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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Adamant

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    Youkai Douchuuki (Famicom)
    (c) Adamant (Fredrik Jullum) 
    1: Revision History
    2: Game Data
    3: Introduction
    4: Controls
    5: Stores and items
    6: Temples
    7: Walkthrough
    7.1: Level 1 - The Gate to Hell
    7.2: Level 2 - The Path to Penance
    7.3: Level 3 - The Sea of Seclusion
    7.4: Level 4 - The Valley of Judgement
    7.5: Level 5 - The World of Samsara
    8: Secrets
    9: Credits and disclaimer
    1: Revision History
    v. 1.00: November 20th, 2009. FAQ completed
    v. 1.01: December 23rd, 2009. A couple minor updates, and the addition of the
    "secrets" section
    2: Game Data
    Title: 妖怪道中記(Youkai Douchuuki/Demon Travel Journal)
    Developer: Namco
    Platform: Family Computer (NES)
    Release date: June 24th, 1988 (Japan)
    Genre: Platform Adventure
    3: Introduction
    Youkai Douchuuki, translated as "Demon Travel Journal", for the Famicom is 
    based off the arcade game of the same name. The naughty boy Tarosuke has been 
    sent to the afterlife to get his final judgement from the Buddha, hoping to 
    make it into Heaven. On his way he has to fight off an endless stream of the 
    titular "youkai", a specific type of demons from Japanese folklore, by use of 
    kiaidama, balls of spirit energy. The game has a very whimsical feel, but a 
    lot of the humor will sadly go over the heads of those not familiar with 
    Japanese mythology.
    The original arcade game was notoriously challenging, surpassing even the likes
    of the Ghosts'n Goblins series. Unlike most similiar arcade games, Youkai 
    Douchuuki had no score counter or hi score tables, the sole point of the game 
    was to see if you could make it all the way through. The game also had several 
    different endings based on your actions in the fifth and final stage. The 
    Famicom version reduces the difficulty level a lot, and redesign the stages to 
    make the game more of an adventure game. Also new is the "pious" meter that 
    decides your overall fate. While your actions in the final stage still decide 
    the ending, in this version you need to fill your pious meter before this stage
    to determine exactly what effect these actions will have. The game allows you 
    to continue indefinitely, but you lose 3000 pious units every time you do so.
    4: Controls
    D-pad Right: Move Tarosuke right / move pointer right in stores
    D-pad Left: Move Tarosuke left / move pointer left in stores
    D-pad Down: Make Tarosuke charge his ki / Move Tarosuke down when he's swimming
    / move pointer down in stores and temples
    D-pad Up: Move Tarosuke up when he's swimming / move pointer up in stores and 
    A: Make Tarosuke jump / Make a selection in stores and temples / Skip ahead to 
    next text window during dialogue scenes / Pray in temples
    B: Make Tarosuke fire a kiaidama
    Start: Start the game / Pause the game
    Select: Use a charm, if you have one
    5: Stores and items
    These are the many items you can find throughout the game. Most items are used 
    automatically when needed, with the exception of the charm, which is used by 
    pressing the Select button. Most of them are bought in stores, this list 
    sorting them by the order they appear in on the store screen.
    Recovery items:
    Demon Soup (ようかいじる) -6000 money: Recovers 4 units on your power meter. 
    Used instantly.
    Hell Rice (じごくどん) -8000 money: Recovers 6 units on your power meter. Used 
    Travel Manju (どうちゅうまんじゅう) -10000 money: Recovers 8 units on your 
    power meter. Used automatically when you die.
    Nymph Poop (てんにょのふん) -10000 money: It's a mystery to everyone!!
    Attack items:
    Double Shot (2れんしゃ) -20000 money: Lets you have two kiaidama on the screen 
    at the same time, allowing you to fire more rapidly.
    Triple Shot (3れんしゃ) -50000 money: Lets you have three kiaidama on the 
    screen at the same time, allowing you to fire more rapidly.
    Other items:
    Demon Charm (ようかいごふ) -5000 money: Adds another charm to your inventory. 
