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FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 02/28/08

American Dream(NES) FAQ/Walkthrough version 1.0.1
copyright 2007-2008 by Andrew Schultz schultz.andrew@sbcglobal.net

Please do not reproduce for profit without my consent. You won't be getting 
much profit anyway, but that's not the point. This took time and effort, and 
I just wanted to save a memory of an old game and the odd solutions any way I 
could. Please send me an email referring to me and this guide by name if 
you'd like to post it on your site.







    4-1. THE BRONX






American Dream looks like it combines two cool concepts: gambling and an RPG. 
Only problem is, it combines them lamely. You have a few items to stumble on, 
then you basically have to find a hot machine where the odds are tilted in 
your favor. Then you just have to wait things out. It will take a little 
while. A long while, actually. The object is to control your blobby Pachio 
character so he parlays $100 into $100000000. On the way he will fight slot 
machines and gamblers. Once you get enough money, Pachio can go to the next 
island over, where the stakes are higher and you need more money to get to 
the NEXT island.

Sometimes you find money on the ground, and while the slot machine encounters 
are amusing, there are a lot of random incidents like getting mugged and the 
weird meetup with Al Capone, who I thought was 1000 miles west, before the 
end. The game's a mishmosh. But it showed me how addictive slot machines 
could be. Heck, I could've cheated my way past them and sat there playing on 
them for a bit. I just can't see how people would be expected to play for as 
long as the need to make $100000000 would take, unless you can gamble a lot 
more in the VIP room.


Arrows move Pachio around. When faced with an enemy you have a pretty simple 
menu, and when you go into a casino you need to push button A to drop a coin 
into the machine, then pull down.

In the casino, you generally have four rooms. You need to go to a bank for 
tokens. There, you can hit left and down once you buy the tokens, so you can 
buy as much as possible. There's no sense buying less, as when you move to a 
new room, you re-change things back. However, to exit the casino, you must 
"payout." Each casino has several floors, and as you go forward in the casino, 
the minimum bet increases. You can cycle all the way around, or go back right 
away for the maximum bet immediately.


First of all, if you want to muddle with save states, note they affect what 
goes on in outside combats--how long you wait affects the random seed. 
Indoors, you can a lot, too, except if you start a Pachi Slot machine going. 
It looks like it is spinning around, but it's predetermined where it will 

Pot o Gold is probably the best machine, as it pays 1000 gold for 3 7's, 
which appear to be a 1/343 occurrence. That is a great payout, and getting a 
bunch of cherries along the way will probably sustain you til you get the big 
cash-in. If it doesn't work, reload and try again. You get a cute cut scene 
if you get all 7's.

Most machines give you 2 coins for 2 cherries and 4-5 for 2. This usually 
helps keep you afloat until something good comes along. If you pay 3 coins, 
then there is a 3*2/7*6/7 + 6*1/7*1/7*6/7 expected value back, assuming each 
of 7 possibilities shows up equal, and not including other wins, which in the 
case of Pot of Gold would be


Summing all these, this means that you will lose about half your money on 
each try, unless you hit the big 7-7-7, which gets 1000, which is usually 
enough to advance, and which takes the 50% payback to 300% or so. However, I 
think the game is nice enough to allow you a bit better than 50% payback 
before you hit it big. In practical terms this means that if you have enough 
money for 150 tokens, you can expect to win pretty easily. With emulator save 
states, it's even easier.

The Lucky 7 machine, the one with the watermelon, is probably just break even. 
I seem to get winners more consistently there than with any other machine, 
though I don't break the bank as with the Pot o Gold. Of course, it is best 
to drop in as many tokens as you can at the highest stakes machine. That way, 
if you get lucky, you can save the password, or the emulator save state, if 
you get on a hot streak.

Lucky 7: 2 for cherry, 4 for 2 cherries, 10 for 3 oranges, 15 for 3 plums, 20 
for 3 watermelons, 30 for 3 bells, 100 for 3 7's. The "7*" is a wild card 
which comes up a lot and really helps.

The Double Cocktails machine is also good for some quick wins. These are the 
machines you want to seek out--get quick big wins, save and try again.

Each area has a different set of random encounters and values at casinos.

Brooklyn: 1-5-10-25 in 1 casino, 1-5-25-50 in the other, 10-25-50 random 

Queens: 5-25-50-100, 50-100-250 random encounters
The Bronx: 10-25-50-100-250, 250-500-1000-2500 random encounters
Manhattan: 50-100-250-500, 500-5000(?) random encounters
New Jersey: 100-250-500-1000, 1000-2500-5000-10000 random encounters


Basically, this game is about making lots of money, getting to the next level, 
and making even more money at the next level. Getting through the game is not 
hard though the "combats" (read: sessions pulling a casino machine arm) can 
get repetitive. Basically, here is the progression, with money needed to 

   10k       100k     1 mil      5 mil       100 mil
Brooklyn -> Queens -> Bronx -> Manhattan -> New Jersey

The amount you need is always much more than the toll, which is:

5000 to Queens, 20000 to Bronx, 30/50k to Manhattan(without/with the tour, 
the 2nd being more expensive and longer) and 70k to subway to New Jersey. 
This ensures you won't be wiped out at the very start.

