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FAQ by PublicDomain

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/14/07


Igo Shinan
(Go Teaching)

NES 1989

Version: 1.0

Note: This guide uses Shift-JIS to display Japanese characters, switch to this
      encoding to read them properly.


Get the game going with the A button or START.

Main Menu:
1. Watch Mode (1) Automatic
2. Watch Mode (2) Manual
3. Pick Correctly Mode (1) 2 choices
4. Pick Correctly Mode (2) 5 choices
5. Pick Correctly Mode (3) No help

Speed: 1-5 (Slow-Fast). Only asked for the Watch Mode.


* Watch Mode (1) Automatic:
Plays the match without waiting for a command. Press A to pause, pressing it
twice quickly speeds up the moves a little if you are playing slowly. Press B
for the in-game menu:
- このまま つづける (Continue)
- 中止する (Stop) -> おれる (Quit) or もういちど はじめから (Restart from the
- スピードを かえる (Speed Change, from 1-5 like before starting the game)

* Watch Mode (2) Manual:
Plays one move and then waits for you to press A. Press B to get asked to
中止する (Stop) confirm with はい or reject with いいえ -> おれる (Quit) or
もういちど はじめから (Restart from the beginning).

* Pick Correctly Mode:
The third mode asks you to pick the best move for the current situation
anywhere on the field. The fourth mode will give you 2 or up to 5 possible
locations on the grid to narrow down the choices. Pick くろ (Black) or 白
(White) to play that side and the game will start a few moves as it says in the
text box. Select a position on the grid (if you play with help there are pink
circles) and press the A button to place a stone. If it is wrong, the game will
play the correct one instead. Press B to stop the game, it will ask if you want
to quit so confirm with はい or reject with いいえ. You get a screen of your
performance in percentage gotten correctly and number of stones played. Choose
to おれる (Quit) or もういちど はじめから (Restart from the beginning).


Blue boxes at the top left and right are the players for white and black. The
players usually have ranks (see below). Underneath the player is the handicap
he or she is using, if applicable. The small pots are the pieces that were
removed during play for each player at their side. The main grid is, of course,
the Go board, and the small text box at the bottom is for messages and other
important information such as commentary.


Some players have ranks, they aren't of any use in the game but there for

挑戦者 is the Challenger in that game.


There are three types of games, 古典 (Classical), 現代 (Modern) and 置碁

古典 (Classical):
A 1 道策 算哲 2 道策 道悦 3 道策 春知 4 元丈 知得 5 仙知 丈和 6 丈和 因徹
  7 因碩 秀和
B 1 秀策 太田 2 秀和 林 3 秀和 因碩 4 秀甫 水谷 5 算知 道悦 6 伊藤 秀和
  7 因碩 秀策
C 1 秀哉 中川 2 秀哉 因碩 3 秀哉 岩佐4 秀哉 中川 5 秀哉 雁金 6 秀哉 林
  7 秀哉 雁金

現代 (Modern):
A 1 橋本 藤沢 2 大竹 藤沢 3 趙 藤沢 4 趙 林 5 趙 武宮 6 趙 小林 7 小林 武宮
B 1 趙 大竹 2 趙 大竹 3 趙 小林 4 趙 小林 加藤 5 加藤 小林 6 加藤 小林
  7 加藤 林
C 1 木谷 高川 2 島村 高川 3 高川 藤沢 4 坂田 高川 5 6 石田 武宮 7 石田 坂田

置碁 (Handicap):
A 1 石田 武宮 2 ?沢 石田 3 石田 宋 4 石榑 石田 5 上村 石田 6 石田 前田
  7 春山 石田
B 1 石田 アマ 2 石田 アマ 3 石田 アマ 4 石田 アマ 5 安倍 アマ 6 安倍 アマ
  7 石田 アマ
C 1 石田 アマ 2 石田 アマ 3 石田 アマ 4 石田 アマ 5 石田 アマ 6 石田 アマ
  7 石田 アマ

アマ (Ama) is an abbreviation for 'Amateur'.

This guide is available for and to anyone who wishes to use the information on
their site or in their own guide. Remember this was posted on GameFAQs first if
you want to copy and credit anything.

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