    You can carry up to 9 at a time. You use a charm by pressing select, at which 
    point Tarosuke will summon his ancestor Monmotaro to fight for him. Monmotaro 
    can float freely around the screen, and fire homing kiaidama that deal much 
    more damage than Tarosuke's, but you will not be able to advance the screen 
    while he's summoned. Also note that you will still take damage if an enemy 
    touches the immobile Tarosuke, as well as Monmotaro. Press select again to 
    de-summon him and retake control of Tarosuke. You start the game with one 
    Carl Lewis (かーる るいす) -2000 money: Makes you run faster. And there aren't 
    any doping tests in the afterlife either!
    Kappa Flippers (かっぱのみずかき) -5000 money: Increases your swimming speed.
    Non-store items:
    These are the items you find around. I'm not sure if they have official names 
    or not:
    Blue money pouch: Worth 200 money
    Flower: Also worth 200 money.
    Textless money bag: Worth 500 money
    5-money bag: Also worth 500 money, making it somewhat pointless. Has the kanji 
    for 5 (五) written on it.
    1000-money bag: Worth 1000 money. Has the kanji for 1000 (千) written on it.
    5000-money box: Worth 5000 money. Has the kanji for 5000 (五千) written on it.
    10000-money box: Worth 10000 money. Has the kanji for 10000 (一万) written on 
    Kiai level 2 mark: Not really an item, but appears in your inventory after you 
    pray for increased kiai. 
    Kiai level 3 mark: Appears in your inventory after you pray for increased kiai 
    a second time. 
    Kiai level 4 mark: Appears in your inventory after you pray for increased kiai 
    a third time. 
    Jump level 2 mark: Appears in your inventory after you pray for increased 
    Jump level 3 mark: Appears in your inventory after you pray for increased jump 
    a second time. 
    Jump level 4 mark: Appears in your inventory after you pray for increased jump 
    a third time.
    Gonta's Remains: Doesn't show up in your inventory. The remains of the dead 
    Gonta, find a suitable burial place for them.
    Nymph Heart: Refills your entire power meter, used automatically if you die.
    Tree Emblem: One of the three treasures you must collect in level 4.
    Fire Emblem: One of the three treasures you must collect in level 4.
    Earth Emblem: One of the three treasures you must collect in level 4.
    6: Temples
    Throughout the game, you will come across temples you can pray at. When you 
    enter a temple, you will be asked what you wish to pray for - your spirit 
    (こころ), your kiai (きあい) or your jump (じゃんぷ). A successful prayer for 
    your spirit increases your piousness by 3000, a successful prayer for your kiai
    allows you to charge your kiaidama one more level, and a successful prayer
    for your jump makes your jump better. You can only pray once for each item per
    Praying is done by hammering the A button to fill an on-screen meter. Your 
    prayer is successful if you manage to fill the meter, but you're only given 
    limited time. Before starting the prayer, you must donate money - every 1000 
    money you give adds 10 units to the counter. About 70 units is generally 
    enough, but since this is based on how fast you can hammer A, it's individual. 
    Try experimenting.
    When donating, the amount you give is written out rather than purely rendered 
    in numbers. The first number you can change is for ten thousands, the second 
    for thousands.
    7: Walkthrough
    Level 1 - The Gate to Hell
    Ooh, spooky. The first level is very simple and straight-forward. From where 
    you start, move Tarosuke to the right, killing enemies as you go. Climb the 
    stairs, the use the clouds as platforms to cross the lake. Watch out for the 
    demons in the pit right after the lake, they deal a lot of damage. Jump down 
    the hole at the end of the path, then go left. You'll see a fence here, simply 
    jump through it to find some money boxes. After collecting them, go back and 
    to the right from where you fell down. 
    Swim through the sea here, and you'll soon find an island with a huge frog. 
    Shoot the frog a couple times, and he will surrender, telling you "something 
    good" in return for sparing him. If you climb the frogs that appear in front of
    him, you will reach the gamble hall, where you can play a dice game with some 
    monsters. You can play up to 8 times, the first time for 1000 money, the second
    time for 2000, all the way up to 8000. The game is simple enough, two dice will
    be thrown and you guess whether the sum of the two will be even (two even 
    numbers or two odd numbers) or odd (an even or an odd number). If you win, you 
    get the amount of money you were playing about, if you were wrong, you lose it.
