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FAQ by IceQueenZer0

Updated: 09/18/14

-------------------------- [ Emoyan no 10-bai Pro Yakyuu ] --------------------
---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
--------------------------[ Nintendo Entertainment System ]--------------------


I have no idea what the programmer was thinking when they designed this game.
The whole gameplay mechanism is beyond stupid like they expect the people who
play this game to be mind readers. I might just right a review for this game


Emoyan no 10-bai Pro Yakyuu and its characters are trademarks of Hect and all of
its copyrights belong to them.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
Ice Queen Zero (or the Zophar Queen if you prefer) and cannot be put on other
sites or posted without my given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper

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Press A to declare where you are going to swing the bat. When the ball gets near
the plate, press A again to swing it. If you press A prior to the pitch then you
will lay the bat out to attempt a bunt.

If you are on base, press B to attempt a steal while the pitch is in play.

Press A to determine which area you want to pitch to then press A again and any
direction to throw certain pitches: Curveball, fastball, slider, sinker, and
slowball. Depending on the pitcher, the arrows will show.

Hold a button and press A to play to a desired base in correspondance with a
direction. Right for first base, up for second base, left for third base and
down for home plate.

Press Start to call timeout. Use this if yo want to send in a pitch hitter or a
pinch runner or change pitches if on defense.

Press Select while on offense to determine the type of swing you want to use.
Free, Regular, or Heavy.


-At the start of the game, you can choose to start a fresh new game or you can
 continue the game where you left off if you have a game saved on your cart.

-There are six different teams to choose from: Daikons, G-Jans, Gappores, Waves,
 Smiles, and Tires.

-Once you choose your team, you can actually change the name of certain players
 as you feel like it. The menu choices are: Shinai (Accept) and Suru (Change).
 Most names are in Hirigana and some are in Katakana.

-Choose which game you want to play. There is the month and day. It will tell
 you which games are scheduled for that day including yours.

-After you chose a date, manuever to the lower right to choose start. The two
 options to the left of "Start" are "Next month" and "Previous month" between
 April and August. If you choose a later date, you will simulate all games up to
 that date. Also noticable is the day of the week highlighted. Next, choose your

-When it comes time to start the game you can choose to start outright, or you
 can choose to switch out a starter for someone on the bench, change players'
 positions or change batting order.

-The home team always start on defense and the opposing team always starts on

-As the game progresses, you will see the batters hitting average for the day 
 and how many pitches have been thrown by the current teacher.

-Be prepared for severe frustration as the gameplay mechanism is guaranteed to
 piss you off. For starters, on offense you will be batting in first person view
 and it's hectic. You have to predict where the ball is going to be thrown and
 hope you get a hit. If you get a hit, you will see stars. If you miss or decide
 to take a ball, you will see where the pitch went.

-As I played a little further, I notice a secret behind scoring hits. Notice the
 box where you set in the strike zone to get ready to take on the pitch. The key
 is to hopefully have the pitch ball strike within that zone which I'll refer to
 as the bat zone. Notice how some are small and narrow while others are wider.
 If you chose wisely, you will get a hit on the ball. Bear in mind that the one
 who bats ninth (pitcher) has an extremely small hit box. The opposing pitcher
 is most likely to throw balls against this guy.

-Once you get a hit, the frustration continues but it is moreso on defense than
 it is for offense as there is this weird isometric camera angle that is slanted
 severely. Luckily, your defense will attempt to field fly balls automatically.

-Throw three strikes and the batter is out. Four balls and the batter will go to
 first base automatically. The runners on base will advance automatically as
 well if the previous base at someone on it. So if first base is empty, there is
 no advancement. Get three outs to change sides.

-Getting hit by a pitches advances the batter to first base and any occupied
 bases will advance the runner to the next available empty base including a run
 if it includes touching home plate.

-If the game is tied at the end of regulation, extra innings are played. The
 home team must take the lead to win the game or they will lose if they were
 behind at the start of the extra or last inning. However, since this game goes
 by Japanese rules, you will play up to three extra innings whereas a tied game
 after twelve innings results in a tie. Ties will not count against your win

-At the end of each game, the reporter will give the final words about the game
 and display the number of games each team played followed by how many wins they
 have, how many losses they have,winning percentage, and game out of first place
 the team is.

-There are a total of 144 games in the season but you can only simulate up to
 August 31st.


Kono       Kaaku     Ooniya    George
Komachi    Saitoma   Tonimura  Taihon
Nijimoto   Nakashima Ochiae    Kamawata
Suzamochi  Yoshinobi Unyo      Animura
Yonemuri   Takamasa  Yasutomo  Komatsuza
Yamamote   Kabawata  Katahoka  Roto
Ueharu     Nakamuru  Tachinami Fuchioo
Kashimashi Ooushi    Hikeno    Saitoko

Kuata    Ketori   Sugura    Kuromachi
Saikou   Masura   Shinojika Haratatsu
Makiharu Mizono   Okazake   Kouono
Douda    Motomiya Tsukue    Komanda
Katoo    Nakaho   Kawaai    Ruumin
Keda     Yamakora Kufuou    Minuda
Garrison Ariyata  Ogatta    Unoie
Hiruta   Natahaka Uida      Shirohata

Kitabepo  Kiyakawa  Akashiro Osanui
Ounou     Uni       Nomuru   Nagashiya
Kawauchi  Kaabata   Chouda   Yamazaka
Nagatome  Dongou    Bayakawa Ogaa
Shirotake Kameishi  Masutaa  Nishira
Kawahima  Tatsukuwa Koushin  Honmura
Kito      Uheda     London   Alele
Chida     Takahoshi Harashin Yaamada

Saitoa   Okamoru   Takigi    Ponta
Niiura   Ochimoto  Takamashi Yashuki
Keppata  Ishikowa  Onono     Kattou
Nonmura  Aikowa    Tashira   Yamazake
Endoru   Shimezu   Chorushi  Bishibashi
Doimon   Tanishigi Hiino     Katehira
Tanabi   Ichikowa  Murahoka  Miazato
Nakiyama Hareba    Parcho

Mebana   Oke      Yaogashi  Tamashino
Tania    Nakumoto Nakanushi Suguura
Miyamato Kawasake Sakurae   Ogara
Kattoo   Sakei    Yukeyama  Kuruyama
Ikel     Areki    Parrish   Hirosao
Ittoo    Davy     Nagashime Araya
Takana   Yuno     Shibii    Wakamachi
Naiton   Hate     Sume      Takanin

Nakatto    Fukuna   Yosuda  Too
Itau       Sumitome Shamada Mayami
Ikida      Tooyami  Wade    Onno
Enomata    Watanabi Hirate  Kanamoru
Shimoo     Okabi    Frider  Sanu
Ode        Kupo     Okade   Nakuno
Cow        Mikosebu Yage    Kaniko
Nakanushi  Kiddo    Yamaaki Tomaru


God almighty for he created everything you see before us.

Hector Playing Interface for making the game.

You for reading.


[at] = @ and [dot] = .
Don't want any email bots.

You can also find me at Zophar.net updating the emus on console so you can buzz
me there if you have an account. http://www.zophar.net/forums/member.php?u=2683

Here is my Youtube account I share with my sisters. 

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for Somari, Famicom Yakyuuban and Kouishen

-Ice Queen Zero

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