head on. Here is an example where you want to push the ball left.

^^     bb
bb ... vv

bbxx < NOW is when to push it.

Or, when slow,

  xx < push to freeze it

You also can push the movable green/orange blocks different ways. If you push 
it head on, the cardinal directions. If you push it off to a side, it goes on 
a diagonal. Sometimes you need to clear these for a puzzle.


Use blocks to box in mobile enemies.

Use teleports to jump to squares you can't get to. Focus on the ball so you 
can jump.

Slow-motion arkanoid to stabilize where you are going is useful.

The big move in narrow corridors is slamming a ball against the wall and 
moving 90 degrees to move it.

Running at a slow ball is the best way to flip it 180 degrees.

Chucking a ball between columns can knock them out twice as quickly.



There's no shame in drilling the ball in a major cardinal direction into a 
row or column. In fact, you may want to keep close to the ball to ensure it 
does that.

Keep close to the ball so you can intercept it if enemies are around.


The challenge levels are all about directing a ball to an exit, not about 
getting all the blocks. However, smashing or leaving the right blocks can be 
useful in getting through quickly. These levels are timed, so they force you 
to focus on how to move the ball around efficiently as well.


Wait for the enemies to disperse. Do not get rid of the ball-poison squares 
below. They block your enemies out. Be sure to avoid them as you zigzag to 
the right. Push one block down 2 squares and push the ball vertically, then 
horizontally at the bottom. Then you can push it diagonally UL to kill the 
middle bits. You don't have to kill everything, because you are just looking 
for an exit.

The big trick is to recognize that, once there is an exit to the left, you 
need to slow the ball down and kick it down in the dead end to the left. 
Bounce the ball against the left rapidly to make space before this, to clear 
out the 5's. Then bounce it down, then bounce it off the top right wall to 
eventually send it left. Hold the ball on the left and then push it down when 
the enemies have gone past. If you are really worried about them, push down 
and move down so the ball is already bouncing. Then push it left when you can. 
Here you can keep pushing it left against the wall, then UL so it zigzags to 
the top. Style points are not important here and you don't need to push the 
ball straight up right away, especially with enemies to the side.

You will want to push the ball upwards, and you can jam it at the top, crush 
the walls above(take 2 times if you need) and catch the ball from behind, 
moving it slowly. Then you can kick the ball up and UR. You just need to get 
the ball in the general area, where it will bounce around and eventually run 
into the exit, completing the level. The 5-blocks near the top. should ensure 
you get a few chances to push the ball the way you want.


See regular level 19. The main difference here is that you have to avoid 
teleport squares on your way. If you touch one, the ball is totally out of 


Cut holes in the top--left and 2nd-right-and bounce the ball so it goes up 
each of them. Play arkanoid to take out the top bit, then ram the ball in the 
top and push left to recoil it into the 5s. Plow through right then kick the 
ball down the left side of the right structure. Play arkanoid to take out the 
bottom, then go back up the left side.


Push the movable in the corridor to the right down. Then move past the 
enemies and go back left. Place the single movable so that the movable death 
is 1L of it. Npw place another movable so that it is 1U of the bottom of the 
L, and put another one 1U1L of that, another 4R of that. Move the ball down. 
Then right then down the near chute.

Push the ball down and take out the destructible death, then play arkanoid 
and bash the ball down through a square that blocks you. Leave it there. Go 
down the right chute and block the top mobile block(push one block diagonally 
up) and the bottom(push the bottom down) and then your block can zigzag UR, 
letting the ball follow. Return it to going L-R after you take out the 5-
block. R U R and push the blocks down to use the teleporter. Make sure the 
vertically traveling block is out of the picture--stack the others against 
the edges when you can. You also want blocks as follows:


This will allow you to complete the last bit.

Touch the teleporter from the left and return. Push R U and arkanoid around 
so that the ball goes left across the top of the chamber with the 5's. Send 
it L U R U R D R U R D R U L U. Go near the teleport and touch it when the 
ball is on the guard square. Crush the barrier above and then when the block 
comes back right, push it into the enemy into the corner. Now return and 
touch the teleport from the right. R U L back through the zigzags and then 
with the ball bouncing UD, go to the top and hook the ball, then push it left, 
run past it to kill the death square, then run back past.


Not too bad. Wipe out the ball-death blocks and then push the leftmost block 
down, then the block below it down, so you almost have an escape. Touch the 
teleport to get out. Now go L D R to open up a passage to the right, then 
push the block D. Now push the ball L D R. If you want, you can push a 
movable block against the side to make the L D transition easier. 

The ball now goes U and down the left side. Play arkanoid for a bit to get 
rid of the blocks and be sire that you have some stuff in the top row taken 
out. Then move the ball L R along the top row. Plow through the crumblies til 
you've looped to the outside. Now avoid the movable deaths as you go by, then 
move it all the way right and 2U and right, so it is in he corner.

Bounce the ball U D from the right side along the edge. Then it can go left 
and down and can be bounced easily into the exit. The movables are 
synchronized to eventually allow a way through the center.


You need to blast all the bricks here, so to start, play arkanoid til 
everything is clear, then leave the ball bouncing U/D--hit it to an edge if 
necessary. Go up when the death block is moving right of you, then go left 
and touch the teleport. Return. Play arkanoid to clear out the "L" area and 
leave the ball bouncing E-W. Bust through the crumbly and touch the teleport 
on its right. Then move back down to get past the teleport again, bouncing 
the ball down and then right.

Close off the top space with the enemy going L/R and then play more arkanoid 
to clear the right bit. Clear out all but the bottom crumbly, pushing the 
block down the right side to get the 5-blocks. Then go past it and right and 
around the enemy to get to the teleport. But first use one block to wedge the 
enemy in the DL, and then the enemy in the V can be neutralized with 2 blocks, 
presing him first against the edge. Play arkanoid above. Touch the teleport 
after you've cleared out the right edge and the ball is above the block. Push 
the ball into the corner and left and play arkanoid to the left to win it--go 
1/2 square down to bust out a lot of stuff behind.


Push the block right, over the 2nd of the 2x1, then D R D R U then arkanoid 
it right into the corner. Then push it down and tap it from the side to 
bounce it off the wall DR.

Push it off the top 1x2, D L D, then right a bit and arkanoid it to the DR. 
Run after it to crunch the ball-traps then kick it up when it's under the 
right 2x1, L U L D and arkanoid it left. Put it into the corner.

One more time, do the kick up and arkanoid to the center, off the first of 
the 1x2, U R U L and then arkanoid to the UL.


