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Walkthrough by odino

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/07/2014

                    / )
                   / /
           /_____C\___         Pro Yakyuu?
           /// 6 6~\~~`
           (    7  )                   Satsujin Jiken!
            \  '='/
         ( \       `\
         (\/`-.__/  /
          "`-._  _.'  
NES 1988

Version:        1.0     released on the 7th of July 2014
Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

01.) Introduction                                                 |  G0100  | 
02.) Basics                                                       |  G0200  |
03.) Walkthrough                                                  |  G0300  |
YY.) Version History                                              |  GYY00  |
ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                             |  GZZ00  |


01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100

Welcome to 'Pro Yakyuu? Satsujin Jiken!' (lit. Pro Baseball? Murder Case!) for
the NES, an adventure game released by Capcom in 1988. It is a pun on the long-
running Pro Yakyuu baseball similation/arcade game by Capcom itself. In it you
find yourself framed for murder and need to clear your name, while running from
the police, traveling the country and visiting baseball stadium around Japan.

Suggestions, comments or errors - email me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200

You control the main character with the Directional pad. At any time you can
press A to bring up the command menu:
はなす - to speak, talk (話す)
しらべる - to examine, look at (調べる)
どうぐ - items (道具) -> has 3 subchoices:

 つかう - use (使う)
 しらべる - to examine, look at (調べる)
 すてる - throw away (捨てる)
めも  - memo (メモ)
やすむ - rest (休む)
かんがえる - think (考える)

Life and Food:
The LP in the top left corner is a count of your life points. LPs are drained
when walking around and getting hit during a police chase. If you run out of LP
it is game over. Resting to fully recover your LP is done at the Inn’s beds
which you naturally have to pay for first. Alternatively you can buy food to
replenish some of your health which is usually done at restaurants. Small
corner shops sell portable food with small boost whereas in the baseball stadia
you have big meals which replenish a lot more depending on the meal cost (steak
is the biggest boost since it’s most expensive).

BIG NOTE: When your health turns red you got poisoned. Unclear why it happened,
I think you wore that woman dress too long? I got it from entering the sewers
with it once. To cure you could talk to the doctors in the hospital but paying
the 2,000 fee does not seem to help. If anyone knows how to fix this status
please tell me...

Car & Gas:
You own a vehicle and soon get the key. It tends to be stopped at the P for
Parking Lots. The attendee gets a tiny sum for keeping your vehicle. Later on
in the game the Parking Lots become unavailable and thus you need to park on
the road. Parking on roads lures a cop over so after visting a building you
need to avoid that cop to return to your car.

Your car also has GS, which should stand for Gas that runs out as you drive
around. You can refill at the GS station for 5,000 yen per refill. The
traveling between cities via car does not cost any fuel.

Traveling from town to town is done by just exiting the town via one of the
highway stops at the edge of town.

Money $:
You start the game with little money but have a bank account to withdraw from.
You can play the game until the money has run out and afterwards your traveling
is restricted and you pretty much become stuck and unable to finish the game.

As mentioned, sleeping in an Inn replenishes your health. This is kind of an
annoying way to recover even if it is a full boost to 99. You first have to
talk to the reception, pay, then use the temp key you got to open the room
door. Inside you sleep in the bed, re-use the key to leave and finally you are
done. In all that time you might as well have gone to a restaurant for a couple
of steaks.

Department Stores:
These stores are important for valuable key items. They do not have anything
else of use.

JR Stations:
The Japan Rail stations are one of your methods of traveling Japan. Aside from
taking your car, some places can only be gotten via train and the car becomes
unavailable late in the game too.

A couple of times you need to travel via boat. That is not a common way of
traveling so the details are only in the walkthrough.

Manholes generally lead to the underground areas. Not all manholes can be
traversed (although I did not really TRY all, it seems many are useless). The
manholes become available a little later in the game and only when you have
the Light item it is actually possible to really find your way anyway. Note
that it is easy to get lost down there.

03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300

I will mention the verbs in CAPITALS within the walkthrough and you need to get
used to the menu if you want to play through it. The game often asks a question
so say YES/AGREE with (はい). When your inventory is full you get a
“つぎにおくる” next page command to flip pages. You can press UP to return to
the previous pages.

The B button is for canceling menu choices which backs out of the current
selection and then further to entirely close the menus. Now get ready for a big
block of text!

Turn left and SPEAK with the phone, then SPEAK with the guy and lady below the
phone. Walk south across the rail tracks, past the parked blue car and enter
the house on the left side.

TALK to the girl. Say YES (はい) to her question. EXAMINE the table and then
leave the house (note how she basically kicks you out). Return the train tracks
but follow it east and turn south the next chance you get. Find a girl standing
here at the bank and USE ITEM on her かーど card (in the future I might just
say GIVE). Confirm with YES (はい). You now have 100000 yen.

Go south, turn west at the junction past the police car and turn south to a
purple building. Inside, talk to the guy in the first room, then use the phone
in the middle room and dial the number you got earlier (045-177-8736) and end
(おわり). Answer YES and leave the building.

