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Guide and Walkthrough by EntropicLobo

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/27/2007


Version 1.0 (07/15/2007)

Version History:
1.0: Basic Guide Complete - (07/15/2007)

Written for the NES FAQ Completion Project - faqs.retronintendo.com


This Guide is Copyright, 2007, Matthew McIntyre

This guide may not be used on a website or in any public forum
where it is protected by copyright without the consent of the author.

To contact me: entropiclobo(at)yahoo(dot)ca or chaos(dot)wolf(at)gmail(dot)com

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Game by Namco

*                            Table of Contents                               *

*To jump to a section, hold the Control Key and press F, then type in the
section number as it appears (ie type MK1)

MK1: Intro
MK2: Gameplay
MK3: Minigames
MK4: House Parts
MK5: Items
MK6: Walkthrough
     MK6.A: Stage A
     MK6.B: Stage B
     MK6.C: Stage C
     MK6.D: Stage D
     MK6.E: Stage E
     MK6.F: Stage F
     MK6.G: Stage G
     MK6.H: Stage H
     MK6.I: Stage I
     MK6.J: Stage J
     MK6.K: Stage K
     MK6.L: Stage L
     MK6.M: Stage M
     MK6.N1: Stage N1
     MK6.N2: Stage N2
     MK6.O: Stage O
*NOTE - see the map at the start of MK6 for more details...
MK7: Two Player Overview
MK8: Credits

Mappy Kids is rated "M" for "Meowkies," it contains scenes of infinite
cats and hoods of dubious origin. Player discretion is advised.

|                                MK1: Intro                                  |

Mappy itself is a classic, which many of us have enjoyed. The expanded Mappy
family, however, has gotten much less attention outside of Japan and so there
are a number of titles that we haven't had the pleasure of enjoying. These are
not just arrangements of classic Mappy, either. Others, like Mappy Kids, take
the series in different paths with radically different artstyles.

In fact, Mappy Kids is more like the NES Rescue Rangers titles than the
trampoline-bouncing policeman before it. This makes the game simple, yet
enjoyable (again, like Rescue Rangers) and the art direction is quite different
with more mouse-proportioned mice, for instance.

The game can be played split-screen two-player, and aside from the minigames
the game is extremely accessible to people who aren't familiar with the
language. Essentially, you'll playa  level from beginning to end and then Goro
(aka Nyamco) will pit you againsta  Meowky in a minigame challenge. As you
earn money, you can buy more parts for your house.

This is different in scope and execution than other Mappy titles, and it's a
fun game. This is a sterling example of why experiemntation within a series can
be a good thing - while you love the classic formula, you can get a fresh
experience with established characters and themes. It's a shame that developers
seem to be becoming less and less adventurous every day.

|                                MK2: Gameplay                               |

Mappy Kids is a game primarily focused on collecting enough loot and money to
pay for each component of your house. You traverse a stage in classic
platforming style, overcoming the obstacles along the way. At the end of each
stage, you will play a minigame. If you lose, you will be docked money. If you
win, you will get a prize based on what showed up on the slot machine.

After the minigame, if you have enough money you can buy parts.

B Button: Kick. This will defeat most enemies. The range is low, however, so
many enemies are actually better bypassed than taken straight on.

A Button: Jump. If you tap A you will hover, or rather slow your descent. This
is extremely useful.

This is a very straightforward game. The goal is to clear the stages from start
to finish, and clear the map with a full house. In Two Player, you actually
compete, and build two separate houses. Those courses are much flatter and easy
but contain more enemies and treasure, to accomodate two player split screen

|                                MK3: Minigames                              |

Prizes: These refer to the first spin on the slot machine, they determine the
        stakes. A Skull costs youa  part and you spin again. NASTY. A Flag
        will give you the amount of lives it designates, and a question box is
        often a new part.


By far the most difficult minigame, you need to follow Goro's orders and raise
the proper flag. This means it's extra hard for people who don't speak Japanese
to do well in this game. There are a few tricks that are useful, however.

