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Guide and Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 08/18/2009

Deep Dungeon III(NES) FAQ/Walkthrough
version 1.0.0 by schultw.andrez@sbcglobal.net(anti spam spoonerism)

Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. If you 
write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this FAQ) by name, then I 
will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that means no--and I am bad about 
answering e-mail. Sorry.

This document is intended to work in concert with my GameFAQs maps. You 
probably found both of them there, anyway. This document is also in ShiftJis, 
so some of the text may not make sense if you cannot read it, or you do not 
set the encoding properly in your browser. But if you are trying to tackle a 
Japanese game, you probably already knew this!

Thanks to odino for sending me his translation work. Thanks to the people who 
originally translated the game, even though the work was not complete. They 
helped immensely with my muddling through the menus. Thanks to Last Cetra for 
changing and amending the translation

Thanks to the following site with lots of great Deep Dungeon information:








    3-3. TOWN INFO

    3-4. OTHER STUFF


    4-1. IN TOWN

    4-2. THE DUNGEON

    4-3. THE TOWER

    4-4. DUNGEON 2

    4-5. THE CASTLE






Down=turn around

Options for the various menus will be included below.

B=main menu options. Push A to go further
  (select character)
  (can only click unequipped)
    (equip/give/drop is next menu)
CHECK/SEARCH (bring up person who was there before)






01 たんけん Dagger
02 ておの Axe
03 こんほ″う Club
04 たんとう Short sword
05 モール Maul
06 スヒ°アー Spear
07 フレイル Flail
08 き″んのつえ Silver rod
09 た″んひ″ら Broad sword
0a ルーンソート″ Rune Sword
0b ハンマー Hammer
0c おおつるき″ Big sword
0d シールソート″ Seal Sword
0e くちたつるき″ Rusty Sword.
0f タ″ート Dart
10 スリンク″ Sling
11 アーハ″レスト Everest?
12 フ″ーメラン Boomerang
13 ほのおのむち Flame Whip
14 うて″のたて Wrist shield
15 きのたて Wood shield
16 てつのたて Iron shield
17 サンシールト″ Sun shield
18 まほうのたて Magic shield
19 たてのゆひ″わ Dragon shield
1a レサ″ー Leather
1b くさりよろい Chain armor
1c スフ°リント Splint?
1d ハ″ンテ″ット Banded?
1e フ°レート Plate
1f あくまのマント Demon's cloak
20 うろこのよろい Scaled armor
21 ヒートアーマー Heat armor
22フルフ°レート Full plate mail
23 きぬのころも Silk clothes
24 ろうやのかき″ Jail key
25 めのうのかき″ Agate key
26 クリスタルキー Crystal key
27 ひかりのたま Ball of lightz
28 たいまのすす″ Bell of something?
29 やみのたま Darkness Ball
2a くさのつゆ Vegetable juice
2b しろきのこ White mushroom
2c スムルのみ Nut of Sumuru?
2d ランフ° Lamp
2e なわは″しこ″ Rope Ladder
2f せきは″ん Broken tablet
30 きんそ″く Metal
31 サークレット Circlet
32 てかか″み Hand mirror
33 し″ゅうたん Carpet
34 せいすい Holy water
35 くひ″かさ″り Necklace
36 てか″み Letter
37 ソルンのみ Nut of Solun?


  1|   10|   10|
  2|   50|   40|
  3|  150|  100|
  4|  250|  100|
  5|  500|  250|
  6|  750|  250|
  7| 1100|  350|
  8| 1700|  600|
  9| 2500|  800|
 10| 3500| 1000|
 11| 4700| 1200|
 12| 6000| 1300|
 13| 8000| 2000|
 14|10000| 2000|
 15|12000| 2000|
 16|14500| 2500|
 17|17000| 2500|
 18|20000| 3000|
 19|24000| 4000|
 20|30000| 6000|
 21|36000| 6000|
 22|43000| 7000|
 23|51000| 8000|
 24|60000| 9000|

    3-3. TOWN INFO

Town 1:
Inn: 4 gold
Advice: 1, 5, 10
Temple: Learn (SlTnOl) Learn (new spell at 5, 100)
Magic: Learn (spell 1) Learn (new spell at 5, 100) (L7, 200)
Armor: 15,20,25 = 23,14,1a
Weapons: Club, Sling, Axe, Dart, Sling 1,3,2,f,10 = 5,8,10,10,20
(Fighters can't use 0f/10 dart/sling)

