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Guide and Walkthrough by EntropicLobo

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/22/2008
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2008

Don Doko Don - NES

Version 1.0 (22/02/2008)

Version History:
1.0: Basic Guide Complete - (22/02/2008)

Written for the NES FAQ Completion Project - faqs.retronintendo.com


This Guide is Copyright, 2007, Matthew McIntyre

This guide may not be used on a website or in any public forum
where it is protected by copyright without the consent of the author.

To contact me: entropiclobo(at)yahoo(dot)ca or chaos(dot)wolf(at)gmail(dot)com

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Game by Taito

*                            Table of Contents                               *

*To jump to a section, hold the Control Key and press F, then type in the
section number as it appears (ie type DDD1)

DDD1: Intro
DDD2: Gameplay
      DDD2.1: Basics
      DDD2.2: Manipulating Enemies
      DDD2.3: About Power Levels
      DDD2.4: Time Limit
DDD3: Items
DDD4: Standard Rounds
      DD4.1: World 1
      DD4.2: World 2
      DD4.3: World 3
      DD4.4: World 4
      DD4.5: World 5
DDD5: Reverse Rounds
      DD5.1: Reverse World 1
      DD5.2: Reverse World 2
      DD5.3: Reverse World 3
      DD5.4: Reverse World 4
      DD5.5: Reverse World 5
DDD6: Secret
DDD7: Enemies
DDD8: Credits


You can jump to a specfic room by typing DDDRM and then the number of your

DDDRM01 takes you to round 1. DDDRM51 takes you to round 51.


Don Doko Don is rated "C" for "Cow King." It contains scenes of giant
pumpkins and chef bears getting hit with hammers. Player discretion is advised.

|                                DDD1: Intro                                 |

Picture this - a room filled with enemies. You must defeat all of the enemies
to proceed to the next room. When you finish every room, you rescue a princess.
Doesn't sound inspired? Don Doko Don is far from uninspired. There was a time
when we needed a task and the means to complete it, and the game's theme wrote
itself. A variety enemies, secrets to find, and a decent challenge. Really,
that's all I want for a game..

Don Doko Don seems like an aborted puzzler. It has all the makings of an
action puzzler. Tight quarters, many environmental hazards, and a series of
thematic rooms. However, it concentrates more on enemy combat than anything.
At the same time, however, the stages are built in a way that they are
smooth when strategy is applied but rough when you just go ape trying to
hammer the enemies.

The execution is excellent. Don's jump is limited, more for vertical movement
than horizontal. However, everything is spaced well enough that this is rarely
a problem - a hallmark of a tremendous design philosophy. And when things are
out of reach, there may be some other way of getting at it, such as provoking
an unreachable enemy to come down after -you-.

And I must say this about -every- enemy-driven game I write about, but it's
true - enemies make the game for me. There's a nice variety of foes to tackle
here and some are very deadly when you approach them the wrong way. That's
what I like to see.

So by all means, try it on the famicom or try it via the arcade version (such
as on Taito Legends 2) - just try it. It's the kind of game that plays with
its own rhythm. It absorbs you.

|                              DDD2: Gameplay                                |

                           ---DDD2.1: Basics---

Control Pad: Move your character.
A: Jump
B: Hammer

Don Doko DOn is played over 50 rounds in a row, with a branching path at the
first stage. This is a hidden branch to the "Reverse Rounds" and both paths
feature alternate endings. The hidden path is hinted at in the ending of the
first path.

So Don Doko Don features a number of rounds in a set path. The 50 rounds are 1
Room each, and make up the 5 Worlds of Marry Land. These each feature 9 rounds
of stock enemies and then a battle against a large boss enemy.

When you reach the end of the game, you will rescue the princess (or king) of
Marry Land.

Each stage is cleared by defeating all onscreene nemies, minus purely
environmental threats and invincible enemies.

Your jump is pretty short and has more height than lateral trajectory. It's
better than it sounds though, it's responsive and there are no inaccessible
jumps. It's like a good version of Ice Climber.

The Hammer has limited range, though again - it's not so bad. A little
practice and you will be an ace with it.

                    ---DDD2.2: Manipulating Enemies---

Enemies form the core of Don Doko Don. Once all enemies are defeated on the
screen Don hads to the next area. There are also threats from the environment
itself. The worlds are not just background themes - they also bring specific
threats with them.

Don can defeat enemies by bopping them with his hammer, picking them up and
throwing them. An enemy may also be defeated by getting hit with another enemy
though this may only knock them out.

You can move with enemies, though the speed at which you move is influenced by
how many enemies you have.

-----  .-.                *Holding only one or two enemies, you can move at
----- .'__\                a speed close to your normal speed.
-----  ('V')<(X___x)>
----- <(\_/)>
-----  // \\

--  .-.  <(X___x)>        *Holding many enemies, however, slows Don to a crawl.
-- .'__\ <(x___X)>
--  ('_')<(X___x)>
-- <(\_/)>
--  // \\

But what difference does this make? I mean, aren't they under your influence

Well, sort of. A projectile of four mushroom enemies is stronger and wider
than that of one. So why not use it? Well, you should, within reason...

       .-.   /_____\ *WAKE!*
*BLOP*.'__\  (|O_O|)
       (X,X)  |   | ----<Don't let me sleep through the party Don, I'm a 
      <(\_/)>/ '-' \     FUN GUY after all!!!>
       // \\ '-' '-'

Enemeis eventually come to their senses. No matter how many you carry, they
will wake up after a set time. Hence the consideration of load. If you slow
down, they might all wake up before you manage to get to get to your location
and line up your shot.

Now, when an enemy dies it will release some fruit. Ane nemy dies after you
throw it under most circumstances. If they hit a wall or another enemy, they
will perish.

                    ---DDD2.3: About Power Levels---

 .-.                     #    | |                                     |
.'__\                 #  ## # | |                                     |
 ('_')                      ##| |                                     |
<(\_/)> -------------  <(X___#| |       ---------------  <(X___x)>    |
 // \\                    # #_| |_                                    |
        |                  ^                                 ^
        |           Don has a low power             Don has a high power
                    level and the enemy             level and the enemy
                    hits the first all.             passes through the first
                                                    wall and dies on the stage

Power level is denoted at the bottom left corner. When it fills and flashes,
Don can throw enemies through any wall and any enemy. This is _EXTREMELY_
helpful and defeats the need for strategy in a lot of stages. For instance...

___ ._._._       ___  This is not a hypothetical, this is a scenerio from the
| | -....-       | |  game. The King enemy produces Card enemies. You can try
| |  @@oo___     | |  to hit him from below - it can be dangerous. You can try
| | @@  (___)    | |  to drop down beside him, very dangerous.
| | -''-_'_ _    | |
| | (    \|\|    | |  If you have max power you can throw an enemy THROUGH the
| | /   --'-     | |  walls and kill him houtright - with barely any risk to
| |/      \      | |  Don in the process.

This is literally the function of Power - penetrating walls and hitting
multiple enemies at once. You can increase power primarily with items, and it
decreases with spotted fruit and zeroes out when Don dies.

                            ---DDD2.4: Time Limit---

The game's rooms are on an invisible time limit, which is reset every time you
die. When the time limit runs out, a little winged imp with a trident will
appear and assault Don. He is invincible, and stays until Don dies. Nice guy.

He arrives in the following pattern


And so on and so forth until it reaches the bottom. Once it does it will fly to
the centre. It will then start to fly at Don. He tracks your position and flies
to it, and so on. Jump over him and try to finish the stage without getting

This little guy has his own music which starts to play just before he arrives.

|                                DDD3: Items                                 |

Items play a big role in DonDokoDon in that they are often offered in a puzzle
as a means of quickly solving it. As such, theya re important to many
solutions. Without items, many solutions would simply be "hit the enemies."

Note that the only items that acrry over between stages are related to POWER.
Yeah, that Flying Hammer is nice, but you can't have it in more than the stages
you earn it.

Also, if you die and miss the stage's item - it will not return.

-Fruit: Fruit is the most prevalent item, and it increases the score. Alright,
        so the score DOES carry over, but it has no effect otherwise.

        Fruit is dropped when an enemy is defeated - for most of them.
        Colelcting lots of fruit seems to make other items spawn.

-Spotted Fruit: Reduces Don's power by 1. This is why you shouldn't let bunches
                of fruit fall on Don. Pick and choose.

-Crystal Star Ball: Stars begint o fall from the sky, destroying any enemy they
                    touch. Use them as cover to facilitate your completion of
                    the level.

-Book of Death: This powerful book stops all enemies and kills them a few
                seconds later.

-Book of Smash: This book has a triangle on it. It causes all enemies to get
                smashed. Get to them and throw them before they recover.

-Death Hammer: This hammer will allow Don to destroy an enemy in one hit. This
               is most useful against the multi-hit enemies that appear in some
               rooms. You still get fruit for doing this.

-Flying Hammer: This lets Don throw hammers at enemies ata  distances.
                Extremely useful, but it does only smash them so you still
                have to get close to them to finish them off.

-Max Power: This (P) icon instantly maxes out your power. Very useful.

-Potion of Power: This large potion increases Don's power level.

-Potion of Speed: This smaller, flask-shaped potion increases Don's ground
                  speed. He's normally pretty slow so this is welcome.

|                           DDD4: Standard Rounds                            |

There are 50 standard rounds, with a boss at each tenth round.


You can jump to a specfic room by typing DDDRM and then the number of your

DDDRM01 takes you to round 1. DDDRM51 takes you to round 51.


                               DDD4.1: World 1

World 1 is a forest, and most of the rooms an denemies reflect this. There's
nothing too serious yet.

                          ~=-_DDDRM01: Room 01_-=~

The match starts as the Large Mushroom, Chestnut, and Small Mushroom begin to
make their way down toward your carpenter. None of these enemies are
particularly potent, so they are easily dispatched.

However, you may want to wait untilt he red potion appears up at the top
before taking any of them on. This potion increases Don's speed and that will
be helpful at least until you blop the death.

After collecting the item, hammer one of the enemies and defeat both of the
others with one toss if possible. If not, at least defeat one of them with a
throw and then proceed to rock the other with your hammer and throw it against
a wall.

                          ~=-_DDDRM02: Room 02_-=~

Six fire-spitting mushrooms and a normal large mushroom at the top. This one's
not so bad if you're patient.

First of all, there is a power potion that will appear at the top of the stage.
If this is desireable, you'll have to wait for the mushrooms to fire, then
climb to the top. Stun the large mushroom up here, and wait for the potion to
appear before grabbing it.

Once that's decided, you should use the corpse of the large mushroom to toss at
one row of fire mushrooms. Since you just started, this will only kill one of
them and simply smash the enxt. This means you can take the smashed fire shroom
and use it to do the same on the next row.