For instance, Red Flag is always in Red Text. Lower points down, and Raise
points up. Thanks to odino for pointing this out to me, with regards to the
firectional commands.

But it doesn't end right there. The directional command will be BOLD. There are
fewer characters after raise, or lower, then they mean what they say. Either
white or red, raise or lower depending on the direction the bold character is

If there are multiple characters (more than the two) after the boldface
character than you should NOT raise or lower that character. You should do the
opposite. So (White) (Raise) (Four Characters) will mean you do NOT raise the
white flag.

When there are five characters after the bold, raise or lower the opposite flag
as mentioned.

2: Do as said
4: Do opposite to flag mentioned
5: Perform on opposite flag

This is the easiest way for us laymen to remember this by. There can also be
a "both" which is 3 when after the white. It's two after the red but it looks
different than the normal red.

Raise the RED flag with A, WHITE with B. You need two victories to win.

                                 **Push Off**

A: Rapid push.
B: Push and block.
Control Pad: Directionality of the push.

You've got to tap the A button rapidly in this particular challenge to rapidly
push on the opponent in order to knock your foe down. This is the easiest of
the three, in terms of concept, but there are some subtleties involved.

The enemy will also push on you, once the music stops. You have to knock it
down before the same happens to you. The key is extremely rapid button

If they are getting the better of you, press and hold B to stand straight. Do
NOT do this for long, long enough only to start pushing again when the enemy
brings his or her back back in. Then start rapidly pressing again.

If you hold there for too long, they WILL knock you over - this also means that
if the enemy stands straight, then you should keep on pushing as they seem to
not use it with any specific strategy. Most of the time it will be a freebie.

You need to knock him over three times to win.

                         **Spot the Difference**

Once you've grown used to the finer points of the other two events, this
becomes the more difficult minigame. Conceptually, this is the easiest. But it
changes each time, and requires a keen eye and fast analyses.

This is the classic challenge of spotting the difference between two pictures,
and it may be very small differences you're looking for. The point is to find
more differences than your opponent. You take turns looking, so I suggest you
scan the field while the opponent is making a choice.

Your choices are also timed, so this is NOT at your leisure.

This is a short list, it is not definitive, they are merely examples...

Girl And Man:
*Top his hood
*Top of her hair
*His eyes
*Her eyes
*Patch on his sleeve?
*The Poster
*His fingers
*Her headband?
*Her pendant?
*The crack in the wall?
*The mouth of pac-man on his shirt?

Pacman Baseball:
*Pac-Man's Cap?
*Design of Mappy's Bat?
*Design of the cloud?
*Pac-Man's Shoes?
*Writing (NAMCO) missing on the back wall?
*Pac-Man's Tongue?
*Is home base in both pictures?
*Does the hooded guy hold anything different in either picture?
*Does Pac-Man have a ball in his glove?
*Are Pac-Man's eyes different?
*Is there a base under Pac-Man?

|                                  MK4: Items                                |

**Coin: Worth 100 Yen

**D Shirt: Temporary Invincibility.

**Life Heart: Restores energy.

**Money Bag: Worth 10000 Yen

**Purple Crystal: Worth 2000 Yen.

**Red Ring: Worth 1000 Yen.

**Rollerskates: Move at an increased speed for a short time. This increases
                jumping distance as well.

**S Flag: Woth one extra life.

|                               MK5: House Parts                             |

I normally get the more expensive items first, though it bites to have them
skulled away. However, the Question box seems to give you the cheapest item
first, so you won't be getting the big items that way and you can't count on a
slot machine to give you what you want.

As long as you get more than 50000 yen per level, you should be fine to get
everything, but of course you will aim much higher.

Sun: 95000 Yen

Flower 1 (red): 15000 Yen

Flower 2 (white): 36000 Yen

Fence: 17000 Yen

House: 99000 Yen

Window: 28000 Yen

Door: 45000 Yen

Chimney Pipe: 68000 Yen

Swing Seat: 38000 Yen

Swing Frame: 53000 Yen

Car Body: 75000 Yen

Tires: 60000 Yen

TOTAL: 629000 Yen

|                               MK6: Walkthrough                             |

|                         |
|  Start---A---B---C---D  |
|                      |  |
|    H-----G-----F-----E  |
|    |                    |
|    I-----J-----K-----L  |
|                      |  |
|    O----+-----N1     |  |
|         |      |     |  |
|         N2-----+-----M  |
|                         |

The main game has only one split path, press up or left at the junction to take
one or the other.