Walk to the UR. At the top, place the blocks so one is in the very UR and you 
might as well place the rest left of it. Touch the E from above. Then push 
the ball left.  Switch view so when the ball crosses the second pink, tap the 
E from above. Go 4L of the skull and cross the green/orange. When the ball 
appears, tap the E from the right. Tap the ball left and down so it bounces 

Now push the top blocks to the left, place a block 2D of the spot that will 
fill up, and trap the rightmost enemy at the very bottom. This gives a path 
for you to send the ball through, though you'll want to place another block 
2U1L of the DR-most.

Bounce the ball to the right and through the zigzags, but leave it U/D as you 
tackle the next bit. Place one block 2U2L of the DR, then place the next 
block 2L of the entry to the big room above. You want to be able to push the 
ball and turn up so you are 1L of the corner, then go left and up. You may 
need to retrieve the ball after breaking through the crumbly to the room 
above, but then after placing one block in the DR and another in the DL to 
trap the ball, you can kick it right through. You may wish to run over it to 
the right and half over 1R of where the exit is, to guard the ball against 
the skulls. Or you can flip the ball once the exit comes to the center.


See regular level 47.


Very sticky. Push the ball up then left, pushing the movable block left. Then 
kick the ball down the 2nd right column and move down and create a path as 
follows, from the UL of this mess:

 .        .
 .        .
......X   .
 X   .    .
     .    .
     X    .

That will get you through, if you tilt the ball around. Just don't step over 
the spaces you shouldn't.

Now clear the UR. Push the enemies to the left and seal them with a block, 
but leave 1 space at the bottom and push the top block right. Clear the skull 
in the UL and push the block to the top.

Then kick the ball U R D and hook around the teleporter and the moving death 
block. Kick the ball along the corridors ending at the top. Kick the ball to 
the UL, then kick it from below and kick it down to win.


Level 1

You can pretty much just sit around and watch the ball bounce diagonally. 
Wait til it gets in a loop that doesn't take any bricks out, then slowly move 
to the right to make it bounce some more. You can knock out bricks by 
accident, and it's probably quicker than moving the ball into place.

Level 2

New early level, new pieces. Some blocks require five hits to dissolve. Here 
it's useful to try to get the ball going horizontally/vertically in one of 
the four side compartments, but you can also go for long diagonal and bounce 
it back and forth that way to take out two of the corners.

To take out a remaining corner, you will want to push the ball so it splits 
the 2x2 square. See controls for how to do this. You can also just push the 
ball around a bunch and win by accident. There's still no way to lose a life.

Level 3

Here it is very hard to lose a life unless you try. A few dead ends have 
skull blocks which kill you or your ball on touch. But you can guard easily 
against the ball falling into them. You can go with the vertical bits on 
half-squares to pick out a lot here, but you can probably just "play 
arkanoid" to start out and clear the major stuff, then focus on the final 
minor bricks that need destroying.

Level 4

Now to the bricks you can crush. Only take out one wall at a time, and then, 
only take out a few squares of it so that you won't be chasing the ball all 
over. Let it get into one quadrant, take everything out, and move it to 
another quadrant. Follow the ball to redirect it if you must.

Level 5

New pieces here: squares that become walls if you walk over them five times. 
All you have to do is push the ball to the left and then kick it up between 
the two columns of blocks, and this will be easy. So kick the ball down, then 
right, then get it to bounce horizontally, then kick it vertically.

Level 6

There is just one new thing--the teleport square, an "E." When you touch it, 
the ball lands there. You are also kicked off to the side. Here, you go to 
the UL, where the ball was. It was trapped on squares you could cross but it 
wasn't. In the DR, there are squares it can cross but you can't. Go right, 
then down. Take the teleport and then take out the top of the blocks at the 
bottom--it will cause the ball to bounce L-R, which is good. Push the ball up 
the center shaft. You can afford to be sloppy if you want, as you can catch 
up to the ball if it goes into the potentially deadly DR, or you can be exact. 
A touch-and-go combination of the two based on what seems most comfortable at 
the time might not work on general principles, but it works in this game, so 
go with it.

From here you just need to push the ball left off the wall and right to the 
crossed-arrow area in the UR. Then push the ball back left and down and left 
to the upper chamber when you're done. Push the ball back out and down and 
left into the final chamber with the 5-blocks. If you can bat the ball around 
vertically, great, but if not, you can guard the ball by standing in the top 
center and just watching it bounce around. Move up and down as necessary.

Level 7

It's a mess to pick all these off manually, but the new slider, combined with 
the teleporter, makes things a lot easier.

Go left quickly to duck the ball. Then let the ball bounce diagonally around, 
and when you see it going SE, touch the center of an E to take out the 
squares clockwise of each E. Then go up and touch the E at the top when the 
ball goes SE, past you.

Now get the ball to go horizontally and touch left and right of the top and 
bottom E's. Get the ball to go vertically and touch above and below the left 
and right E's. It does the dirty work for you. There's no real 
micromanagement necessary.

Level 8

Kill the ball-poison above and to the right and left. Move diagonally to get 
to the side passages. Exit to the right or left once it's all cleared--check 
where the ball is. Then use the horizontal/vertical movement to move from one 
quadrant to the next once it is taken care of.

Level 9

Watch for the death square here. You have a few times you can hit it. The 
best way to solve this level is to bounce the ball diagonally a bit and then 
up and down, moving to the side of the death square, then push it left and 
right. You probably only need to do this twice if you line up on a half-
square and bounce the ball back and forth. You'll have 6 squares left to 
clean up, but they should not be a big deal. In the worst case, you can 
defend the blank square.

Level 10

For the left side here you can just get the ball moving horizontally in the 
center and then either 1) push the ball back and forth as you want or 2) push 
the blocks into place, as if the moving blocks run into you, they will 
reverse. Make the ball bounce quickly when a bunch of blocks in a row come 
near you, and you can also overrun the ball to reverse its direction in a 
pinch. This eliminates a lot of annoying guesswork and running in circles.

Then you can push the ball over to the right and proceed the same way, just 
rotated ninty degrees. You need to avoid some moving walls, but you can just 
play pong with them and eventually you'll get past. The best bet is to move 
the ball slowly, making a few adjustments to its trajectory to push it past 
each block.

Level 11

This is like level 10 only there are a bunch of lethal squares at the bottom. 
They're not a real problem, though. Just make the ball move slowly and then 
push it up vertically so it gets to the top. You will need to make a little 
space to tilt the ball horizontally, so keep bouncing the ball straight up 
and moving up.

When almost touching the big wall, move a half-square left so that the ball 
will bounce among a bunch of bricks. That will get you enough space to be 
able to push the ball left between two rows. There are five rows in total, so 
you need two moves like this--you can just clear out the bottom row(in all 
probability the one left--you want to split the row of 5-blocks and 1-blocks 
to save work) with standard badgering the ball. Of course you can make the 
rows quicker by getting closer to the ball to smack it around.

