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Reviewed: 02/20/02 | Updated: 02/20/02

Sadly unknown, but an excellent game

Have you ever wanted to play a demolition style game where you get to destroy buildings? Nintendo answered this question with the release of Wrecking Crew as one of the earliest games to come out for the NES.


Wrecking Crew is one of those games, that despite innovative and addictive gameplay, just isn't well known. The game centers around Mario and Luigi who are the main characters of the game, and are the characters you control (player 1 and player 2, respectively).

The game is compromised of 100 levels, with each level being a building. Your objective is to destroy certain objects in each level, which range from ladders, doors, pillars, barrels, etc.

I'm sure you are now thinking, ''Well, how do I destroy these things?'', and your answer consists of two methods. You can either destroy things with your trusty hammer, or you can use dynamite which is placed in some of the levels.

Of course, the game would be far too easy if you are allowed to bash stuff undeterred, and there are monsters as well as hazards in each level that attempt to prevent you from accomplishing your goal of destruction.

In addition to a 1st player mode and a 2 player mode, the game also has a level editor, in which you can design your own buildings and than knock them down. Believe me, for a game as old as this, that ain't too shabby.



Since this is one of the first Nintendo games released, the graphics are not spectacular, or even average. They are basic enough to get the job done, and in a game like this, that's all that counts.



The game starts out with an easy difficulty which soon increases in intensity. As you progress through the game, you will find yourself having to plan out your path of destruction in order to avoid enemies, who will relentlessly follow you up ladders and all throughout the level. You will also have to be careful to plan out the order in which you destroy things, because you can easily destroy a ladder which is needed to access other destroy-able items, essentially making you unable to complete the level. However, the challenge is never too difficult. As long as you are willing to think out a strategy for each level, than you will do just fine.



Very simplistic. The directional pad moves your character in a corresponding manner, and the A and B buttons both make your character use the hammer. Overall, the control responds very well and integrates seamlessly into the gameplay.



Just your standard fare here, with all of the characteristic beeps and boops you'd expect from a game of this time strangely absent. To its credit though the music is catchy and rarely becomes repetitive.


Replay Value

This is a very fun game, but once you have beaten it, you may not be inclined to play through it again. The inclusion of the level editor allows gives the game a huge boost.



All in all, this game is addicting and challenging while managing to be fun at the same time, which is what every good video game strives to achieve.


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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