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FAQ by Ryan HarrisonDonate directly to the author of this contribution

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 12/16/2012

     ____              __                 __ __                         __
    / __ \____  ____  / /_____  __  __   / //_/___  ____  ____ _       / /____
   / / / / __ \/ __ \/ //_/ _ \/ / / /  / ,< / __ \/ __ \/ __ `/  __  / / ___/
  / /_/ / /_/ / / / / ,< /  __/ /_/ /  / /| / /_/ / / / / /_/ /  / /_/ / /  _
 /_____/\____/_/ /_/_/|_|\___/\__, /  /_/ |_\____/_/ /_/\__, /   \____/_/  (_)
 =========================== /____/ ================== /____/ ================


                             Donkey Kong Jr. (NES)


      Version: 1.10
 Last Updated: 16 December 2012
       Author: Ryan Harrison
        Email: rjhgamefaqs[at]gmail.com

  This document is Copyright (C)2012-2014 Ryan Harrison. All rights reserved.


Version History

Version 1.10 | 16 December 2012
  * I seemed to have forgotten to include level hints for Stage 4 in the last
    version (whoops!). In this version, that problem is now rectified.

Version 1.00 | 5 November 2012
  * The first, complete posted version of this FAQ.

                               Table of Contents

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have a search code listed on the right-hand side of the ToC. Press Ctrl + F on 
your keyboard and this will bring up a search box in your web browser. Type or 
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and this will take you to the beginning of that section.


  i. Introduction

    1. STORY ....................................................... [0100]
    2. GAME OVERVIEW ............................................... [0200]
        2.1. Controls .............................................. [0201]
        2.2. Basics ................................................ [0202]
    3. ITEMS ....................................................... [0300]

  ii. Credits
  iii. Legal Disclaimer/Contacting Me

                                i. Introduction

Hello and welcome to my FAQ for Donkey Kong Jr. In this FAQ I will detail 
everything there is you need to know for this game; how to play it, as well as 
some handy tips for playing through each of the game's four stages. This game 
is the sequel to the original Donkey Kong and was ported to the NES around the 
same time as its predecessor. It's a simple game and perhaps not as famous or 
as legendary as the first, but I personally reckon it's a title that's just as 
worth playing. It's also notable for the fact that it is the only game, to 
date, in which Mario plays the villain of the game - you take control of DK Jr. 
as you climb through four different stages in an effort to rescue the captured 
Donkey Kong. For old-school arcade-style games, this is one that's definitely 
worth a go, so see if you can score a copy and see for yourself!


                                    1. STORY                             [0100]


DK Junior is on a mission to rescue Donkey Kong from Mario's cage. Jump from 
vine to vine collecting bonus fruits and avoiding lethal snapjaws. Then move on 
to tougher stages. Jump platforms, dodge sparks of electricity, and watch out 
for those birds. Use your skills to get the key that will set your Papa free.


                                2. GAME OVERVIEW                         [0200]


 2.1. Controls                                                           [0201]

D-Pad: Down/Up: Make DK Jr. descend/climb vines and chains

       Left/Right: Move in those directions

Select: Move the cursor on the title screen to select between game types

Start: Begin highlighted game from the title screen
       Pause the game during play; resume when paused

A: Jump (on own, DK Jr. jumps straight up; when in conjunction with Left/Right
     on the D-Pad, he jumps in an arc movement in those directions)

 2.2. Basics                                                             [0202]

| Wii Virtual Console |

A direct port of the NES version of Donkey Kong Jr. is available to download 
for your Wii Virtual Console via the Shopping Network. It can be played with 
the use of the Wiimote on its own, or you can also play it with the Wii Classic 
Controller, or a GameCube controller, if you have it plugged into your Wii. See 
below for a table of the methods of control input, and which button corresponds 
to its NES controller counterpart.