Level 12

With the ball going L-R, kick it up when you are 1L or 1R of the long slick 
slide. You can kick it up the slide, but then you may flip it back down and 
that is extra work. Slam the ball into the north wall, then west to the edge, 
south, east, north and down the edge and around west and north. Here you will 
want the ball going along the west edge, but first you need to push down on 
it when it is 1R of the edge, to get the 2nd-rightmost block. Ram it from the 
east so that there is a 1 1/2 square space from the top. Then let the ball go 
right. You'll knock out 4 of the 6 blocks, then push the ball into the east 
wall and the north wall and west. When it comes back east, push it S W N E S 
and now there is one block. Poke it down when it is 1R of the edge.

Now you have the upper bit, which is no problem. Lead the ball around again, 
and push it along the top edge and just play good old fashioned arkanoid to 
take one space out. To be extra sure, when you get it going straight, kick it 
into the walls. But you can probably just play arkanoid to get the ball to 
the other side and clean up.

Level 13

There are a lot of obstacles above, but you can pretty much avoid them. You 
need to focus on kicking the ball into the top big, slowing it down, and 
getting it to move horizontally. Once you do, stand above it in the center 
and kick it up. There's little risk here as, though the other tunnels lead to 
death, you should be able to catch up with the ball before that. If it gets 
stuck below, you can also take a few hits on the right pushing the ball up.

Level 14

This level looks nasty but is not so bad. To be overprotective, you can push 
a bunker down past the crumblies(which you should destroy first anyway--also, 
go up the right chute to kill the crumblies and the ballskulls) and then 
against the UL skull. The other two bunkers can block the DL skull.Get the 
ball to the right edge and then push it vertically down against the wall. 
Play arkanoid to get it up the right chute, and the moving blocks should not 
stop youy from blasting the ball into the exit. You can move it slowly and 
guide it--hit the growing skulls if you want to.

Level 15

You can't quite use the edges, so bounce the ball against an edge, with you 1 
square away, then tilt to the right and play Arkanoid to knock out a few 
squares. Then steer the ball into a wall, and now you can move left and right 
to clear that out. You can go 1/2 U or D to kill the blocks 1 away from the 
corners. Don't clear the crumblies until you're done. Once you are, you 
should push the ball down 1/2 away from the left edge and THEN hit the 
crumblies. Be careful of the death moving left-right below. Move the ball 
slowly and herd it--flip it back up and kick it down if you need.

From here it is pretty easy. Slam the ball into the bottom wall, then when on 
top of it, go 1L and take out the bottom row. Then go 1/2 up and in slow 
motion, get the ball to bounce to the right. You can play arkanoid here, and 
worst comes to worst, you can run back up andplay arkanoid, defending the 
ball against the mobile death square.

Level 16

This is an arduous level where you need to push one movable bunker 2U and the 
other 2D. Push the ball against the wall and up and left when it is 1/2 below 
the top. (You can also play arkanoid to push it left and right.) Clear the 
top, then the bottom, and then push it along the bottom wall and line up 
above the 2 5-squares. Run the ball into them. Again, you can play arkanoid, 
but this is clearer and quicker.

Now you are in the next spiral. Blast the bottom as you remove the crumblies, 
blast the top, and escape the 2 5-squares above. Now repeat as before, but 
it'll take a little longer.

The big problem with this level is if you forget to take care of a block

Level 17

This is one of those levels where if you learned the helter skelter way to 
play the game, you may find it easier than if you learn the right way. Refer 
to my maps here and you can afford to be inexact with where you 
horizontally/vertically redirect the ball, since the main issue here is not 
specific rows but moving to the net general area. I would go in for the UL 
part last, with the 2-deep rows, just because it is the trickiest and it is 
around a bed. Besides, the ball goes to the DR. After that, I would direct it 
up. It's worth noting that the diagonal edges allow you to push the ball into 
a wall, step on it, and turn it at a right angle a lot. Or you can just push 
the ball into a corner in general, tagging behind it to bump it along, and 
only then direct it on a straight line.

There's no real harm to letting the ball slip away as you can always slow it 
and grab it from behind and just play boring Arkanoid to take out any 
row/column of blocks around the edges. Of course, take out all of one area 
before moving to the next, and be careful remembering the DL, as it is tucked 

Level 18

Push the ball down into the wall, then right. Move up 1/2 square so it takes 
out both squares guarding the right. If you are able to get the ball to 
bounce at a 45 degree angle through this, you are set. Otherwise you will 
just need to guide it through, up and down a couple times, whci is not hard. 
The only risk is if you let it escape to the center, so be sure to follow the 
ball up and cut it off before it goes out. Again you can herd it onto any one 
individual square. Once in the UR you can shepherd the ball along the edge L 
D L U L without risk. Then repeat what you did on the right.

Level 19

A maze level that is not particularly difficult once you know where to go. 
Don't hit any teleportals or moving deaths--you need the ball to stay where 
it is, and you just need to get there.. U* R* D, R at the T, N W N, W at the 
fork, SW, make sure the way west is lear before using the glider, N E N-2 W* 
N E* N E N E N W N E S and wait for the moving death to go back east. E N W N 
E S crush the block 2E N E S W S E SW S W S, but not to the bottom where the 
death is. 4E N E S E S 2W S*-1--again wait for the death and slip 2E N* E S E 
and the E fork to the N. Follow it and go along the top. 1E, wait for the 
enemy to go down in the center, 2E--tap it just right--and repeat the waiting 
twice more. Bust through the crumbly and go to the bottom. Let the ball go by, 
then break through and run north so the ball flips down into the exit.

Level 20

You don't need to wipe out everything here, though the end bit is tricky. 
Shepherd the ball along the east wall into the corner, then keep pushing it 
along the wall, making right turns as you bounce of the wall, so it follows 
you. Move ahead of it to make sure there is nothing that can kill it.

This works great til near the end, when there is a death square by the outer 
wall. Push the ball back into the corner and go up. Let the ball bounce U D 
and be 1U 1R of the DL. Run left into the ball as it passes so it will bounce 
right, then ram it into the right wall and continue counterclockwise.

There's one more challenge here. There'll be 4 deaths in a row. Put the ball 
in the UR and move down and then out of its way. Be 1D1L of it. Push right so 
you are on top of the ball, then push left. Then run right over the ball and 
push it into the left wall, then down. Now block the entrance and all the 
blocks will fall. If they don't, you can move in pretty safely as there isn't 
a lot of real estate to cover.