If at any point a police officer follows you there will be a mini-game where
you avoid cops by maneuvering with the d-pad and shooting them at the same
time. Your shots are limited to three at a time. Your goal is to reach the end
of the area before your life runs out. Getting hit lowers your LPs. In the last
screen you have to touch the top. The cops will keep coming if you wait.
Afterwards you will find yourself at a different location so return where you
last stopped. You can avoid these confrontations by entering a building and the
cop will be return to his original position.

Go east and north across the river, entering the purple building on the west
side. Walk over to the left office and TALK to the girl and the big shot behind
her. Go back south and enter the baseball building inside the park. GIVE the
guard your つうこうぱす1 to pass. Walk left at the first corridor, then up and
TALK to the umpire (he moves around a bit but should be here). Next go out on
the field (northeast) and TALK to the first player you see. Find a chubby
player to TALK to in the eastern bottom corner of the stadium (locker room).
Leave the stadium.

Your next destination is the Inn just southeast from here. Beforehand you first
have to get into a police chase - don’t ask why. Find one of those cops and
initiate it (some cops don’t really hunt you down it seems). Done? Great.
Enter the Inn and TALK to the desk clerk. Say YES to his offer for 8,000 yen.
Go upstairs and TALK to the first player, then step up to the left-most door.
USE the るーむきー (room key) to gain access. Talk to the weird looking umpire
inside. Turn into the small room with TV and LOOK AROUND. ITEM -> EXAMINE a
memo (めも) to get a phone number. If not then you maybe have to position
yourself correctly. USE the るーむきー (room key) on the door again to leave.
You can optionally use the beds here (downstairs too) to REST and gain your LP
back to 99. When done leave the Inn.

Trot slightly west around the Inn and then all the way north as you can to find
a brown phone. Call 044-104-8814 and confirm with end (おわり). After the short
conversation you should head east and slightly south to the News building.

SPEAK with both people, answering YES to the first guy’s question. Leave the
place and return to the stadium west of here. GIVE the guard your つうこうぱす1
to pass (again). TALK to the player near the mount as before. Exit. Your next
destination is a little bit far. Walk all the way north past the train tracks
(avoiding the cops if you can), then turn west and south after the JR building
to find your blue car. USE theあいしゃのきー (Car’s Key) on the blue car. Note
your new GS counter in the corner now. Drive west from Yokohama (横浜) to
Kawasaki (川崎).

Drive west to the [P]arking Lot and TALK to the guy to AGREE on parking for
1,000 yen. Walk slightly north, then west while avoiding the cops and finally
south at the train tracks (past the trees back of the restaurant). Find a house
and LOOK at the door, AGREE to knock. SPEAK to the player who stepped out from
the building. You get a new phone number. The phone to use is slightly east
from the police station (which is to the north) so avoid the cop again as you
go there.

SPEAK into the phone by dialing 03-117-8496. After the conversation, step into
the department store slightly south-east from the phone and TALK to the lady in
pink. Be careful of the guard in here as it will again trigger a chase
sequence. It is not easy to avoid. Buy all 3 items from the girl (total=7,000
yen) which means you have to TALK to her thrice as you can only buy 1 item at a
time. If you talked to her again by mistake but don’t want to buy anything
just tell her NO. Exit the store.

Let’s go for a walk. First stroll all the way east, north past the river and
then, not talking this guy, but continuing west at the north bank of the river
to the house just before the Inn. LOOK at the door and say YES to knock. TALK
to the girl who came out (remember, you called her earlier). Return the Parking
Lot and SPEAK to the attendant, AGREEing to pick up your vehicle. Drive it east
and north to Tokyo (東京).

Drive north and turn west as soon as you can, then park in the north of the
News building by TALKing to the parking attendant and AGREEing to pay the 1,000
yen. Turn left at the restaurant north of theparking lot and enter the building
to the west of the police station (still avoiding them, the whole country is
after you after all). Inside the department store, TALK to the sales lady and
AGREE to buy the first (5,000) and third (1,000) items in the list only. Leave.

Walk east past the restaurant into the building east of the police station
(before the JR building). Talk to the big shot in the first office (next to the
sofa, not the guy walking around on the left) and leave again. Walk north and
turn west at the parking lot, then enter the dome stadium just next to it.

Show the guard the つうこうぱす2 item to pass. TALK to the person left of the
guard as well as the girl further left twice to buy 2 ステーキ (Steak) for
1,500 each to replenish your energy (maybe one is enough if you rested
earlier). Walk north and turn right before reaching the cop to SPEAK with the
player in purple. Go down the stairs west and TALK to the two guys. Go back
upstairs and find the 2 players on the field in white to SPEAK to, as well as
guy south of the field. Time to leave, but for some reason you have to show the
つうこうぱす2 item to the guard again (possibly the game forgot you showed him
the pass after going up/down the stairs).

Enter the building slightly south of here (north of the police station) and
inside you still want to avoid the cop. TALK to all 3 other people before
heading back out. Walk south and then west after the lake to find the News
building. Avoid the cop inside and TALK to the other 2 people here. Walk north
on the western road for two blocks and turn west at the restaurant, then enter
the building just west of the police station. Inside you can TALK to 3 people.

Once back outside, go slightly east and then enter the park area to the
southeast. Stand next to the temple gate and LOOK AROUND. After you say YES it
will bring up a different screen. LOOK AROUND with the 2nd option and move the
pointer to the second tree from the left in the back row, thus the third tree
in total. There is some orange thingy so it is easy to spot. After the text you
have to back out of the look menu with the B button. TAKE the item with the 4th
option (again pointing at the orange spot at the tree) and then leave via the
5th option.