Wii Virtual Console - Button Key

The following buttons on the Wiimote, Wii Classic Controller and GameCube 
Controller correspond to those of its NES counterparts: use these in 
conjunction with the Controls section above in order to see their button 

| D-Pad   | D-Pad                  | D-Pad               | D-Pad          |
|         | Left Analog Stick      | Analog Stick        | D-Pad          |
| 2       | A                      | A                   | A              |
| +       | +                      | Start               | Start          |
| -       | -                      | Z                   | Select         |

Other Controls (Wiimote & Wii Classic Controller)

Home: Bring up Home menu while pausing the game; press again to hide Home menu
      and resume play

| Title Screen |

Upon starting up the game, you are taken straight to the Title Screen. Here's a 
diagram of what it looks like, the game types you can choose from, and a quick 
rundown of each of them:

           |  ___   ___  _  _ _  _______   __     ______   _____    |
           | |   \ / _ \| \| | |/ / __\ \ / /    '-.  .-'.`     `.  |
           | | |) | (_) | .` | ' <| _| \ V /       |  |  |  -'`- |  |
           | |___/ \___/|_|\_|_|\_\___| |_|        |  |  |  >'`< |  |
           |             _  _____  _  _  ___    __ |  |  |       |  |
           |            | |/ / _ \| \| |/ __|  '  '|  |  |     .-'  |
           |            | ' < (_) | .` | (_ |  |  ||  |  |  |\  \_  |
           |            |_|\_\___/|_|\_|\___|  `.____.'  `._. \_(_) |
           |                                                        |
           |                                                        |
           |           *   1   P L A Y E R   G A M E   A            |
           |                                                        |
           |               1   P L A Y E R   G A M E   B            |
           |                                                        |
           |               2   P L A Y E R   G A M E   A            |
           |                                                        |
           |               2   P L A Y E R   G A M E   B            |
           |                                                        |
           |                                                        |
           |      (C)1 9 8 2   N I N T E N D O   C O .,L T D.       |
           |                                                        |
           |                   M A D E   I N   J A P A N            |
           |                                                        |

1 PLAYER GAME A: This is the standard game of Donkey Kong Jr. at the simplest
                 difficulty level. If you've played the Arcade version then
                 you'll pretty much be familiar with this mode. You take
                 control of DK Jr. and guide him through each of the four
                 stages as you aim to rescue your "Papa" from Mario. You start
                 with the standard three lives, and upon beating all four
                 stages and rescuing Donkey Kong, the game is beaten and loops
                 over, beginning again at the first stage with the difficulty
                 slightly notched up, as well as a higher (but more rapidly
                 decreasing) Bonus Timer. Once you've lost all your lives,
                 that's it; how far can you get?

1 PLAYER GAME B: Like any retro Nintendo Arcade game from the 1980s, this is a
                 slightly more advanced mode of the game. All stages retain the
                 same layout, however the difficulty level is notched slightly
                 higher for experts; enemies and traps are trickier to avoid,
                 and the same hazards from Game A mode will be there as well.
                 For experts of the game this would be your preferred game to
                 play, but if you get through Game A without too much trouble
                 then by all means give this mode a go!

2 PLAYER GAME A: If you have 2 controllers plugged into your Nintendo
                 Entertainment system (or equivalent console), then you and a
                 second player can take it in turns controlling Donkey Kong Jr.
                 as you play through the game. Play alternates when one player
                 beats a level or loses a life. If one player loses all their
                 lives, the other player will continue playing on their own
                 until they too lose all their lives.

2 PLAYER GAME B: As above, two players play through the game, with play
                 alternating when a player wins a stage, or loses a life. Only
                 difference is it is in Game B mode, so the difficulty setting
                 is a little higher.

| General Gameplay |

The objective of Donkey Kong Jr. is to rescue Donkey Kong from the clutches of 
the evil Mario. The game consists of four different stages; at the top of each 
screen you'll see Donkey Kong trapped in a cage, while Mario sends creatures 
after you from his magic wand. In the first three stages of the game, your 
objective is to simply manoeuvre your way up to where Donkey Kong is; simply 
climb the vines and ropes available, and make use of any other helpful things 
like springs and platforms to make it up. When you grab the blue Key symbol 
near Donkey Kong, Junior wins that level, and you progress to the next one.