    You can quit at any time you feel like it. Play if you feel lucky, but I'd 
    suggest against it, the risk of walking out with less than you came in with is 
    Either way, head into the sea to theright of the frog island and continue 
    right. Approach the green demon in the water slowly - you can only hit him when
    his head is up, and he doesn't start sticking it up until you get close to him,
    but if you get too close, an annoying bird will spawn and attack you. If you 
    stop and fire at him until he dies the moment he pops up, though, you'll avoid 
    the bird. Continue right after this, avoid the falling rock by the stairway at 
    the end, and make sure to get the money bag under the stairs before climbing 
    them to the next screen.
    After climbing the stairs, go left for another money box, then go back to the 
    stairs and continue right. You'll eventually come to some more stairs leading 
    to a lower level. It doesn't really matter if you take these or not, by 
    continuing right you'll reach another pair of stairs taking you to a later 
    point on the same level, so it's just a splitting path with no real reason to 
    take either way over the other. The upper path has an imposing tree demon along
    the way, but he's easily defeated by just standing in froont of his face and 
    firing rapidly, which prevents him from counterattacking. To the right of the 
    second pair of stairs, you'll find another money box, if you took the lower 
    route, you can climb these stairs once you reach them to get it. After this, go
    back to the lower route, where the level continues.
    Head right from the stairs into the cave, and continue onwards until you reach 
    a hole. Fall down, and hold left  as you fall to land on a platform with 
    another moneybag. Then jump to the lower level of the cave, follow the path to 
    the left, then drop down the hole here to meet the boss.
    The boss, the Red Oni, is the gatekeeper of this level, and you'll need to 
    defeat him to continue. He himself doesn't do anything but sit there, but a 
    number of ghosts will constantly appear and fly around the room, attacking you.
    The boss can be quite hard, actually, especially if you don't have your charm.
    The best strategy I've found is to move Tarosuke to the left edge of the 
    screen, summon Momontaro, and have him move back and forth directly under the 
    boss, firing constantly, while dodging and attacking any ghosts that home in on
    you. After enough hits, he'll explode, leaving behind a 10000-money box. Grab 
    it to clear the level.
    Level 2 - The Path to Penance
    This is where the game starts getting more involving. From the beginning, go 
    right and climb the first stairs you see to find the first shop in the game. On
    this level, you need the Manju and the Poop, and you should get another Charm 
    for the boss. You will need the Flippers on the next level, so keep them in 
    mind as you go shopping. 
    Once you've bought what you wanted, continue to the right. Ignore the first 
    stairs you see, walking right until you meet Gonta, a weird...  dog... thing. 
    Gonta is hungry and asks for manju, so give him the ones you bought and he'll 
    eat them...  then die of food poisoning. Before he dies, he'll ask you to give 
    him a good burial. Pick up his remains, then go back to the stairs you passed 
    before, climbing them this time.
    At the top of the stairs, go left for the game's first temple. You can go up to
    level two in kiai and jump for now, your kiai should get absolute first 
    priority here. Once you're done praying, go back to the stairs and towards the 
    Continue right past the swamp, and you'll reach a couple houses where you meet 
    some gigantic demons. They look strong, but they're easy enough to defeat 
    despite being able to take many hits. Having your kiai at level 2 really helps 
    here. In the next swamp you meet another huge demon, this one capable of 
    shooting fire. The fireballs can be destroyed with a single kiaidama, so if you
    aim them well, he's no problem to kill. After this battle, continue to the 
    right for another pair of stairs. get the money bag under them, then ascend.
    Head left, and jump through the fence here, and you'll find a cut-off bamboo. 