Thankfully, the amount of money you can gamble in each area gets much higher. 
So you can just try to smash and grab with a lucky spin on a gambling machine, 
and that will eventually work.

One thing I am not sure about is how to retreat from the Bronx to Queens. If 
there is no way to do so, then you may get stuck on Manhattan a bit without 
the lighter and with the pistol--you then need to get arrested by the police, 
get mugged, and then take the subway to New Jersey.

The game also gets fuzzy if you have, say, $10 left in Manhattan. You aren't 
quite broke, but you can't spend that amount, which is a fraction of a chip.

    4-1. BROOKLYN

You start in Brooklyn. Head east til you see something blue and white to the 
southeast, behind some trees. That is a mailbox. Touch it to get the pass. 
Now you can get into casinos. Go back NW and turn N when the lake is to your 
east. When you see the Rainbow Bridge above, go west. Go SW along the coast, 
between the sea and the building, and on the west edge, you will find a card. 
That will let you into the VIP rooms. VIP rooms let you bet more, and because 
there are slot machines slightly in your favor, this will be good in the long 
run. You can also go the emulator-reload route, if you want. I find that Pot 
O Gold and the Double Cocktail games work the best. I'll explain the odds 
later. Also, always bet the maximum you can. That speeds things up--and if 
you go broke, you can always reload. That's one advantage you don't have in 
real life gambling.

Along the way you may encounter some enemies. They are not a big deal, as you 
randomly win or lose against them. You have a break-even chance of defeating 
them. They should not be frequent enough to cause you a real problem. There 
is a square where you can continually fight enemies, but it is not worth it. 
This square is just east of the bridge. You may also find lots of money on 
the ground, which is even dumber than being a blob with high top sneakers, 
but hey, take what you can get. Wandering around a bit will probably get you 
close to $200.

Now with the pass, go east and enter the casino. You'll probably want to 
start with the $5 chips. Not enough to lose it all right away, but enough to 
make a bit of a profit. If you like you can go with the $25, especially if 
you have a saved state, then jump to the $50 after you win first. Once you 
get to about $1000 there is little or no risk you will drop back down to 
being broke. Still, I'd save after every big win, whether with a password or 
emulator save state.

For $25 games, you need 400 tokens to get to Queens. For $50 games, you need 
200 tokens to get to Queens.

Use the rainbow bridge to get to Queens. It is NW of your casino.

    4-2. QUEENS

The casino nearby where you start is a ghost casino. Basically you need to 
choose the route that gets you to the randomly appearing exit, or the 
skull(where you get to try again,) or you will lose money. If you hit a pile 
of dollar bills, you lose $100. There is a 2/3 chance that will eventually 

The casino to the right of that is a crooked casino. You will get rolled if 
you get there. And you do literally roll back to the Bronx. This is not all 
bad. If you forgot the VIP card, it is worth going back to get it. You don't 
lose any money, except for the $5000 you need to pay to get back to Queens.

So you probably just want to go north to the only casino in Queens. You can 
move back to the $100 room, then move all the way right and go up to get to 
the VIP room. This casino has Pot o Gold, Bonus Slot, Pachi Slot, Jack Pot. 
You need to get 200 tokens to advance. I generally go with the Pot o Gold, 
and a few lucky shots should get me the 200 tokens I need to advance. In fact, 
with the Pot o Gold a lucky 7-7-7 will get you 500000 gold, which puts you 
halfway through the Bronx. You may wish to stay here to get the full $1000000. 
Then you can pretty much skip the Bronx.

Pay the $20000 to get to the Bronx, but go behind the second bridge on the 
little island to get the lighter before continuing.

    4-3. THE BRONX

You start out right by the hospital. That is where you go if you get mugged 
in Manhattan. There's a note SE of the casino in the north, on the other side 
of the first.

The east casino is similar to Queens. The $100 room has Pachi Slot, Jack Pot, 
Double Cocktail, and no VIP room. It's not worth it.

So go to the north casino, but detour to go N past the hospital and E between 
the buildings and the forest, for the pistol. This may cause you some small 
financial problems later, but it is better than getting booted back here. The 
pistol shows up again if police confiscate it in Manhattan and you then get 

The north casino has a $250 room with Pachi Slot, Bonus Slot, Jackpot, Pot o 
Gold, and Pachi Slot. It also has a VIP room. That is $500. It has Double 
Cocktail, Bonus Slot, Pot o Gold, and Pachi Slot.