Level 21

Shake out the center bit first with a bunch of Arkanoid. Use the movable 
blocks on each side to push the movable deaths into dead ends where they are 
hamless. Stand 1/2 D of the top and run right. One block goes UR. Go 1/2 U 
and push a block R, then 1/2 R of there and push U so a block goes UR. Now 
1/2 R and you can push a block 2U L. Now you can push the center left block 
back left. How to clear the DR? Well, it's not bad at all, Approach from the 
top and push everything down 1. You can afford to push squares into the right 
or left walls once you've cleared this path. With a few diagonal pushes you 
should be able to create a corridor 1R of the left. Remember you can push 
squares back to the center. I had:


Push 8 D, 9 R, 7 2L, 8 2R, 6 2D 2L, 1 DL, 3 UL, and 5 3D L.

Level 22

A nutty dopey little level that can just take a few seconds if you are not 
playing for poits. If you are, then you need to move the ball horizontally 
into the various barriers and walls that you can find, without leting them 
touch the exits. I just went to the right, straightened the ball out, then 
kicked it right and up for an easy pass.

Level 23

Now this one gets a bit tricky. You have to teleport the ball into 3 rooms it 
cannot get out of--but fortunately, you can walk into each room. There is no 
need to touch any crumblies, though you will be pushing the ball into a wall.

If you teleport the ball into a room before you've cleared the main area, 
then you ned to cut off the crumblies to the side and kick the ball so it 
goes straight down. Obviously, choose the side with the fewest crumblies.

Start by pishing the ball down into the 5's and then playing arkanoid to put 
it on a diagonal and eventually make it go horizontal. Throw it into the 
right wall then up then left then up, bouncing it from the left so it hits 
the wall on the side, then bounce it DR so it eventually goes down into the 
5's. Now push it back left and down and wait to the right to throw it left 
and back right, to the right edge. Then push it up, 1/2 left of the right 
wall. Clear that UR area.

Now jump across to the left, across the squares only you can touch, and touch 
the teleport. Return, then push the ball into the 5's as you wish, then go to 
the DR room and repeat. Again, you probably want to move the ball L R 1/2 
above the bottom. Then touc the teleport in the UL and do it all one more 

Level 24

This is a tricky level where you need to get the ball to bounce just exactly 
right so it escapes the inner area and goes to the bottom. Then touch the 
side, so you go to the bottom, and hook around the square only you can touch 
and touch the teleports on the side in the middle. Now the ball will bounce 
around a bunch til it touches an exit. The trick is getting it out of the 
starting area.

To do this, you probably need to clear all the blocks, then wait for the ball 
to be going DL and pick any teleport to hit. If that doesn't work, move 1/2 
down or up, til you've covered all possibilities. Generally, watch your craft 
until it's where you want it, then watch for the ball to go DL--well, it can 
be UL or DR, too, just make sure the direction is consistent and you try 
touching all the blocks in all the locations.

Level 25

A rather easy level if you just want to win. There are several ways to exit, 
and the easiest is just to trap the ball against any wall, then push it left 
and up if necessary. Push it into the 5, then just play arkanoid with it to 
bust to the exit below.

Level 26

First order of business is to straighten the ball so it bounces vertically. 
Then push it against the bottom, push it left, and burst it through the 5's. 
You can just play arkanoid here and at the next bit to burst it through the 
5's and 1's, then kick it to near the bottom and to the right. Make sure the 
ball is bouncing left/right and is right of the blocking squares, then touch 
the teleport from above. Now the ball will bounce right/left as you get rid 
of the crumblies. Hit it left, then push it U L U R along the walls, til 
there is a gap at the top(lead block the crumblies while you're at it.)

Kick the ball right and touch the teleport from above, and now you need to 
push the ball down so that it goes through the death's heads. Follow it, and 
push the ball into the bottom and then to the right edge, then up. When it 
bursts a brick, turbo ahead of it and block the ball from the UR death brick. 
Trap the ball up top and kick it left. Go past the squares that block the 
ball and touch the teleport above, from the left, but 1/2 below. Now once the 
ball knocks out the 5's, touch the teleport from the right, then go to the 
left and touch the inner teleport from the left, 1/2 below. Come back to 
blast the ball into the left wall and down. Next!

Level 27

I had inordinate trouble getting the ball out of the main area and following 
it, but I think once you do, it is pretty easy.

Clear out the left side--play arkanoid to create a space, then drive the ball 
left and kick up or down. Take out the left crumbly and shepherd the ball up. 
Don't make it go slow unless you need to kick it back down, but at some point, 
all blocks should be as they originally were, and you can pass. Head U R D 
along the corner and now there are 2 ways to get through.

1. you can take your chances knocking the ball diagonally into the upper bit, 
running R U R D, and touching the teleport so that it bounces randomly and 
eventually takes out what you want it to(there are blockers.)

2. thread the needle, kicking the ball R to the edge, U, R D and through the 
crumbly and into the exit. One way is easier to describe, but the other is 

Level 28

Touch the teleport from below. Once outside, take out the crumblies so the 
ball bounces diagonally off the teleport. Once the ball is outside the 
red/orange, play it so it is going left/right. Go to the bottom center. After 
taking out the crumblies, tap the E from the left, 1/2 up. the ball does the 

Level 29

Kick the ball so it goes L/R. Loop around the blocks and right into a wall. 
Push the ball down and then kick it right over the death squares. These don't 
matter if you hit them once. Push the ball to the right edge, then down, then 
left. Kick the ball down off the screen into the wall, then left down right 
down left into the exit--you may need to angle the last kick a bit.

Level 30

This level is a pedantic pain in the butt, but it is pretty easy to describe.

1. clear out the center--make sure the ball goes SLOW. Move it in straight 
lines, preferably between blocks so this goes quicker.

2. kick the ball to the outside and wait around a bit as it knocks out blocks. 
You can maybe play arkanoid to bounce it diagonally, if you keep close and 
hit it at an angle.

3. when it isn't happening randomly, or you need to take out a specific block, 
make the ball go straight. It doesn't matter which edge. Let's go for the top. 
Don't step on any death-heads too developed, but be prepared to step in there 
to get the ball moving in a cardinal direction.

Bounce the ball L-R and stand 1U or 1D of it, depending where you are safe. 
It's best to have it closer to the outside blocks.

Flick the ball at the block, then run at it so you trap it, then move it 
horizontally and try again.

Level 31

Move down and kick the ball up. Then stand right of where it will be and 
blast it right. You'll need to play some arkanoid here to get it to the edge. 
If you want, you can play arkanoid, direct the ball to a different area, and 
play more arkanoid. First, however, you want to close off the corners in case 
of an accident. Stand 1D1R of the UL and tap 1/2 U, 1/2 D, 1/2 L, 1/2 R, etc. 
Repeat in each corner. The cool thing is that you can play arkanoid while 
sealing off the center once it's done, which cuts down the guesswork and 
chasing later.