    When you approach it, the goddess of the bamboo will appear, explaining that 
    since the bamboo isn't growing, she's gone fat from lack of exercise, asking 
    for help. Say yes, and you'll give her the nymp poop, which works as fertilizer
    and makes her slim again. For this good deed, your piousness will increase by 
    Head back right, past the stairs, and continue through the huge building and 
    the forest. Once you reach the mountain, you'll find another store. It doesn't 
    sell anything the previous one didn't, so buy what you need, and continue 
    onwards, through the cave. You'll eventually reach the edge of the floating 
    island, having to jump on cloud platforms to reach the next. If you fall, 
    you'll land in a room with a boss monster that's incredibly tough to beat 
    without the charm. If you beat it, you'll be sent back to right before the 
    cloud platforms, so try to stay on them.
    Once you reach the next island you see, jump onto the first cloud platform, and
    stay on it a while, and it will rise and drop you off at an inn owned by a 
    sparrow, where you can get your entire power meter filled for 5000 money. 
    Certainly beats the food of those money-grubbing shopkeepers. Whether you visit
    the inn or not, continue towards the right and you'll reach other of the 
    fire-shooting demons. Kill him, then continue right to the edge of the island, 
    with cloud platforms leading to the next. Don't fall - not only will you have 
    to fight the boss, but winning will send you back to before the PREVIOUS set of
    cloud platforms.
    After crossing the clouds, continue right, into the cave, and climb the stairs 
    at the end. Go to the left, and you'll find a huge set of stairs leading up to 
    the Pond of God, where you get to relax with a naked chick after your long 
    journey. Yay. She'll give you the Nymph Heart, whose power you will surely 
    understand later. It will completely refill your power meter when you die, 
    which is absolutely helpful.
    After recieving this, go back down the stairs and head right, walking slowly to
    avoid the bullets the hands shoot out. They can be hard to avoid. Jump between 
    the platforms and clouds, making your way the the right edge, then drop down 
    the hole here, where you'll meet the second boss, the Blue Oni. He'll ask you 
    if you managed to get this far in the arcade game, and if you say no, he'll 
    tell you he'll let you pass if you give him all your items. Refuse, or say 
    you've made it this far before, and he'll say you probably knew about his 
    trick and attack you, if you give him your stuff he'll laugh about how he 
    tricked you and attack you anyway. If your kiai is at the second level, and you
    get the pattern of the ghosts down, it's not THAT hard to beat him itemless, 
    but it takes time, and it's much more pratcical to just let Momontaro kill him 
    for you. The Blue Oni is sitting at a higher level than his red counterpart, 
    though, so Momontaro can't hit him from the floor. Stay a bit above ground 
    level, and move a bit around to take out ghosts, and you should beat him 
    without taking much damage, though. Once he's dead, you get another 10000-money
    box. If he took your stuff, it's gone for good, though. Onwards to level 3.
    Level 3 - The Sea of Seclusion
    Watch out for the jumping enemy at the beginning of this stage, if he touches 
    you, he'll latch onto your head, making your money decrease at a rapid pace 
    until you shake him off. Avoid him, grab the 5000-money box nearby, then go 
    left as far as you can for another temple. Pray for the upgrades you want, 
    then go back to the beginning of the stage and continue right. There's a store 
    here, buy anything you need, then continue right, crossing the sea to the next 
    island, killing enemies along the way.
    On the second island, head right, past the enemies, until you reach a cloud. 
    Use this as a platform to reach the top of the screen, and you'll climb the 
    mountain. On this new screen, simply head left, across the lake, then jump on 
    the platforms to the next cloud, using this to reach an even higher screen. On 
    this screen, head right, jumping between the platforms and the cloud to reach 
    the 5000-money box. If you fall, you can't get back up, so be careful. The pit 
    to the right of the box will take you to the sea on the previous screen, where 
    you can go right and down the hole to get back to the point where you first 
    started scaling the mountain. 
    The pit to your left, however, which you'll be forced to fall down if you 
    missed the platforms leading to the money box, will lead to a screen with two 
    minibosses. The first one is a red oni who can easily be defeated by just 
    staying on the left platform and shooting kiaidama while dodging the souls 
    flying at you. He'll give up a 5000-money box when defeated. The second boss is
    a bit further to the right, a blue oni on a high platform. The best strategy 
    is to get on top of the small platform near him and shoot charged kiaidama 
    straight forward without jumping, hitting the fireballs when he shoots those.