In the fourth level of the game, the object is slightly different. You'll see 
that Donkey Kong's cage is linked to several locks, and underneath all the 
locks, the Keys are found sitting on chains attached to them. Junior has to 
push the Keys up until they are all fitted into the locks, by grabbing onto the 
chain beneath the Key, and climbing up; while doing so he pushes the Keys up as 
he touches them. When all the Keys are fitted into the locks, DK is rescued, 
Mario is defeated, and you win the game. From there, the game essentially loops 
over and the difficulty level will be raised a little, so see how far you can 
get before you lose all your lives, at which point the game is over.


Fruit is Donkey Kong Jr.'s only means of attacking, and defeating, his enemies 
in this game. When you touch a piece of Fruit, it drops down in a straight 
vertical line, and if it hits any enemies as it falls, it defeats them and will 
score you some extra points. Also note that touching Fruit also gives you 400 

Climbing/Descending Vines

One of Donkey Kong Jr.'s vital skills in this game is climbing. You'll notice 
that throughout each level are several vertical lines, such as vines, ropes and 
chains. Donkey Kong Jr. has to climb these to reach higher ground and continue 
making it up to the top of each level. To grab onto a vine, simply jump into 
it, and Junior will grab the vine. From there, you can press Up or Down on the 
D-Pad to move Junior up or down, or tap Left/Right to make him reach over in 
those dirctions; tap Left or Right again, and he'll let go of the vine and 
fall. Don't fall from too great a height, or you'll lose a life.

Also note that Junior can climb two vines at once, if there are two close 
enough. If Junior is holding a vine, and there is another vine within reach, 
tap the directional button towards that second vine to make Junior grab it. 
While holding both vines, you can also climb up or down. The speed at which DK 
Jr. climbs or descends is dependent on whether you're holding one, or two 
vines. When Junior is holding one vine, he climbs slower but descends quicker. 
When he's holding two, he climbs faster but descends slower. Quickly changing 
vines and height you climb/descend is a vital skill to know in order to master 
this game; especially in the second and fourth stages when you have several 
enemies flying toward you.


Like the original, you only control the one chracter so I won't bother with a 
completely separate characters section that goes into too much detail, 
nevertheless, here I'll introduce all the characters seen in the game, and the 
roles they play.

Donkey Kong: The antagonist of the preceeding game, remembered for capturing
             Mario's girlfriend Pauline and keeping her hostage, the roles are
             somewhat reversed as now he sits helplessly in a cage at the top
             of each screen after he was captured by Mario as punishment for
             kidnapping his beloved Pauline. Climb to the top of each level to
             get all the Keys, before pushing them all into the locks to rescue
             your Papa.

Donkey Kong Jr.: The hero and titular character of the game. You control Donkey
                 Kong Jr., the son of Donkey Kong. He's a little smaller than
                 his dad, and wears what looks to be like a white vest. Help
                 Junior make it through each level to rescue DK.

Mario: In his first, and to date only, appearance as the bad guy in a video
       game, Mario is the guy with the blue shirt and red overalls and cap that
       stands at the top of each area. He doesn't attack DK Jr. directly, but
       rather uses his magic wand to spawn several grunt enemies that he sends
       after you.

Nitpicker: These are the bird enemies that you encounter in the game. They come
           in two variations. Small Nitpickers are found in Level 2
           (Springboard Stage). Mario will send them from his wand along to the
           gap between the high ledges, where they will drop through and fly to
           the left at random trajectories in an attempt to strike Junior while
           he is climbing along the vines. While you are at the lower part of
           the stage, they can also attack by dropping eggs down, so do your
           best to avoid these. Large Nitpickers are seen in Level 4 (Chains
           Stage) - they fly in zigzag-patterns as they go from one side of the
           screen to the other, descend a short distance, before flying back in
           the other direction, before they get to the bottom of the area and
           disappear. Try to fight them by dropping Fruit on them if possible,
           otherwise do your best to avoid them.

Snapjaw: These are the small gator-like creatures, and are the first enemy that
         Donkey Kong Jr. encounters in the game, found in the first level. They
         come in two varieties: Red Nitpickers, while slow, will patrol one
         platform and turn around when they reach the edge. Blue Nitpickers are
         quicker, but if they move to the end of a platform, will fall off it.
         You can jump over them for points or drop Fruit on them to defeat them
         entirely, but touching one is lethal to Junior.

