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Guide and Walkthrough by odino

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/08/2010


                             Kaguya Hime Densetsu
                         (The Princess Kaguya Legend)

NES 1988

Version:        1.0     released on the 8th of January 2010
Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.

| .========================================================================. |
| |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
| '========================================================================' |
| 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
| 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
| 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
|      Part One                                                  |   G0310   |
|      Part Two                                                  |   G0320   |
|      Part Three                                                |   G0330   |
|      Part Four                                                 |   G0340   |
|      Part Five                                                 |   G0350   |
| 04.) Endings                                                   |   G0400   |
| YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
| ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |

01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100

Welcome to 'Kaguya Hime Densetsu' for the NES, released by Victor Interactive
Software in 1988.

Originally released in Japan only, snark over at www.boojumsnark.com translated
this game into English and also included a walkthrough with the patch. Almost
all credit goes to her and this guide has been written with her permission.

Suggestions, comments or errors - tell me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200

Kaguya Hime Densetsu (The Princess Kaguya Legend) is a Famicom game based
loosely upon The Legend of the Bamboo Cutter, an ancient science fiction tale
from Japan. In this game, you seek the hand of the Princess Kaguya and a
magical orb guarded by a fierce dragon, while sauntering through silly side-
quests and other goofy adventures. This is a text and graphics adventure game
with minor side-scrolling arcade sequences.

There are three levels of difficulty, which provide small variations in the

03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300

Part One                                                             G0310

1. Look at the apple tree and get the red apple for 2+ pts.

2. Enter the cave left. Use the whip in the center. 

3. Move ahead in the center.

4. Look at the girl, until she awakes.

5. Give the apple to the girl and she will give you matches for 5 pts.

(If you kiss the girl, you will get bad ending #2 at the bamboo tree later)

6. Exit the gave by going back and right. 

7. Go right again and talk to Santa. 

8. Ask him about the moon princess, the bamboo grove, the cabin, and the girl.

9. Give him a match, and he will give you a knife and a key.

10. He will leave, then go  ahead to the cabin.

11. Light the candle, and the dog appears. Talk to him. 

12. Go to the next room. 

13. Use the key. 

14. Get the teddy bear and the sunglasses.

15. Go back and exit the room. 

16. Look at the trees, and find the axe. 

17. Go left to the bamboo grove. 

18. Take the leftmost path.

19. Use the knife to kill the cobra. +5-10 pts. 

(If you do no kill the cobra you will experience bad ending #1.
 An eternity in the seedy back alley dive bar)

20. Go ahead in the grove until you see the bright light. 

21. use your sunglasses. 

22. Chop down the bamboo stalk with the axe. 

(If you kissed the girl in the cave instead of giving her the apple, bad ending
 #2 happens here.)

23. The princess appears, she is from a distant star, and requires the 5 star

24. She gives you a magic coat that you can use 5 times to travel quickly to
    other places.

25. Go forward in the grove to the next area.

Part Two                                                             G0320

1. Run three rounds with the jogger to receive the power drink. 

2. Go ahead and then swim. Go to the left.

3. Look at the kelp and take it. 

4. Go right, back and back to the beach.

5. From the Beach go right, fight with boys two times. Then fight again to make
   them go away for 5 pts.

(They will apologize for 10 pts if you have maximum pts. and high power during
 this stage.
(If you use the whip several times and do not fight them, then you will receive
 bad ending of the graveyard.

6. After the turtle Nonchi is saved get 9+ power points.

7. Talk to the turtle who leads you to the legendary Fair princess who has a
   magical treasure chest, if she could only wake up!

8. Give the kelp to the fair princess to revive her. (You can kiss her but this
   will alter the ending.) Get the treasure box. Return with your new sidekick,
   Nonchi the turtle.

9. Use the garment to the mountain cabin. 

10.Hit dog with whip to get the sake. 

Difficult Level:
***Go back again and hit the dog again to get the bathing-suit photo of Kumi. 

Part Three                                                           G0330

Go back to the Wharf and go right. Go upwards and jump over the cliff, at the
Turtle's instructions.

Do not fall into the cliff's edge or get Bad ending #3. (Become a Sideshow at a
freak carnival)

Go to the right to the pond. Look at the pond and relax for 1 point. Dig in the
trashcan. Take the card. Talk to the turtle, throw away the rusty axe.

Difficult Level:
***The card will be in pieces and must be put together like a puzzle. The
picture must be put together exactly or the puzzle will be reset.
(The translation patch comes with a picture of this puzzle if you need help)

Open the box, get the false teeth and the mirror.