If you can't use this tactic, smash one fire mushroom, and fling it at the next
before it can spit fire again. Not as safe, but still effective.

                          ~=-_DDDRM03: Room 03_-=~

A handful of small mushrooms and a chestnut are there to lend that large
mushroom a hand. The faces in the trees are key to this level.

If something enters a tree's mouth, it will exit out the other mouth. Som this
is important as the mushrooms could get the drop on you. In this level, I find
that a (P) icon shows up toward the centre - very powerful as it instantly
fills your power meter. So I would say jump to the first platform, then the
central platform in line with the bottom tree-face's nose and wait for an item
to appear.

By the time you get an item, the the enemies will be very close together. This
means you shoulkd be able to get all, or almost all, of them in one shot.
Clobber them all, pick them all up, and throw them all against the wall.

                          ~=-_DDDRM04: Room 04_-=~

This takes the face trees to another level. There's a Death Hammer in this area
however, appearing above that "T" shaped platform. This was black in the arcade
game. But I digress, the Death Hammer kills enemies in one hit. So grab it, and
start whacking.

The enemy you should make your way towards first is the Large Spawning Mushroom
which is just like the Large Mushroom but seems to spawn new Chestnuts. No
major threat, but yes it can be an aggravation.

It may jump down to the T with you, so stay to the right side of the T. You can
finish most of the stage from this one position, as the small mushrooms and
chestnuts will jump up to the T from below - just close enough to be hammered.

Note that the fruit they spawned can be sucked up by the tree faces and thrown
to the top tier. Chase it if you must, just don't take too long.

Even if you don't use the Death Hammer, this stage is best tackled from below
as you can take partial cover down here.

                          ~=-_DDDRM05: Room 05_-=~

Alrighty then, bunny rabbits. These rabbits are much more mobile than any
mushroom you've thus far faced. The rabits are slightly quick, and hop

Climb the left side of the screen right away. Knock out the rabbit that is
making its way up here and then jump across to the right. On top of the middle
structure, stay near to the left side and clobber all the bunnies as they jump
up here with you.

There's also a (P) icon that often appears up here, great for these walls. But
the bunnies will be coming up beneath you. Smash as many as possible, then toss
the whole works of them at the wall.

As for any other bunnies, you can use the shmuck you clobbered at the start and
throw it through the wall to hit any stragglers. If you lack the power to do
this you will need to enter the bottom of the structure and knock the rabbits
out from below.

                          ~=-_DDDRM06: Room 06_-=~

Okay, so there are deadly fruitsdropping from the ceiling and some guys tossing
boomerangs. One guy will even follow you down to the bottom. Smash any fruit
that gets in your way and stick around the centre of the bottom of the screen.
A flying hammer will appear here. You can throw the flying hammer, super useful
for this level.

Toss the hammer at the boomerang man that has jumped down to your level. Pick
up his corpse and throw him at the two boomerang men immediately above you. If
one of them leaves a corpse, use it on the next row.

If they are both destroyed, you will need to wait for one guy to catch his
boomerang and thens mash him. You can throw this guy at the other dude across
the way. You're outside the range of the other boomerang so no worries.

If the fruit block this move, you will have to get him with the flying hammer.
If you died and lost it, wait until he catches a boomerang then smash his face

                          ~=-_DDDRM07: Room 07_-=~

Dropping fruit and fire mushrooms. There is a speed potion appearing above the
central fire mushroom, but it's not a priority target, If we CAN get it, we
will of course, but it's not the focus of this stage.

But let's start by jumping up straight up form where you start. Don't jump into
the large mushroom here, but jump and swing if possible to connect. It may be
best to jump up beside hima nd swing. If you can manage this, then let the fire
mushroom at the centre fire off its salvo then return fire when the coast is
clear. Now, if there's anothe rmushroom climbing the centre stage, make sure
you defeat it first. Jump over beside hima nd smash him. Jump and grab the

You can use this mushroom to take out one of the remaining fire mushrooms if
yous o please. It;s better than whacking him in the face. A chestnut or small
mushroom can take out the other fire mushroom. If neither is an option, use one
fire mushroom to take out the other.

                          ~=-_DDDRM08: Room 08_-=~

Six bunnies, no problem right? Well, there are rocks falling from the ceiling
here that will kill Don. Think of it like Donkey Kong, jump those rocks as if
they were barrels.

There is a power potion that appears here but it is probably too dangerous to
grab under most circumstances. If you want to try after the rocks subside, be
my guest. But when you see the faces on either side tense up, more rocks are on
the way.

Jump up twice from the start and defeat the two bunnies falling down the left
side. Climb back up and avoid the rocks. The other rabbits should be grouping
together now. Grab the potion if you want and then come down and take out as
many rabbits as possible before the second wave of rocks arrives.

                          ~=-_DDDRM09: Room 09_-=~

Jumping rocks. It's easy to take a long time to complete this stage, so beware.
It was actually much easier on the arcade version as the spawning mushroom gave
you ammunition against the jumping rocks. Not the case here, unfortunately.

The best way to handle this is to let the small mushrooms start to jump down,
then climb up to the top. There's a potion soon appearing at the bottom, if you
want to grab that first.

When the second fromt he top rock jumps away from your position, jump over and
start hammering the top rock. If he hasn't made a large jump when you started,
then he should be staggered enough that you can keep it up until he cracks.

If the rock beneath you is going to leap up beneath you, make sure get out of
the way.

Continue this all the way down to the bottom rock creature - you may want to
throw some small mushrooms at the last guy. To reach a lower rock creature,
walk off the edge of a higher platform, then hold the control pad in towards
the lower platform.

Clean up on the smaller mushrooms and you should be able to get out of here
before the little imp guy arrives.

                          ~=-_DDDRM10: Room 10_-=~

The first boss, a Giant pumpkin. It can kill you ifit hits you with its vines
or if its fire hits you. It spins, so the vines are always an issue, and the
fire is lobbed in an arc before burning out on the ground. If fire lands on one
of those platforms, you can be sure it'll cover at least half of it so you'd
best get moving.

So how to you damage this boss then? You need to hammer the pumpkins on the end
of its vines then toss it at the main body. These pumpkins will only stay
smashed for a limited time, however, then they light on fire - this will kill
Don if he's holding one.

None of the platforms are particularly safe. I find it best to climb up to
level 3 and crakc a pumpkin, toss it, dodge the fire and return to the bottom.
However, the fire can be lit up too. The problem with the fire is that it can
come out of nowhere. It is shot from the pumpkins at the end of the vines, but
there is absolutely no warning.

So it's best to only try one pumpkin toss at a time - don't get greedy. You
need to concentrate on the whole room so as you -can- dodge the fire. Also, try
to knock the pumpkins off the longer vines, so that you don't get clobbered
running in to pick one up.

Grab the small pumpkin it drops for 1000 points.

                               DDD4.2: World 2

World 2 seems based ona  house or series of buildings. It's theme seems to
largely be cooking, though it's not only theme. Just the most prevalent.

A number of enemies here can create environmental hazards or trip Don up with
attacks that, for instance, stun rather than kill.

                          ~=-_DDDRM11: Room 11_-=~

The conveyer system here will carry a number of the mice down toward you. Stay
in the bottom left corner for a little bit and see if a book appears above that
central chamber. If it does, it's the Book of Smash.

The mice are on the lower left side of the screen, climb the upper right side.
Jump over to the central chamber swinging your hammer. One of the mice has
surely turned around and started on its way back toward you. Fine, knock him
out and the book of Smash knocks the rest out.

When the mice at the top are knocked out, they will be carried by the conveyer
down toward the ground. So you can easily dispatch them, and get back to the
bottom int ime to kill the other mice.

If you can't manage to grab the Book of Smash, fine. The upper tier is easily
reached and the mice almost always group together.

                          ~=-_DDDRM12: Room 12_-=~

While a potion appears on the righthand side, we aren't going for that
exclusively. Instead, let's head up the left side. Within the left chamber,
stick to its right side. Jump over to that fairy pigogator (???) and hammer it.
You should jump when the flying pigogator at the top of the screen stops and
tosses its trident down.

Continue to the top and destroy the pigogator up here, then take out the flying
pigogator. Jump and hammer him from the side. The rest should be fairly clumped
together on the righthand side of the screen. Clobber and toss.

This stage really isn't so bad as long as you take out the flying enemy early.

                          ~=-_DDDRM13: Room 13_-=~

There are a number of chefs in the middle of the screen. Now, even in the
arcade version the Book of Death appears in this level - highly useful. Wait at
the bottom of the screen, in the centre. When the book appears, wait for the
chefs to move and stop. Jump up through the levels rapidly to grab the Book of
Death. The chefs will pause, then all be destroyed.

If you cannot manage to reach the Book of Death, the chefs will pause and give
you an opening. Jump up behind one and clobber him, then toss him at another
chef. Keep this kind of action up and the stage will be over soon - with or
without the book.

                          ~=-_DDDRM14: Room 14_-=~

Six pigogators on bouncey platforms. These platforms bounce Don straight up,
and this honestly does impair movement.

Climb up the left side of the bottom left "E-like" structure. Clobber and toss
any pigogators that get in your way. Stay at the very centre and a royal figure
should appear here. This stops time, briefly. Head right, climb to the next
level and take out the pigogators starting from the top and working your way
down. You may even be able to freeze them all in a line.

If you can't get the Royal Figure, you will have to make your way toward each
pigogator. This made difficult due to the bouncing, but at least they aren't an
aggressive lot. Kill them as soon as you clobber them - they make fine
projectiles, but chances are you won't be lining up a shot today. If you think
you can, however, by all means do so.

                          ~=-_DDDRM15: Room 15_-=~

Bears with pies. The pies will knock you out if you get hit by them, but not
kill you. This only makes a difference outside of the bouncey area, however.

There's a speed potion at the bottom, but we don't need it. the left side looks
like this:

    ----  <--- Bears will be here.
     ____  <--- Kill them from here.
---  __
   ---     <--- Start jumping here.

Basically, start at that firsty bottom square and make your way to the opening
beneath the two bears. Jump and hammer them from here, then toss them at the
wall. The rest of the bears will head to the top of the screen, so these guys
should be handled first if you want to complete the game in a timely manner.

Head now to the top of the screen when you get an opening. Run towards some of
the bears swinging your hammer to break the pies. Clobber them, and toss them
at the wall - or other bears.

                          ~=-_DDDRM16: Room 16_-=~

The Book of Death appears here as well. Run to the right side of the screen and
climb up here to on top of the second bouncey platform. Wait here a moment
until the book appears and take a short hop over to it. You will want to swing
your hammer while you wait to break stray pies, and when you hop be careful of
hitting any bears above you.

If you can't get the Book of Death, try to strike the bears from the below on
the side, then toss them at other bears. They don't really clump together too
well but they do gravitate toward the bottom. If you can't line up a shot, just
throw them before they regain their senses.

