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Guide and Walkthrough by DBM11085

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/06/2009


                      Saiyuuki World FAQ/Walkthrough
                       Viewable in Shift-JIS Format
                            For the NES/Famicom
                      Version 1.0 (Created 12/6/2009)
                              By Devin Morgan

      This file is Copyright (c)2009 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved.


Table of Contents

1. What's New
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Overview
5. Walkthrough
6. Items/Equipment
7. Shops
8. Secrets/Tips and Tricks
9. Copyright Notice


-=  1. What's New -=

Version 1.0 (12/6/09): The first version.


-=  2. Introduction -=

Saiyuuki World is the precursor to the US-released game Whomp Em. It is a 
platformer with RPG elements (you can buy/upgrade various types of equipment, 
fight bosses, increase your max health, and so on). It is a relatively short 
game, but the game can be quite difficult especially if you are not well 
equipped. Basically, it is your standard platformer and I would say it's one 
of the better ones available on the Famicom, so check it out if possible!


-=  3. Controls -=

Control Pad: Move character, move cursor on shop screens

Left/Right: Move left/right

Up: Climb up ladder

Down: Use currently selected attack item, climb down ladder

Start: Pause/resume game

Select: Enter/exit menu screen

A: Jump

B: Use main weapon


-=  4. Overview -=

Health Bar

At the start of the game, you will have a maximum of 5 hearts. As you take 
damages, the hearts will partially empty depending on severity. If you run 
out of hearts, you will die and the game will be over (unless of course you 
have a Magic Potion). As you progress through the game, enemies may randomly 
drop white/gold vase-like items. If you collect enough of those, you will add 
another heart to your maximum (you can get more until you have 10 total, it 

Enemies will also drop small hearts (recover one heart), and large hearts 
(fully recover your hearts). In addition, you can go to the Medics in certain 
towns and pay a nominal fee (20 the first time, 40 the second, 70 the third, 
etc.) to fully recover your health as well.


By defeating enemies and collecting the items they drop, you will gain points 
(viewable on the menu screen). At the end of every stage, you will gain 
additional points depending on how much health you have remaining at that 


-=  5. Walkthrough  -=

Area 1

From where you start off, head up the steps and enter the first house. You 
will receive a Magic Potion, as well as a Dagger so you can attack enemies! 
Kill the snake enemies to receive some rings (money in this game), and enter 
the various buildings to visit the shops within.

In the final building, you will meet the first boss enemy. It has a simple 
pattern of swooping downward in your general direction. Move away from it, 
then when it drops down, quickly jump and attack it once. It will only take a 
handful of hits to defeat this boss. Collect the money it drops and you will 
rescue the first monk.

With the money you earned from the battle, try to buy yourself a shield 
(repels enemy attacks), body armor, or sandals (allows you to move faster). 
To the far right, defeat the red snake enemy, then continue to exit the 
screen and complete the first stage.

Area 2

Here, go east and you will meet the mushroom enemies. Ride the moving 
platform to the high ledge, and visit the shops there if you want. If you 
don't have a shield already, get one. Once you drop down to the next area, 
you can't get back up there, so be prepared! You will see a platform above 
the gap; jump from it and onto the second level of the building to the left. 
Jump towards the tree and a bag will fall out, containing a random amount of 
money for you!

Jump from the same platform to cross the gap, clearing the snake at the edge, 
then continue to the east. A red enemy will shoot arrows to attack; if you 
have the shield, they will be blocked. Otherwise, jump and attack when you 
have a chance. At the end, enter the cave.

Inside the cave, go forward and defeat the snakes as you encounter them. You 
will also see pink bats hanging from the ceiling. If you get close, they will 
swoop down in a set pattern to attack. Watch the pattern and jump/attack 
accordingly to kill them. You will reach a lava pit and a series of small 
ledges above it. Jump onto the third ledge and a ? will appear above; land 
below it and press Up to enter a hidden room. You will receive a Letter. 
Continue across the lava pit and you will see a building; enter it to fight 
the fire-based boss.

