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Reviewed: 06/02/01 | Updated: 06/02/01

An interesting adventure game for the Famicom

Up until about two weeks ago I never knew this little gem of a game existed. I happened to be looking for interesting Famicom games on Ebay when I came across this one. I had never heard of it before but it sounded interesting so I put a bid in on it, fully expecting to not win. However, as luck would have it, I did (which is a good thing.) So here I am, a couple of weeks later to inform the world about this wonderful, albeit somewhat unknown adventure game for the Japanese Famicom system. Seri Gari is an adventure game made by Hudson Soft (of Adventure Island fame) from 1989 which is related in interface style to Shadowgate or Deja Vu with some differences. The most notable difference is the fact that you do not have a cursor to directly manipulate objects on the screen, however you are given a list of actions on the side from which to choose. The only real problem with the game is the fact that if you don't know much Japanese you will have a very tough time playing it. I know only small amounts of Japanese (although I am attempting to teach myself more) and it makes it very difficult to play the game, but not impossible. I have managed to figure out how to play reasonably well with some trial and error.

Graphics: 8/10
When you take into account when this game was made, the graphics are quite good. The graphics are very anime-esque and appear to be very well done. They look very nice on the Famicom.

Music/Sound: 8/10
There really aren't any sound effects worth mentioning but there is background music. From what I have heard the in-game music is quite good. It changes with the scenery and tends to set the mood quite well.

Controls: 10/10
Since all you really have to do are select choices from a menu driven system there isn't much as far as controls go, but the game manages to do that nicely ;)

Replay: ?/10
I really don't know... since my Japanese is extremely limited and I don't understand the plot line very well it is very hard to judge the replay value of the game. Also I have not played all the way through it. Although my guess would be once you have figured out how to solve the game it just makes it easier and probably less interesting the second time around.

Options: 10/10
You can continue the game, which means you don't have to sit through the intro every time. That makes it a 10 in my book. Other than that there really aren't any other options.

Story: ?/10
Again since I know little Japanese it makes it hard to judge the story line. However from what I have been able to glean from the intro it is the typical evil guy comes out of nowhere and attacks earth type plot. The intro itself isn't bad but the text goes by so slowly. I suppose this is a good thing for us poor Americans who can't read Japanese much... or that fast *grins*

Buy or Rent:
I suppose your only option would be to buy it... if you can find it that is. I just checked on both Ebay and GameTZ and neither had any copies of this game listed. Most likly your best bet would be to try and track down the rom and play it on your favorite NES emulator.

Overall: 8/10
Coming from someone who knows very little Japanese, I like the game. However maybe the plot really sucks and totally ruins it. I honestly don't know. But if you can find the game and have a Japanese Famicom or a converter to play it on your NES I would pick up this game if you can find it. Or you could just go and find the rom. If you don't know Japanese like me all it takes is a little patience and you can figure out what you are doing and can guess at the plot reasonably well (at least I think so.) Happy gaming!

Rating: 8

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