                          ~=-_DDDRM17: Room 17_-=~

Okay, there's now jam bears and cake bears. The jam makes the floors kind of
slippery and hard to start moving, while the cake pushes Don and explodes - so
jump away as it rolls across the ground.

There's a Power potion here, but we have a pattern to follow at the start here.
From the start, jump up and hammer the cake bear, grab him, and throw him at
the next. You may have to wait for the next guy's cake to pass first.

Now directly above you, there should be two bears. Jump up beside them and
clobber them. Throw them and across the top of the screen. Either drop down
beside the bears and clobber them, or wait until they try to jump up here. When
they have been dispatched, grab the potion and destroy any left over bears.

                          ~=-_DDDRM18: Room 18_-=~

Jam and cake bears await you in room 18. From where you start, jump to the
brown block and up to the bear. Clobber him. wait for the cake across from you
to get out of the way and toss this bear at him.

A max power icon appears near the bottom middle - useful power-up but not
necessary for this round. The bears will essentially gravitate toward the top
and bottom. Since there's an item involved, let's start with the bottom.

Fall down through the middle and hammer the bear that started down here. Kill
one of the bears jumping down to the bottom of the screen. Clobber and kill the
other guy then head to the middle for the item. Actually you could use him to
snipe one of th ebears jumping down the middle.

Most of them stick to the middle now. You can easily clobber one, wait for the
next, then snipe this same next bear. Just make sure to throw the bear if it
starts to regain its senses.

                          ~=-_DDDRM19: Room 19_-=~

Another seven bears here. 1 jam, 4 cake, 2 pie. But I digress, we'll be coming
out on top here. There's a speed potion in the middle of the arena but we will
be giving it a miss unless we have time to grab it at the end.

Stand at the bottom beneath the left side of the ledge. Keep swinging your
hammer and youw ill clobber any bears that jump down here. Eventually, a whole
mess will appear. Clobber them, and throw them at the bears to the right.

Yeah, it's that easy. Grab the potion for some points if you can.

                          ~=-_DDDRM20: Room 20_-=~

The boss of world 2 is a giant chef bear. It bounces around the top of the
screen while tossing candy. This candy -can- fall to the floor. Fine, stand
beneath a platform and they will never hit you.

Trident mice arrive from the doors at the top of the screen. Clobber them,
climb up the platforms, and toss them at the bear to damage him. Of course,
ditch them if they start to shake and only carry maybe two at once.

Really, this boss is simpler than the pumpkin. Just make sure he is bouncing
away before you toss the mice at him, and jump way up into the sky to make
sure you hit him. After tossing, get beneath some kind of platform so he can't
return the favour.

When he dies, grab the chef's hat for 1000 points.

                               DDD4.3: World 3

This is an ice-themed world. Icey floors and one of the game's most aggravating
enemeies await!

                          ~=-_DDDRM21: Room 21_-=~

The yeti's here are just like large mushrooms - they simply try to bash you.
The icicles will fall fromt he ceiling to crush you, however, so keep moving if
you pass beneath one.

A max power icon appears at the top centre, so we're heading there. As soon as
you can move, jump up here and stan just below the top left platform, while you
are ON the top middle platform. Defeat the Yetis that start at the top, and
grab the power-up.

The other guys will be jumping up toward Don at this point. Defeat them as they

                          ~=-_DDDRM22: Room 22_-=~

Icicles and YEtis again. a speed potion appears at the top, though its a bit
out of the way to be truly useful in this stage.

Wait at the bottom for the Yeti to jump down. Wait for him to come close and
hammer him. Grab him and wiat for the next Yeti to drop down. Throw your quarry
at him.

There's a small platform at the bottom here. Jump to it, then up and right to
the next platform. If the Yetis are standing still, jump over to them and take
them out.

                          ~=-_DDDRM23: Room 23_-=~

The snowy platforms drop when you hammer them, the Ice Blockers slide deadly
ice blocks toward Don.

Climb all the way to the top left area and smash the Ice Blocker. Grab it and
drop down and toss it right at the Ice Blocker on the mid level. Let its ice
block pass first.

Alright, now head right. Clobber the next Ice Blocker. If you knock the floor
out, drop to the bottom and use the smashed ice blocker to defeat the next one.
Otherwise, try to hit the ground so that it stuns the last ice blocker, then
drop down and throw it.

                          ~=-_DDDRM24: Room 24_-=~

The blue yetis here (probably because of the pallete) don't seem to move very
much at all. Climb all the way to the top - be careful not to walk into a yeti.
Defeat the ice blocker up here and wait - a royal figure will appear.

The second ice blocker is the most important enemy to kill while time is frozen
and you should take its body to toss at some of the blue yetis down below.
Defeat as many of these Yetis as possible before time runs out, and any left
over shouldn't be too hard to take out.

If you cannot get the royal figure, this is probably still the safest path to
take. Just wait for the second blocker to make its move (jump or block toss)
then drop beside it and clobber it.

                          ~=-_DDDRM25: Room 25_-=~

Ice Queens. They can instantly freeze you if you approach from the side. Easily
the most potent enemy in the game because their strike is sudden and deadly.

Climb up to the third platform and wait on the righthand side of it. Defeat the
two upper ice queens as they drop down. Now, the next little bit requires
precision though we must make haste because we waited just down.

Where the ice goes like this on the left hand side:

     |  |  <--B
   |  |  <--A
|  |
|  |

Hit block A when the Ice Queen is beneath block B. Block B will fall and crush
her. If it misses, you will have to break into the other side and attempt to
drop the whole works on her.

You can do the same with the other Ice Queen and then take out the Yeti. If you
absolutely CANNOT hit an Ice Queen with an ice block, then it's best to take
them on from above the waist. Either hit them when they jump, or approach them
in line with their face.

IF your power is maxed, just toss something THROUGH the ice to kill them.

                          ~=-_DDDRM26: Room 26_-=~

Many, many ice blocks. Destroy the top block on the lower section, and all four
of the blocks on the left side on top of the platform. Now, of the enxt column
over, destroy two blocks. It's now jumping height. Jump up on top and reduce
the next section to two blocks.

Either wait for the Ice Queen to jump near you if she's close, or run over and
smack her if she's in the small pit.

Alright, the two other Queens. If you have max power, easy - just throw
something at each one. But if you don't, we have to move quick. Small hops must
be made to knock down their wall, starting with the lower block of the wall.
When two blocks are destroyed, get out of the way and catch the Queen as they
jump down - vulnerable.

When both are destroyed, break your way into the Yeti and destroy it before the
time starts to run out.

                          ~=-_DDDRM27: Room 27_-=~

Before the Ice Queen Start moving, run right, jump and smack one. Jump to the
far left side of the first platform here, then left and grab the Ice Queen you
smashed while simulataneously dodging the ice of the second one. Turn and crush
the second ice queen with a thrown queen.

Phew. Now, there's a column of ice to the right. Knock it down to two blocks,
then head up and grab the Royal Figure. When ypou do, defeat the Ice Queen up
here, then head back down and jump and hammer the Ice Queen in the middle. Then
head left and get the other two queens in range before the time returns to

Even if you don't get the Royal figure, you should take out these Ice Queens
when their backs are turned. They are very difficult to destroy from above or
the side.

Now, head back up the righthand side and smash your way through the ice until
you are below the final Ice Queen. When her back is turned, jump up and smash
her. Jump again, grab the body, and throw it to finish the round.

                          ~=-_DDDRM28: Room 28_-=~

This pyramid of ice's shape will be used to our advantage. Honestly, it's best
to start with an Ice Queen as the Yeti will likely drop right onto your head -
killing you. There IS a max power near the op if you're so inclined to try and
get up and into it...

When the nearest Ice Queen turns her back, jump up and defeat here. Now, dig
into the middle Yeti's chamber. This should also release the top-centre's Yeti.
Defeat the two of tehm and concentrate on the second Ice Queen.

She should be standing under a "/" shaped section of ice blocks. Hit the bottom
block to drop the whole works on her and kill her. Nice. Otherwise, you will
need to get her from above the belt - wait for her to jump, or clear a path in
line with her face.

When you're ready to tale on the Yetis, simply start digging out to them. This
should form a whole in the wall as blocks fall. Jump up, dispatch the Yeti,
then work on the final Yeti the same way.

                          ~=-_DDDRM29: Room 29_-=~

Five Ice Warriors - very dangerous enemies and this is wholely an action based
stage. There IS a  Death Hammer here. Worth picking up if possible. Instant

However, for the first two. They will both drop into the same chamber, that
looks like this in the middle of the stage -

___  ___
 |    |

Stand on the lower ledge and smash them rapidly through the wall. Five direct
hits to both of them should be enough to crush them.

As for the top guys, especially if you didn't manage to get the Death Hammer,
you can get them ina  similar chamber except with a fall-away floor in the
middle of it.

You can crush them just as you did before, but don't hit the fall-away floor
if you can help it as it will releas ethem to the rest of the stage. You can
stand on the side and swing and never hit that part of the floor, however.

                          ~=-_DDDRM30: Room 30_-=~

This boss is a hermit crab. It flies around the top of the screen reaching its
claws out. There are two walls of ice as well - leave these alone as it helps
keep the smaller hermit crabs at bay.

You see, it also releases smaller hermit crabs, and if they have unrestricted
access to those side platforms they will get in your way when you try to throw
clobbered hermit crabs at the boss.

Now, it CAN reach through the ice wall, so you may have to retreat a little
when it comes near. Otherwise, drop down and smash about two hermit crabs at a
time to bring up and throw at him.

Rmeember, however, that the crabs will still come after you and the ice may
block off the escape route. If there's a surplus, kill them off and grab some
stragglers to take up and toss at the boss.

HOWEVER, if you can get a LOT clobbered near the sides, it's worth it to toss
them all.

The crab it self drops from the shell when it dies, grab it for 1000 points.

                               DDD4.4: World 4

World 4 is a colourful jaunt into the sky. You're getting close to the castle

                          ~=-_DDDRM31: Room 31_-=~

Four kings. These kings produce cards that attack you. They're our priority

Start by jumping up and right, clobber the king. Defeat it and do the same for
the central King (in teh small chamber) but make sure he's to the right so you
can get inside there with him and get the max power.

The other two Kings will release cards. Jump up next to them when the cards
depart and defeat both of them. Stay within the structure. When the righthand
drop is clear, drop to the bottom of the structure. Once we're down here, we
can start smashing cards.

The cards will be taken out the same way as the kings. Jump up beside them and
hammer them. It may take a couple of passes.

                          ~=-_DDDRM32: Room 32_-=~

This stage is shaped like a bear's face. There are also clowns here. Clowns
jump around and are more dangerous than Cards. However, so they are secondary
targets due to the sheer reproductive potential of Cards.