This boss will move in an arch-like pattern, sending four fireballs to fall 
on you from above. Avoid the fireballs and jump to attack when the boss moves 
within reach. After you kill the boss, it will leave you a Zantetsuken blade 
as a new weapon; take it to exit the room. Then, jump up the steps and exit 
the cave. Outside, kill the mushroom enemies and head right. When you reach 
the moving platform, ride it across the gap below. If you fall off, don't 
worry; you can walk on that lower surface safely. Enter the rooms as you 
continue upward through the enclosed area, then head east along the path. 
When you reach the large building, go inside to meet the next boss.

This boss resembles a pig and is fast-moving to boot. It will jump around, 
dropping small mushroom enemies for you to kill. This is annoying, especially 
since they constantly appear and give you nothing for killing them! Attack 
the main boss when it hops close enough, and after a few hits it will be 
dead. Collect the money it drops and you will rescue the second monk. Upon 
exiting this room, continue east to complete the stage.

Area 3

From the start, you will see red flying enemies spawning throughout the area. 
When they float low enough, jump and attack/kill them. Continue all the way 
through this area and up the steps into the second room. There, you will see 
spikes in the ground. Simply jump over these hazards to avoid them. At the 
far end of the room, climb the ladders and defeat the mushrooms on the way 
up. You will pass the hint and item shops along the way.

Ride the moving platform to the high ledge, and head right a short bit. You 
will see a ? appear shortly thereafter; press Up when standing below it to 
enter a hidden armor shop. Buy some better armor at this point, especially 
since you should have the money for it by now. Once you're done in there, 
continue onward and defeat the arrow-shooting enemy before continuing into 
the next room.

In the next room, defeat the red flying enemies that spawn all above you, 
then head east. At the end, drop down and enter the room to meet the heavily 
armored knight boss. This one will move along the ground, jumping and 
stabbing at you to attack. Its attack pattern is easy to follow since it will 
stop moving just before it performs its stabbing attack. Use this to your 
advantage by jumping and attacking just after it attempts to hit you, then 
move away quickly. After several hits, the knight will hit the floor and you 
will have won. Collect the money and save the monk to complete the stage.

Area 4

Starting off, jump to the right of the building to reveal some hidden money. 
Defeat the red snake below and continue to the edge of the platform. Attack 
the squid enemies that jump out of the water below, and grab the two money 
bags that appear above the last two platforms. On the ground below, beware of 
the purple dinosaur blowing bubbles to attack you from afar. If you defeat 
it, you can receive a random item or recover your hearts.

Up ahead, jump across two more stationary ledges, grabbing another money bag 
on the second one. Jump onto the moving platform when it moves to the left, 
and grab yet another money bag as it appears. Defeat the squids if they rise 
up, then jump onto the ground ahead and continue to the next area.

As you arrive in the new segment, be careful as there are fast-moving red 
enemies on the loose here. Kill them and enter the shops (spend your hard-
earned money on a better shield and maybe an attack item). On the second 
level, go to the right end of the ledge to make a ? appear. Enter the hidden 
room and you will trade the Letter for a Flute. Jump to the top-left part of 
the roof to find a hidden money bag.

After that, jump across the gap ahead and defeat the tough dinosaur enemy. 
Ride the moving platform across the next gap and continue onward through the 
area. Enter the building and you will meet the fire-shooting boss again. 
Defeat him the same way you did before, and you will rescue another monk and 
collect some money. Exit the room and head west to complete the stage.

Area 5

In this area, head west and defeat the cavemen enemies. Be careful since they 
move quickly and can leap in the air to catch you off guard. Defeat them and 
the snakes ahead, then drop into the well to reach an underground area (watch 
out for enemies on the way down!). When you land, defeat the small orange 
bats and head east. You will see slime enemies moving along the ground; get 
next to them and attack repeatedly to kill them. They each drop money bags, 
so it is worth it to kill these creatures! When you see the ? appear in one 
of the areas between enemies, enter the hidden room (press Up) to reach the 
mushroom-dropping boss again.