    He takes quite a lot of hits. Once he's dead, he'll drop a 10000-money box, get
    that, then drop down the hole under his platform to land in the sea to the 
    right of the second island.
    Head right across the sea to the next island, then jump into the deep water 
    here, and sink to the next screen. Note that Tarosuke will constantly be 
    sinking when underwater unless you're pressing up. The first thing you'll see 
    after diving underwater is a sign showing the way to the Palace of the Dragon 
    King. Ignore it, it leads to a fake palace where an impostor princess will 
    charge you 10000 money to play with her, then attack you in a faux RPG battle.
    Head to the right instead, and you'll enter a maze of underwater passages. 
    Skip the first pit, it just leads to a passage that wraps around itself, and 
    has nothing of interest in it. Touching the ground near the falling boulder 
    sends you to a boss battle with a sea horse who takes a lot of hits to defeat,
    but isn't overly difficult. 
    Heading right instead, you'll come across some air pockets. Get the money bag 
    in the first one, and jump into the second, huge, one to access an inn like the
    one in level 2. You can most likely use the healing it provides. After the air 
    pocket with the inn, you'll find another pit. There's some money down there, 
    but it can easily be skipped. Like the first pit, it wraps around itself. 
    Continuing right, you'll find another air pocket with money, and a third pit. 
    This is the one you want to go down. If you continue further right, you'll find
    some more falling boulders - touching the ground here sends you to another sea 
    horse battle. This one is red rather than green, but there doesn't seem to be 
    any other differences. To the right of these boulders, you'll find two 
    5000-money boxes, though one of them is located inside a rock, and there 
    doesn't seem to be a way to get to it.
    Heading down the third pit, you'll find another pit to your left, and one to 
    your right. ignore both of these - the left one takes you to the second pit 
    from the upper area, while the third one takes you to a room that eventually 
    leads back to the upper area, near the falling boulders. Go to the right of 
    these pits, however, and you'll meet some demons offering to sell you a turtle.
    You'll be asked to make an offer, they'll sell it if the offer is at least 
    30000 money (so might as well go for that, it's the cheapest you'll get it for)
    . The turtle will thank you for freeing it from these tormentors, and your good
    deed will increase your piousness by 5000. The turtle will offer to bring you 
    "somewhere good", telling you to hold onto it's back. Do so, and it will take 
    you to the real Palace of the Dragon King, conveniently located right 
    In the palace, the princess will welcome you, and there will be a dance 
    number. Whom the dancer is depends on how pious she finds you. After this, 
    you'll be given the tamatebako before leaving. The turtle will ask you to 
    open it. Yeah, let's not. The damn turtle will keep insisting, but if you say 
    no enough time, it will eventually let you go. The tamatebako will either 
    contain 10000 money or your old age. if you get aged, you'll be so severely 
    handicapped you can't get very far in the next level, but you can regain your 
    youth with Nymph Poop. If you don't have the money, it can be a bit of a pain 
    to collect, and you'll have to shell out 10000 for the poop, so the gamble 
    isn't really worth it. After this scene, you'll go to the next level.
    Level 4 - The Valley of Judgement
    Start by collecting the 5000-money box right next to your starting point, then 
    head right. You'll soon reach a store, buy what you need. If your jump is high 
    enough, you can get a 5000-money box by jumping off the fence to the right of 
    the store. Head right into the cave, and you'll find another money box on the 
    ground. Continue right, and you'll find two staircases. This stage is 
    non-linear, your overall goal is to collect three treasures from three bosses 
    spread around the level and present them to the witch guarding the Sanzu River.
    If you continue right from these staircases, you'll find a fence. By jumping 
    into it, then on top of it, then off the top oof the screen, you'll reach an 
    inn. Keep it in mind, it can be useful for healing between bosses.
    If you take the starcase leading down, you can head left to find a temple and 
    increase your status a bit more. Head right, and you'll find another staircase 
    - ignore this for now, and continue tight to meet the tree demon. It's pretty 
    easy to defeat, just shoot charged kiaidama into it's mid-section while dodging
    the balls it fires. they can be destroyed with your kiaidama, and they also 
    float up and down, allowing you to walk under them without too much trouble. 