Go to Hello Sakura and show the card. Answer the phone calls, and talk to the
ladies and agree to meet them at the pond. Leave and go to the pond.

Talk to Nonchi and introduce him to Seiko. Give her a teddy bear for 2 coins,
and some sake to soften her up. Dont forget to take the sake in her glass for a
Talk to her and agree with everything she says for more coins, until she

Go to the charm school. Give 5 coins to the lovestruck receptionist, do not
kiss her. Look at poor Sayuri and give her a much badly needed mirror and
accept her gracious gift of lipstick.

Next teacher is Momoko. Show off and watch her sweat. Look at his/her mouth.
Yikes! She will give you the bug spray to get rid of you.

Some bad biker girls beat you up and take the rest of your coins. 

Talk to Nonchi. Go to the pond and look at he picture. Take it. 

Go back to the right and up the stairs to the nuns cloister. Talk to the man
but he won't let you in.

Use the lipstick as your turtle friend catcalls you. Talk to the man, and he
will now let you in.

Go ahead and talk to the old nun with no teeth, talk to her and the turtle.
Give her teeth, talk to her again and show her the picture. She will send you
to the young nun.

Do not kiss or showoff in front of the young nun, she will fume and throw you
out. Talk to her, and Nonchi about all topics. Show her the picture and she
will give you the amulet after her sad story. Wish her well and use the garment
to go to the wharf, unless you are at the difficult level, where you should go
via cliff.

Difficult Level:
*** Do not use the angel cloak to return to the wharf. Go left to the beach
from the wharf and see the odd young man. Give him the picture of Kumi and he
will give you a thick book.

Part Four                                                            G0340

Go to the wharf, and ride the boat. From the boat climb aboard the pirate ship.

After the event you are in the brig, look at Elisa. Talk to her about her
pirate father twice. Look at her charm pendant.Ask her about it, and talk about
her mother.

After she takes you upstairs, talk to the pirate. Show off for 1 point.  Give
him the bug spray can. Listen to his talk about the dragon and the orb, and
take his golden bullet, and select the second golden bullet.

Return to your ship and go forward. (You can return to the convent and speak
with the nuns formore clues, such as hints about a mermaid princess.)

Part Five                                                            G0350

Avoid rocks, whirpools and dead-ends and you will eventually sail through the

You will randomly encounter several scenarios in this stage depending on
difficulty level.

1. Quiz Master: Answer three questions quickly! 
   Random Q and A Quiz Answers:

   Q: Oginome's first hit song
   A: Far Seas

   Q: Game Creator
   A: Mitsugu

   Q: Cabin dog's hobby
   A: Videos

   Q: Pluto is a
   A: Dog
   Q: The boy who hit the turtle
   A: Right
   Q: The Name of Seiko's Cat
   A: Marina
2. The Fish 
Agree to help him find the mermaid, and he will accompany you.

Difficult Level:
*** The Octopus - gain points and passage by throwing the book (a kanji
dictionary) at him! A kiss will also make him leave (but may change the game's
ending!) If you fight the Octopus he will black out your game with an ink

3. The Lightning
   Use the amulet to calm the storm.

4. Mermaid
   If you have not found the fish she will direct you to find him. If you have
   found him she will give you a stamina drink bottle, which you should drink

5. Bhutan 
   Thumbwrestle him for passage through. It will cost life power even if you
   defeat him, so drink up beforehand!

   After this point the Sea Maze exit is ahead, and a warning about a ferocious
   fire breathing dragon!

6. The Dragon - hit him twice with the golden bullets for victory!

Take the sparkling orb and enjoy your ending!

04.)                    ENDINGS                                      G0400

1. High Score: (Over 90 pts for Easy Level, 170 (?) for Hard Level for
   difficult) You Kiss the princess and fireworks erupt!

2. Not enough points:
   If you are not proud of your score, the princess will praise your honesty
   and smile at you.

3. If you are "proud" of your score you saunter off on your own in a trenchcoat
   and Deja-Vu style music plays in the background, and a the "END" messgae

4. If you have kissed girls (excluding the one in the cave) the princess will
   admonish you for lipstick kiss marks on your face, and will fall in love
   with the turtle instead and scold you! Your game is over!

YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00

v1.0     First release (8th January 2010)

ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00

GameFAQs for hosting this file.

Victor for the game.

Snark for not only translating this game but also providing a walkthrough with
the patch. We have decided to release this under my GameFAQs username but in
fact almost all the hard work was done by her and I feel a little guilty for
just slapping my layout on it. You can see her work at

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.        ,,,
                                    (o o)

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