Defeat that boss and you will receive the Zanyouken blade, which is another 
great weapon upgrade. From there, continue onward until you reach the doorway 
(this is the armor shop). Jump above it to reveal a hidden money bag. Defeat 
the orange bats for some items if you want, buy some new armor if you need 
it, then continue into the following area to the east.

Outside again, jump onto the top level of the building in front of you. Get a 
running start and jump over the gap ahead, then defeat the enemies there. 
Further ahead, you will see another large building. Jump on the top-right 
area and you will recover your health. When you are ready, enter the building 
and defeat the four orange bats inside to free another monk!

Back outside, continue onward and defeat the new arrow-shooting enemies 
ahead. Past them you will see another building. Go inside and you will finish 
the stage.

Area 6

In this spike-filled area, cross the area by hopping across small stationary 
and moving blocks. Along the way, you will have to fight the first boss 
character again. It will only take a couple of hits to kill it, and you will 
get a lot of money for your trouble. Further along, you will find that 
certain platforms will sink as soon as you jump on them; be quick on your 
feet to get across safely. At the end, jump onto the lone ledge to the left 
to reveal a hidden item shop if you want. Otherwise, continue east into the 
next area.

In here, defeat the blue snakes and jump across to the other side of the gap 
for now. Collect the three money bags that appear, then wait. You can either 
go across the spikes and get slightly more money (there is a recovery room at 
the other end which you have to pay for, but you fully recover your health), 
or you can drop to the lower area right away. The better pick is going across 
the spikes and fully recovering, personally.

Anyway, get to the bottom-left area of this room and drop down through the 
hole in the floor. If you hold Right while falling, you can land on a ledge 
and enter a hint room. There are fireball-spitting enemies here; they can 
take a LOT of damage, so be careful! Head through this room and defeat the 
skeleton enemies you encounter ahead, then jump up the ledges at the end and 
enter the boss room.

You will encounter an evil female character who will ask you a question. You 
will be able to pick one of three choices; it doesn't seem to matter which 
you pick since they apparently lead to the same battle. As for the battle, 
she will appear in one of two locations and send a constant barrage of 
fireballs in your direction. This is very tough since the attack won't let up 
until you cause damage to her. The pattern is easy though; if she appears on 
the left side once, after you attack she will appear on the right side, and 
vice versa.

After you defeat her, you will rescue another monk and the stage will be 

Area 7

Starting off here, defeat the snakes and head east. When you drop down to the 
lower area, be careful of the fast-moving enemies down there. Visit the 
shops, then head east through an open area until you reach another building. 
Enter the first one and you will meet a new boss. This boss will have those 
red floating enemies all around, and they will reappear if you kill them, so 
don't worry too much about them. As for the boss, it moves slowly and swoops 
downward periodically, so simply attack it often and you will win. Try not to 
get hit by it, or you will lose money!

After the battle, you will receive the Shichiseiken blade as an upgrade to 
your weapon. When you are back outside, enter the second, larger building. 
Talk to the man inside, then head back west a slight bit. A moving platform 
will now appear in the open area. Ride the platform to its highest point, 
then jump into a hidden cloud area.

As a note, the entire cloud area is optional; you can drop down to the lower 
area at any time. In the clouds, there are very few enemies and plenty of 
hidden money bags to make you very rich, so it's worth it to explore! When 
you are ready, drop down to the ground again and defeat the dinosaur enemy, 
then climb the ladder and you will summon the knight boss from earlier as 
well. Defeat it, then continue to the east.