Jump to the mouth ot the bear and defeat the King that's here. Turn and swing
at the clowns bouncing towards you. The Kings at the op will be producing
Cards but wait above the nose for a crystal star ball to appear. this causes
stars to rain down, defeating every enemy they touch.

Meanwhile play clean up, starting with any Kings.

                          ~=-_DDDRM33: Room 33_-=~

A long series of platforms and gaps. There are four kings here, and so there
can be potentially many cards. And since there are many levels, they cna be all
over the place. However, since each level is so distinct and easy to reach,
clean up is no problem. You can line up with a target easily and hit it with a
thrown card. No problem.

Either way, start by hopping up and clobbering the closest King, around about
the low centre of the screen. Carry him up and hit the next King with him.

The top two Kings have likely released their cards by now. Hammer some cards,
take them up and toss them at a King. Either get to the second King before he
can make more cards, or get some more cards and do the same.

A simple matter of clean up now.

                          ~=-_DDDRM34: Room 34_-=~

There are some Kings at the top, but we'll use the twisty platforms to our
advantage to quickly blaze a trail.

Jump up and smash the card. Throw it into the loop to the right and it will
follow the oath and hit the clown, and if you're powerful enough - the first
King. If you can't hit the King, wait for the second clown to bounce down and
send him through the loop.

Once the first King is dispatched, we'll climb up to the middle platform. Jump
up and smash him. Even send him DOWN through the loops to hit some of the cards
he made.

After this, it's clean up time.

                          ~=-_DDDRM35: Room 35_-=~

There are strange jelly-like enemies here, and the stage is shaped like them.
These jelly eggplants.

There only real strategy in this stage is to get in, strike a few of these guys
and get out (the upper right portion of teh stage is escapeable). You need to
strike the biggest form on top of the head, I find. This is much easier in the
arcade but for the NES they can attack as soon as they split, meaning you can't
instantly wear them down.

So I find it best to make a few passes, and easiest when they're clumped. When
you have smashed all of them down to nothingness, the srage ends.

                          ~=-_DDDRM36: Room 36_-=~

Danger? Not really. This stage is actually very tame. Knock out the first King
that drops to the ground. The other two hit platforms and make cards, but soon
jump down after you as well. Defeat them with thrown cards, or defeta the cards
with thrown Kings.

Now, start at the bottom left and make your way up the platforms to the upper
right - the R in DANGER. You may pick up a Death Hammer along the way. Fine,
take it but it's not super necessary.

Take out the first DANGER card as you make your way into the word. Get on top
of the word and teh second guy will come up to meet you. Don't disappoint him.

                          ~=-_DDDRM37: Room 37_-=~

That windmill flings anything that touches it - including cards. Into YOU. Stay
on the bottom central platform until the Royal Figure appears. Grab it and stop

Make your way up the left side of the screen, smashing (but not dispatching
yet) any clowns. Smash the King at the top and throw it right. If it doesn't
defeat the King on the other side, jump intot he WIndmill and it may fling you
to the righthand side. If it does, kill the King over here.

Otherwise, get as close to the second King as possible before time returns to
normal. Stick closer to the bottom if time resumes and there's unsmashed

Take them all out while staying out of the range of windmill-borne enemy

                          ~=-_DDDRM38: Room 38_-=~

Wow, this is so easy with max power. Just grab an enemy and trhow it into the
curves and it will destroy 90% of the board - including the King.

If you do not have max power, simply Smash the clowns and launch them through
the loops all the same to take out anyone in the way. As for the King, wait
until there are no or few cards in with him, jump up from below and hammer
him. A lot safer than trying to jump in beside him.

Now, throw any leftover cards into the loops as well - maybe it will speed up
the cleaning process?

                          ~=-_DDDRM39: Room 39_-=~

Kings and Clowns in a treasure box shaped room. Killt he clown near the
question mark fromt he getgo, then jump up to the first King under the lid.
When you kill him, wait here for a crystal star ball to appear. Starts will
start to rain down on your foes, killing them.

It's most important that they hit the other King. While they rain, go and
dispatch teh other Cards and Clowns and the stationary King should get hit by

If you CANNOT get the crystal ball, the strategy is much the same, except you
will need to wait for am opportunity to get in with the other King and smash

                          ~=-_DDDRM40: Room 40_-=~

This giant magician is actualy a lot easier than his Arcade Counterpart. The
arcade magician twirls his staff, blocking hits. This guy mearly moves it back
and forth and moves around the screen covering more than just the top.

The balloons that raise ot the top of the screen release rabbits. You can
smash these rabbits then carry them up to throw at the boss. Now, the magician
moves his staff back and forth. If the rabbits hit the staff, he takes no
damage. If the strike him, he does.

So wait for him to move the staff to one side of his body then strike him on
the other. He will sometimes pause as well, your signal to hit him with a lot
of bunnies.

But a lot of bunnies don't appear at any one time. Just use all you can as
fast and accurately as you can. It's easy to make it far into this fight
without getting hit, but the little devil guy will aim to fix that if you take
too long.

Touch the bat he releases for 1000 points.

                               DDD4.5: World 5

The fifth world is a castle, and features many environmental hazards and some
of the trickiest levels.

                          ~=-_DDDRM41: Room 41_-=~

Those golems at the bottom will cause a bit of mischief if they get loose.
Climb to the top of the structure next to you, then drop down next to the
triangular structure housing the two golems. Jump tot he top of the first step
of that triangle and hammer the golems until they crumble.

Now, there's three ghosts heading down toward you. Crush the ghosts and carry
them up to the top and toss them at one of the Golems. There is likely a max
power here too, grab it before you toss.

After the toss, jump over the golem and strike him until he crumbles. Then jump
over to the other guy and take him out. Golem in, you win.

                          ~=-_DDDRM42: Room 42_-=~

The big threat here is the swinging spike ball. It swings back and forth in an
arc. You see the multiple small platforms along the bottom? You can stand here
and the ball will fly over you. But NOT near the opening. Good to know.

Anyways, stand under the opening in the lower centre of the screen. When the
flying hammer appears here, grab it. Let the golems stand next to the opening.
When the golems stick near the centre, jump and smack them with the hammer.
Stay down when the ball swings back in. Destroy both, then get ready to go on
a trip.

Stick near the centre and start jumping when the ball swings to the side. Get
to the platform immediately over the middle gap.

Jump to one of the golems the next level up, stand on top of the square and
smack the golem in the face. The golem across the way is likely jumping up and
after you. If you still have the flying hammer, smack him as many times as
possible from across the gap. Otherwise, drop down next to him and take it out.

Get to the top centre platform. Jump over next to one golem's face and destroy
it. GReat, now do the same for the last golem.

                          ~=-_DDDRM43: Room 43_-=~

Move up in line with the caterpillar. This thing can swallow you whole. The
golems next to him can also be eaten. Stand on the small platform just outside
the golems and caterpillar and when the caterpillar reaches the wall, jump out
of the way and it should eat a golem.

Once it has eaten every golem, we can proceed. There is a max power icon that
will appear, feel free to grab it.

There's two golems left at the top of the screen. Toward the left side of the
platform. Jump up, then on to the square ridge. Smack the golems in the face
when they draw near.

                          ~=-_DDDRM44: Room 44_-=~

The mages now and then launch a ball in an arc through the air that tracks your
position from when it was launched. You will often need them to make their move
before they act.

The faces in the wall will fire lasers from their eyes when they open them.
These lasers will petrify Don - instant death. Now, in the arcade game you
could stay in those little pits and not get hit. Not the case here. So we need
to do this in three passes.

The first pass involves you jumping up and smacking the bottom-most mage. Grab
him and toss him and get back to the bottom. Wait for the death hammer to
appear and take it before you continue.

If you don't do the Death Hammer, you need to do this second pass in two
passes. Jump up and kill the guy on the right, then leap over beneath the left
guy. Now, beneath this guy stand beneath the righthand side...

+---+   +----
    |   |
        A <--- Stand under point A here.

Jump up and kill the mage. If you're in the wall, you can walk off to the right
and get back tot he bottom before the lasers fire. If not, well - kill the last
mage nad hope for the best.

The last guy should be reached and slaughtered as quickly as posssible. Stay on
the top level at the far right. If teh laser fires, jump over it and hope you
port to the next stage first. You will probably clear the laser, anyways.

                          ~=-_DDDRM45: Room 45_-=~
There's a few staircases here. There are five mages and one caterpillar to
contend with.

Jump up and knock out the first mage. Jump up holding him and use him to take
out one of the next mages. Run over and defeat the next mage. If the max power
icon appears, snack it.

Now, make your way to the top left. Move up when teh caterpillar is five right.
Knock one out and retreat if the other guy attacks. Then, toss the knocked out
mage at the other guy. Retreat briefly if the caterpillar comes close. If he
does, it might be best to take out these mages one at a time.

                          ~=-_DDDRM46: Room 46_-=~

The axe knights will block direct attacks from your hammer with their shields.
It's best to use an indirect attack. If you have max power, this is an easy
stage - just throw the ghosts at the axeknights.

Otherwise, use the ghosts to hit some axeknighst and try to thin them out
before grabbing the royal figure. When time stops, clean up. They can't block
you now BUT if they were in midblock they still will.

If one is in the thin column at the lower right, make sure you bop it on the
head when it tries to jump back up.

                          ~=-_DDDRM47: Room 47_-=~

Alright, axeknights again. This one is actually really simple. Stand under the
leftmost edge on the structure and the axe knight will jump down. Smack it and
toss it right into the axeknight at the far right. Turn again and smack the
next axeknight as he jumps down. Throw him and jump up the central platforms.

|   ---+
|      |
|(B)   |
+---   |
|      +----

This section on the righthand side is our goal. Stand at point A and smack the
last axeknight as it jumps form point B. That's it bub.

                          ~=-_DDDRM48: Room 48_-=~

A lot of mages here but they don't seem to favour their projectiles. Smack the
closest one from below then toss him at the next mage on the same level. Jump
on top of the caterpillar.

The mages at the top will climb up and jump down when you're toward the left of
the screen. Smack them as they fall down if possible. The caterpillar will eat
them while you are on top of them, whether they're smacked or not.

There's a book available here, but it's not totally accessible. Forget it.

                          ~=-_DDDRM49: Room 49_-=~

Five mages. There's a certain order to killing these guys. As such:

|    3    |
| 1     2 |
|       4 |
| 5       |
|         |

1. Jump up to the second central platform, wait for the mages to attack. When
   it passes, jump up next to this guy and knock him out. Grab him.

2. Immediately move right and toss it at number 2, at the upper right. However,
   you can slightly take your time and jump on the fourth middle platform from
   the bottom when the mages have attacked. Toss it right and take him out.