                                CF6.A: Stage A

Start by moving forward, kicking any enemies that appear. Kick open the boxes
as you coem to them. If you get rollerskates, we really don't have a need for
them at the moment, so just be careful of the temporary boost of speed.

After that second set of three pink boxes, jump to the top of the log. Get the
four boxes here, you'll have to jump and kick, then get the coins and boxes in
the clouds.

From the cloud, drop down to the righthand side of the pink rock (there is a
splinter that will damage you to its left) and kick it for a money bag. Return
to the clouds and use your tail hover (tap jump rapidly) to collect all of the
coins in the air.

Climb the tree you land beside, then do the same for the next set of airborne
coins. Dodge the glowing obstacles then get on top of the log. There are some
coins on a cloud

Head right, and kick out all the rocks for an S Flag and D Shirt. Get the items
in the box then drop down and get the single chest.

Head right, get the coins, then head back to the log. Jump up and right to
reach the cloud, you will not have to hover but it couldn't hurt. Stay at the
top branches of the trees then hover across the gap collecting coins.

Climb the clouds and get the chests, then drop down to get the next two. Climb
the log, and get the chests you see up here. Head to the far right, get the
three chests. Now, drop down to the right of the mouse hole and get the two
chests here. Enter the mousehole, you chould have collected more than 50000 yen
in this area. The mousehole is the exit.

                                CF6.B: Stage B

Jump onto the fence and collect all items here. Jump up to the rock in the air
and get the box here. Drop down and kick the rock for a money bag - major

Climb the fences, be careful fo the crabs, and jump into the seven shaped
formation of coins and drop straight down to collect them. Kick open the boxes
to your left before proceeding right.

Get the coins on the fence, then climb the branches of the trees to the right.
Be careful of the dragonflies, let them pass by. Get the box in the branches
and those on the cloud.

Keep to the top branches to reach the top clothesline. Get the two boxes on the
top level then drop to ground level and get the two here. Climb to the top of
the tree beside the water and hover out to get the coins in the air. Land on
the moving cloud and get the rest as you hover right to the rocks. Get the
boxes in here.

Jump using the rollerskates into the top of the tree, then jump and hover right
into the rock cup. Get the boxes here. Kick the left wall of rocks for a money
bag, then get the coins beneath the rock formation.

Jump between the two rock walls, open the boxes. Kick down the righthand wall
to find an S Flag. Climb the tree you've now scrolled onscreen. Get the box up
here, and stick to the top branches for another. Drop down to the next box for
rollerskates. The middle box here holds a life-heart, but it's not important.

Climb to the top branches and get the two boxes up here. Drop to the ground for
two more, then enter the door to finish the stage.

                                CF6.C: Stage C

A lake. Climb up to the clouds and hill and get the boxes here. A grab will
appear, so be sure to kick it. Jump right from the hill, get the boxes on the
cloud and jump down. Get the rollerskates in this box then jump and hover
through the coins in the air to the right.

Kick out both of the rocks you come to (jump, kick, then arc back onto the
lily pad) for a money bag. Wait for the geyser to come up and start to jump
across. You should pass as it recedes.

Get the three boxes here, and you'll come to some rocks. There's nothing in
either, so leave them. Again, wait for the geyser to reach the top before
starting your jump. Once on the other side, jump onto the frog and ride him.

Get off and kick the crab, then start to kick out all of the rocks. To reach
the topmost rock, you will have to approach from the right. Once they are gone,
there is a rollerskate in the pink box which was on top of them, and coins and
boxes to the left you couldn't reach before.