Or you can bounce the ball up and down, kick it to an edge, trap it, move it 
L/R, and kick it U/D some more down each column. This precision stuff is 
probably best when most blocks are gone, and of course you want to make the 
ball run between columns.

Level 32

Wait for the ball to bounce up off you. Then smash it into the top and play 
arkanoid til you can get it to go vertically and have space to kick it L/R 
along the top. Play arkanoi in the corner and work your way down the sides. 
Keep the ball going slowly and this will not be a problem.

Level 33

It takes a while to get near the ball, but once you do, this is a pretty easy 
level. You may have to switch the view around a bit, too. Head clockwise and 
you should catch the ball in the SE. Then get it to bounce L-R and bounce it 
down onto the big long column of tiles.

If the ball is in the top, of course, bounce it up. But the strategy is the 
same--get the ball going horizontal, then push it down to the small room with 
the mobile exit.

Level 34

Get the ball moving horizontally. Then go down through the crumbly and left. 
Move to push the ball up, then go to the left at the top, on the blocks you 
can walk on. Push the ball onto blocks it can walk on. S E N W N E S W S E N 
to the NE corner. Then push the ball down by standing on it in the corner and 
pushing down.

Now take the maze back to the start, then S* W S* E S W S E* N1 E and follow 
the winding path--S at the T. Take out the crumblies, NE last, and then play 
arkanoid with the ball when it is in the SE.

Level 35

Cut left, then when 3L of the end of the tunnel, cut up(should have skulls 
right next) and cut left with the skull 1U1R. 3L then up. 1L at the top of 
the 24 then up all the way. Push the ball down and then right, removing 
crumblies. 6R 3U 3R 3U 4R 3D 3R 4D to get to a 3x2. Work your way down til 
there's a skull 4D of you, half off the board, then go W. Come back and go 4R 
9D to get to a 2x2. 7U, 4R, 3U, 5R, 5U, 6R, then U*. You now have access to 
pretty much everywhere, where you can flip the ball safely. Be careful around 
borders so you don't crumble them and be prepared to play arkanoid a bit to 
remove the 2x blocks. Use areas behind the blocks so you can recoil to bounce 
the ball against them, and let the ball roll diagonally since you can 
straighten it out easily enough.

Level 36

With the ball UR, all you have to do is get it moving L-R. It's best to do 
this where you can see the inner square of 5's, and if you can put the ball 
in the center of them(4U from the bottom,) do so--that'll get you right to 
the exit. Otherwise, you can just push the ball right, step on the crumblies 
and hit it diagonally, and just play Arkanoid.

Level 37

A pretty easy level where you just need to kick the ball to the bottom, push 
it right, then push it up. Stand 2L of the exit and move left when the ball 
is there, so that you kick the ball into the exit area.

Level 38

This level is pretty easy to dispose of. The mobile pieces are not really a 
factor here. Worst comes to worst, just avoid them a bit. Push the ball 
against the left, then kick it down. Go left of the underlines and step on 
the ball from the right, then go right and clear that stuff out. Do similarly 
for the bottom row of "TITAN" and take out the top two rows at once. Now the 
final turn, pushing the ball down and waiting right of the center marker by 
the left, so you are 1/2 by it. Push it left or right to take out rows 3 and 

Level 39

A simple maze level. W N and, above the skulls, E* N W S W and avoid the 
enemy to go N in the room--4N E* N 2E S E and turn up at the intersection. 
Wait for the skulls to go down and run east. Follow the passage, pushing A to 
stop skiding. Move down when the skull moves right, then E S W N and blast to 
the left. Pin the ball in the left--move it slowly--then take out the crumbly 
and run back right to push the ball left into the exit.

Level 40

The concept is much easier than the execution here.

Play arkanoid to push the ball to the UL. Put it 1/2 below the top of the 
left edge, so it can bounce left and give you an area to work with. Block the 
right part and play some more arkanoid til the ball is going left and is 1 or 
2 below the top left skull. Then jump on it and kick it vertically 1/2 away 
from the left, so it clears out everything. Fling the ball to the right side 
and repeat. Then rotate and repeat.

Level 41

Touch the teleport, then standto one side of the teleport and run into it. 
You'll clear most blocks this way. To get rid of the ones U/D/L/R of the 
teleport, stand up of the teleport and 1/2 to the right. Flip to the ball and 
when it heads UL, go down into it. Repeat this, rotated, to clean out other 
blocks. You also need to flip the ball back to the space with the 1-blocks 
and do something similar.

Once that area is cleared, tiptoe past the mobile deaths and repeat for the 
DL. Then the DR--be careful and move slowly in the U/D areas--then hold down 
the A button as you go over the skiddy bit. Clear out the top the same as the 
other areas.

Level 42

This one is straightforward but tedious. To move to an outer loop, touch a 
teleport when the enemy is in an outer loop, then push it into the blocks in 
the area. Take 4 out, then move outside(swap places with the ball when it is 
in a rectangle outside you,) then swap places with a ball after moving to an 
outside rectangle, with it just inside.

Level 43

Don't touch the teleport walls in the maze!

S all the way, E al the way and take the last passage N. NE and take the to 
slider E, then go up the long passage, 2W, 2N 4E and go down, past the slider 
and the mobile deaths.

Past the crumbly, hang NW til you hit the wall, then NE once you hit the edge. 
Snake upwards to the top then left. Go left and hit the ball so it goes 
vertically, then return to the maze and exit the DR and go down. You can 
pretty much juwst play arkanoid to clear it here, though if you want safety, 
you can move the blocks from the side room to the left up and right so the 
ball does not go left and risk death.

Level 44

Get the ball moving L-R and then tap the lowest of the teleports on the left 
wall then the next-lowest, then skip one, then the next, then the next, then 
skip and get the final.


Now touch the 3rd-highest and take the sliders to the right. Push A before 
reaching the right corner. Now just play arkanoid as you push the ball down 
if you want. You can try to push it between columns vertically to make a few 
things quicker.

Level 45

It's possible to get trapped here, so watch out. First clear the center bit, 
then go UL and clear the blocks and UR, then DL and DR.

Now send the ball left, into the one pink/orange square and then be 1/2 away 
from the square and tap up. Bang--the ball goes to a corner. Kick it back to 
the center the same way and to another corner. Repeat, etc.

Level 46

A nasty long level where you have to bump the ball around a bunch of 
corridors--N E S W S E N W N E S E S W S E N W N E S E N W N W S. Along the 
way you need to clear out any crumblies. Make the ball go slow and push it 
into a wall to turn it when you can, though standard arkanoid should also 
work if you trap it one half square at a time.