Walk slightly west to the hospital which has a big red cross above the
entrance. TALK to the receptionist, then TALK to the guy at the first desk and
AGREE to pay 2,000 yen. TALK to the next person in the corridor before leaving
(you cannot get past the last person). Time to go back to the baseball stadium
- it’s slightly northeast from here.

Show the guard the つうこうぱす2 item to pass again. Buy a steak from the girl
if you want (cheap enough and convenient, DO IT!) before TALKING to the person
just north of this room. SPEAK to both players on the field and then enter the
locker room in the bottom right corner. LOOK at the lockers for a screen shift
(after saying YES, that is). LOOK (2nd option) at the second locker from the
left’s name plate, then LOOK at the locker itself to open it (press down once
from the locker name plate), then LOOK at the stuff inside (do not move the
cursor), and then LOOK at the towel pile on the bench. TAKE (4th option) the
latter before leaving (5th option) and remember you need to back out of the
look menu with B before taking it. You may now leave without the guard stopping
you...(so this time he remembers you? Oh yes, it is when you descend the stairs
in the back and return that he conveniently forgets you...)

Walk east past the parking lot and then turn south until you pass another empty
parking lot. Your destination is the building just east of the parking lot.
SPEAK with both people before moving on. Run all the way west, avoiding the cop
on the way who stands close to the street/patrol car, until you hit a building
straight ahead with a manhole in front that is nearby a four-way intersection.
Turn north at that intersection and enter another baseball stadium.

Now that your inventory has become full you get an option at the top of your
menu that switches to the next page (つぎにおくる). Do that to find your
つうこうぱす3 pass and SHOW it to the guard. Funny how this place looks the
same as all the other stadia so far. Take the west corridor up and TALK to the
two guys in the first little room (what are they doing in here?!). Next TALK to
the fatty above. Be careful of the cop slightly higher up though. TALK to the
only outfielder you see before entering the locker room in the southeast. TALK
to the sharp-looking guy and leave the stadium entirely.

Walk east and turn north at the News building to find the parking lot again.
TALK to the guy and AGREE to talk the car out again. Drive all the west and
then leave the map at the southwest corner. We are back to return to Kawasaki

Drop off your car at the nearby Parking lot by AGREEing to pay 1,000 yen. TALK
to the person in the Gas Station above and say YES to paying 5,000 yen which
will refill your car. Remember the Inn at the north side of the river? Head
back there by taking the path all the way east (still avoiding the cops) and
then double backing. LOOK at the door, then AGREE to knock. TALK to the lady
and again you have a phone number to call. Let’s go do that. The phone is
luckily on the east side of the river, just slightly south of the crossing.
TALK to the phone and dial 044-104-9382 and confirm. Say YES to the question on
the phone.

Trot all the way west past the police station but before reaching the parking
lot turn south into the grassy area. Turn back east at the path and enter the
first building you get to. Inside, TALK to the guy at the entrance blocking the
way. TALK to the boss guy in the back afterwards. When you leave the place
approach the freakish guy at the south and TALK to him too. Pick up your
vehicle (as usual confirming with YES) and drive north out of the city back to
Tokyo (東京).

We won’t have any stopover here thus just drive north to the police station,
head east a couple of blocks, then turn north again until you hit the northern
border of the map. From here drive west across the bridge and towards

Arriving in this green commuter town, first drive all the way north to the
parking lot and drop of your car as usual. We have many new people to talk to.
First TALK to the girl walking at the north side, then TALK to the guy she
mentioned standing in the little room nearby. Walk south and enter the
department store west of the police station.

TALK to the guy on the right and leave again. Walk into the lone tree on the
left past the bridge and LOOK AROUND before TALKing to the guy nearby. Enter
the building on the left. TALK to the guy in the top right room and then TALK
to the guy in the bottom right room. Enter the room at the bottom left and
stand in the bed, LOOK AROUND and finally exit again.

TALK to the girl south of the police station (east side). Next is weird but
follow my directions: Go slightly south and then left into the grassy path that
leads to the lake. At the north end of this path you can walk into the water.
There is pretty much just one way to follow although there are some dead-ends,
but wind your way clockwise towards the island and TALK to the piggy. It will
follow you back to the mainland. Bring it to the second guy we talked to the in
town still waiting in his little room at the north end by TALKing to him.

Enter the office north of the police station (careful there is a guard inside).
TALK to the girl and TALK to the guy. ITEM -> USE theごるふぼーる (golf ball)
on him. Leave and walk all the way west to find the local baseball stadium
(even a small town like this has one huh?).

ITEM -> USE the つうこうぱす4 pass on the security guard to pass. In the
northwest corner TALK to the guy in red and then the player next to him. ITEM
-> USE the まるひしゃしん on him. Make sure way to the southeast area of the
stadium and TALK to the lone guy here. Exit the stadium.

Talk the grassy path just left of the Gas Station to the north and turn east
behind it and then snake north past the river to eventually end up at a house.
LOOK at the door and AGREE to knock. This girl sure loves to block your path
but TALK to her first anyway. Return to your car and drive it out at the
southeast corner back to Tokyo (東京).