Alright, moving on. The next rocks you come to hold a D Shirt. While you are
invincible, jump straight through the next geyser. When you reach the next
stack of four rocks, only kick out the middle two so you have this:

+--+     Once you've cleared the space you can jump out from on top of the
|  |     bottom rock and arc yourself back in to land on the top.
         Just make sure you kick any crabs and wait out any dragonflies first.

         Now, jump and hover throught he coins tot he right. I suggest going
+--+     back before trying to get the box in the air. Jump higher your second
|  |     time and hover down over the top of the box. Kick it, then land to the
+--+     right.

Nevermind any rocks for now and ride the next frog over to the right. Jump off
the hill and back left onto the rocks, then up tot he cloud for some boxes. As
you return right, jump over the spitting fish and hover to get out of range of
its spit.

When you come to a bridge, there will be another fish so do the same. The next
bridge ends in a geyser, however, so take your time and jump over it as we've
discussed a few times before.

Climb the steps tot he right, there is a Life heart in the middle step's rocks
if you so wish. Do NOT enter the door. Instead, jump OVER the door and hover to
the right. There are seven boxes past the geyser. Jump and hover from the
highest ledge back to he left to pass the geyser, or approach as usual. Once
you're back on the left, exit the stage.

                                CF6.D: Stage D

Get the six boxes while using the cans for protection fromt he bouncing spike
balls. Move under them when they bounce up.

To get the boxes to the right past the shoe, you need to continue right and
use the can you find for extra heigh as you jump back left.

You will eventually come to a hydrant. Stand right in front of the water
stream, almost touching it and move through when it stops. It begins again
almost instantly, so you have to be fast.

Passing this, kick out the rocks and enter the chamber for boxes and coins. Be
aware that a Meowky will appear in here, and you can jump throught he floor so
don't jump headfirst into a crab. Head right, be careful of the ghosts, and
jump hover to reach the coins. Now, return back to the left again and do the
same with the next chamber you come to. There's another hydrant to the right,
destroy any ghosts before attempting to pass it.

When you come to the can and two ledges, to get the bottom coins without
hitting a spike ball you should jump up and get the boxes, then back down and
head left to get the coins. For efficiency, take the same path on the very
next formation like this (except the coins are at top). For the third one, get
the boxes in the middle, then coins at the top, then coins at the bottom.

Continue right, kick out the rocks and get the boxes. Wait at the hydrant as
usual, but if you see an enemy coming, wait for him to get to you and kill it
first. The rollerskates up ahead can be more trouble than they're worth to be
honest. Pass the next hydrant, get the three boxes on the ground near the
spike ball and climb the ledges to get the coins.

From on top of the big ledge at the right, hover down and to the left passing
the door. A spike ball will appear, so look out... get the two chests then
leave the stage.

                                CF6.E: Stage E

Jump onto the boxes, then up and left to reach the two pink boxes. Jump right,
get the coins, and jump up further to the rocks. Kick the two top rocks, to get
a money bag, and use them to reach the items above you in the pink boxes. Be
aware that box platforms with planets on them will bounce you away when you
land in their middles.

Continue right and you will come to some ledges. Get the pink boxes here and
on the upper left ledge before continuing right. When you hit the wall, jump
onto the planet box fromt he right to get sent flying through the opening high
on the wall.

Do the same with the next such box to fly up the the ledges which are shaped
like a boat. Get the coins, and pink boxes, then jump right over tot he chair.
Get the rollerskates, then jump up on the rocks and get the items here. Kick
out the top row of rocks for a D Shirt. Make your way to the right and jump on
the moon block. Use the planet blocks to make your way back up and left for
coins and boxes.

Use the moon again to jump left, then the planet to jump right. Get all of the
boxes up here. Jump right to the boxes to the far right. Drop if you have to.
Keep to the right, kick the rocks for an S Flag. Drop down to get the coins,
and hold left to reach the boxes - hover if you have to.

Use the planet to jump up and right to a table. Get the two chests to the right
and jump down the line of coins into the door.

                                CF6.F: Stage F

Crab the rollerskates and head right to the bench. Jump up to it from the
planter. Collect all of the items around here. To reach the top level, kick a
snake and use it as a platform.