Level 47

Another maze where you need to play lead blocker. There are 2 crumblies ahead 
but you can get them as you push the ball N E S E N W N W N E N W N E S W S E 
N--pushing it into a corner and then going at a right angle. The blocks, 
similarly. At the T intersection, push it W S W N to get the 2 blocks, then 
push it back to the T. Have it bounce right, then retreat W S W N and avoid 
the death block by going in the niches. Continue on the path--take the east 
path at the T--and then at the next T, go east, then south.

Detour to wipe out the ball-death squares(N W-N-E across the ball-block). The 
next T you get will ave the ball. Cut it off from the left. Push it E S E N E 
N W N W N E S E N, take out the crumbly in the N E, then push the ball E S W 
S E S W and, when the enemy goes right, S and push yourself E so the ball 
goes W.

Back the ball to a corner and push N and then flip it over so it is out of 
the way. Then push the ball W across the crumbly, then S E S E N E S W S E N 
E to the final area, where you can play arkanoid.

Level 48

This level is a break. You just need to push the ball up to the very top wall, 
through a chute, then right. Grind it against the right wall then kick it 
down and bounce it around so it can go right and down the next chute. Grind 
it into the bottom wall and kick it right. Play arkanoid to kick the DR stuff 
out of commision, slam the ball against the right and push it up. Then when 
it is in the UR corner, push it left all the way then down.

Level 49

Another break where you have 4 exits in each corner, so just kick the ball to 
a corner. and steer around the compartments with enemies.

Arkanoid the ball until you have it moving horizontally or vertically. If you 
are lucky, you will wind up taking out 2 squares as the ball is split along a 
column. Then you can just plow D or R to the edge, then flip the ball. If you 
don't get lucky, create the one column/row making sure no enemy is in the way. 
You can probably arkanoid to create a column/row ext to it so you can flip it 
next time. Then it is a matter of kicking the ball to the corner.

Level 50

Go to the center via the bottom and use the moving blocks to guard the death 
squares--for the DL,


Similarly for the others. Break down the crumblies and exit. You can take 
your time here.

Now bounce the ball so it takes out the outside rows and columns, then bounce 
it inside. You can probably play arkanoid, but it may be easiest just to get 
the ball bouncing vertically a bunch to take out the columns.

Level 51

This level really sucks, because yu can't see a lot ahead, but if you make 
the ball go slowly and arkanoid the ball so it goes down the hatch, that 
works pretty well. Then send it up/down the column without blocks in when the 
way is clear and quickly run after it, kick it back, and shift it over. 
You'll be doing a lot of shepherding here, but you don't need the ball to go 
straight vertically up to knock out the 5 blocks --in fact it's better if it 
doesn't, so you don't have to line it up in the center, and you can just plow 
through and reverse its direction if need be.

Level 52

Arkanoid to the left--if you chip out a chunk of blocks, you can maybe try to 
align for a vertical shot, but moving the ball slowly should get you through. 
Then push the ball up and arkanoid there. You shouldn't let it down past you 
and in fact you can just seal off the bottom rows to make sure. You really 
need to blast through.

After that, get the ball to bounce L-R at the top and plow through to the 
left, half between the blocks, so you clear a path left. 2R of the left wall, 
kick it down. You may wish to bring a movable block over for this. Then push 
the block down and kick it at the last minute--you can loop around it and 
kick from the DL and you will hit something.

Level 53

Arkanoid the ball to the right, then push it up the right shaft. Stay 1/2L to 
bounce the ball diagonally, then run after it and clear the left-right. Push 
the ball right then up, and again stay 1/2L of the long shaft so that it 
bounces around. Follow it closely as there are death squares above. Then pin 
the ball against a wall and arkanoid it around so it goes back down.

Take the second down as you go left, then go left and kick the ball up after 
clearing the bricks here. Kick the ball left 1/2D from the bottom, then kick 
it down on the left side. Go up the shaft and right so you can fling the ball 
right. Fling it up, use the diagonal trick, and fling it down the DR. Then 
move the ball right and arkanoid it to get the lower squares, then push it D 
and L.

This final bit is a nuisance as you have to tap the ball diagonally then run 
after it before it hits the death but after it hits a 5-square. Then you have 
to kick it right, catch up to it and quickly move 1U after releasing it, to 
swat it left. Keep the ball moving slowly at all times.


Level 54

A nice relaxing level where you just have to kick something horizontally then 
vertically to take out each row and column. Arkanoiding a bit should allow 
you the space to transition. Slow the ball down so it does not go in the 
fatal corners. When the ball bounces L-R and takes out bricks, it is safe.

Level 55

Bust out the main bits and arkanoid things so that you have the ball bouncing 
up and down in the center and you can take out the 5-blocks. Take out the top 
4 times then the bottom 4 times, so you can take both pairs of blocks out, 
bang bang, when releasing the enemies.

Then arkanoid the ball into a corner, wait for the enemies to pass by, and 
split the 5-blocks again when you shift the ball left and then kick it back 
right. Again, bounce it 4x 1 way, 5x the other and flip it around.

Level 56

Trivial really but a welcome break. Go through the zigzags and down. Move 
over the first skull when it goes down, then run right and go through the 
second-top slider and crush the block and back up.

Level 57

As long as the ball doesn't get lost, this is a walk. Play arkanoid against 
the left and right sides, and keep track of the ball so it does not go out of 
bounds and into the weird maze, which you can recover from, but it is painful.

Once you've chipped away some of the sides, then you will be able to move U/D 
actually you can do this everywhere. Guide the ball heavily to knock out 
other squares.

Level 58

You can't afford any mistakes during the long gauntlet near the end, but if 
you are careful, you won't make any. Push the ball so it bounces horizontally 
or vertically, then wheedle it into the right side and push it right down the 
expanding blocks. Run after the ball slowly and move in making sure not to 
flip it left. Pin it in the corner and go down til you can't see it. Then run 
back up to flip it down, then move slowly down. Repeat with L U R and now U 
is a bit tricky here since you don't have much room, but go to the top, then 
sharply down, then slowly push up--if the ball is near, ease up. Then you can 
go right and flip the ball one last time.

Level 59

This is an alternating level where you need to move to the center and hit a 
teleport, then go next to a teleport and touch it when the ball is in the 
next rectangle, then keep repeating, making sure the ball is always on the 
inside of where it should be when you flip. Focus to the ball, then flip. For 
the last bit you may need to bounce around a bit to realign the ball, so it 
may take a while, but you'll get it eventually.

Level 60

This is an annoying variant of an earlier level, but by now you probably know 
how to shepherd the ball away from an enemy til it passes, then proceed. Work 
clockwise and be prepared to stand back when you arkanoid the block to 
release an enemy. Make sure the ball goes slowly when you knock out blocks 
but quickly when you release. No concrete strategy here other than to pay 
attention to the angle the ball bounces off a brick, and don't stay in too 
close when it does, or you may hit it mistakenly.