You will see a large building ahead. Skip it for now and walk across the 
water to reach a hidden area at the opposite shore. In this extra area, 
defeat the enemies and climb the ladder to the top. You will play the Flute 
and enter into a hidden area. As you descend, defeat the enemies to get some 
items which may help increase your maximum health. At the bottom, enter the 
doorway to go back outside. Now, cross the water and enter the building you 
passed before to reach the boss.

In here, you will fight another armored knight. Jump and attack just after it 
attempts to attack you (remember, it will stop moving when attacking, so use 
that to your advantage). The key difference with this battle is that the 
knight can now perform a jumping attack. After you defeat it, collect the 
money and rescue yet another monk to complete this stage.

Area 8

In this new area, go east and defeat the blue snakes. Jump onto the ledges 
above the water and enter the shops (hint/armor/shield) if you like. Ride the 
moving platform to the right, then jump towards the tree to grab a hidden 
money bag. Defeat the projectile-throwing enemies on the ground, then enter 
the cave ahead. In there, get a running start and jump across to the other 
ledge, then jump around to find another money bag (you need good footwear 

In the areas below, watch out since you have to fight that orange boss from 
not too long ago. There will be another one, so don't descend too quickly. 
Try not to get trapped by the other enemies on the ledges along the way down, 
too. At the bottom, climb down the ladder and jump over the lava, then exit 
to the right. Out here, make your way all the way to the east while defeating 
the enemies you meet.

At the far end, enter the room and you will fight another knight as a boss. 
This one is like the others, but he squats down before attacking, so be 
prepared for that. He will also take quite a beating, so be prepared for a 
long battle. Try not to rush it or you will find yourself dead too quickly. 
Once the battle is over, collect the bags of money and rescue the monk to 
finish off this stage.

Area 9

From the start, jump across the small ledges while avoiding the lava pit 
below. Defeat the boss enemy when you approach the larger ledge, and continue 
across even more ledges. Kill the bats and snakes, then enter the hidden shop 
when prompted by the ? on one of the higher ledges. This is an armor shop if 
you want to fully upgrade at this point. After that, continue across a few 
more ledges (this may be tricky since they are small and enemies occupy them) 
and enter the next area.

Here, go across some more ledges and you will find the simpler boss character 
(one hit will kill it) floating around. Get past it and continue onto the 
ledges occupied by small projectile-shooting enemies. Enter the hidden 
footwear shop via the ? icon, then continue ahead. There will be yet another 
hidden shop coming up, this time for attack items. Get past the various 
enemies (if you have the Thunder Bolt, it will come very much in handy here), 
and enter the door at the end.

You will face another boss in the form of a large caveman. It hops around, 
dropping up to three smaller projectile-tossing enemies into the room as 
well. This can be extremely annoying since the enemies take a few hits to 
kill, and the boss is constantly hopping around. If you have any attack 
items, they will come very much in handy here. Once you beat the boss, 
collect the money bags and save the monk to complete the stage.

Area 10

As soon as you arrive, defeat the two red enemies that spawn in front of you. 
Hop across the gap and go forward to find a small building. There are purple 
zombie-like enemies and those red fire-spitting plants, so be extremely 
careful as you dispatch them. Enter the hint shop if you want, otherwise 
continue to the far east area. At the very end, drop into the water and walk 
to the west, and you will fall into a hidden area.

When you land, enter the attack item shop and buy some Thunder Bolts if you 
want. Ahead, you will see a lot of enemies. Only defeat the purple dinosaur 
in your way, then jump over the red enemies between the steps; killing them 
will prove too costly. Avoid/kill the squid enemies ahead as well, and jump 
above those steps to reveal some more money bags. Then, go into the cave area 
at the end.

Inside the cave, get past the slime-like enemies and the projectile-thrower, 
as well as the larger boss creatures flying around. At the far end of the 
room, drop into the last lava pit (it's the smaller one) and you will land in 
a new area.