On the lower west coast, you have two choices. The harbor goes to Manhattan--
the tour costs $20000 more and doesn't tell you anything, though it does show 
you the Statue of Liberty and where casinos might be. So save the money if 
you want to visit Manhattan.

You can actually skip to New Jersey right away, though you may risk a few 
more "game overs" before things actually work, versus if you go through 
Manhattan. However, this is less inconvenient than navigating Manhattan. Take 
the "S" at the very south of the west coast.

    4-4. MANHATTAN

The Manhattan area is interesting and a sign of what the game could've been 
if they hadn't settled back on silly randomized gambling that slightly favors 
you. For instance, east of the building you see to start, there is a mugger. 
If you have your pistol, he is no problem. But the mugging scene is rather 
cute even if it kicks you back to the Bronx where you will need to get the 
pistol and return to Manhattan. The $10000 doctor fee is nothing.

The police may catch you with a gun, too. If they do, they confiscate it, but 
that makes it easier to go down the coast. You have to pay bail, but oh well. 
There are other places where you can get trapped without a gun--the forests 
here. Avoid them. There's also an air force base directly south that is 

Head SE down the coast, then get the cigar before going west to the casino. 
I'm not sure what the cigar is good for, but get it anyway. If you have the 
lighter and want to have some fun, look at the cannon and then you can kick 
yourself to New Jersey. This is useful if police shut down gambling in the 
area, as they do.

The casino on the south shore does, however, have a VIP lounge. It costs 
$5000 per token, so here's where you want to stay. The games are Double 
Cocktail, Jack Pot, Pot o Gold, Pachi Slot and Bonus Slot.

    4-5. NEW JERSEY

First, the basic stuff. Just NW of the harbor, or S of the subway(you can't 
return via either) you will find a ghost casino. Don't go through it. You'll 
lose $10000. When you see three buildings, go west and back up. Look! There's 
Al Capone's! If you have 100 million, enter, play him in Rock Paper Scissors, 
and win. Win again. Game over. I haven't managed to lose to him yet, and I 
tried a few times. There may be a bunch of draws, which is stupid, but you'll 
get there eventually.

So out of interest, what else is there to do in New Jersey? (Oh STOP 
laughing!)The casino by there is lousy--10, 100, 500, 1000. You need big 
money now. The casino to the west along the coast isn't much either--50, 100, 
250, 500. If you take the one in the NW corner, same deal.

But wait! If you push NW to the NW corner, then go back east--a VIP lounge! 
$100000 per token! A Pot o Gold machine, first thing! But first, save and get 
a password. Then, just keep trying to get lucky(oh STOP again! This is Jersey, 
not Vegas!)

There's also a casino if you go east and north at the mountain fork, but it 
only offers $50000. It's worthwhile to take the longer route.

Cigar(SE coast of Manhattan, use unknown, won without it)
Lighter(uses cannons on S Manhattan, free trip to Jersey)
Pistol(avoids muggers taking your money)
Card(Lets you into VIP)
Pass(lets you in casinos)

There are also three different types of notes in the game. They are not 
critical to the game--just advertisements.

The first is in NE Brooklyn, by the mountains. "TRY GAME PARTY! GREAT FOR 
CROWDS!" (It is also found SW of the N casino in the Bronx.)

Another is NE of the helipad in Manhattan. TRY PACHINKO TIME FOR GAMEBOY!

A third note is in the Bronx, SE of the N casino. TRY I LOVE SOFTBALL TODAY!


There are two ways to cheat, with passwords and with save states/memory.

Passwords below. You have the VIP card in the first two and all items in the 
second three.

Queens, $5k:

Bronx, $80k:

Manhattan, $1 million:

New Jersey, $5 million:

New Jersey, $100 million:

You don't actually need any of the items mentioned in the walkthrough to get 
this. Each one of these will get you to the next area.

With adjusting memory, the dollar amounts are in the bytes from 0x3d8 to 
0x3e0. 0x3e0 is the ones, plus 0x30, 0x3df is the tens plus 0x30, etc. For 
save states, you may have to tack on something to the offsets where things 
are. For FCEUXD, it is 0x54.

You can also pick up items by adjusting the right areas in memory.

50 = pass
51 = card
52 = pistol
53 = lighter
54 = cigar

Set any of these values to 01.

End of FAQ Proper



0.7.0: sent to GameFAQs 3/26/2007, mostly done but with questions about the 
best random machine.
1.0.0: sent to GameFAQs 2/10/2008, complete
1.0.1: sent to GameFAQs 2/28/2008, with new codes


Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang, current and emeritus. They know who they 
are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS writing done. 
Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow 
Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, Brian Sulpher, AdamL, odino, JDog and 
others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in his current not-yet-banned message 
board incarnation. I am not part of his gang, but I want him to be part of 
Thanks to the NES Completion Project folks for keeping it going.
Thanks to romhacking.net for having the translation available and Pale Dim 
for the original translation--and warning that I should not play this game, 
which I did not heed.

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