Town 2:
Inn: 20 gold
Advice: 2, 10, 50
Misc: 2a,2b,31,2d,37 = 20,40,80,50,100
Weapons: 4,5,6,11,7 = 100,200,250,300,1000
Armor: 15,19,16,1b,1c,1d,1e=80,100,300,300,500,2000,4000

Town 3:
Inn: 40 gold
Misc: 2a,2b,2c,31 = 20,40,120,80
Weapons: 0b,13 = 8000,10000
Armor: 19,18,21,22 = 100,10000,15000,20000
 (Fighters can't use 13,11,19)
Advice: 5, 20, 70

    3-4. OTHER STUFF

??who uses what
Combat can't go left from left w 2 monsters

    4-1. IN TOWN

Create at least one of each class. I created two hunters, a monk and a mage. 
You don't have to do much at the start to get going. Gold is pretty 
plentiful. You'll start out in the southwest of the town, and you have 100 
gold. You should stop off and buy your front guy all the armor you can, as 
well as an axe. The second guy can buy the rest, up to what he can get. Your 
first guy gets hit the most, and you'll get enough gold along the way, so 
it's best to roll the dice a bit with getting one guy good, then moving on to 
the next.

The exits to the first dungeon are in the northwest of the town, which you 
can roam freely until you go down into the dungeon.

    4-2. THE DUNGEON

There'll be a lot of back-and-forth to heal at the inn and return, and so 
forth, and there's an area in the NE you can't cover at first, but your 
initial trips will be for level building. And the worst part of level 
building is getting to level 2. You'll get killed a lot, because even with 
the items you want, you just don't have the hit points. Some monsters, like 
dogs and skeletons, can be tricky even at level 3. You can stay near the 
stairs up and wait. Use heal and flame whenever you can. Heal cures about 30 
points, so as you get better, it gets a lot more effective.

You will want to get to level 5 or so, but it's not bad once you start.

Once you've gotten that, head south from the start, then east at the end of 
the long hall. When you hit the locked door, turn south and go all the way 
west. That is how you get to the stairs down to level 2. The monsters on 
level 2 are not appreciably different from those on level 1, so don't worry 
about that.

On level 2, you need to get the iron key. It is all the way north, then east, 
then 2 north and east through the door. The fight is rather tough, but gang 
up on whichever row is 2-deep. Picking off the rows one at a time will get 
you through, and be sure to cast heal liberally. For winning the fight, you 
get the key, which opens every locked door on this floor except a small one 
in the northeast that comes later. Only a couple are really useful, so we'll 
ignore the rest. The rest of level 2 is mostly just generic people being glad 
you rescued them.

The first such door hides the bell. You may wish to retreat and heal first. 
There's no hurry. From outside the iron key room, go back west through the 
door, north and then west through two doors. Follow the corridor to the end 
and the left/east door leads to a prisoner in the far corner who gives you a 
bell and a whopping 5 experience.

Now there are two ways to get to the next town. With the iron key, you can 
retreat to the first town and then go south along the corridor and east to 
the door. Use the iron key on the door, then keep going forward. Turn right 
and climb up the stairs. There you go! This is a common theme in the game--
once you get a new item or solve an area, a door unlocks that makes it easier 
to retreat to previous areas, so you don't have such a long trek.

The other way is a bit trickier and recorded here for posterity. You can just 
retreat now to outside the iron key room. Go south. There's another fight 
with eight guys, just like for the iron key. Maybe you've gotten another 
level by now to make it easier, but either way, just hit them with everything 
you have. Go north in the next room, then when the path turns east, go south 
at the second door. There is an iron door where you must use the iron key 
ahead. Do so, work through some fixed fight squares(they are not hard,) and 
climb up. You're back on level 1 now--a more secluded part of it. You can go 
east, north through the door, 2 east, south, and east to the stairs up, to 
get to a new area.

There are still some squares unaccounted for in the dungeon, in the northeast 
of level 1. These are two separate sectors, and you will explore them later.

    4-3. THE TOWER

The southeastern part of town leads to the next part of the game. It is the 
tower, which has much tougher monsters than before. You'd do well to equip 
yourself with the new items found in town. If you need to beat up monsters to 
get the gold to achieve this partially, and you get a level from that, so 
much the better. However, I think it's best to risk a run up the tower for 
some important swords and such. Offense will help you win fights easily.

You may wish to win fights in the first dungeon until you get good, though. 
You can go back to where you got the iron key, drop the key, and beat up the 
enemies. This fight becomes easy around level 7 or 8, and it keeps 
reappearing until you take the iron key, so it is a quick and safe way to 
pick up experience.