Head right until you reach the green chainlink trashbin. You need to kick a
white mouse and ride it up to the top to reach the items up here. Hover to the
right and land on the cloud. Jump and hover further right to reach another.

Drop down and kick through the rocks. There is a money bag hidden in the right-
hand rock wall, and teh left. Get the coins and boxes, then continue right. Get
the rollerskates on the ground, then get the item on the cloud. The rock
staircase tot he right holds a life heart in the second from the top. With your
skates, jump from the top and hover to the right to land on the top of a bench
where you can get some coins.

Drop to the ground and get the three pink boxes, then climb back to the top. To
the right, there will be three boxes ona  cloud. Use a snake to reach the lower
cloud, then jump up to the boxes.

Climb teh staircase, and jump left to get a box with rollerskates. Jump from
the top of the rock stairs to the right and get the boxes on the two clouds,
then jump back (using clouds) to the top of the rock stairs. There is an S-Flag
in the stair portion, and a D-Shirt int he bottom right section of the wall.
Make sure you also get the three boxes.

Wait until the moles retract into the ground before passing them, and follow
the path to the goal.

                                CF6.G: Stage G

Jump onto the taller books, then over the wall to reach the line of coins. Open
the boxes when you land. After teh pit, jump ontot he bottom of the windowsil,
then to the left onto a platform, then leap up and right to reach the next part
of the window which holds three boxes.

For the next part, jump and tail-copter across the gaps kicking the boxes you
arrive at. The actual platforms are what you land on, don't try the candles.
Time your jumps so you don't ram into a bug.

The large book holds a few boxes, and there are a few after it. Get back onto
the book and jump up and kick the rocks. The left one holds an S-Flag, the
right holds a money bag. Jump hover to the right and collect the coins.

Climb to the stack of books and jump over to the right. Get the boxes on the
windowsil, then grab the two extra boxes below it.

Use the block to jump and hover across the pits. Kick any bugs that arrive. You
CAN land on UNLIT candles, so use them where needed. It's the lit ones you fall
right through.

Climb the stack of books and do not kick the rock. Instead, jump on top of it,
get the rollerskates from the box and jump up and right. You'll land on the
upper section of the window. Get the boxes, then leap down the line of coins to
reach the door.

                                CF6.H: Stage H

Keep tot he upper ledges until you come to the two rocks you must kick out.
Kick them out, then drop down to the middle platform for some coins, then to
the ground for some boxes.

When you come to the black area, jump up and kick the grab, then jump to the
upper left and get the box. As you head right, wait out the bugs, and hover to
make sure you don't land on a crab. Land on a platform, kick the crab, get any
item, and continue.

When you reach the bricked area again, jump into the opening in the second
green wall. From here, you can jump to the upper section of the blue window.
Jump across the blocks here, and you will come to an opening to another black

You can jump on the dandelion seeds here to get a lift up. Jump and hover to
the right, but aim for the lower entrance. Kick the rocks and boxes here then
continue to the right.

Take the upper path on the next seed for more boxes. After a few more crab
platforms, you'll come to a blue window. Jump to the first level, then up and
left to a platform, then up to the second level. Kick the boxes open. Make sure
you kick the box beside the exit door before you go in.

                                CF6.I: Stage I

Climb the pipes to reach the top of the fence and the boxes up here. Head right
and drop down to get the coins, climb the pipes again for some boxes.

Jump and hover to the right over the pipes, watch out for the bats. They stay
more or less in a general area, so they should be easy to judge. When you reach
the coins, make sure you jump from the farthest part of the edge, otherwise the
gap is pretty difficult to clear.

Climb the pipes to the top fo the fence for some rollerskates. Use them to get
boxes beneath the next pipe. Also kick those rocks for a money bag. When you
are ready, jump across fromt hat overhanging pipe and hover into all of the
coins. There is a box where you land with more rollerskates.

Kick a mouse and use it to reach those rocks way up high. Collect all of the
items up here. Kick the block to the right of the righthand box on the leftmost
rock platform. It has a money bag.

