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FAQ/Walkthrough by Thunderbird

Updated: 09/10/04

Fantasy Zone 2 FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 0.5 9/10/04
Written by Thunderbird

                            Copyright Notice
This FAQ is copyright (c) 2004 by Sean Taylor

This FAQ is merely intended to assist you, the reader, with tips for 
playing Fantasy Zone 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. You may 
not post it elsewhere without first asking for permission. You may not 
modify this FAQ and then post it as your original work. You may not use 
this FAQ for money-making purposes (this includes running ads on the 
same page as this FAQ). If this FAQ is posted on your site (with 
permission), it may not be placed in an area that requires a special 
membership (paid or otherwise) to access. If you would like to ask 
permission to post this FAQ on your site, please email me at 
sscthunderbird@yahoo.com and I'll probably allow you to do so, provided 
that the above conditions are met.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.
                            Copyright Notice

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Items
2a. Starting Items
2b. Shop Items
3. Levels
3a. Pastaria
4. Bosses
5. Obtaining Money (who drops what)
6. Secret Shop Locations
7. Version Information
8. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Welcome to my FAQ for Fantasy Zone 2. This FAQ is designed to assist 
you, the reader, through the game (after all, that's why you're reading 
this, right?).

2. Shop Items

2a. Starting Items
Small Wings

Quite slow, you start with this item for propulsion. It is recommended 
to get a bigger propulsion item soon.

Twin Shot

Default primary weapon. Effective for small enemies, less effective 
against the bigger ones.


Default secondary weapon. Decent for attacking the main enemy 
structures that exist in stages. Only one can be on screen at a time.

2b. Shop Items

Some items increase in price for subsequent purchases. For these, the 
initial cost of the item is provided, as well as how much the price 
increases if you lose it (by dying or having the weapon expire, or 
simply by buying more, in case of ships).

Big Wings
Cost: $800

Slightly increased propulsion.

Normal Engine
Cost: $2000

Increases your speed higher than the Big Wings.

Jet Engine
Cost: $5000

Another increase in speed.

Turbo Engine
Cost: $10000

More speed. Starting to become rather difficult to control.

Rocket Engine
Cost: $30000

Fastest engine in the game. Be careful with that speed though, it's 
easy to hit things.

Wide Beam
First Use Cost: $2000
Incremental Cost: $2000

Time limited. Fires a wide beam.

Laser Beam
First Use Cost: $1600
Incremental Cost: $1000

Time limited. Fires a fast, concentrated beam.

Big Shot
Cost: $5000

Shots are bigger and do slightly more damage.

3Way Shot
First Use Cost: $2500
Incremental Cost: $2500

Shots fire in 3 directions, directly forward, and 30 degrees up and 
down. Handy for taking down wide-swaths of enemies.

7Way Shot
First Use Cost: $4000
Incremental Cost: $4000

Fires shots in 7 directions in a forward arc in front of your ship. 
VERY useful in clearing groups of enemies quickly.

Fire Ball
First Use Cost: $5000
Incremental Cost: $4000

Expensive, but it packs a serious wallop. One shot from this will 
obliterate enemy structures. It fires a slow moving fireball (hence the 
name. Time limited, with half the normal time, due to its heavy power.

Auto Beam
Cost: $60000

Not too sure on what this one does. It's not a separate weapon.

Twin Bomb
First Item Cost: $1200
Incremental Cost: $500

Upgrades your bombs so that two can be on the screen at once.

Big Bomb
First Item Cost: $2000
Incremental Cost: $1000

Upgrades your bombs to do more damage. Only one on the screen at a 

Twin BigBomb
First Item Cost: $4800
Incremental Cost: $2000

Gives the benefits of both the Twin Bombs and the Big Bombs. Two on the 
screen at once, and they pack a punch.

Smart Bomb
First Item Cost: $2000
Incremental Cost: $1000

Detonate it to cause a screen wide effect. Weak enemies will be 
destroyed, but structures only take some damage.

Heavy Bomb
First Item Cost: $3000
Incremental Cost: $1000

Hasn't changed from its Fantasy Zone 1 appearance. Just falls through 
where you drop it, obliterating anything in its path (except for you of 

Extra Ship
First Item Cost: $5000
Second Item Cost: $20000
Special Shop Cost: $100

Extra lives. You start with two, and can have a maximum of 5. Secret 
shops will only sell one of these per shop.

Red Bottle
First Item Cost: $12000
Incremental Cost: $12000

Increases your maximum power by two units. However, it DOES NOT fill 
these new spaces. Buy it before the Blue bottle. Only found in secret 
shops (or hidden away in some areas). Can only buy one per secret shop.