Spark: These enemies are found in Level 3 of the game (Mario's Hideout). They
       can only move along the outlines of the middle platforms, or along the
       links between them. Red Sparks stay to one platform, while Blue Sparks
       can also move down the links randomly to try and catch Junior. Touching
       them is fatal and they can only be defeated with the use of Fruit, so
       use good timing to plan when it's best to get past them as you make your
       way up to the top of the screen.

| Game Screen |

Here's an example of what you see at the top of the game screen, and what 
everything means:

                   | I:000000   TOP:000000                 |
                   |            .---.  +-J-++-BONUS-++-L-+ |
                   |     (Key)->| % |  +-0-++-5000--++-1-+ |
                   |             `-`                      |
                   |                                       |
                   |                                       |
                   |                                       |
                   |                                       |
                   |                                       |
                   |                                       |

High Score: The score counter beside the word 'TOP' at the top-centre of the
            screen. This is the highest score that has been achieved in the
            current sitting of Donkey Kong Jr. (i.e. since the power has been
            switched on).

Score: Seen in the top-left corner of the screen, for Player 1 (marked by 'I')
       or Player 2's (marked by 'II') score in the game of Donkey Kong Jr. they
       are currently playing. Increase this by defeating enemies and finishing

Key: A blue pentagon-shaped crest with a picture of a Key inside it. Getting
     this wins the first three stages, and in the fourth and final stage, push
     them all into the locks to free Donkey Kong.

Remaining Lives: Shown in the top-right corner of the screen, underneath the
                 'J' (stands for 'JUNIOR', as in Juniors remaining), this
                 number is for how many lives DK Jr. has remaining. You can
                 earn an extra life for every 20,000 points you rack up.

Bonus: This has two purposes; it acts as a timer (ticks down by 100 points as
       the level wears on) and thus giving you an incentive to try and beat
       each level as quickly as possible; and it is also the amount of points
       that will be added to your score when you win a stage. If you fail to
       finish a stage before the Bonus decreases to zero, you'll lose a life,
       so remember to be quick. Also, each time you beat the game (i.e. finish
       all four stages), the difficulty level goes up, but the Bonus timer goes
       up by 1000 points as well (although it starts to tick down at a slightly
       faster rate).

Stage: This is also shown in the top-right corner, underneath the 'L' (for
       'LEVEL') header. This starts at 1 and goes up by one every time you beat
       the game's four stages. The game gets more and more challenging as your
       Stage number increases, but so do the bonus points.

| Scoring |

There are a variety of ways to increase your score in the game, and different 
point amounts awarded for each method. See the table below for how many points 
you are awarded for each means of scoring in the game:

|         METHOD OF SCORING         |    POINTS   |
| Bonus Timer at end of level       | 100 - 5000+ |
| Grab Fruit                        | 400+ *      |
| Jump over enemy                   | 100         |
| Pushing Keys into locks (Stage 4) | 200         |

* When Fruit drops and hits enemies, the points value doubles for each enemy
  this is hit consecutively (e.g. 400, 800, 1200, etc.)

NOTE: You get an extra life when you achieve 20,000 points.

| Level Screens/Hints and Tips |

Level 1: Vines Stage

     |    |    |    |            |              |                     |       |
     | D O| N K| E Y|  +------+  |   KEY       /|\                    |       |
     |   K| O N| G  |  +------+ /|\                                   |       |
     |____|____|____|MARIO                                            |       |
+---------------------------------------------+                       |       |
+-------------------------------------------+-+----------------------+|       |
     |        |                  |         |+------------------------+|       |
     |      FRUIT              FRUIT       |        |        |        |       |
    /|\       |                  |         |        |       /|\      /|\      |
     |        |                  |         |        |        |        |       |
     |        |+--------+        |        /|\     FRUIT      |        |       |
     |        |+--------+        |         |       /|\       |        |       |
     |        |      |           |         |        |        |        |       |
     |       /|\     |          /|\        |        |        |       /|\     /|
     |        |     /|\          |         |        |        |+---------------+
     |        |+--------------+  |        /|\       |       /|+---------------+
    /|\       |+--------------+  |       FRUIT     /|\       |        |       |
     |        |      |           |                  |       /|\       |       |
     |        |      |          /|\                /|\               /|\     /|
     |       /|\     |
    /|\             /|\                                             .---------.
    YOU                       .-----------.           .-----------. '---------'
   START                      '-----------' .-------. '-----------'    | v v|
    HERE                         | v v |    '-------'    | v v |       | v v|
-----------------------.         | v v |      | v v|     | v v |       | v v|