3. Wait for the mages to fire, then take the left path up and to the right and
   knock this guy out. Grab him.

4. Wait for the mages to attack. Drop to small platform to the right (and just
   below) the third platform from the bottom. Toss the guy you're holding right
   and defeat number 4.

5. Let nummber 5 fire. Stand on the mid sized platform just above him. After he
   fires, drop down and smack him. Toss him to finish it.

Without the pattern, I'd say take them out in this order: 1, 3, 2, 4, 5.
However, this means jumping in front of them and attacking. This could get
messy. Move quickly, and jump in swinging.

                          ~=-_DDDRM50: Room 50_-=~

The dragon is much different than the arcade iteration, in the famicom game he
flies around. He's MUCH easier to dodge this time around.

He will point his head in the direction in which he will launch a fireball.
This fireball appears at his head before he launches it. Now, he has only three
angles, as far as I can tell, at which he can launch the fireball. So even
though he is pointed at you, the small fireball can easily be jumped.

Alright, so the enemies he summons are Kings and Soldiers. Try to catch them as
they drop down. You don't want to handle too many at once, so if they start to
pile up, kill off a few of them - knock them all out and toss them at the wall.

But for most loads, you will want to climb up above the stone wall and toss a
group of enemies at the dragon.

Just keep an eye on the dragon's head position and try not to let the Cards
build up and he's much like the bosses you've already beaten.

The princess drops from the ceiling, and you;ve beaten the standard game. There
are still more rounds to complete.

Read on, true believer.

|                           DDD5: Reverse Rounds                             |

The famicom version of DonDokodon also has a series of extra rounds, many of
them are reversals or arrangements of rounds you've already completed. You
activate these rounds from level 1 - there's a hidden key and a password
prompter. See section 6 for full details.

The game itself refers to them as reverse rounds.


You can jump to a specfic room by typing DDDRM and then the number of your

DDDRM01 takes you to round 1. DDDRM51 takes you to round 51.


                          DDD5.1: Reverse World 1

                          ~=-_DDDRM51: Room 51_-=~

Stand on the bottom platform and wait for a few of the Fire Mushrooms to jump
down beside you. Smash them as they come down. Once most of them have been
defeated, we'll have to start on the offensive as it were.

Jump up into an empty chamber and set your sights on any of there Fire
Mushrooms remaining or the chestnut or small mushroom. Defeat them, throw them
into one another at this point since you don't need to wait.

There's a speed potion in this round but it's not integral.

                          ~=-_DDDRM52: Room 52_-=~

There's a Death Hammer available in this round. Jump up to the third platform
in the centre and from the bottom. Destroy the mushroom if it jumps down beside

Once you have the Death Hammer, drop to the bottom of the screen and start
taking out the Fire Mushrooms one at a time, eliminating both on a level before
continuing to the next level.

If you don't do the Death Hammer, this is still the pattern you follow. Except
now, you are throwing one at the other for the second and third rows.

                          ~=-_DDDRM53: Room 53_-=~

Face trees and a whole mess of Mushrooms. There's a max power icon in this room
but things might just be too hairy to get it. There's a lot of enemies here and
some of the mushrooms will spawn more small mushrooms.

You should start under the bottom left platform, knocking out enemies and
throwing them into one another. If you notice a mushroom stop and the ground
starts to spurt soil, take that large mushroom out asap as it is spawning more
little guys.

Only use the tree's mouth if the enemies on the uppe rlevel are headed to the
right or are absent. You do -not- want to get spit right into them and lose a
life over it.

                          ~=-_DDDRM54: Room 54_-=~

This is divided into four sections:

+-----+-----+   Alright, this is the stage's layout.
|     |     |
B  2  |  4  A   A = Linked Tree Faces
|     |     |   B = Linked Tree Faces
|     |     |   *You can only reach Area 2 by jumping up from section 1.
A  1  |  3  B   *You can only reach Area three by taking the warp from area 2.
|     |     |

Good. So , let's first destroy the bunnies in section 1. Jump up and start
hammering them before they begin to move - you may be hitting one through the
wall. When both are smashed, destroy them.

At this point, wait for the two mushrooms to jump down from section 2. Clobber

Now, hit the -large- mushrooms through the wall between 1 and 3 and then jump
up to section 2. Smash anything here, toss it on the run, and take the face
warp down to section 3. Finish the large guys off here, they're probably just
getting back up.

Now, just visit the other sections and clean up on any remaining enemies.

                          ~=-_DDDRM55: Room 55_-=~

You've seen a room quite like this one before. It's not so bad. Climb to the
top from where you start and you'll be to the right of the main structure.

----+      +---------
    |      |

Stand here, between your structure and the rabbit' structure and swing your
hammer as the bunnies move towards you. The vast majority of them WILL move
toward you as they escape the structure. When it's clear, throw the whole
works of them at the wall.

Drop to the bottom of the screen and defeat any that fell down here, then
work your way up through the middle of the structure so as to get any of the
rabbit sthat didn't initially hop out.

                          ~=-_DDDRM56: Room 56_-=~

This one's new, four chambers holding chestnuts and small mushrooms. I guess
it's only fair to tell you that you can ride on top of dropping fruit. However
if you're on one piece and the other hits you - you still die. The world is a
funny place, my friend.

This one has a trick to it. If you can get higher on the screen, the enemies
will jump out of their chambers making themselves vulnerable.

First ride one of the fruit up to the first set of platforms - well jump from
the fruit up to this set of platforms. This should cause the enemies in the two
lower chambersd to exeunt. When the enemeis closest to you jump past, hammer
them then drop down. Smack the other set of enemies with them.

When all are defeated, get back on a fruit and then back to the first set of
platforms. Wait for the fruit nearest to you to grow and fall again. When it
starts falling - jump on top of it and then up to the next set of platforms.
Pretty sneaky sis.

Now that you're up here, the second compliment of enemies should jump out. Do
them in the same way as the first - hammer them as they drop on by.

                          ~=-_DDDRM57: Room 57_-=~

Pretty tame. Let the mobile enemies drop to the bottom and smash and throw them
as they come. Watch out for the fruit, but you should soon be left with Fire
Mushrooms at the top of the screen.

Wait for them to spit fire and then jump up and smash one of the two fire
mushrooms in range. Jump up and toss it at the topmost mushroom, then dodge the
fireball that is likely on its way.

If you don't hit the top guy with one of his friends, you have to jump on a
descending fruit to reach him. And as he's spitting fire the whole time - not a
convenient situation at all. By the time you get a free moment the imp will
probably be here.

So, yes, jump and smash it with projectile enemies instead.

                          ~=-_DDDRM58: Room 58_-=~

When the faces on the side tense up, rocks will fall and roll. Jump up between
the two sets of rabbits on the left and centre. Knock out those that come near
and toss them. Jump up to dodge the rocks and follow them down to the bottom.

The rabbits should all be near the bottom now. Knock some out and throw them.
If you can't beat them all before the rocks reach you again, dodge them and
come back after them.

                          ~=-_DDDRM59: Room 59_-=~

Rollings rocks and jumping rocks. Nasty. Jump up next to the first rock and
rapidly smash him. Get out of the way if he jumps toward you or if the small
mushrooms drop down.

As for the small mushrooms, toss both of them at the top jumping rock monster
after the rocks start to roll away.

There's a safe way to avoid the rocks.

(B)    ------
-----          -----
-----  ------  -----

Stand at point A until the two rocks at point B roll right. Quickly jump up to
avoid the rock coming to point A, then resume your previous action.

The middle jumping rock monster should be destroyed last of all.

                          ~=-_DDDRM60: Room 60_-=~

As in stage 10, you fight a giant spinning pumpkin. It actually seems a little
easier this time with the different layout to the stage. If you stay at the
centre of the longest platform...

--- <-- This one.

You can move left and right to avoid the flames. The flames it spews will cover
a bit of ground, but this platform is so long you can avoid it and continue to
operate. Also, staying near the centre of it seems to keep you safe from lobbed
fires - but not completely safe. Again, these fires can be tough to see, but
keep an eye out for them. You have a platform above you to escape to if you
truly need to run.

Smack the pumpkins on the end of the vines to release some smashed pumpkins,
toss them at the big guy. It's best to smack the longer vines since you won't
get crushed trying to grab them. They will eventually burn up, so throw them
asap. Keep it up and it'll be over.

It releases a small pumpkin which can be collected for 1000 points.

                          DDD5.2: Reverse World 2

                          ~=-_DDDRM61: Room 61_-=~

Mice and a flying pigogator. Jump up to the conveyer and smash two mice. Start
jumping up past the rest of the mice and toss them at the flying pigogator. Now
that he is dispatched, the other mice may be on their way.

Start smacking the mice as you approach them and they approach you. There is a
death hammer in this stage and while it is helpful it is not essential.

                          ~=-_DDDRM62: Room 62_-=~

Pretty straight forward. Wait for the first pigogator to move into the lower
left corner of the central chamber. Jump to the first platform on the lower
left then jump up and smack this pigogator. Throw it at the mice to the right.
If you need to go over and clean house, do so.

After the mice have been defeated, there's one more pigogator in this central
chamber. Get the max power icon if you can, though it doesn't have any
immediate uses if you can live it's always helpful.

Anyways, jump up and defeat him. Then jump up between the pigogator and two
mice at the top. Smash teh pigogator and toss it at the mice. Run in and
finish them off.

                          ~=-_DDDRM63: Room 63_-=~

There is a Book of Smash in this room. Climb to the top of the screen and
smash the chef that has jumped up to meet you. Throw him at the other chef and
wait for the Book to appear.

When the book appears, grab it and run down the righthand side of the stage as
the conveyers here push you ahead rather than hold you back. Throw the mice at
the bottom to win.

If you can't get the book, you should force most of the mice to the lefthand
side before you get to the top during the start anyways. So head down the
righthand side and look for an opening to get down there and get smashing. If
the mice are jumping, bop them on the head.

                          ~=-_DDDRM64: Room 64_-=~

Every platform here is bouncey, but it's actually very manageable.

Jump up to the second platform over the lefthand side and knock out the mice
and pigogator as they move near. The advantage here is that all of the enemies
draw near.

There IS a max power icon in this stage and while it's very helpful, you may
very well clear it out before you ever get the chance to grab it.

The trick is to time your jumps so that you stop bouncing before the enemies
get close to you.

                          ~=-_DDDRM65: Room 65_-=~

_Every_ surface here is bouncey. Our main targets are the flying pigogators.
Hit the guy immediately to your right and pick him up, Climb the left wall,
and jump onto the pink "T."

Toss it at the pigogator that has jumped in front of you. Alright, watch out
for dropping tridents. Jump left and defeat the enemy here, the flying dudes
should be at the sides of the stage.

There's a Death Hammer in the middle. Regardless of if you get it or not, we
are now in a position to win.

Stay near the middle and smash the enemies that come near you. And in this
position, they will more than likely make their way in.