Blue Bottle
First Item Cost: $10000
Incremental Cost: $20000

Refills your power. Can only buy one per secret shop.

After you've made a run in the Shop, you will be taken to the Parts 
Select screen. The best item of each category will already be selected, 
but if you want to make changes (such as switching off of a time-
limited weapon), you can use Up and Down to navigate the three boxes, 
while using Left and Right to change the item.

Time limited weapons have a number next to them in the Weapons section 
of your status bar. This is the amount of time in seconds that the 
weapon will last before it expires. After the time limit expires, you 
will automatically switch back to the Twin Shot. Most time-limited 
weapons have a 20 second time limit. (The Fire Ball has a 10 second 

Ammo-limited weapons (the various Bombs apart from Normal and Big) 
display their ammo next to their name in the Weapons section. Use them 
up and you'll revert to a normal Bomb, even if you have another type 
available (including the other infinite-use types). Head to a Shop 
(don't need to buy anything) in order to switch types.

3. The Levels

This portion of the FAQ will provide explanations on how to get through 
each level. Each level is split into multiple areas, accessible by 
warps, which appear after destroying certain enemy structures. Each 
level also contains a boss warp, which appears as a red diamond, rather 
than a clear square. Boss warps cannot be accessed until all structures 
in the level are destroyed.

3a. Pastaria

You start between two enemy structures. The one on the left hides a 
warp. The structure to the left of it has the other warp, which leads 
to the Shop of this level. The structure just above the shop hides the 
warp that leads to the 3rd area of this level, which hides the boss 

3b. Sarcand

You start with three structures in the vicinity. The one underneath you 
houses a warp to the shop.

3c. Hiyarkia

No information at this time.

3d. Bow Bow

No information at this time.

3e. Chaprun

All structures on the first screen are on the ground. Easy pickings, 
since you can stay still while on the ground.

3f. Fuwareak

Shop is available in the starting area.

4. Bosses

Note that the boss names are made up by me, for the most part.

4a. Pastaria: Tree Log

Shoot the eye, and avoid the mini-logs that are all over. The boss 
slowly changes color as it takes damage. First white, then a yellowish 
color, then a dark-reddish color before it dies completely. Easy first 
boss battle.

4b. Sarcand: Block Tower

Each of the 5 sections is vulnerable. Its head is not, and it's the one 
spraying hammer-like objects at you. As each section is eliminated, it 
drops away, causing all sections above it to drop into place (so it 
gets smaller and smaller each time). Recommendation is to get each 
section to purple (just before it goes away), and then take them out 
bit by bit. Shouldn't be too difficult.

4c. Hiyarkia: Living Ice

Just hit the ice with any weapons. It will start to crack and look 
worse as the boss takes damage. Just make sure it doesn't hit you with 
its body, or the ice projectiles that it is launching. Its projectiles 
are indestructible, so just dodge them.

4d. Bow Bow: Dragon

Hit it in the head. Bombs are likely to miss (except the SmartBomb with 
its screen-wide effect). Avoid the fireballs. Not much more to say for 
this critter.

4e. Chaprun: Blow-Up Doll

It is only vulnerable when it is at its biggest size. However, it will 
not hurt you until it is at its biggest size either, so flying through 
it before then will not cause your ship to take damage.

5. Obtaining Money (who drops what)

Enemy structures that do not hide a warp will drop a dollar-bill like 
item, which is worth $500. The enemies they release drop small coins, 
worth $50 each. Enemy groups drop a big coin after all enemies in the 
group are destroyed. Grab it for $200. Bosses will drop a number of 
various sized coins and dollar bills.

Note that each item's value is multiplied by the number of the level 
you are on.

6. Secret Shop Locations

Fuwareak: Upon starting, head right and destroy the first structure 
that is at the top of the screen. Take the warp behind it. Near the 
other warp in this area, the shop is hidden (a little underneath). Fire 
at it (your shots will disappear into it, letting you know something is 
there). After a bit of constant shooting, the Shop will reveal itself. 
This one contains a Laser Beam, one of each Bottle (Red and Blue), a 
7Way Shot, an Auto Beam, and an Extra Ship for only $100 (cheap).

7. Version Information

0.5 Written 9/11/04

Small bits of the walkthrough written. Main focus is on the rest of the 

8. Conclusion

If you wish to email me about this FAQ, please include FAQ in the 
subject (and since I have several available, it might be a good idea to 
indicate what game the question is for). Requests to host the FAQ are 
excluded from the requirement. The following sites can host this FAQ 
without advance permission:


Others, please ask first.

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