Drive east until you come to a crossing, take it south and then continue east
two more blocks until you reach the parking attendant. AGREE to drop off the
key for cash. Walk south and enter the JR building at the east side (JR=Japan
Railways Group by the way). Step up the security guard at the desk and TALK to
him (this while avoiding the suspicious cop). Say YES to purchase all 4 tickets
one by one, thus talking to him four times. You have enough money for all and
need to go to all places eventually anyway. TALK to the station attendant on
the platform in the back and then ITEM -> GIVE himきつぷ2 ticket. AGREE to
travel to Nagoya (名古屋). That animation sure makes it look like you are
speeding through the countryside in that bullet train!

Start by walking all the way east until you hit a hedge and then turn north
past the police station (2 guards!!) and entering the house just to the east of
said station. Inside, TALK to the fatty and the GIVE her the そうかせんべい
(it’s a Souka cookie, you will have to search the net to understand - very
Japanese). Now that the fatty is happy you can walk past her and TALK to the
player in his room. Leave.

Run all the way south until you see some hedges blocking your way but continue
south on the east side past the gas station. Enter the building just south of
the gas station. TALK to the only person beside the guard and AGREE to the
offer. Return outside and approach the guy waltzing around on the left of the
gas station. Run south down the road (yet another cop down here), turn west and
then up the grassy area with a dead end and some logs in the water. Stand at
the edge that only has one space between the other grassy side and ITEM -> USE
the まるた (a log as well) to bridge the gap. Walk left onto the logs where you
see something out of place and LOOK AROUND to find... something.

Return to the previous road going north but just before reaching the fork you
want to TALK to the guy outside the left house. ITEM -> USE the きねんのぼーる
(a kind of memory ball). TALK to the guy south of this guy before heading back
south, west to the end and then north into the stadium.

ITEM -> GIVE the security the まるちぱす (a multipass that replaces all those
stupid individual passes you carried earlier). First TALK to the guy on the
left of the entrance, then head into the locker room at the west side of the
stadium to TALK to another guy. Find another player to TALK to on the field,
then TALK to the player in the other locker room at the southeast corner. Exit.

Time to return east and north on the much-used path, continue this way until
you hit a four-way intersection and then enter the hospital at the corner.
Would you believe they have a guard in here too? Well, head past the reception,
then past the guard and enter the room with the bandages player. TALKing to him
reveals his identity. Leave the hospital again.

Walk west and step up to the bank. GIVE the girl your かーど card. AGREE to
withdraw cash. Enter the JR station and TALK to the staff behind the desk.
Purchase the four tickets available, TALK to the guy in the lobby and then step
into the back to GIVE the platform attendant ticket きつぷ12. AGREE to leave
for Hiroshima (広島).

This place already starts dangerous as you need to move around the guard into
the building at the north. TALK to the guy inside, then AGREE to pay and leave.
Get around the cop again, turn left after crossing the rail tracks and then
walk north alongside them until you see the phone on your ride at the same
level as you. Turn west here and TALK to the guy on the left to AGREE to buy
the top and the bottom item (thus talk to him twice).

At the south side is a restaurant and waitress offers food if you TALK to her.
Stock up on your life points again before moving on.

Your next destination is reached by taking the road south next to the police
station we just avoided, and after the four-way intersection you will want to
turn east but only to TALK to the guy north of the path (the south side has a
policeman who is rather tricky to avoid).

Return to the four-way intersection turn east and soon you will see a blue
department store at the north side. Inside, avoid yet another cop and TALK to
the guy on the right side before TALKing to the sales girl on the left. AGREE
to buy the third item on the list. Exit the department store.

Back at the four-way intersection yet again, run all the way south and take the
western path to a new area you have not been before. Take the small path
towards the camp fire and USE the すこつぷ (should be the last item in your
inventory). This removes the bushes and lets you TALK to the guy at the camp

Run all the way east and turn north until you see the News stand on your left.
TALK to the man, AGREE to pay the 80 yen and then run further north into the JR
station. Approach the desk attendant. AGREE to buy the first (16,000 yen)
ticket and approach the platform attendant. USE ticket きつぷ17 to ride back to
Tokyo (東京).

After arriving, run west and keep heading this way (with a few adjustments
northward) until you see a manhole. Stand on top of it and LOOK AROUND. Say YES
to step down. USE theらいと (light) to see your surroundings better. Follow
these instructions: Take the left path, turn east, turn south shortly after you
saw the blue path splitting up at the north, continue east to find stairs
leading up. TALK to the guy outside. You have to move around and back onto the
manhole to be able to LOOK AROUND and given the option to descend. Say YES of
course. USE the らいと (light) again to see anything. Returning is easier, just
go west, take on step north and continue west, then take the 2nd path north
counting from the west side and you will hit the stairs again. LOOK AROUND to
get back into town.

Head west and then north to find the parking lot. TALK to the attendant and
AGREE to take the car. Drive it out of town at the southeast corner towards
Kawasaki (川崎). We are just passing through now, thus drive on to the south to
Yokohama (横浜).