                          ~=-_DDDRM66: Room 66_-=~

Bouncey floors and bears that throw pies. still, not so bad. Let the mid-level
bears jump up then climb into the middle. Drop through the centre when the
bottoms bears are spread and knock one out. Defeat him. Throw him at the wall,
then knock the other guy out.

Carry him up and toss him at one of the bears now at the top. When you get a
chance, jump up to the top left or right when it's clear. Knock out the bears
and throw them at one another.

                          ~=-_DDDRM67: Room 67_-=~

There's a lot of small slippery platforms here. So what's a carpenter to do?
Stay at the bottom. Seriously. Stay at the bottom and defeat the chefs as they
drop to the bottom. Stay beneath a platform rather than a gap and this stage
will be quite simple.

                          ~=-_DDDRM68: Room 68_-=~

Again, like the previous stage, this is a case of bringing the enemies to you
and not the other way around. But for the first two bears, we will behave as

Run and smack the guy who starts near the bottom. Grab him and throw him at the
other accessible bear.

The other bears will eventually jump up and out of their chamber. Smash them as
they drop down.

                          ~=-_DDDRM69: Room 69_-=~

A somewhat simple stage feature all kinds of bears. Run forward and knock out
the first bear near the bottom. Carry him up and through him at the jam bear.
If the jam bear escapes, follow him up and attack him.

Now, above you there will be a number of bears and bomb cakes and the like.
Jump up when the coast is clear, make your way toward the other bears while
swinging your hammer to destroy any food projectiles. Smask these suckers
around a bit and toss them.

Afte rthis, you just have to clean up any bears that dropped down to a lower

                          ~=-_DDDRM70: Room 70_-=~

Liek the pumpkin before it, the bear has a different layout. This makes him a
bit easier. He bounces back and forth tossing candy. This candy can fall to the
ground to damage you. Avoid it.

The big difference is that there is one door aside from 2. This means you can
control the flow of mice SO much better, especially since it is near the ground
and not at the top of the screen.

Hammer mice as they fall from the door. Carry them up to one of the middle
platforms and jump and toss them when the boss is at the low point of his hop.

Yes, it's easier to hit him at the top platforms. Yes it's easier for him to
crush you from up here as well.

It's even worth the risk to carry the whole compliment of mice up here to toss,
since it's not too far and they're all together at one point. As always,
abandon them if you can't line up a shot.

He will drop a chef's hat worth 1000 points.

                          DDD5.3: Reverse World 3

                          ~=-_DDDRM71: Room 71_-=~

Ice Blockers and Yetis right from the get-go. This one can be bridged with

Move forward until the almost halfway point, smashing any ice blocks sliding
towards you. Bash the blue yeti and defeat the bottom Ice Blocker with a thrown
Yeti. Another Yeti is dropping from above. Destroy it.

Wait for the ice block above to zoom by then jump up to the third platform in
the middle from the bottom. There's a max power icon up here - extremely useful
if you can get it. From up here it is possible to jump out and attack the
remaining ice blockers.

Just watch out for the icicles. Try to get the ice blockers onto the stairs.

Of course, some may jump to the bottom. They should be smacked as they fall.
At least take them out before getting the guys at the top.

                          ~=-_DDDRM72: Room 72_-=~

Run to the right and hammer any ice blocks rolled at you. Hammer the ice
blocker here. Carry it as you jump up and toss it at another. Defeat the
second ice blocker that's coming to the centre now.

Get the Book of Smash when it appears at the top centre. Grab it to smash the
remaining Ice Blockers. Destroy them.

Barring the Book of Smash, you should stand above the remaining ice blockers
and swing the hammer. You should catch them on the head when they jump.

                          ~=-_DDDRM73: Room 73_-=~

This one's really no problem. Run right while crushing any ice blocks rolled
your way. Smash the ice blocker here, then jump up in line with the next one.
Dodge its ice block, then throw its friend into it to defeat it.

Great, now there's two targets left. Run under the two iciciles to make them
drop. Grab the Royal Figure when it appears to make the two guys at the top
freeze. Climb up there and take them out.

Even without the figure, it's a simple matter to climb up here, smash either
the yeti or ice blocker, and throw it into tis friend for the win.

                          ~=-_DDDRM74: Room 74_-=~

Alright, this one's more complex than the previous few ice levels, complicated
by the presence of the ice warriors.

Jump to the first platform in the wall you start next to and start hammering
the ice warrior in the chops. When it's destroyed, it's time to get a move on.

Climb tot he very top. There's ice above you and ice below you. Smash the two
ice blocks immediately to your right. Hop and smash the ice above you on the
righthand side until the ice warrior can fall intot he pit beside you. Bash
him until he crumbles through the wall.

Clear all ice leading to the next Ice Warrior (top middle) so that he is next
to the protrusion from the bottom. When he approaches, smack him. He should
stagger enough that he'll be downed before long. Jump into the middle and
press against the next protrusiong. The protrusions of course are these:

    | <-- protrusion

Press against the protrusion and take out the two ice blocks as such:

 []   <--- Crack these
 []   <--- two blocks.

Before the ice warrior jumps, crack the higher stack and ice should crush him.
Otherwise, stagger and clobber him until he cracks.

Now, there's a yeti left over. Let's hurry up! Break your way down to the
bottom of the level.

[][][][] <-- The yeti stands atop an ice formation as such.

The easiest way to get at him is to break one of the upper left or right
block. Jump up on top of the formation and break the rest of the top blocks.
If the yeti makes a move, run, regroups, and retaliate. If he is staying on
a platform, jump to the opposite platform, jump over and smash him. Finish him.

                          ~=-_DDDRM75: Room 75_-=~

Oh, you're shaking, yes? So many Ice Queens? No problem. Let them first shuffle
into the small pits on the sides of the screen. You can jump and hammer them
here - their ice will miss you as you descend. Once all of them are clobbered
in one area, jump up to grab them then toss them against the wall.

Great, now run over to the other side and do the same. They MAY drop down at
this point, hammer them as they drop. Dispatch the escapees and then work on
those remaining in the pits.

For those remaining at the top, try to walk across the ice then jump into the
chamber directly below them Use tiny hops while swinging the hammer in this
instance - if you jump too high you'll surely die.

                          ~=-_DDDRM76: Room 76_-=~

Tough, but manageable. There's a max power icon here - super useful. You can
crush at least two queens this way. Lining up 2 at once is greedy - the yeti
will probably wake up long before you get lined up.

Start by climbing the left side. For the top left Ice Queen, let her walk away
from you before you jump up and past her. Drop down the middle after taking the
max power. You can either try to use these yetis as projectiles or just destroy
them and move on.

Honestly? I prefer to stun an Ice queen and throw her at the Ice Queen on the
other side of the stage. But whatever floats you boat, true believer.

Make your way up below one Ice Queen. Steady yourself on the platform - stay
to the right if you're on the left and to the left if you;re on the right. Make
a small hop and hammer her. Jump up into her chamber, and deal with her. IF you
still have max power, throw her at the other Ice Queen on the same level.

Clobber the Ice Queen above you as she turns her back, and deal with her as
above. Or rather, knock the snowy platform out. This will let her fall - a
sitting duck. You can't jump up there anyways.

Now, just repeat the process for the other side if you didn't toss one Queen at
the other. You will have to repeat it for one of them anyways.

                          ~=-_DDDRM77: Room 77_-=~

An interesting setup with two Queens and two Yetis. If you have max power -
it's very easy. Toss one yeti and one Queen. Repeat and win. If not, it's a
little trickier.

The yetis start by dropping down, climb the three platforms on the lefthand
side of the screen and jump right off the thrid one. Now, there's a max power
icon appearing here. You may as well take it. Honestly? Don't use the Yetis
for it. They are likely to wake up before you get up there. It's not impossible

+---...--+--                *Note, "..." refers to a droppable snow floor.
|        |         B
|  Queen |        ---
+---...--+--  A
 ---         ---

To attack the Queens, say the left Queen, consider this diagram. To reach the
top, jump from A, to B, to C. Wait for the queen to be under the droppable
floor and hammer it. This should knock her out. If you have max power, toss it
at the other queen. Otherwise, attack the other queen in the same manner.

You can only escape these chambers by hammering the snowy platform in the

Afterwards, clean up the Yetis if you haven't already.

                          ~=-_DDDRM78: Room 78_-=~

Ice Warriors? Not so bad. Jump up and to the left of that huge column of ice,
knock it down to only a single block of ice left, then retreat and get under
the platform before the two Ice warriors jump down. When they leap down beside
you, hammer them until they crumble - your hammering should stagger them, just
be very quick about it.

Start crumbling the ice around the first yeti. Destroy it (and the second on
if you have max power.

Knock way the bulk of the Ice here, then make an opening in the central column
big enough for the Ice Warriors to escape.


This is the lower left corner. Hide under the righthand platrform and swing
your hammer like crazy when the ice warriors come down. The hammer should hit
them through the floor. Move left and hit them as they jump down. Crush them
before they can toss a sword at you.

If you still have a yeti left, break into his chamber and take him out.

                          ~=-_DDDRM79: Room 79_-=~

A power-up for your hammer appears in the middle of the stage, but it's far too
buried to be a reasonable target.

Hold against the lower left wall of the middle structure and defeat the two ice
warriors who jump down next to it. Climb to the top when you finish.

Drop down the righthand side of the stage and take out the two ice warriors
here in the same fashion - hammer them through the wall.

Now, to break intot he middle...

[][][][][]|__<--- up here, push against the little wall and smash the first
 [][][][][] |     ice block.

Knock out all the top ice blocks after this first one, then make your way
inside the chamber.

Alright, there's one ice warrior left down here and we're probably pressed for
time. If you can't smash him with a ceiling of ice, try to stand on a platform
of ice just above him and smash away. Hopefully, he'lll stagger enough not to
make his move.

                          ~=-_DDDRM80: Room 80_-=~

The hermit crab makes his reappearance here. Only this time, there's non ice
wall to filter his spawn. At the same time there ARE walls to block your shots.
Unless  you have max power, you will have to jump to the very top and leap into
the air before you throw an enemy.

Also, the floors are slippery. I would suggest letting the crabs come to you so
that you do not slide right into them.

But I digress, he moves around stretching out his claws and releases small
hermit crabs which approach you on the platforms. You need to hammer his spawn
and throw them at him to damage him.

The crabs can reach you much faster by making rapid jumps up the platforms. At
the same time, you cna carry a group of four of them to the top extremely fast
now as well.

I find it best to stay at the bottom near the middle. Waiting on the paltforms
only fills them up with crabs and makes it difficult to avoid the reacing arms.

Instead, the middle gap acts as a filter, and you can hammer all the crabs
jumping down from here. Then, with crabs in hand, jump up the side of the
screen opposite of the boss and take your shot. It's so fast to take four crabs
to the top that the boss should die in just a few shots...

