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"Famicom Wars" is a strategy simulation game released on August 12, 1988. Players command either the "Red Star Army" or the "Blue Moon Army" to fight enemy forces. Produce different units and march for victory.

As a commander, the player can produce a variety of units, including infantry, tanks, and fighters. Produce troops according to the situation and advance the battle to your advantage.

Each battlefield, which is the stage of the battle, has a distinctive shape. The path to victory lies in how to devise a strategy that makes the best use of the characteristics of the battlefield, because the battle will be won if the enemy army is annihilated or the enemy army's base is occupied.

There are various facilities on the battlefield, such as cities and airports. The more you occupy the facility, the more military spending you can earn, and the more advantageous the battle becomes.

You can also play against your friends with one Wii remote controller.
Enjoy a battle that is a bit different from computer battles on your favorite battlefield.

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