    Once it's dead, you get the tree emblem. To the right of the tree demon, you'll
    find an old man asking you to give him Gonta's remains. Do so, and your 
    piousness will increase by 5000, and the old man will let flowers rain from 
    the sky. Grab as many as you can, each is worth 200 money. The staircase before
    the tree demon leads to the Sanzu River, where you don't want to go before you 
    have all the treasures, so ignore it.
    Go back to the staircase leading up near the beginnign of the level, and you'll
    see a fork in the road. If you head left, you'll find another staircase to 
    climb, make sure to grab the moneybags here too. At the top of this staircase, 
    head to the left, jumping between platforms. Make sure not to fall off the 
    cliffs, this leads to a room where you need to fight some hand monsters. Defeat
    ing them sends you back to the previously mentioned road fork. If you 
    successfully cross the cliff area, you'll find a staircase leading to a lava 
    pool. Go down here, then continue left, avoiding the lava, until you find the 
    fire demon at the end. Fighting him fair and square is really hard, so I 
    suggest just placing yourself right in front of his face, firing as fast as you
    can, which should hopefully prevent him from counterattacking too much. Once 
    he's dead, he'll leave the fire emblem. Yes, you'll have to take a dip in the 
    lava to get it. Now, head back to the crossroad, preferrably via the hand room.
    Visit the inn if you need to, which you probably do.
    If you head right from the crossroad, you'll find some log platforms to jump 
    between. Falling leads to the same hand room as falling from the cliffs. Be 
    careful with the clouds, some of them sink when you stand on them. After the 
    logs, you'll find some stairs, climb them. Head left from here, and you'll find
    another pond like the one in level 2. You won't get a heart here, but if 
    you're pious enough, a rope will come down from the heavens, and you can climb 
    up to find 5000 money. If not, the nymph will turn into a naked guy, and poop 
    will rain from the sky. Yow. 
    In either case, head right from the stairs, and you'll find a bunch of 
    platforms placed over spikes. Cross this highly dangerous area to reach the 
    edge of the cliff, and jump down to meet the earth demon. He's quite easy, just
    dodge the rocks he drops when he flies around, and when he lands on his 
    platform, blast him with a fully charged kiaidama. Repeat until he dies, then 
    grab the earth emblem and drop down the hole on the left side of the room to 
    land at the shore of the Sanzu River. Head right to meet the Sanzu witch, and 
    show her the three treasures to be allowed to cross the river and meet with 
    Enma Daiou, who will let you into the World of Samsara.
    Level 5 - The World of Samsara
    In the World of Samsara, you need to be absolutely pious all the time, not 
    committing any sins of violence or greed. In game term, this mean you must 
    avoid killing enemies or picking up money, which will lower your pious meter 
    substantially every time. Killing an enemy reduces your piousness by 1000 
    points, a 1000-money bag reduces it by 500, and a 5-money bag reduces it by 
    200. Good luck.
    First off, wait for the two walking enemies to get close to you, so you can 
    jump them without touchign the moneybags. Dodge the jumping enemy as well, and 
    head right. the enemies in this area aren't too hard to avoid, so make your way
    to the right, and drop down the pit. At the bottom, head right, dodging the 
    enemies (scroll the jumping one offscreen when you see it to deal with them 
    once at a time, then continue right. Watch out for the moneybags blending in 
    with the background, then continue right, jumping down the next pit. Hold right
    as you fall to dodge the spikes on the ground.
    Let the enemies here close in on you, then jump over them and the spikes in 
    one go, before continuing right. The enemies and moneybags here are easy to 
    avoid, so continue towards the clouds, and use them as platforms to climb to 
    the top of the screen. On the next screen, jump from the middle cloud when it's
    at it's lowest to dodge the money bag. Dodge the enemies to the right, and 
    continue onwards. When you reach the clouds over spikes, it's hard to avoid the
    first money bag, so jump into the spikes and take the hit, then jump onto the 
    cloud from them instead of trying to make the jump. 
