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Reviewed: 03/26/07

She's not MY idol

Gameplay: 6/10

These adventure games were really popular on the NES already, and you can still find them in Japan today, although perhaps aimed at a more adult demographics. This is a game about a music idol that attempts to defeat some evil plot. The game is cut into five acts, with equal length. This is a good thing, as they are slightly unrelated with different settings, but still take part in the main story. Having only a few locations to chose when moving around makes the puzzle hunting so much easier. Overall I would say the game is quite easy to play through, and most puzzles are just about doing something in the correct order. You cannot die, you can only delay advancing to the next part. This also makes things a little boring, because trial and error will also get your there in the end.

Graphics: 5/10

The characters look downright ugly. This seems to be cartoon style, similar to the Crayon character if you are familiar with it. The people's (if you want to call a person in animal suits that) physical features are just strange and out of shape. There is also not much movement going on while you play. There is a main picture in the top left that is only slightly tweaked as you interact with it (let's say, open a safe), and then the only other part of the screen that has any animation is the right side. It features the character you are currently in contact with. They pull of some strange faces, and often too silly to take this serious.

Sound: 9/10

This is what makes the game. It features modern (at the time) pop songs that makes Erika an idol. It's a shame they did not have voices in the games back then, because that would perfect the experience. So you are this idol adventuring and you can even persuade people by chanting a small melody. Neat, but the few songs they put in are also fun if you wish to sing along. The sound effects are not very great at all, with a few beeps making up for the menu selections, but the background tunes surely make up for it. It cycles more than just with a screen change too.

Overall: 6/10

Sound alone doesn't cut it, and this childish, crude-looking adventure game is not going to be remembered for the story or beauty.

Rating: 6

odino lives in Japan with her three kids, trying to blend into Japanese life and culture while pretending she's a fluent speaker - but actually most of her knowledge was only learned from watching J-Doramas and playing video games...
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