Get the boxe sont he lower level, then middle and top. Jump from the top level
and hover right to collect the coins. Make sure to get on top of the higher
pipe these coins lead to.

Get tehr ollerskates here, and run and jump and hover to pass the rock wall -
there's nothing of interest in there. Keep going to get some boxes. Pass the
door, drop down to the boxes beside it and open them. Then, exit the stage.

                                CF6.J: Stage J

Drop down to get the boxes, then get back up and go onto the hanging green
ledge. Jump tot he right over the formation of rock and start kicking them
from the righthand side. There's a D-Shirt in the bottom left of the formation.
Get the coins to the right before using the floating green block to continue up
and right.

Hover down around the spikes, careful not to touch any. Keep to the right and
eventually you will come to some green walls. From up high jump into the first
opening, then drop down and kick the rock in the next opening. Use the rocks to
get to the upper platform of the next area, then drop down at the end, get the
items on the bottom and kick the stack of three rocks for a money bag.

Jump onto the green block and over the green ledge to get another pink box.
Drop down and pick up the other before returning to the green ledge the same
way you just did. Kick the block in midair for a money bag. Go back one last
time and this time clear the next green ledge with a hover jump.

Jump down tot he lower right of the chamber witht he spikes and get the item.
Then make a small hop to the upper left green platform. Walk off it and tap
jump while holding right to make it to the lower right area.

Now, the stair-like area. Drop down past the spikes to get the two pink boxes.
Kick the two rocks, then continue past where you dropped down originally.
Hover right, left, and right passing the spikes and hitting the floor.

Climb up to the right and you will come to a rather tight hover area. Just
don't stray too far to either side of the chamber and you will have plenty of
time to react.

When you reach the green blocks in stairs formation, go underneath. You will
get more coins and boxes, as well as the two beneath the exit. Exit when you
have it all.

                                CF6.K: Stage K

Use the can to jump up to the platform with the boxes. Keep tot he right but
beware of apple cores. They will stop then zoom at you. Try not to have any
near you when you approach the first hydrant. Pass is as always, then get the
coins in the little chamber afterwards.

Kick out the rocks you come to and continue to do so for the entirety of the
bottom section. You will have to ride a float mouse up to that high ledge with
the two boxes. Jump and hover over the hydrant from this ledge.

Grab teh rollerskates and take the top path. Get the items and kick out the
rocks. Get the coins on the middle area. Go to the end, get the three chests
and kick out the three rocks. Jump and hover to collect the coins in midair.
Now, go back and get the stuff you missed before passing the hydrant. There is
a money bag in it for you (in the rocks).

Grab the rollerskates and jump from high platforms and hover to collect all of
the NAMCO letters spelled with coins. Get the pink box on the ledge to the
right of these letters.

At the enxt hydrant, first go under as normal and get the boxes. Then go back
and jump on the ledge. Once the sound of water stops, jump at the water and it
should stop as you jump toward you. Jump over the door, get the coins, then
return to the mousehole to leave the area.

                                CF6.L: Stage L

Grab the rollerskates and follow the path up and right. Hover jump to get the
coins, kick the box before the black section. Just jump hover through the black
section, hovering helps you watch out for crabs and bugs.

After this there is another black section with mostly single block platforms
and lots of bugs and crabs and boxes. Kick any bug or jump over them when they
are going down on their path. Hovering helps as the blocks are often single.

When on the brown platforms, go to the point where the green ceiling ends. Jump
up and arc in left to land on the green blocks here. Grab the coins and boxes
before continuing.

Use the dandelion seed to reach the boxes to the upper left. Jump and hover
through the next section, kicking any rocks. The rock at the end is kind of
tricky, but you can either hodl right and hope to land on the block which was
benetah it or hover back to the left to try and jump again.

In fact, that's the best course of action in the next black area, at the point
there's a pink box under a rock. Kick out the rock, land tot he left, then jump
back to the right.

At the end, kick the blocks and hold right to get ontot he green ledge leading
intot he bricked area. Hover down collecting coins, jump over the door and open
the boxes. Now it's time to leave.