Here, jump across to the far ledge and hop around to get three money bags. 
Defeat the orange bats and drop down past a few ledges, avoiding the fire-
shooting enemies as best as you can. Kill some more bats as you descend, and 
climb down the ladder at the end. Then, go right to exit the cave.

Back outside again, follow the path and you will be able to enter all of the 
different shops (either through the doors or the hidden ? rooms that appear). 
Defeat the large knight enemies along the way; luckily they are quite simple 
at this point in the game. Enter the last door and a man will talk to you. 
After that, you will be outside again. When you are ready, go into the next 
door to the west and you will meet a gold knight boss.

This boss's attack pattern is nothing new; he jumps and walks around while 
periodically stopping to attack with his sword. Constantly attack it, 
stepping back occasionally to dodge its attack, and you will be able to win 
easily. Collect the money bags and save the tenth and final monk, then exit 
the room again. Now, head all the way east to complete the stage.

Area 11

At last, you are at the final area of the game! The area consists of looping 
rooms with multiple exits, but you will only proceed to the next room if you 
take the correct path. That's what this guide is for, right? Anyway, defeat 
the blue snakes and the flying boss enemy. Ahead, defeat the red snakes and 
the path will split. Take the bottom path into the second area.

In the second room, defeat the red arrow-throwing enemies and you will meet 
the boss enemies that rain fireballs upon you. Defeat them and continue ahead 
to a pit. Drop down into the third room. Here, you will fall down a long pit 
with orange bats along the sides (four on the right, then four on the left). 
Attack them as you pass, then when you land, collect all of the spoils. There 
will be two paths you can take; the left one will make you loop and the right 
one will lead to the fourth area (it may be a good idea to repeat this room a 
few times since the bats tend to drop lots of useful stuff for you).

Onward, head west and defeat the red floating enemies. The blue ones ahead 
cannot be defeated, but if you attack them, they reverse their direction of 
movement. At the end, drop into the pit to reach the next section. As soon as 
you enter the area, land on the first ledge with the blue snakes (if you fall 
to the second ledge with the purple dinosaur, you will loop back to the 
previous area with the red enemies; fall straight down and you will loop in 
this pit).

In the room beyond the blue snakes, go through the empty room into the one 
following it. There, defeat the jumping purple enemies as you proceed. Defeat 
the fire-spitting plant and you will see a platform moving upward. Ride it 
upward and you will enter a new area. There will be two small blocks in here; 
the trick is to jump back and forth between them to progress upward through 
this room. When you reach the first ledge, kill the green snake and a moving 
ledge will appear. Ride it to reach the next set of blocks and jump between 
those to continue upward.

When you arrive in the next room above, go east and defeat the caveman 
enemies that throw projectiles at you. Kill the red snakes past them, and you 
will reach a moving platform and two separate paths. Take the upper path into 
the next room. Here, go east and defeat the purple caveman, and you will meet 
that witch boss from earlier. Beyond that, you will have to face a large 
group of fire-spitting enemies. Drop down the pit between the first couple of 
them and you will reach a new area.

When you land, defeat the orange bats and head west. There will be purple 
snakes to kill ahead, as well as one of those flying boss enemies that can 
take a lot of hits. Once it's gone, take the western path into the next room; 
falling into the pit will send you to a previous area. In the new room, 
defeat the fast-moving enemies as you proceed. Ignore the elevator platform 
as you head westward some more. Get past the boss enemy (its pattern is 
similar to the witch from a couple of rooms earlier) and head into the 
western room at the end.

Follow the path down the long hallway and you will reach a doorway at the 
end. When you are ready, enter the room and you will meet the final boss! The 
first form is a pig-headed creature that simply stands there, jumping up to 
shoot a projectile now and then. Corner it and attack repeatedly by jumping 
and hitting its head. Once that form is defeated, its second form will 
appear. The battle pattern does not change, strangely enough.

Once you defeat the second form, you will have rescued the final hostage! The 
stage will end, and you will get to watch the final scenes of the game. 
Congratulations on completing Saiyuuki World!