Drive east and eventually park at the lot by TALKing to its attendant. As usual
AGREE to pay for it. Run north, turn west and soon you will see a manhole at
the north side of the road. Stand on it and LOOK AROUND. Inside, USE the らいと
(light) as before. Walk east a couple of steps, turn north and follow the blue
path until you see it hitting the wall thus turn south beforehand. At the next
pick take the southern choice and you will find stairs. LOOK AROUND to ascend.
TALK to the man standing next to the ship to take a cruise to Osaka(大阪).

First order of business, going down in the sewers again :thumbs up: For that we
do not use the manhole here but instead we trot east until we hit the water
(there is a newspaper guy nearby), stand on that manhole and LOOK AROUND plus
AGREEing to descend. USE the らいと (light) again. Run west, north, west, south
and then quickly west again, stay at the south side and follow the path along
for a while as it bends around. Eventually you have to choose path and we will
turn east, take the second south and then turn east until you find the stairs.
Ugh. LOOK AROUND and AGREE to ascend.

Well, lovely, and what do we do here? Stand north of the building 2 steps of
its left corner as marked with the #s:
and LOOK AROUND. You expect a 3-line message as response. And... go back into
the stairs. USE the らいと (light) to see. The way back is going west all the
way, north, west, second north, follow it until you reach a wide area, turn
west, follow to the blue path, turn north, immediately east and south again and
soon you will meet the stairs. LOOK AROUND, YES, and back outside we are.

Guess what, the next place we go to see is ANOTHER manhole. Walk west and find
it south of the Inn and north of the police station. LOOK AROUND, YES, I think
you know the drill by now. You also know to USE the らいと (light). Run west,
follow the blue path north and when you reach a split turn west again followed
by an immediate north. You can see the stairs already so LOOK AROUND at them
and AGREE to ascend.

TALK to the guy weird enough to chill at this remote place. You know you have
to go back now, thus LOOK AROUND on the manhole, AGREE to descend, USE the
らいと (light) and return by going south, west, south the first chance you get,
east and immediately south again. Follow around and then you will see the
stairs. LOOK AROUND and, YES, of course you want to go up.

Make sure way northwest of down where you can cross the rail tracks. TALK to
the lady wandering around. Walk along the edge of the water to the north side
and TALK to the girl here too. Step left and LOOK AROUND to have the screen
switch to a river view. If not you may have to position yourself slightly.

TALK to the guy, using all four conversation choices. Back out to the previous
menu and use the LOOK command (2nd) and point over the guy, the point over the
river. USE (3rd option) theろー ぷ (rope). LOOK again and this time point over
the white thingy you might have noticed that is one of the trees. TAKE (4th)
this as well. Time to LEAVE (5th option).

Cross the rail tracks again, go all the way to the south end, turn west and
south again. Walk a while longer past the four-way intersection and turn east
to find a girl (not the shopkeeper). TALK to her. TALK to the guy as well.
Enter the nearby house and go up to the reception. TALK to the receptionist.
TALK to the umpire at the left side as well as the girl...err yeah. Leave.

Run north and stick to the western side as you want to go past the rail tracks
on the west side and continue on the main road until the end. You want to enter
the office building at the exit of town.

CHAT with the guy blocking your path. GIVE him theやすのめいし business card.
You may now pass. Enter the first office door and SPEAK with the only person
here and then enter the last office area to TALK to the boss before leaving the
office entirely.

Walk east until you hit the rail tracks, turn north and enter the house here.
TALK to the girl inside for a new phone number. Conveniently there is a phone
in the main room so TALK to use it and dial 03-104-9988. Say YES during the
conversation and leave the building.

Enter the northern baseball stadium. GIVE the security guy the まるちぱす
(multipass). Enter the room just north of this corridor and TALK to the person
inside. SPEAK with the guy in the locker room to the west of here too. Find a
player on the field to SPEAK to as well as a guy south of the field. Leave.

Run all the way south and make your way to the east side of the town where you
will find another baseball stadium to enter. This one has no security guard
checking your pass. Instead find 2 players to TALK to on the field and leave

Take the road south and TALK to the girl at the corner as you reach a bend.
AGREE to pay the 800 yen. Continue west and enter the stadium you see at the
south side. This one has a security guard thus GIVE him theまるちぱす
(multipass). SPEAK with the player in the western locker room. TALK to the
player on the field as well as the fatty one south of it. Time to leave

This town was already getting on my nerves at this point. Go north until you
see the restaurant on the western side of a crossing (not the girl selling food
on the way) and enter it. Avoid the guard while you TALK to the girl in the
center to buy some food and refill your life points, then leave again.

Take the western road north past the rail tracks and turn west as earlier, but
this time enter the southern of the baseball stadia. GIVE the guy blocking the
way theしあいのきっぷ (game ticket). Continue through the corridor and then
head to the left-hand wall. There is an invisible gap just above the brown line
which lets you enter the field. TALK to the umpire. Also TALK to the other
umpire at the south of the field. That’s all to do in here so head back
outside the way you came (same secret passage).

TALK to the guy in shades who appeared. GIVE him theさんぐらす
(yeah…sunglasses), as well as theぐらぶ then say YES when asked to join him.
TALK to the guy right in front of you and continue into the area. TALK to the
guy in the southwest corner. Afterwards SPEAK with the batter at the south side
to start a mini-game. Your goal is to catch the ball. You move with the D-pad
as usual and jump with the A button. As you do not know which direction the
ball will go until the screen switches to the top view it is not easy to react
that fast. If you do get the correct direction then make sure to jump before it
is too late, as even a looping ball needs more than just to stand underneath
where the shadow is pointing at. You can let the ball bounce first too for
those low balls (but not for the high bouncy ones), your goal here is just to
catch the ball before it disappears into nowhere. There are 10 rounds and you
need to catch 8.