    Head right, and climb the stairs, then head left to find another pond. If 
    you're pious enough, a rope will come down - climb it, and the Buddha will 
    speak to you, rewarding your pious by transporting you a bit forward, to the 
    area right before the blood pool. If you're not pious enough, you'll get the 
    poop rain, though.
    If you go right instead of up the stairs, you find an area where you can swim 
    underwater. It's another one of those areas that wrap around, so there's 
    absolutely nothing to gain from goign down there. If you continue right, you'll
    find a pit that leads you back to before the spikes, and past that, another 
    area where you can go underwater. If you're not pious enough to use the warp in
    the pond, this is where you need to go. Swim down, then to the left, get out of
    the water, and drop down the pit here, holding right to avoid landing on 
    spikes. Go right from here, and you'll reach the place where the warp would've 
    sent you.
    Jump the money bags and continue right, scrolling one enemy onto the screen at 
    a time to be able to handle them easier. be careful of the frogs, they die if 
    you jump on them, and you don't want that. make a huge leap across both money 
    bags at the dock, and land in the blood pool. You can't jump as far as usual in
    the blood pool, so be wary. At the end of the pool, use the clouds to reach the
    top of the screen. On the next screen, the electrified cloud (or whatever it 
    is) making up the floor will damage you if you touch it, so use the floating 
    clouds as platforms. take your time, dodge the enemies that fly in, and make 
    your way to the right, then use the final cloud to reach the top of the screen.
    Jump onto the huge cloud here, then head right to find the Buddha's throne.
    He's moved, though, so jump off the right side of the throne to
    land in the next area, some kind of frozen cave. Head right, avoiding the pits,
    who all send you back to the beginning of the cave, jumping the money bags as 
    you go, before jumping on the cloud at the end and off the top of the screen. 
    You won't be able to stay on the cloud until the enemies get close, so jump off
    it, then dodge the enemies and go right to reach the blood pool again. Jump 
    in, clearing the money bags, making sure to jump the first one in the actual 
    pool from the dock itself. Hurry through the pool, as frogs will be raining 
    down, and they're hard to jump. Get onto the clouds at the end, and climb to 
    the top of the screen. 
    On this next screen, you need to time your jumps. Stay on the first cloud for a
    bit until it starts rising to reach the next one, then jump quickly between the
    next couple clouds. The final one that looks like it can't be reached will 
    eventually lower itself if you wait, jump on it, and let it rise to the top of 
    the screen. On the next screen, the electric cloud is back. Jump between the 
    clouds, dodging the enemies, and let the final one lower itself before jumping 
    on it, then let it rise to the next screen. Jump onto the huge cloud, and go 
    right to finally meet the Buddha and get your judgement.
    If your piousness is 2900 or lower, you go to Hell.
    If your piousness is between 3000 and 7900, you become a ghoul
    If your piousness is between 8000 and 12900, you are reborn as an animal
    If your piousness is between 13000 and 19600, you are reborn as a human again
    If your piousness is 19800 or higher, and you continued at least once, you go 
    to Heaven.
    If your piousness is 19800 or higher, and you did not use any continues, you go
    to the Namco Hall of Fame, joining the ranks of the greatest Namco video game 
    heroes of all time. Can you name them all?
    How high can you get?
    8: Secrets
    While sleeping at an inn, hit A a couple times for Tarosuke to start dreaming. 
    The subject of these dreams should be quite easy to guess.
    Press A during the credit roll to see the princess' dance again.
    9: Credits and disclaimer
    This guide was written by Fredrik Jullum, aka Adamant, for GameFAQs as part
    of the NES FAQ completion project. It may not be posted on any other site.
    This guide covers the Famicom version of Youkai Douchuuki, and is not accurate 
    to the arcade or PC Engine versions of the game.
    This guide is partly based on information from Taiheiyoh's (太平洋上) Homepage, 
    which can be found at http://www.k4.dion.ne.jp/~tai_yoh. Thank you very much - 
    your site was very helpful in explaining the pious system.

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