The tower has six levels, and you'll probably need a few trips through. It's 
located in the very southeast of town. There's another dungeon in the 
northeast, but you don't have the ability to get behind the locked door yet. 
That will require you to solve the tower. ??

The tower can be diced into several parts, which are:

1) get the hand mirror
2) get the agate key
3) find swords on level 4 and 5: silver rod and broadsword
4) find the right stairs up and beat the boss on level 6. Use the Bell.

In the tower, face east and go 8 forward. If you're unsure which direction 
east is, it's the only one you can go 8 forward in from the stairs. Then 
search the ground. You'll find a hand mirror, which is a lot like the one you 
got in DD2. It shows a map of the surrounding area. While you have maps, this 
is useful for if you hit a spinner square. The mirror also gets you 10 gold 
if you sell it, which isn't too much, but if you're close to the next item, 
why not sell it?

Walking around will reveal a locked door in the center--there are stairs 
which function as a sort of elevator shaft there. But you can't use that yet. 
You have a few things to do on level 1, so let's take care of them. Go 
forward after getting the mirror, then right at the wall, and at the T, turn 
right and take the third door on the right. You will talk to a messenger one 
square further forward. Accept his mission. You need a letter to get into the 
castle, and you might as well take care of that now. If this doesn't work, 
don't worry. You'll find another messenger in the next cave.

Retreat to the T and then go right, then go east at the next intersection and 
keep going. There will be two fixed fights behind each of the first two 
doors, and then you will run into stairs going up.

For level 2, you can either teleport to the stairs or walk to them. There's 
nothing here that you really have to do, so don't feel you have to do much. 
The monsters are the same here, so don't bother with improving if you're okay 
with level 1. The first steps are the same--exit via the door to a fight, 
then go forward for another, then exit via the next door.

To use the teleport, turn left and go through the door, then go through the 
door again. turn right, go 2W, then (N) N (W) W S to the stairs.

To walk, turn left and go forward. There is a spinner at the intersection. 
Turn right from having a near door on the left and follow that passage. Go 1 
forward from the T, then through 2 doors to the stairs.

For your first task on level 3, get the agate key. Go through the door, hit 
the intersection and go forward. Turn right, then left, and enter the door. 
You have two fights you may be able to run from the bird monsters as they are 
a bit tricky, and then you can open the next door with the jail key. The 
agate key is in the southwest corner. Once you have it, you can unlock the 
big central stairwell.

Doing so allows you to pick up a couple of treasures quickly. First, on the 
fourth floor, exit the near door, then go 2S 5E S E (encounter) (E) 2S E (S) 
E* and search. That nets a silver rod. You should give it to your first 
player for the moment. It reappears if you drop it, but unfortunately its 
face value is only 50 gold, so it is not worth selling and returning for. Now 
you can explore level 5--retreat to the center and take the stairs up, exit 
the door, go 2E 6S 5E N* to the door, 3W (N) (encounter) E N (N) (encounter) 
N and search for a Broadsword. Only your first player can use this, so give 
it to him and give your player #2 the silver rod. You are offensively quite 
powerful now.

Note that you can sell the broadsword if you want to, then you can go and 
retrieve it. With the agate key, this is a possibility. If you do this 
several times in a row, you can get enough gold to afford the best armor 
pretty easily. This should be a big help throughout the game. You will need 
to hit a couple fights to get back there, but it shouldn't be too tough.

You may need to build yourself up here. But in any case, what you really need 
to do is to find the right stairs up to level 6. There are five, and four 
lead to dead ends. Fortunately the right one is just behind you--through the 
2 doors and down the long hallway, but right at the first T, then (S) S E. If 
you need to come back, the directions from behind the agate door are 2E 6S 5E 
5N 3W (S) S E.

You have quite a trek from the stairs. So move quickly. N (N) 2E (N) 3N 3E 
(E) (N) 3W 3N (W) 2W (S) W S (S) 2S W* 5N (W) 4W 2S W S (S) 2E (E) 4S (E) 2E 
S (E) E and there is a fight. Then 3E S and you have the big boss. Use the 
bell?? and then W 4N and search?? for your next item?? and you can continue.

But before you go to the next dungeon, go back to the first. Go north, west, 
west through the jail door, south, then all the way west and down. Then go 
north all the way, east, 1N, east all the way, north all the way, one west, 
and through the agate door. Go up the stairs and W 2S (W) S* W* N* (W) 4S W 
2S (W) S W and search. You get a tablet. Then retreat.