SPEAK to the top left tent to start another mini-game, the 100m dash. You need
to bash the A button really fast to run. Do not make a false start though. The
opponents here are really slow but you do not care about them. You need to
finish within 12 seconds (which is still rather easy though).

TALK to the third tent you have not been to and start a throwing competition.
The controls are strange if you do not know but basically you start running
with the A button and if you go over the white line you fault the try. You do
not need to hold the A button. To stop and throw simply tap the A button again.
Do it a little bit earlier than the white line and you should throw just at the
white line and get a big result. I think you can get to 110m but it doesn’t
even matter as long as you get further than 90m as the guy wanted. TALK to the
guy at the entrance again before leaving.

GIVE the shady guy the さんぐらす again. Return to the main path as it goes
south and stick to the ocean side. After a short while you will pass a police
station and then you can turn west to a small island with a manhole. We do not
actually use the manhole and instead follow the lower path that leads into the
water. You can find that this path will continue to the eastern house. LOOK
AROUND at the door and AGREE to knock. TALK to the guy who came out. Return to
the mainland as you came and careful with the cop at the edge of the water.
This guy is mightily annoying to avoid.

Go south and turn east with the road and follow east at the four-way
intersection. Enter the office building at the north side of the road just
before the police station. TALK to the only person inside. Leave and walk west,
taking the north path at the four-way intersection this time. Enter the News
building at the northern side. GIVE the man the さんぐらす shades, or at least
try to, and TALK to him afterwards (yes, it makes a difference). Leave and
continue north, take east. There are two office building entrances with a phone
in the middle near a policeman. Enter the eastern one.

TALK to both guys in the rooms, leave again, then enter the News building just
west of here. USE the さんぐらす to take off the shades, then TALK to the
person in the top right. Leave again.

Walk north and follow the rail tracks east and then turn north again. Enter the
JR station. Approach the reception and SPEAK with the attendant. Buy the 8,000
yen ticket. Approach the station attendant at the platform and GIVE him GIVE
himきつぷ14 ticket. Time to travel to Yokohama (横浜) again.

Walk south on the main road past the parking lot and enter the office building
on the left-hand side. USE the shades さんぐらす and TALK to the guy. With that
information, run north of the office (not having left the screen though) and
stand in the second tree from the right. LOOK AROUND and say YES to enter the
secret joint. Stand at the door and USE the くらぶのかぎ (club key) to get in.
TALK to the first person after the corridor, then TALK to the girl at the left
side of the room. AGREE to pay the 10,000 yen and then USE the さんぐらす and
the じょそうどうぐ (you will see for yourself). TALK to the girl again. TALK to
the guy in green not standing at the corridor as well as the other girl walking
around. USE the じょそうどうぐ to remove the clothes, then USE the くらぶのかぎ
(club key) to open the door again. Exit the entire place. Approach the parking
lot attendant and TALK to him for your car. Drive it to the northwest to depart
for Kawasaki (川崎). Continue driving north to reach Tokyo (東京).

Drive a little north until you have passed the water and drive to the right-
hand curb. USE the あいしゃのきー (Car Key) to get out. Walk east around the
police station and turn north along the water edge. The northern side of the
map has an office building to enter. Inside, avoid the first guy because he
will call the cops, enter the first room and TALK to the guy here. Return to
your car, avoid the cop patrolling around it and USE the あいしゃのきー (Car
Key). Drive back south to Kawasaki (川崎) and continue south to Yokohama
(横浜). You will have to avoid cop cars from now on too.

Drive east, then south and after you cross the river stay on the eastern side
of the road as you make your way more south and avoid the car patrol on the
west side. If you drive on the wester side of the road it will spot you going
down the road. Continue west, then pass the stadium and south at the gas
station. Stop next to parking lot by USING your あいしゃのきー (Car Key). Walk
a few steps and, oh what’s this? A manhole! LOOK AROUND at it and AGREE to
descend. It has been a while, darkness. USE the らいと (light) to see if you
have forgotten. Start by going west one step, then south, west again and south
once again. You will already spot the staircase nearby. LOOK AROUND and AGREE
to ascend.

TALK to the girl here. Yes, back to through the manhole! LOOK AROUND, AGREE to
descend, USE the らいと (light) and follow the path north to find the exit
again. LOOK AROUND, AGREE, you know the drill.

Watch out for the cop patrolling your car as you USE your あいしゃのきー (Car
Key). Drive north and take the small road around the stadium as there is a
patrol car on the eastern side. Drive north and as before stay on the eastern
side of the road as you return to the highway to Kawasaki (川崎). Continue
north to reach Tokyo (東京). Amazing what this gas tank can withstand.