                                CF6.M: Stage M

As soon as the stage starts hover so you land on top of the rocks. Jump over to
the fence, then jump back and kick the top block for a money bag. Get back on
top of the fence and grab the coins.

Pass teh cow and use a float mouse to reach the top branches of the tree. Jump
back tot he rocks and kick your way through to the boxes. Kick the leftmost
rock as you jump down to gain a D Shirt.

Get back to the branches and jump over to the cloud. Jump and hover over to the
next clouds and turn backwards before you land so you're thrown to the right.
Hover onto a branch.

Jump and hover through the coins in the air. Climb the tree and jump back to
the left. Hover to the high cloud tot he left, get the boxes and kick the rocks
for a money bag.

Collect all of the pink boxes along the way. One of the rocks has a life heart
if you're willing to do some kicking. Collect the pink box near the tall wall
of rocks and jump towards the small gap at the right wall. Kick your way
through and climb the tree. Kick out some rocks, then jump over to the pink box
and kick it, immediately start hovering towards the opening in the righthand

Keep to the treetops until you come to a line of coins. Drop down this line and
collect the boxes. go back to the top branches and hover jump to the right and
land on the cloud.

Get the items on the fence and make your way to the upper right cloud. Drop
down through the cloud to gain the coins, then enter the door.

                               CF6.N1: Stage N1

Collect the two boxes, then drop off and kick the two floating in midair. Jump
to the left platform, then up onto the block, then collect all the coins. Be
careful of the super fast octopi.

Return to the start and climb to the highest plateau. Jump to the right over
the wall. Walk slowly over the bridge. There are sudden geysers and fish.

Jump ontot he suspended block. When the geyser reaches the top, jump to the
right and the geyser should recede. Kick out the rocks on the bottom level, and
collect the coins. Now, go to the upper level.

Kick your way through the rocks, one towards the end holds a D-Shirt. Go to the
top of the two stacked platform blocks and hover jump right, collect the coins
and turn back before the geyser gets you. Return to the ledge you jumped from
and jump high and stop at the geyser. Hover as you descend and pass the geyser
as you normally would.

To get to the boxes on the cloud, climb the hill and jump over to the left. As
you continue, there will be two rock blocks, one has a money bag. From this
point climb up and right, hover and collect coins until you are cut off by a
geyser. Turn back, and jump off the hill again and over the geyser.

Land on the platform and approach the next geyser as usual. Kick all the rocks
you can and open the boxes in the next area. In the ledge out over the lily
pad, which is made of rocks, the middle of the lower segment contains a money
bag. Jump to the right from up here and collect the boxes on the clouds, drop
to the pads for some coins.

Get the two coins near the door and exit.

                               CF6.N1: Stage N2

Collect the loot on top of the log, and on the clouds, then jump over to the
floating platform. Kick into the chamber, kick the boxes, then kick some rocks
for a money bag. Jump to the high tree branches, and down the coins.

Jump to the cloud and then to the platform with the rocks for a pink box. Kick
open the rocks and get the S-Flag. Jump to the leaf and kick the midair boxes -
the leaf will sink as you stand on it.

Jump and hover to the trees, and land on top of the fallen log. Get the boxes.
Jump from the boxes, so you miss the splinter, and get the next two boxes.
Jump to the rocks and get the chest. The leftmost rock has a life heart if you
need it, otherwise jump to the cloud and kick open the boxes.

Hover jump through the coins to the tree branch, kick open the two boxes, and
drop through the coins.

Ride the leaves to the right, jump and hover so that they don't sink below the
screen. At the end, jump on the branch, then the clouds. Kick the boxes, grab
the coins, and leave.

                                CF6.O: Stage O

Get the pink boxes amongst the books, including those on the ground to the
right. Then, climb the tall books and jump to the platforms on the right.
Hover jump over to the green books and get the boxes here. Drop down for the
two boxes on the platform.