Level 61

Go to the right branch. Push blocks 1U, go 1L, push 1U, etc. Doesn't matter 
where you start. Then pin the enemies against the wall and be sure to 
surround them. Then go to the left branch and do the same,  clearing as much 
space as you can, again.

Push other blocks to the side so you can play arkanoid above, then wherever 
the ball goes, follow it. If it goes to the center, just play arkanoid and 
kick it to the right. If it goes to the right.

It's annoying to move the ball between areas, but just kick it away from one 
at an angle, and stay in close, and eventually it'll work.

Level 62

Slip quickly down, then right onto the slider, and down. Hold A in the 
process. Arkanoid the ball so it goes L-R then hit the crumbly by the right 
exit. Touch the DR block in the center straight on from the right.

Level 63

Not holding down the A button or being careless moving when you do will cost 
you time and annoyance but not much else. This is a 1-way maze to navigate, 
with the ball at the end you just need to swat to hit the brick. First, 
though, wait for the ball to knock out most of the right blocks.

If you should be so unfortunate as to touch a side, then the ball will be 
stuck below the chamber, and you need to run into the ball, then run up, then 
push left against it and steer it to the UR corner.

Level 64

Head DR and fly over the semi-death.  Then arkanoid the ball so it goes 
through to the top. You just need to arkanoid it UR along the right side of 
the top of the hourglass, and you will eventually hit the exit. Even with a 
few errors you won't hit the 5-blocks to release enemies.

Level 65

Not a terribly tricky level. You just do the same thing over and over again, 
moving 2D and doing it again. With the ball bouncing U/D, run left on it and 
push it back slowly. Make sure no enemies are crossing before you release it 
fast--you're also able to take it over before it crosses the block you can't. 
Push the ball against the wall and move down.

Level 66

Barrel down immediately to wipe out the ball killer, then control the ball so 
it goes horizontally back and forth. When in doubt, kick it below. If you are 
lucky, the ball will go between blocks and take out 2. If not, play arkanoid 
into the DR corner and get the ball to go horizontal again. You need to be 
able to push the ball to a side, then move along the side, so the ball takes 
that side out.

From there it is pretty easy. First, with the Arkanoiding you did, the DR is 
probably clear. If you haven't cleared a corner, align yourself 1 1/2 squares 
away from an edge so you can jump on the ball, then retreat so the ball goes 
at a right angle and takes out 2 blocks--allowing you to go along another 
edge and move it up and down.

If you've cleared a corner, then you can just run the ball along the edge. 
Arkanoid to clear a cornershould be pretty safe with a slow ball, since you 
only have the gradual deaths.

Level 67

As long as you don't slip on a slider and go crashing into a death square, 
this is pretty easy. Touch the teleport and destroy the crumblies outside. 
Then walk to the inside and arkanoid the ball wherever you want once things 
start slowing down. Hold A and B if you must go over the sliders. Touch the 
side teleport after going out and then arkanoid the ball as need be before 
continuing. You can go along the board sides here but it shouldn't be 
necessary to go strictly in the corners. Just touch new teleporters and munge 

Level 68

Another level where you just need to play a bit of Arkanoid and push the ball 
against the wall. You are stuck in the triangle in the UL, and occasionally 
other pieces come floating in. Clear the top and the left, and when the enemy 
pieces come in, shepherd the ball away. There's one death square that comes 
in at the top, and there are 3 at the bottom. You can always push the ball 
into a corner to be safe, then let it bounce against an incoming tile as it 
moves diagonally. There's also a blocker piece you can use to freeze out one 
enemy. Touch the blocker and move it onto the 4th DL-most square on the 
diagonal. Then you can remove the 5-block without hassle. It is worth 
trapping the 5-block by going DR of it when it is on the left.

Level 69

Tough part first. Smash down so there is just 1 crumbly below the ball-deaths. 
3U of this, smash left and bounce the ball once left. Then 1D of there, smash 
left and bounce the ball once left. Run past the ball and stand 1U of it and 
hit it down. Then watch for it to hit the bottom block and go 2L1D of the UL 
corner to kick the ball right--this requires timing. Bash the ball to the 
right and kick it up/down.

At the bottom of this tunnel, go left and right. Make pipelines down through 
the ball-deaths 1L, 3L, 5L, 1R, 3R, 5R, 7R. You need to push the ball left 
then down ONCE, then kick it back up to where it goes left/right. Once all 
this is taken out, make pipelines to the right, 5D of the lower crumblies, 
then 2D of that--repeat 3 times.

Relegate the ball to bouncing harmlessly back and forth. Best way to do this 
may be to make a path for it to go to the UL and take out the blocks there--
you will need 2 passages in a row that go left. Build the lower one and kick 
the ball left, then build one just above.

Now from the UR, blaze a path to the right, 4D of the big long row of death 
squares above. Zigzag R U L and then push the ball right when between the 
rows. Push it into the right, then push down to send the ball up. Move to 1D 
of the UR then move 1L to start the ball bouncing. Back 1R then 1U, then 1L 
and 1R to push the ball left.

Level 70

More tedious than anything else, in this level you need to push the ball 
around and avoid the edges, though for small clumps of bricks you can just 
arkanoid a bit. Push it to the top of your chamber then L and U(right of the 
blocking squares) then R. Push the ball U when 2L of the edge, then L when 
below the wall to the right, then U wnen 1/2 :, then L when it is 1D of the 
top then U. Hook it around for the 3-wide later(here you can use the top, 
kick the ball right and jump on it from below) and then move D L D L for more 

Use the map to determine how best to zap the rest. R D R from the corner is 
good, then you can go backleft from the 2nd-bottom of the wall and down. Then 
U R for 2 and U to the center, then you have collected everything.

Level 71

This is a pretty easy level where you just smash the ball against the right 
then kick it up. If you want, you can pile up the points, but I didn't think 
it was worth it.

Level 72

With the blocks so chopped up and far apart from each other, it's best to 
just chip in and take out a few block pairs, then wait for enemies to pass, 
and then get the stuff UDLR of the center. Stay close to the side and slowly 
move things (counter)clockwise. The corner is a pain and you need to 
straighten things out, but other than that you can play by intuition. Hit the 
ball slowly, though.

Level 73

Arkanoid here before you get something vertical on each edge, then plow 
through it. Take care of the main part before heading to the sides. This 
should not be hard--you can either arkanoid to get going horizontally, or 
arkanoid up close so you kill the eyes and then do the same for the smile.

Then get the ball to be going vertically up the center, but 1L or 1R, so that 
when it is at the top, you can go 1/2 to the side and bounce it diagonally 
and hit a teleport. Then once on the other side, hit a teleport in there and 
you will be sent back to the center, but the ball will bounce off one side.