Start driving north for a short while and turn west to cross the rail tracks,
turn north again when you see the patrol car and turn west at the next main
junction. Soon you will reach a manhole at the north side of the road just
north of a police station. USE your あいしゃのきー (Car Key) to get out. Enter
the hospital. TALK to the person blocking your path and then USE the
じょそうどうぐ. Now TALK to her again. USE the じょそうどうぐ again to remove
the clothes, then enter the room with the patient and doctor. TALK to the
doctor first, then TALK to the patient for a quick conversation. Leave the
hospital, carefully approach your car and USE your あいしゃのきー (Car Key) to
start driving again.

Drive west, then turn south and follow this road along past the baseball
stadium and eventually you will reach the bottom of the map. Drive a bit more
west to reach another hospital. Exit the car by USING the あいしゃのきー (Car
Key) and walk through the gap in the trees to the south.

USE the さんぐらす shades as well as the ぐらぶ gloves in front of the cool guy
which will start a conversation. AGREE to go to the training camp as before.
TALK to the guy at the entrance, then TALK to the guy walking around on the
left side and finally approach and TALK to the guy at the bottom tent. As
before you need to catch 8 balls. TALK to the top left tent attendee and do the
100m dash within 12sec. Lastly, TALK to the third tent guy and throw the ball
over 90m. When all done TALK to the guy at the exit to leave (only if you met
all 3 criteria).

TALK to the cool guy, USE the shades さんぐらす and exit back to the city.
Approach the car and USE the あいしゃのきー (Car Key) to drive off. The
direction you want to take is east, then turn north when you have to until you
pass a patrol car on the left side. Stop at the next intersection with a beige
building and USE the あいしゃのきー (Car Key) to get out. Enter said building.

TALK to the guy in the first room (not the boss) and then USE theけいやくしょ2
(contract no.2). Leave the office and return to your car. USE the 
いしゃのきー (Car Key) to drive off. Take the road north two blocks, turn west
at the parking lot and drive west. Make sure you move into the south part of
the road as you reach the newspaper stand as there is a patrol coming up. USE
the あいしゃのきー (Car Key) to leave and walk north to the girl in front of
her house. TALK to her. USE the じょそうどうぐ disguise and TALK to her again.
USE the じょそうどうぐ disguise again to remove it and then walk south, turn
east, go back north and find a manhole on the right-hand side. LOOK AROUND and
AGREE to descend.

USE the らいと (light) and follow the path north, turn east and take the next
path south again. When you reach the fork turn south and take the next
available path back west. As the path reaches the end, turn west and follow it
to the guy. TALK to him and then USE theこぎって cheque. Say YES during the
question. Return via north, east, south, east, first opportunity north, first
chance east, north, first path west, again west when you hit the fork and LOOK
AROUND at the steps. YES, go up!

Make your way southeast to the stadium. It’s easy to find. GIVE the security
guy the まるちぱす (multipass) as usual. Enter the southeast locker room and
stand at the first locker. LOOK AROUND and AGREE to look closer. LOOK (3rd
option) at the sign of the third locker from the right. LOOK slightly lower at
the actual locker. USE the last item in your list: ろっかーのかぎ (locker key).
LOOK at the towels inside the locker, then LOOK at the clothes hanging inside
too. TAKE the towels. Exit, then exit the stadium.

Return west to your vehicle, USE the あいしゃのきー (Car Key) and drive east
across the rail tracks. After crossing turn south and follow the road along to
the exit to Kawasaki (川崎). Drive through town south to exit to Yokohama

Drive east all the way, turn south and stop at the bridge. USE the 
いしゃのきー (Car Key) to get out of the car. Enter the office building at the
west side. Stand on the first lone tree at the top reading from the right, LOOK
AROUND and agree to enter the club. Inside, USE the くらぶのかぎ (club key) to
get through the door. TALK to the first guy at the corridor, then USE
theしゃしん3 (Photo no.3) on the first girl nearby.  USE the くらぶのかぎ (club
key) on the door to leave and step outside. Leave the entire area. USE the 
いしゃのきー (Car Key) to start driving again, drive north and west towards
Kawasaki (川崎). As you guessed we will not stay here and continue driving
towards Tokyo (東京).

Drive to the north, then turn west at the first real junction you get to. Make
sure you are at the southern side of the road to avoid the police car coming
up. Follow along until the path narrows and then stop at the stadium. USE the 
いしゃのきー (Car Key) to get out of the car. Do not enter the stadium though
and instead enter the restaurant to the west. Inside TALK to refresh your life
points (if you did it already skip this part). Return to the car and walk a
little east to the gravestones. Careful of the police man who showed up by now.
Step in front of the northeastern one and LOOK AROUND. TALK to the wise man who
showed up now. USE the あいしゃのきー (Car Key) to get your car back.

Drive a little east and then north on the wide north. When you reach the little
restaurant corner (with a manhole) turn east. USE the あいしゃのきー (Car Key)
in front of the Parking Lot building (next to the Inn) and enter. Walk to the
fourth column of parked cars and slide the top blue car south one spot. LOOK
AROUND. Afterwards avoid the cop and TALK to the girl in purple and guy in
white. Now talk to the cop or let yourself be caught (or maybe only after you
talk to him...). Either way you should get into the cop fight and this time you
want to lose your energy on purpose.

In jail, TALK to the gangster on the left. He tells you of an escape route.
Stand one square diagonally away from the bottom right corner and LOOK AROUND
to open a secret staircase. AGREE to descend. Enter the police building from
the front. Step up to the desk with the beige folder and LOOK AROUND to take
it. Leave the police station again.