Jump right to the window. Wait for the glowing bubbles to move down before
jump hovering above them to each next platform. Watch out for crabs. When the
path splits, take the bottom and grab the rollerskates. Get back to the top and
jump hover right to the platform after the split section. Otherwise, you will
have to jump from the farthest point and hover from the very top of your jump.

Jump from block to block all the way to the section above the green books. Get
the boxes here, then drop down.

Jump past the door to find a staircase of green books leading up to the pink
boxes. Open them all, then enter the door to play the final minigame, and with
that the game will be complete.

|                          MK7: Two Player Overview                          |

|                        I  |
|                        |  |
|             G------H---+  |
|             |      |   |  |
|             |      |   |  |
|             D      E   F  |
|             |      |   |  |
|             |      |   |  |
|  Start--A---+---B--+---C  |

The two-player contest has many more splits in the path than that of the one
player, and generally a lot more treasure (because there are two-players). It's
also much shorter, with 3 possible routes and the need to play only five of the
nine stages.

You are in competition for the treasure and for building the house. There are
some changes to the minigames, you will compete with a friend instead of the
game. You'll try to build a house while hoarding treasures from your chum. The
lucky cat lets you steal a house part from your friend if you win, nice. The
Mappy head lets you trade. You can choose not to use these if you so desire.

The stages are flat out runs to the finish, for the most part. So instead of a
walkthrough, I'll give an overview of the level's threats and features.

                                CF7.A: Stage A

Moce into the coins as soon as you begin, then walk to the right where the
fence is. The ceiling of the level. Collect the extreme bounty of treasure, the
only money bag of note is where you are trying to free a pink box from the

Use the fences, branches, and clouds to reach coins and boxes. The cow's tail
will harm you.

                                CF7.B: Stage B

The big threat here is the hydrants. Wait until the water stops running and run
through. As it stops blocking you, move through. You should get through just as
the water starts.

The other big threat is spinning enemies. Be sure to watch out for them as the
split screen will obscure their circular path. You can hide in a can, but they
aren't as useful without the spike balls.

The rock next to the exit is a money bag holder.

                                CF7.C: Stage C

Almost all the enemies will spin when kicked, especially toy soldiers. Use them
to screw up your firend. Use the moving clouds to reach high areas. Really, the
biggest danger here is the pitfalls.

                                CF7.D: Stage D

very similar to the first stage, with less hazards. Use the branches, platforms
and floating leaves to reach higher places. Kick open lone rocks in hopes of
finding money bags.

                                CF7.E: Stage E

There are many enemies and many pitfalls in this stage. Take your time and
judge your jumps, otherwise you're going to cost yourself a lot of time.

There is an especially huge amount of treasure here, even pink boxes spelling
out "MAPPY." Stock up while the stocking's good.

                                CF7.F: Stage F

One of the blocks near the start has a D-Shirt. The biggest threat here is the
huge number of cockroaches and cats. The enemies at least don't really spin
when you kill them, they rush forward. This at least doesn't screw you up.

                                CF7.G: Stage G

Interesting level due to the fact that half of it is partially cut off, and you
will jump down a hole at the far end and travel backwards to the exit.

There are a lot of rocks, and items behind rocks. Also, the enemies may spin
when you kill them. They will harm you if they touch you so be careful - with
the small height of view, they can surprise you.

                                CF7.F: Stage H

Use the planet and moon blocks to reach high places. Many of the rocks have
some kind of item within. Other than that, beware of the increased enemy count
this stage offers.

                                CF7.I: Stage I

Many blocks in this level have money bags, so while you rush to the end, make
sure to do some kicking. Other than that, there are a lot of enemies and pits
and the enemies can spin around fairly often.

|                                MK8: Credits                                |

Thanks to odino for help with the flags. I'm still kind of confused on this
subject, but for the most part this is an exercise in memorization.

Thanks to Namco, for making this game and the Mappy series - I've enjoyed the
classic Mappy style for a long time and now that I'm exploring the expanded
series, I have to say I am liking it. This game is only further proof that a
game can be different, but great.

Thanks of course go out to my hosts, as without them you would not be reading
this guide.

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