* Start by jumping to grab the vine directly above your starting point. Climb
  it a little, and once high enough, lean over to the right to grab the second
  vine so that you can climb faster. Beware of Blue Snapjaws that can come
  down; if you see one, swing over onto an unoccupied vine, let it fall to the
  bottom, and continue climbing. Grab the fruit at the top of the second vine
  from the left, then drop right and onto the smaller of the two brown

* From there, make a leap to the right to grab onto the fourth vine along (get
  the Fruit on the top of it, too), and descend the vine to the bottom,
  dropping off to land on the first little island.

* Hop along these small islands until you're on the one at the far right side
  of the screen. Now jump up to the vines above, and swing over to the left so
  that you can get the Fruit just below the middle vine, and the Fruit near the
  top of the vine just on its right. Again, beware of Snapjaws patrolling the
  vines; if there is one, swing over onto an unoccupied vine and let it move up
  or down a ways before you can get below/above it as needed.

* Now swing back over to the right, so that you can climb the vines on the far
  right, and drop left onto the ledge at the top of the screen. Look out for
  any Snapjaws here, as well.

* From there, go left and jump onto the next ledge (the one with Mario and
  Donkey Kong on), and jump up and left to grab the Key and the vine it is next
  to, and you'll beat the level.

Level 2: Springboard Stage

     |    |    |    |             |               |                  |        |
     | D O| N K| E Y|  +------+   |   KEY         O                  |        |
     |   K| O N| G  |  +------+   O                                  |        |
     |____|____|____|MARIO                                           |        |
+---------------------------------------------------+     +--------+ |        |
+---------------------------------------------------+     +--------+ |        |
     |       |       |       |       |       |      |      |         |        |
     |     FRUIT     |   FRUIT       |       |      |      |         |        |
     O       |       |       |       |       |      |      |         |        |
             |       |       |       |       |      |      |         |        |
     .------.|       |       |       |       |      |      |         |        |
     '------'|       |       O       |       O      |      O         O        O
     | |v |  |       |               O          FRUIT
     | |v |  |       |                              |                     ___
     | |v |  |       O                              O                    /,-.\
     | |v |  |   =======================================================|( o )|
     | |v |  |    `-'             `-'                                   ||`-'||
     | |v |  |     |               |                                .---------.
     | |v |  |     O               O                                '---------'
     O |v |  O                                                       | |v v ||
       |v |                                                          | |v v ||
------------.                                          .-----------. | |v v ||
------------'                                          '-----------' | |v v ||
  v v v v |                     <- .----. ->                         | |v v ||
  v v v v |YOU                  <- '----' ->                         | |v v ||
  v v v vSTART                                                       O |v v |O
  v v v v HERE                                                         |v v |
----------------.         .-------------.                              |v v |
----------------.  _____  '-------------' .----.----.       .------------------
  v v v v v v |     /|\      | v v v |    '---------'       '------------------
  v v v v v v |    < | >     | v v v |                          | v v v v v v v
  v v v v v v |    _\|/_     | v v v |                          | v v v v v v v


* The quickest, and most convenient way to get up to the higher level is to
  jump over onto the springboard, then press the jump button as DK Jr. presses
  down on it to get a high thrust upwards. Time it so that you land on the
  horizontally-floating platform moving left and right just beneath the line.
  From there, make a jump to the left to grab the left handle on the line while
  it is extended (if it isn't, DK Jr. will simply miss it and fall back down,
  so be sure to jump only when the handle drops down).