When it dies, it drops a body out of its shell worth 1000 points.

                          DDD5.4: Reverse World 4

                          ~=-_DDDRM81: Room 81_-=~

Two enemies? It seems the worlds now start out really easy before getting quite
tricky. Anyways, this one should be a simple matter. Clowns do split, but you
should be able to clear this before the first split.

Head up the left ctructure beneath the first clown. Jump up beside him and
hammer him. Toss him.

Now, you can do the same for the second clown or you can get the Book of Smash
soon appearing in the middle section - this is also helpful for other clowns
that may have appeared. Once you grab the Book, climb out of the middle and
destroy any guys outside of the structures and then climb up to destroy the
second clown from the start.

Without the Book of Smash, make your way up to him, though you may have to
chase after his clowny partners as he will -more- likely spawn them in this
extended timeframe.

                          ~=-_DDDRM82: Room 82_-=~

Three Kings in this room. It's best to stay on the first platform on the bottom
smashing them until the crystal star ball appears. This crystal ball causes
stars to rain down. And under the cover of the star shower, you cam cleam house
pretty quickly.

However, if you cannot get the crystal ball, make your way to the top first and
destroy the King up here. You will Want to throw him at another of the Kings,
and then throw some cards at the last of the Kings.

You can always escape over past the bottom right platform if things get hairy.

                          ~=-_DDDRM83: Room 83_-=~

This one's super easy with Max Power, and there is a max power icon in it. The
bad thing is, it's towards the upper right so you have to clear it out for the
most part anyways.

However - the pattern still stands. Knock a clown out and send it through the
loop. Knock the next guy out, through the loop. So on and so forth. If they
spawn any extra guys, fall to the bottom and start again. The second pass
should be wholesale murder.

If they move to spawn new clowns, dodge the balls and continue with what you
were doing.

                          ~=-_DDDRM84: Room 84_-=~

Stay at the bottom and destroy the two clowns as priority targets. You can walk
under teh ledge directly to your right. If you picked up max power in the
previous stage, now is the time to use it. Throw a clown at the king.
Otherwise, read on.

Once the clowns are dead, we're going in towards the King. We can move all the
way around the top amd drop down onto that first line of platforms, or we can
cut that out completely...

---+    B
   |   ---  ---  ----

This is the lower lefthand corner. Stand directly under the wall at point A and
jump up. Jump right to point B, then up to point C.

You will have to make your way above the king, then down to the second level of
platforms, however. Get up beside the King and take him out. You will want to
keep an eye out for cards as well. Only walk above or below the King directly
if he isn't creating any cards.

Clean up the cards and we're done here!

                          ~=-_DDDRM85: Room 85_-=~

Alright, there's enemies from other levels here. Mice from world 2 and golems
from world 5. That caterpillar is also from world 5 and an onstacle to victory.

The three mice on the bottom should be destroyed first. Jump and smack them
when they turn their back - jump and grab and toss them.

Now as for the golems - jump and swing when the caterpillar is gone. When it,
drop to a platform below then jump up and ride it. Swing your hammer as it
moves away. You will hit the golem as you ride and also a mouse. Moving past
a mouse, drop off the caterpillar, make a short hop to grab it, and run away
from the caterpillar's tongue while jumping and throwing the mouse.

Now, finish off the golem you started then repeat this for the other side.

                          ~=-_DDDRM86: Room 86_-=~

Kings and loops. Let's begin.

Let the Kings create some cards, then when there is a full compliment, smash
them and jump up in line with the loops and toss them. Repeat this until the
Kings are toast.

It's funny if you have max power, as well, it will destroy all of the Kings in
a single hit. Max power justs o happens to appear here.

                          ~=-_DDDRM87: Room 87_-=~

Jelly eggplants, this could get messy. There's a trick to it this time around,

There is an elevator in the middle. Jump on it and ride it up to a flying
hammer. Great, now make your way down to the bottom via the sides. If you
cannot get the flying hammer, the strategy is going to be the same, except you
need to get right next to the eggplant.

For the bottom enemies, there are two gaps in the floor that they are two big
to fall through. As they head away from you, jump through a gap and hammer them
and retreat back through the gap. The smaller forms will fit through and you
can swing at them as they approach or throw your flying hammer.

For the upper two, you need to ride the elevator up, then jump down beside them
swinging as they press against the wall. When you hit the floor, retreat
through the gaps and repeat the execution as above.

                          ~=-_DDDRM88: Room 88_-=~

Jelly eggplants again, but once again there is a trick. The structure they are
within acts like a funnel. When they get smashed, they can drop to a lower
level because they will be smaller. There is a Book of Smash here as well and
if you get it, it's like hitting each of them once.

You only want to reduce a few to the tiniest forms at a time, however. Smack
them throught he wall, and when they become micro-sized, drop to the ground and
crush them as they approach.

As long as you do a few at a time, they shouldn't pose any threat.

                          ~=-_DDDRM89: Room 89_-=~

Msuhrooms and golems? Again, not from this world but we'll deal with them all
the same. The hammer does not discriminate!

Alright, so there's some elevators here as in stage 87. We'll use them to the
fullest. Jump on the elevator and swing your hammer at the mushrooms as you
rise up. MAke sure to eliminate them completely before going after the golem.

As for the golem, wait until he moves away then jump and swing. Keep this up
until he crumbles.

Witht he Golem destroyed, jump from his chamber up tot he top of the stage and
destroy the large mushrooms up here.

Now, fall down the other side of the stage and take out the second set of fire
mushrooms just as we did the first.

                          ~=-_DDDRM90: Room 90_-=~

It's the magician again. There is now a 2 and a 5 shaped platform on either
side of the screen. You can quickly run up these. To be honest, having less
platforms and bigger platforms more easily keeps the rabbits in check.

Anyays, he moves back and forth swinging his staff. Rabbits will drop out of
the ballons that raise to the sky here. He will block your attacks if the
rabbits hit his staff.

Luckily, the staff moves side to side, so if you throw as it moves away from
you, you will almost surelys core a hit. When he stops to spin his head, as
well, is time for a free hit.

The biggest risk here? The time limit for the little devil imp guy. So few
rabbits drop at once that if you're doing well, you will probably be taking a
long time. Make every shot count then.

The bat he releases when he dies can be grabbed for 1000 points.

                          DDD5.5: Reverse World 5

                          ~=-_DDDRM91: Room 91_-=~

Axeknights right off the bat? No problem. Hammer the nearest ghost next to you
and throw it at the other ghost on the same level.

Jump to the lefthand platforms and teh axeknights should follow suit. As they
leap down, hammer them. This will at least bypass their shields. Defeat them
before the ghosts reach you.

Get a little distance from the ghosts, then hammer and toss them all the same.
Not so bad.

                          ~=-_DDDRM92: Room 92_-=~

Golems and a spiked ball. This one almost comepletely depends on an item: the
Book of Death.

The Book of Death appears in the centre, above the Spike ball. Wait until it
swings away, grab the book and retreat. Boom. Stage over. If you miss the book,
you have an issue.

The problem arises with the golems directly above the access points. If you try
to jump up normally, they will kill you. You have to do it as so...

|   |
    A  <-- Jump up at point A, in line with the wall.

And even then, the golem may hit you. If he doesn, simply use your temporary
invincibility to slip past him. When you do pass him, however, or if you prefer
to do things this way anways, try to get a golem or two to fall down the side
before entering the chamber. If there's a golem on either side of you when you
jump up - chances are you'e a dead man.

                          ~=-_DDDRM93: Room 93_-=~

What do you know? A direct copy of a previous stage! Come on Taito, 100 rooms
to much for you? Hell, Snoopy's Magic Show can do that standing on its head ;).

Move up in line with the caterpillar. This thing can swallow you whole. The
golems next to him can also be eaten. Stand on the small platform just outside
the golems and caterpillar and when the caterpillar reaches the wall, jump out
of the way and it should eat a golem.

Once it has eaten every golem, we can proceed. There is a max power icon that
will appear, feel free to grab it.

There's two golems left at the top of the screen. Toward the left side of the
platform. Jump up, then on to the square ridge. Smack the golems in the face
when they draw near.

                          ~=-_DDDRM94: Room 94_-=~

Alright, mages and caterpillars. A nasty combo, though manageable if you take
your time.

Jump and hammer the first two guys through the floor. Toss them if possible
and the Caterpillar will eat their bodies. Jump up and do the same for the next
two mages though use short hops instead.

After the last two mages' attacks hit the ground, jump up here. Jump to the
platform and jump right and hammer the mage. If you want you can use him to
throw at the last mage.

If not, jump down beside him and hammer him, though it can be tricky to land
beside him.

                          ~=-_DDDRM95: Room 95_-=~

Six mages await you in this room, and if the wall faces hit you with lasers you
will be petridief and lose a life. Alright. Jump up to the top of the structure
and hammer the mage up here. Destroy him then jump down teh gap to the
immediate right. Land in the small inset area on the righthand side.

Okay, if there is a mage to the left of you, defeat him now. Otherwise, grab
the flying hammer and drop down to the bottom. Combber the mage down here, then
jump up and kill the mage above you - as he was not to the left of the
righthand inset space.

Phew, alright. Climb back to the top and leap across the gap this time. That is
unles sthere's a mage across the way. Time your hop and smash him. We'll want
to head down the righthand side of the stage to begin making your way up
through the structure after the mages. If they jump up before you jump down,
wait for them to land again before making your way down.

                          ~=-_DDDRM96: Room 96_-=~

Jump up into the chamber witht he golem. Smash the first one before they start
making out. Swing at them as they approach, and retreat when they get too
close. At the far left, jump onto the platform and keep staggering them until
they all crumble.

Now, climb up to the left of this structure and strike the golems through the
wall. Jump out of the way when the caterpillar draws near - he will likely eat
a golem.

For any golems that drop down the righthand side of the room, drop down to the
left and smash them as they draw near. If they get close, retreat a few steps
and keep this up until they are totally crushed.

                          ~=-_DDDRM97: Room 97_-=~

This is just like a standard stage, except with two ghosts thrown into the mix.

Stand under the left platforma nd wait for the axeknight to drop down. Smack
him as he falls down and toss him at the axeknight to the far right. Great. Now
destroy the second axeknight jumping down from here.

Run fromt his spot and smash the ghosts as they approach you. Defeat them then
climb up the middle structure.

This forces the last axeknight to start jumping up. Wait for an opening, then
jump down. Smash him as he jumps at you, or down after you, and finish him off.

                          ~=-_DDDRM98: Room 98_-=~

The golems on the mid level section will fall through the gaps. Let them do so
and smack them until they crumble. You may need to provoke them down.