    4-4. DUNGEON 2

In the northeast of the 2nd town, you have a formerly locked door. Enter it 
and go down. That leads to another dungeon. It has a lot of crazy up and down 
passages and even wraps around at certain points. And at the end there are 
wicked spinners. But it also has recharging pools.

From the start, you can get to the next floor pretty easily, though there is 
just a healing pool there. You can skip this, but N* (N) 2E 2N (N) E and 
down. Then S 5W N (N) 2N E 2N W gets you to the pool.

The caverns here are not as clean-cut as the jail dungeon or the tower, so 
you need to rely on maps more. However, the maps are not enormous, so you can 
probably deal.

First go S 3E N 2E(fight) E N 2E 4N E 2N 4E(fight) and now for a note about a 
detour to make later.

The well is 4S E S E(danger signs) S. You need a rope to go down the well. 
Then you need a lamp to see what is there. You can't get the sword until 
you're level 14. But you're probably there by now.

You can go N E* N E N 2E(fight) 2N 2E S E* and climb up to a secluded area 
with a shop. There you can buy a Nut of Sumuru.

Or you can go 1W of those stairs, 2S E 3S 5W 2S E 3S 2E 2S E 2S E, and you 
find treasure. ??

You can also go 2N W 3N 3E 2N W 4N E N E N and now there are two branches.

3N W N W 2N goes through a secret door. If you go E*, that is a dead end that 
leads to a door only unlocked when you beat this dungeon's boss. If you go W* 
you get to the next town.

However, to get through the dungen, 2E (fight) 2E 2N (tougher fight) 2E 2N 
and down.

N 3W S W S W 3S E 2S 2E N* leads to a healing fountain. There's not too much 
else to do here but explore, so let's find the stairs down.  5S 2W 2N W N 3W 
N W 2N W N 2W 2S 2W 3S 2W 2N W 3N 3W N 2W S W S W 4S E S E S 4E 2N W N (2N 2W 
N runs into a tough fight) 3W (heal if necessary, trap ahead but you probably 
have the agility to avoid it) 2N E N and down.

Level 3 is even thornier. You can go off the east or west side of the 32x32 
map, but when you do, you also go a square south. You are in the NW corner 
and you want to get to the SE. This takes a while. And you have a small side 
chore first.

E 2S 2E 2S 3E N 3E 2N 2E N 3E S 2E 2S 2W S. Go down the stairs. 2E 4N 3W 2S 
W* N and climb up. W S W* 2S 3E 2S (fight) E* S 3E. Here in the southeast 
corner, you can trade 300 gold for a lump of metal. Then retreat to the 
stairs up and go N 2E 2N 3W N 2W 2S 2W. Time to take a different branch.

5S E 2S 4E 2S E S 2E 3N 2E 2N 2E S E S E* S E S 3E S 5E S E S 3E 2S 3E S E S 
2E 2N 3E 2S E 3S 2E 2S E* 2S 2E and down.

Level 4 is even more twisty. W* 2N 2W 2S 2W 2N 2W 2S W* N W 4N 2W N W N 2W 
and 2S 4W 2N is a detour for treasure. Come back, then 2N 2W N W N 2W N 4W N 
7W 3N W 2N W* and N* through the secret dor. 2E 2N 2E 2S 3E onto the spinner. 
Now there are a few ways to get through this--use the magnifying glass to 
check where you are and try to go east with each turn. There are a lot of 
echo squares distracting you. Here is how to get by the spinners without 
casting a spell.

Rotate so you are facing back the way you came. Turn right and go 2 forward, 
then right and forward. Spin so there is a wall just ahead and to the left, 
then go forward two. Spin that way again but go forward one. Turn right, 
forward two, and rotate to down the hall.

There's one fight before the big one. You can take the stairs up three levels 
once you're done and then go through to the other side. That leads you to the 
next town.

Buy whatever you want/need here to make your party even better. The best 
stuff includes plate and so forth. You should be able to improve pretty 
quickly. You can even cheat back at the tower, whipping up on the main enemy 
to get 

In a room just south of where you exited, there is a smith. 2W (W) 4S (E) N 
(E) 2S. Down. 2S E (E) 2N (N) 3E. Trade him the metal for that. He'll say to 
come back later. You'll need to rest at an inn and come back a day later. 
This gets you the Big Sword, which will eventually turn into the Seal Sword. 
Right now, it's just a great offensive weapon.