* You can also take the long route by going across all the ledges at the lower
  part of the area and climbing one of the lines at the very right side below
  the contraption holding the line. From there, you can drop onto the
  stationery floating ledge and jump left onto the right handle moving along
  the line, drop onto the moving platform and jump left to reach the left
  handle on the line while it is extended. However, I find this method to be a
  little riskier anyway with the Nitpickers above dropping eggs, so I would
  suggest sticking with the first method, as described in the first point

* While DK Jr. is holding the handle on the line it will stay extended, so you
  won't have to worry about falling from it. When it is far enough over to the
  left, reach over and grab the line attached to the small tree, and swing
  completely over so that you're clinging to that and off the moving handle on
  the line. Now climb up to grab the first piece of Fruit.

* Nitpickers will fly towards you at different altitudes from the right-hand
  side of the screen, so you're going to have to be quick as you adjust your
  height on the vines as you swing over the lines to reach the far right side
  of the area. Try to hit them with the Fruit if possible, and also beware for
  the eggs that these pesky enemies also like to drop.

* Once you're over at the far right, climb up and drop left onto the small,
  floating ledge. Wait until it's clear to jump over the small gap and land on
  the ledge to the left (i.e. when there are no Nitpickers nearby), and keep
  going left before jumping to grab the vine beside the Key and beat the stage.

Level 3: Mario's Hideout

  |    |    |    |                |  KEY                           |        |
  | D O| N K| E Y|   ---------.   |                                |        |
  |   K| O N| G  |            '                                    |        |
  |____|____|____|MARIO                                            |        |
  .---------.    .--------------------------------------------.    |        |
  |         |    |                                            |    |        |
  '---------'    '-|-|--------|-|--------------|-|--------|-|-'    |        |
   |        |      '.'        '.'   FRUIT      '.'        '.'      |        |
   |        |      '.'        '.'              '.'        '.'      |        |
   |        |      '.'        '.'              '.'        '.'      |        |
   |        |      '.'        '.'              '.'        '.'      |        |
   |        |    .--------------------------------------------.    .---------.
   |        |    |                                            |    |         |
   |        |    '-|-|/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\|-|-'    '---------'
   |        |      '.'                      FRUIT                  |        |
   |        |      '.'                                             |        |
   |        |      '.'                                             |        |
  .---------.    .--------------------------------------------.    |        |
  |         |    |                                            |    |        |
  '---------'    '-|-|/\/\/\/\FRUIT\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\|-|-'    |        |
   |        |                                             '.'      |        |
   |        |                                             '.'      |        |
   |        |                                             '.'      |        |
   |        |    .--------------------------------------------.    |        |
   |   YOU  |    |                                            |    |        |
     START       '-|-|/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\|-|-'
      HERE         '.'


* There are two main enemies in this stage, known as Sparks. These enemies come
  in two separate varieties: Red Sparks will only circle around the perimeter
  of the ledge they are on. Blue Sparks can move around platforms, as well as
  down the links between platforms; and more often than not they go down when
  Junior gets close, so timing is of the essence. There is one piece of Fruit
  to a platform, and you can defeat the Sparks with it, but it's better to try
  and get through this stage as quickly as possible so that Mario isn't sending
  too many enemies after you at once.

* You start at the lower-left part of the area, so grab one of the lines right
  above Junior's starting point, climb a little, and drop over onto the first
  ledge on the right. Run right along it, grab the Fruit, avoid any Sparks, and
  get to the end, then jump right, over to the lines on the right-hand side of
  the screen.

* Climb a little further up, then drop left to be on the next platform up. Now
  head left to the end of this one, again getting the Fruit and avoiding any
  Sparks patrolling on this platform. Once you're at the left-and side, make a
  jump over to the lines on the left-hand side, so that you can climb up a
  little further, and drop to the right to be on the third platform up.

* You'll have to use extra caution on that penultimate platform; there are four
  vertical links between this and the top platform, which makes for more threat
  from Blue Sparks. Simply use good timing and judgment to determine when it is
  best to run across. If you feel the need to, hold back to wait for a Blue
  Spark to drop down before you jump over it and continue making your way over
  to the right-hand side. Use the Fruit floating between the middle links if it
  is necessary.