Jump up and jump on top of the lower caterpillar. Jump up to the top level then
up to the platforms. You're in a good position. Drop on top of the caterpillar
and he will eat any golem in front of him. Keep this up for the remainder of
the stage, the golems will sometimes jump so don't stand directly above them.

                          ~=-_DDDRM99: Room 99_-=~

Jump up behind the axeknight that starts above you. Defeat him. Now, wait for
most of the ghosts to come down toward you. Eventually, there is a Book of
Smash. You can reach it, and the righthand side via this structure:

   |  |

Jump into the the box and then up and out. If you grab the Book of Smash, clean
up on the axeknights - if not, make sure all ghosts are defeated and come up on
them from below. Smash and destroy, baby.

                          ~=-_DDDRM100: Room 100_-=~

The dragon returns for this stage. It's different in the sense that there is no
platforms on the far sides of the screen - meaning you have to get closer to
the dragon to deal the same kind of damage.

However, just get above the castle wall and you should be able to reach the
dragon with your hits.

Kings pour in from above releasing cards. Knock them out and throw them at the
dragon. _Alternate sides_ so that they don't get too bunche dup. If they do
get bunche dup, you may have to wipe a few out before continuing.

Keep an eye on the dragon. It will shoot fireballs as well. It shoots it in the
direction its head is pointed, though it only has three different directions.
It also holds the fireball in place before firing.

It's mostly the same a slast time, just tighter quarters.

When it drops down, the princess is rescued and you go to one final battle...

                          ~=-_DDDRM101: Room 101_-=~

The final boss is the King, transformed into a cow. He drops large angel pigs
down from above. When they form, clober them. Now, you should only take one or
two of them to the top at once, as they seem to revive awful quickly. The
platforms are actually set up like this:

|  --             -- | === means a platform hidden by a cloud.
|      --    --      | --- means a normal platform.
|   ===  ====  ===   |
|      --    --  === |
|  ===          ===  |
So yeah, some are hidden in the clouds. Fine. You need to get up as far as the
three hidden platforms in a row in order to hit the King. The platforms are
slippery so again - only take one or two pigs so you don't slip and have to
redo too many of them.

Also, because there's an extra platform here we will have to fire at him from
the righthand side each time.

After firing, drop down to the side of the pigs. If he fires off some more pigs
just get under a platforms so as not to get hit by the projectile.

You also have an advantage in that he will ONLY release two pigs at once. So if
you do one at a time or even two ata time, he won;t release any more until two
pigs have been thrown.

Keep it up, and he will eventually give in. This one's actually easier than the
previous dragon fight since it's so well spaced. The slippery floor is also not
so bad for quick jumps.

Now the King transforms back to human form and you can view the true finale...
as brief as it is ;).

|                                DDD6: Secret                                |

There are actually 101 rounds in Don Doko Don for you to play through. These
are not played in sequence, however, and the path diverges at stage 1 of the
standard game.

At the top of the screen, above the top middle platform if you jump and hammer
you will reveal a hidden, invisible bubble. Keep smashing this until a key
pops out. This key subsequently opens a door at the bottom of the level. Enter
the door to enter the secret room.

The secret room has Eight jars, each marked by a card's suit. You need to smash
these in order so that you may proceed to the secret levels. You only have 15
seconds to do this... luckily you got here from stage 1 so it's no problem to
reset the game and try again.

Now, you would have received a sequence of eight suits after you beat the game.
If you didn't write these down, they are as follows:


Hit them in that order and it will say at the top that the password was correct
and that you will "go to reverse round."

There are 51 rounds to the reverse round, some of them arrangements of stages
you have already completed - and in a few rare cases a direct copy of a
standard round.

Even the bosses have a different layout to their level, and this can
drastically change the battle, despite the fact that their pattern remains the

Either way, enjoy!

|                               DDD7: Enemies                                |

As with many of these guides, though I present the enemies I can assure you
that I don't know their names. These are descriptive approximations only.

They are tabulated in the order in which they first appear in the standard
rounds. Proprietary enemies appearing only in boss rounds are not included
here as they are part of the bosses, which are described in detail in the
walkthrough texts.

There's also the issue of the imp. I described him above, but here again is
my description:


The game's rooms are on an invisible time limit, which is reset every time you
die. When the time limit runs out, a little winged imp with a trident will
appear and assault Don. He is invincible, and stays until Don dies. Nice guy.

He arrives in the following pattern


And so on and so forth until it reaches the bottom. Once it does it will fly to
the centre. It will then start to fly at Don. He tracks your position and flies
to it, and so on. Jump over him and try to finish the stage without getting

This little guy has his own music which starts to play just before he arrives.

                               ----World 1----

*Boomerang Man:

Periodically toss boomerangs. They are stationary and their projectiles, of
course, return. You cna hit them as soon a sit returntform the front.

However, it is best to attack them from behind/below or attack them from
outside of their range with a thrown enemy.

There is a variety of Boomerang Man that moves, but he must stop to toss the
boomerang. He is often the start of a throwing chain between the stationary


I believe these were brown lumpy mushrooms in the arcade game, they look more
like the inside of a chestnut here. Anyways, they are a little smaller than the
large mushrooms which may make them kind of unpredictable in terms of them
jumping up below you.

They're much the same, however, so bash and toss.

*Dropping Fruit:

They don't count toward the stage's completion, but they are aggravating. These
green fruits should be dodged then smashed as they bounce.

They grow from the same plant each time, but this plant is seemingly
invincible. They are more like an environmental hazard then.

*Jumping Rock:

A large golem-like enemy that leaps back and forth. Usually one larger jump
followed by a few short hops. They take multiple hits but seem to 'stagger'
when you hammer them. Rapidly hammer them to put an end to their dastardly
plans once and for all.

*Large Mushroom:

A large mushroom that walks and jumps after Don. Hammer it and toss it at some
other enemies. Very basic.

*Large Fire Mushroom:

A stationary large mushroom that spits fire. Wait for them to spit fire and
then make your move before have the chance to spit it again.

*Large Spawning Mushroom:

Just like the Large Mushroom except it spawns Chestnuts. Get rid of them as
soon as you can, so that you don't have a constant supply of chestnuts. Some
will spawn Small Mushrooms.


Hops around the stage with a directionality towards Don. Other than being
faster than the mushrooms, they have no exceptional tallents.


Falls fromt he ceilinga rolls across platforms. Jump over them.

*Small Mushroom:

About half the size of the large mushrooms, small mushrooms are much the same.
The problem that arises is that since they are smaller you may underestimate
their jump size, or miss them with a toss. Perhaps they are best to be thrown
instead to be hit with a thrown object?

                               ----World 2----

*Bear, Cake:

Rolls cake across the ground which pushes Don. Jump out of the way since the
cake explodes.

*Bear, Jam:

Throws jam which spread on the floor, making the floor slippery.

*Bear, Pie:

Tosses pies at Donw hich temporarily stun them. You can break the pies with
your hammer. This makes them very approachable.


Doesn't seem to have any real directionality, they seem to pause and move most
times. If Don gets close, they will bash him with their frying pan. As such, it
is best to clobber them from behind or to toss something at them.


A cross between a pig and an alligaor. these are docile creatures, they don't
seem to have much interest in chasing after Don. Still, you have to clobber
them to pass the stage. Huh. Perhaps this is some deep social commentary?

You know, I just realized they could be hippos... not changing the guide at
this point, however, Ha ha ha.

*Pigogator, Flying:

Their flying cousins, on the other hand, are tenacious. They will fly back and
forth pausing when you are beneath. They take this as an opportunity to toss a
trident straight down at the brave carpenter.

This makes them a priority target in most appearances. You can easily dodge the
trident, just keep an eye out for the pause.

*Trident Mouse:

They seem to move only when Don is on the move, and then only when he's in near
proximity. You may able to sneak around them for an item, but watch them
closely as they aren't slow.

They seem to move when Don moves, based on which way they are facing? Seems

                               ----World 3----

*Ice Blocker:

Tosses an ice block, which can kill you. This slides across the ground, so
smash it before it reaches you. They will soon have another ice block, however.

*Ice Queen:

You are best taking these frosty demons out from a distance. If they strike you
from the side, youw ill be frozen solid - losing a life. And YES, they can hit
you THROUGH thin walls.

Maybe hit them as they jump, or jump up and hit them, crush them with ice, or
throw something at them.

*Ice Warrior:

They toss their swords at you and move around the stage. They take five hits to
defeat. Scary, I guess, but the environment can usually be used to make a huge
threat a minor threat.


Moves back and forth across the ceiling, dropping when you pass beneath. You
can smash them but it's probably best to just force them to drop and get out of
their way.


Steps toward Don with determination. Just like the large mushrooms from the
first world. Sometimes they just seem to stand still, strangely.

                               ----World 4----


Stock troops that behave much the same as the Large Mushrooms of World 1. They
are generated by Kings, so take the king out first.


Bounces around the stage attempting to defeat Don.

*Jelly Eggplant:

Moves around, jumping periodically. If you hit it, it splits into 2. The
smaller guys can split twice again. Best hit near the top.


Creates Cards to attack Don. Destroy the Kinds tot ake out the source of Cards.

                               ----World 5----


Has a shield that will block most attacks. Best to get them from behind or use
an indirect method.

Contiued bashinf on his shield will EVENTUALLY find an opening, though other
enemies may get near to you in the interim.


A beastly monster which has an extendable tongue whicgh it uses to swallow you
whole. This guy cannot be killed and you can ride on top of him. When you are
on top of him, he may eat nearby enemies. If he tries to eat you, jump out of
the way and he may swallow another golem.


Flies towards you with moderate speed. Knock them out and toss them. It may be
best to leap and smash them before they reach you as they are often coming from
above you.


They can toss rocks and take a number of hits. You can crush the rocks they
throw and it's best to hit them from above. Stand above their waste and smash
their faces in. Keep hitting these guys to cause them to stagger.

|                               DDD8: Credits                                |

Big thanks to my younger brother, who really did raise my awareness of this
game. He was pretty into it and turned me onto it. We've had dialogue about
this game/series a few times so it was easy to organize my thoughts.

And I guess I should thank my older bro too, as it was on his Taito Legends 2
that I first played this game in any format. Kind of a thin thanks dude, but
this should stop you from being sore ;).

Huge thanks to odino of the NES FAQ Community (he's a machine, check out his
work). One of the worst documented (on the english side of things) aspects of
Don Doko Don is how to get the happy ending. Hopefully this guide changes that,
and odino tipped me off to how activate the warp to the password screen. I had
for a time there assumed keys were out of the game because a few I HAD found in
the arcade version weren't there in the NES game.

Thanks to Taito, and for more than just Don Doko Don. Taito's one of my
favourite groups, period, and are definitely underrated. Give some of their
more quirky games a chance, people. They're among their best.

Thanks of course go out to my hosts, as without them you would not be reading
this guide.

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