Repeat for the other side and you win.

Level 74

This is just Arkanoid, literally, as you are trapped and must push the ball 
around. I think it is best to try and get the ball bouncing to the right edge, 
then get it behind the blocks to take out a lot of them. As you can always 
slow the ball down, there's little risk of losing. If the ball does go in the 
top and bounce around(good, saves time) then be sure to follow it with your 
craft so you know where it comes down.

It's also possible to drill a way to the top pushing the ball straight up, 
but this may interfere with getting a ball into the very top, unless you 
drill this way near to the edge.

Level 75

Bust to the edge horizontally, then arkanoid quickly to create space. You 
need to arkanoid when an enemy comes aroudn you, and it's best to try to make 
vertical sweeps, since there are fewer columns than rows in this level. 
Enemies only go around the edges, so watch for that--bound the ball near to 
one edge, then flip and bounce it the other way. Shepherd the ball around the 
center to pick off all strays.

Level 76

Duck under the mobile block--S* 3W 3S then push it 1N. You have a path to the 
exit now. Go down the right side, W N W S E at the T S E S and pass through 
the sliders NW.

Sneak through the enemies and now look at the blocks in the NW.

1 5 d
2 6 e
3 7 fgh
4 8

Note--this bit can be done in any order depending on what was shuffled where, 

Move 4 L* U L to trap the enemies there. Move 3 so it follows 4 and traps the 
other two enemies. Push 1 to the side and push 2 down and right, so it pushes 
one of the horizontal blocks into the wall. Use a-b-c similarly. That leaves 
2 blocks going vertically. Put blocks U, L and D of them. Place a block 1L1D 
of the single hittable block by the SW exit. Now Crush the "TITUS" letters, 
and you can now touch the teleport(push the block 3D of it, 2U.) 

Ram the ball into the side, then go 1U and kick it around so it goes vertical 
along the edge, then watch it go down the left edge. Once that is clear, 
place a block 2L of the other block. Then bounce the ball along the left edge, 
up and down. Bounce it to the right once it is at the bottom. It it safe 
there. Take the right of the blocks and push it R 2D, then bring another 
block and place it 1U2L of that. Move it the same way except wait 1L of the 
other, then push it just 1D 1L. Now bring the ball R D and push off left and 
the ball goes to the right.

Push the ball into the east wall, holding A, then push it S E N W N W N E S E 
2N and W N W N W N W. When the enemies push away from the entrance, push the 
ball below to win.

Level 77

You'll have to run over a few semi-death squares to win this but it shouldn't 
be tough overall. Push the ball against the side and then recoil in order to 
take out the 3 major rows and columns. Then push the ball against a wall 
again and line up with the inner 4 rows. It's most convenient just to walk 
through the semi-deaths, as if you don't get the ball to bounce right the 
first time, you'll know where you need to line up the next time. Rotate and 

Level 78

Knowing what to do is easy, but getting there is the hard part. You must 
maneuver your ship in such a way as not to hit any of the death squares. You 
need to get to the compartment where the ball is, and the directions are

E S E S at intersection, W at intersection, S, W all the way, N, E, N at 
intersection, W, S, E at intersection, and break down one wall. Have the ball 
moving slowly and move in to the right so it bounces against the brick to the 
right. Run against the brick and crush it a bit and run past the ball so it 
fires back right. Repeat until you've dissolved the brick to the right, so 
the ball can go right and into the exit.

Level 79

Geez, this is a mess. Push the ball L D to make a hole, then go into that 
hole and clear the gunk and touch the E from the right. When the ball is 
below the red/oranges, hit the E from the right again. Now wind your way 
through to the bottom. There are a lot of ways to do this, and you don't have 
to be neat. Just walk around everything below, then go down the right side, 
left and down. Be sure not to push #2 DR, so after going R, go UR to the 

x 1  2
x3 456
x  7 8
x  cde
x f  g

Clear the area around the DL teleportal then wawit for the ball to be below 
the orange/pink then touch it from the right. Return.

Now smoosh the ball D R and walk around the skulls to knick the ball N once, 
then S to the corner and W. For the stack of movable blocks above, push the 
rightmost 2N then the leftmost D with the ball on the right, then push the 
leftmost 2L.

Push the middle 4 blocks up so you can push them right into a wandering block 
above. Then push the left block D* L. Push the ball L then U and when it 
takes out the last of the bit above, push it down and wipe out the mobile 
deaths above. If you are not sure what is the last hit to the 5-block, be 
ready to intercept the ball.

Now push the ball against the left so that it bounces right when 1D of the 
skull. Now go back to the bottom, R U(careful in the maze) and move the ball 
to the right of its travels, then recoil U to push it up.

The next bit is tricky--pushing the ball left when 1D from the bottom. Then 
push it right into the wall and down, then go 1/2 L and play arkanoid below 
til you can get the ball straightened, after which hit it against the right 
wall, D, L and go up over the next passage, kicking the ball down. Then go 
down, hold B when 1R, sweep left and watch the ball go right.

Run around the maze, avoiding the enemy when he's at the leftmost. You need 
to kick the ball up ahd then right--then go 1/2 D in the UR to kick the ball 
around, then straighten it out so it moves horizontally. If it is between 
columns, kick it to the bottom on the side then right.

Pull the leftmost mobile down to block the ball, then pull the next-left up 
so it is 1R of the stationary block. Kick the ball L U L. The exit will 
eventually run into the path of the ball. You can press to the left to make 
the 5's burst quicker.

Level 80

This is a helter skelter level with no real safe zones, so all you can do is 
play arkanoid to kick the ball to the bottom edge then kick it upwards--also 
noting that there are two blocks that won't let you move in that way. Once 
you take out one column, intercept the ball(you may have to to avoid cross-
blocks) and move it over. Then kick the ball to the top via the corner and 
try again.

It may be possible to use the corners exclusively here, but I think a little 
experimentation early on would be much more helpful.


The current game board map starts at 0x6000 in memory and is 64x64. It is at 
0x12f5 in an FCEU save file.

0xbe = # of lives



0.1.5: sent to GameFAQs 11/28/2007, with the basics done along with 13 levels.
0.5.0: sent to GameFAQs 2/12/2008, 45 of 90 levels done
1.0.0: sent to GameFAQs 2/12/2008(PM), all levels done


Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang, current and emeritus. They know who they 
are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS writing done. 
Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow 
Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, Brian Sulpher, AdamL, odino, JDog and 
others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in his current not-yet-banned message 
board incarnation. I am not part of his gang, but I want him to be part of 
Thanks to the NES Completion Project folks for keeping it going.
Special thanks to odino for notifying me about this game.

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