* At the end, jump right and grab the lines on the right, climb up a little
  more, then drop left to land on the top platform. Just keep an eye out for
  any more sparks as you go left and jump onto the line beside the Key to
  finish this level.

Level 4: Chains Stage

                            .--=|    |    |    |=--.
                           /    | D O| N K| E Y|    \
                          /   .=|   K| O N| G  |=.   \
           MARIO         T    T |____|____|____| T    T
    (__)      |       |       |      |      |      |      |      |     (__)
    (__)      |       |       |      |      |      |      |      |     (__)
    (__)      |       |       |      |      |      |      |      |     (__)
    (__)      |       |       |      |      |      |      |      |     (__)
    (__)      |       FRUIT   |      |      |      |  FRUIT      |     (__)
    (__)      |       |       |      |      |      |      |      |     (__)
    (__)      |       |       |      |      |      |      |      |     (__)
    (__)      |       |       |      |      |      |      |      |     (__)
    (__)      |       |       |      |      |      |      |      |     (__)
    (__)      |       |       |      |      |      |      |      |     (__)
    (__)      |       |       |      |      |      |      |      |     (__)
    (__)      |       |       |      |      |      |      |      |     (__)
    (__)     KEY      |      KEY    KEY    KEY    KEY     |     KEY    (__)
    (__)      |       |       |      |      |      |      |      |     (__)
    (__)      O       O       O      O      O      O      O      O     (__)
    (__)   YOU                                                         (__)
    (__)  START                                                        (__)
    (__)   HERE                                                        (__)


* The main objective of this stage differs from that of the previous ones;
  rather than making your way up to the top, you have to free Donkey Kong from
  his cage. This is done by pushing all of the six Keys up each line and into
  the keyholes at the top.

* There are Nitpickers that fly across from side to side while making their way
  from the top of the stage to the bottom. There are also Snapjaws on some of
  the lines. Try and take them out with the two pieces of Fruit, if you can at
  all manage.

* The key to succeeding in this level is your movement in not only climbing and
  dropping down the vines, but moving across them as well. Remember, when
  holding two vines at once, Junior climbs higher; when holding one, he drops
  faster. It's also faster to make your way across from left to right and vice
  versa by swinging along the vines rather than running along on the ground.

* The best order to push the Keys into the locks is from left to right. Of
  course, with the four in the middle, you can push two up at a time, but
  remember to keep an eye out for those enemies.

* Once all six Keys have been pushed up into the keyholes, Mario and Donkey
  Kong plummet to the ground. Mario is knocked out, while Junior displays
  remarkable strength by catching and holding his dad above his head! You also
  therefore win the game; and begin again at the Vines Stage, with the
  difficulty notched up a little, and from here, the game loops over until you
  lose all your lives, so have fun playing!


                                    3. ITEMS                             [0300]


Fruit: Seen scattered around each stage, Donkey Kong Jr. doesn't actually
       collect the Fruit, but drops it down once he touches it, and it will
       wipe out any enemy it comes into contact with as it falls. Touching
       Fruit will also award you 400 points.

Key: Seen at the top of the screen in the first three stages of the game near
     where DK's cage is, grabbing the Key will beat the level. In the fourth,
     and final level, there are several Keys on the chains that Donkey Kong Jr.
     has to push up into the locks. Once all the Keys are inserted into the
     locks, Mario is defeated, Donkey Kong is saved, and the game is won.

                                  ii. Credits

Gamesdbase | http://www.gamesdbase.com/
  * Their site has a scanned, online copy of the Donkey Kong classics
    instruction manual, which in turn I was able to refer to for the game story
    (used in the Story section of this FAQ), and various game basics that I put
    in the Basics section.

StrategyWiki Donkey Kong Jr. Guide | 
  * For level and character names used in this FAQ.

Wii Virtual Console Operations Guide
  * For some basics used in this guide.

                      iii. Legal Disclaimer/Contacting Me

Legal Disclaimer

This document is Copyright (C)2012-2014 Ryan Harrison. This document may not be 
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