-=  6. Items/Equipment  -=


NOTE: The equipment in each section is listed from weakest to strongest.
      There are no individual statistics for each item, so just assume that
      the next item in the series is better than the last.


Dagger (たんけん)
Zantetsuken (ざんてつけん)
Zanyouken (ざんようけん)
Shichiseiken (しちせいけん)


Leather Shield (かわのたて)
Copper Shield (どうのたて)
Steel Shield (はがねのたて)
Gold Shield (おうごんのたて)

Body Armor

Leather Armor (かわのよろい)
Iron Armor (てつのよろい)
Copper Armor (どうのよろい)
Steel Armor (はがねのよろい)
Gold Armor (おうごんのよろい)


Straw Sandals (わらじ)
Sandals (ずおり)
Better Sandals (むゆうり)
Best Sandals (ほうんり)


Attack Items

Dragon Bullet (りゅうのたま): Shoot a bullet which can bounce off walls and
                              explodes upon impact or after a few seconds.

Dust Fan (ふうじんのいちわ): Sends a small tornado along the ground to attack

Fire Stone (ほのうのいし): Throw a fiery stone directly at an enemy.

Thunder Bolt (らいじんのたいこ): Instantly damages all enemies on the screen.

Other Items

Crown (かんむり): Defense is increased temporarily.

Flute (ふえ): Get from a hidden room in exchange for the Letter.

Gauntlet (こて): Attack power is increased temporarily.

Haori (はおり): Become invincible temporarily.

Letter (てがみ): Get from a hidden room; used to receive the Flute.

Magic Potion (きんたん): If you run out of health, you will be revived and
                         recover 5 hearts. It can only be used once.

Wooden Clogs (げた): Slows your descent when falling (tap A repeatedly).


-=  7. Shops  -=

Shield Shop

Name               Price
----               -----
Leather Shield     40
Copper Shield      120
Steel Shield       250
Gold Shield        350

Armor Shop

Name               Price
----               -----
Leather Armor      60
Iron Armor         100
Copper Armor       150
Steel Armor        360
Gold Armor         540
Crown              25

Footwear Shop

Name               Price
----               -----
Straw Sandals      50
Sandals            80
Better Sandals     180
Best Sandals       380
Wooden Clogs       30

Hint Shop

Name               Price
----               -----
Amulet             20 (gets a good hint)
Charm              40 (gets a better hint)

Item Shop

Name               Price
----               -----
Dragon Bullet      10
Fire Stone         20
Dust Fan           30
Thunder Bolt       50


-=  8. Secrets/Tips and Tricks  -=

99 Thunder Bolts

On the title screen, press Up, Down, Up, Down, A to start the game with 99 
Thunder Bolts.

Continue After Game Over

To continue from the stage you died on after getting a game over, hold Down 
and press Start to resume your game.

Level Skip + Powered Up Character

To start the game with your character powered up, press Up, Down, Up, Down, 
A. When you start the game, you will have 99 Thunder Bolts, a higher jump, a 
good shield, and unlimited money.

To skip levels, press Up + A + B simultaneously.


-=  9. Copyright Notice -=

This file is Copyright (c)2009 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved. Please view 
the following URL to see the list of sites that are allowed to post my work:


This list is comprised of sites I know and trust well. If your site is not on 
the aforementioned list, you are currently not allowed to post any of my 
files on your site. Please respect my work and do not steal it or post it 
without my permission. I only want my most recent work to be available and I 
do not feel that can be achieved if others take from me without my knowledge 
or permission.

If you are writing a FAQ for this game as well, and would like to use some 
information, credit me for what you use. Please do not rip me off, as that is 
blatant plagiarism and such will not be tolerated.

If you wish to contact me, do so at dbmfaqs(at)gmail(dot)com. Please only 
contact me if there are corrections to be made to information that's 
currently included. Thanks!


=- End of File -=

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