      4-4-1. SHORTCUT

You can bypass the boss and get the Big Sword right away. The secret door at 
the north is there even before you are told about it.

    4-5. THE CASTLE

There is a locked door on the west edge. It leads to the castle. But it is 
the sort of locked door you can't get through, so you need to find another 

To get to the castle, go to the southeast of town, which leads you back to 
dungeon 1--the last remaining bit. You can go west, then up the stairs, and 
you can now see the castle for good.

Give a letter to the guard to the north, and he will let you by. Now loop 
around the edge of the castle--you can avoid one combat by going (N) W N* E 
2N etc and the other by going 2S E instead of 3S when you enter a room. Take 
the first door of the passage going down, then when you see a door ahead, go 
3S E* S 2E 2N W. That gets you to the stairs without any encounters.

On level 2, E N (N) W* N* W* S* W* N* W * S* (E) N to get treasure, then exit 
and go W* S=, E*, S* E through the door and N through the door. Follow E* N* 
W* N* E* and right after the madman talks, use the holy water. You can't just 
use the holy water on the square. He gives you a crystal key as thanks. 
Retreat til you reach a sign, then go 2N, then east through the door, (E) 
through the next, then N E (E) S E* to get to the stairs to level 3.

(S) 2E 2N 2E and you can enter the King's room since you have the Crystal 
Key. He gives you a necklace to cure his daughter's insanity. That gets you 
to the king. W* S* E through the door S* W 2S and if you have the Big Sword 
equipped, it will turn into the Seal Sword when it touches the flame. 2W S W* 
N* W N* W* 5S (W) 2N at the T, W (N) E* N to the door, E* N and you can run 
from the fight if you want. Be sure your first player has the ball of light 
and ball of darkness. Then go east all the way. Use the carpet to go up to 
the fourth level. 

This is a tricky place full of teleports. You need to go from the center to 
the UL and then choose the right doors to get to the lower right.

Here is how the teleports work. The left doors send you to the center. The 
center ones send you to a random location--either the UL, U, UR, L, or DL 
room. The right ones send you to the next room over. This works no matter 
what direction you are facing, as each wall has three doors except the one 
with a niche for the teleport final square.

Once you get to the final room, a teleport in the south kicks you to the 
first one, or you can take the door north of the middle block to actually win 
the game. You need the tablet to enter there, and then you will fight the 
princess. In combat, use the necklace the king gave you, and she will thank 
you. The big enemy will appear next, and you need to kill him off with the 
Seal Sword. Once you do, you get the ending screen. ??


All 2-byte values are low byte first unless noted otherwise.

0xee = x coordinate
0xef = y coordinate (be sure to have the game paused or be in stats mode, as 
monsters can randomly attack)

0x481/482=low/high byte of first monster HP. Set both to 0 for easy kills.

0x7001-2 = party gold (low byte first)
0x7010 = start of info for player 1
0x7050 = start of info for player 2
0x7090 = start of info for player 3
0x70d0 = start of info for player 4

0x7010 = level for player 1
0x7011-5 = player 1's name
0x7016-7 = experience gained 
0x7018-9 = current HP
0x701a-b = max HP
0x701c = current magic
0x701d = maximum magic
0x701e-f = AP/Strength
0x7020 = armor class
0x7022 = agility
0x7023 = luck
0x7024-b = item slots
0x7038 = status flag, 0x80 = ??, 0x40 = ??

End of FAQ Proper



0.2.0: sent to GameFAQs 12/??/2008
0.9.5: sent to GameFAQs 7/31/2009
1.0.0: sent to GameFAQs 8/18/2009 walkthrough complete (I still have some 
stuff to fill out about how best to fight)

Thanks to GameFAQs for being, well, THERE.
Thanks to the NES completion project in general.
Thanks to odino for translations(a ton).
Thanks to Last Cetra for revising the translations so I could figure a full 
way through the game.
Thanks to the following site with lots of great Deep Dungeon information:

Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang, current and emeritus. They know who they 
are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS writing done. 
Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow 
Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, Brian Sulpher, AdamL, odino, JDog, 
Lagoona, Da Hui, StarFighters76 and others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in 
his current not-yet-banned message board incarnation. I am not part of his 
gang, but I want him to be part of mine.

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Old school guide/map writer. Also the author of text adventures Ailihphilia, Shuffling Around/A Roiling Original (anagrams,) Very Vile Fairy File, Quite Queer Night Near, The Problems Compound, Threediopolis and Fourdiopolis.