Avoid the cops inside and outside and make it to the bank on the east side of
the police precinct. You should be low on cash if you followed the guide so
far. GIVE the かーど card to her to withdraw cash. You should still have plenty
in the account. Next up you need some food as you just got beaten by the cops
in the mini-game, thus use the restaurant on the west side of the precinct.
TALK to the girl in purple to order the steaks (first item, 1500).

Time to walk for a bit. Go north from the restaurant, turn west at the four-way
street, then north again at the hospital, past the patrol car and into the
garden next to the beige building. Turn west here and enter the house at the
end of the walkway. Step into the room at the bottom left and TALK to the guy
in here. Then TALK to the person in the other room. Step up to the room above
and LOOK AROUND at the door. USE the 1564のかぎ (key to room 1564 of course).
Step up two panels into the sofa and LOOK AROUND. Step back towards the door
and USE the room key 1564のかぎ again. I had some issue with the game
recognizing me doing this. In that case step away and back to the door to try
again. Leave the building.

Run south to the edge of town and turn east a little. There is a small white
building and just northeast of it an orange one. Enter that one. TALK to the
girl in the one room, then step up to door with the other guy. LOOK AROUND and
agree to the question. In the new view, TALK (1st option) to the guy. Back out
of the menu and use the 2nd option to LOOK AROUND. Point at the alcohol bottle
on the table. TAKE (4th option) the bottle too. USE (3rd option) the photo
しゃしん3 (it takes a lot of pages to find). This leads to another screen and
then the game returns to the main menu...as a joke. You are automatically
returned outside the building.

Run all the way east and north as you need to, then turn east again past the
patrol car and when you reach the train tracks go north into  the JR station.
You already have a ticket so step up to the platform attendant in the back and
GIVE him the きつぷ1 ticket. AGREE to go to Yokohama (横浜).

First we will prepare for the last stretch of the game by pumping up the life
points and you could also start taking some provisions along. Walk down the
road on your east side and find the small food stop at your east side soon.
TALK to the girl three times to buy each of the items. Remember those names as
you can USE them in the field anywhere to get a little health boost. Also we
will now fill our stomachs so use the restaurant below. TALK to the girl at the
counter to order food in here. Grab as many steaks as you need then we are
ready to move on.

Return to the JR station in the north and this time cross the rail trails (the
girl at the food stop does not actually sell you anything by the way). Step on
the manhole nearby and AGREE to descend. It has been a while. USE theらいと
(light) to see as usual. Step east twice and then north until you hit a wall.
Continue south just one step east but take the first path east (not the wide
one you just hit the wall). Turn into the blue path south and quickly go east
again, then south again. Once you hit a wall, go all the way south and follow
around the corner. Only turn north at the 2nd last chance and soon you will
find the stairs. LOOK AROUND and agree to ascend.

Step into the little barrel and swim east underneath the bridge. Stop at the
warehouses to the south and enter the middle one (the only one you can anyway).
TALK to the northern guy, then the souther one. Leave and TALK to the new
person who has arrived (in green). Now really leave and return to the little
makeshift boat. Take the northern river path until you reach the docks and you
have to step out near the guy else it won’t work. Enter the manhole to the
west though by LOOKING AROUND and AGREEing to do so. Inside USE theらいと
(light) again.

Walk along a short while and turn west soon. When you reach the junction turn
west. Take the first south and turn west again at the end. Next time you have a
choice to make continue south and take the first chance west. Stick to the wall
at the north side as you indeed make your way north and soon you will see the
stairs. LOOK AROUD and AGREE to ascend.

If you want to pump more food into you return to the restaurant area in the
south else enter the JR station. Step up to the clerk and TALK to him. Buy the
first ticket on the list for 4,000 yen. GIVE the きつぷ5 ticket to the station
attendant on the platform. The ride takes you to Tokyo (東京).

Walk west until you are stopped by the water and then take the purple path
around the north side and follow it west. If you have used your portable food
by now you can get refills here. Either way continue west and enter the
hospital at the north side. Walk down the corridor until the nurse stops you.
USE theじょそうどうぐ dress and TALK to her. USE theじょそうどうぐ dress again
and step around her. TALK to the embalmed patient man in the room. TALK to the
new person who has appeared in the room (not the doctor of course). Leave the

Walk east and turn north at the road, then at the junction turn east until you
reach the stadium. Enter it of course. GIVE the security guard the まるちぱす
as usual (last time, I swear!). Enter the locker room in the southeast corner.
TALK to the player to start the last mini-game.

The End:
The play is 2 outs and no strikes. Your goal is to strike out the batter but
actually all that changes is the ending commentator changing the scoreline in
the text. If you strike out the batter you win 4-3, if he hits a homerun you
lose 4-7. You can move the pitcher from left to right and give the ball
directions before you throw too. The easier way to strike out the player is to
make him swing and miss by aiming to the far side. This is very luck-based
though so do not worry if you cannot win. By the way, if you are not familiar
with baseball, a foul means an Out is given twice but not the third time. Play
will continue until you either strike out the batter properly or he hits a home
run. As far as I know the game never lets an outfielder actually catch the ball
to strike him out. It will always go to the side for an out unless it is a

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