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Reviewed: 10/25/01 | Updated: 10/25/01

Kicking Nobunaga Oda.

OK, first of all this is my first review, so, sorry for the mess.I'll go
straight to the game:

1.- What is Takeda Shingen? It is a great koei's game, that very few know. It goes in the style of strategic sims that made Koei so famous. This game is about one of the greatest warlords of Japan: Shingen Takeda. He was powerful, intelligent and very good strategist. But time was his worst enemy in his task: Unify Japan.

2.- The game: Warning! If you like strategic games this one will be addictve, VERY .
Very likely Nobunaga's Ambition series, you had a fief and has to conquer Japan. Simple?? No way!. In the beginning you start with a very weak fief and you have to defend it and make it grow. You have plenty of options here:you can raise taxes, but that can bring you serious problems with your peasants, you can recruit soldiers, but that will low your production... As you can see, every action has a reaction. Your best weapon?? your brain. You will find yourself thinking about how you will raise your army everytime that your girlfriend is talking something that you don't care about, believe me.
there is plenty of micro management inside your fiefs. that is amazing because you act as ruler and a general and if you read the Art of War by Sun Tzu, you know that one depends of the other.
I won't tell you details about every option because find it for yourself is 50% of the fun of this game.

3.- Battles:boy, I love them. you have two types of battles:
1)when you attack or is attacked: your battlefield is outside your fief is the moment th your men will fight to see if they can siege (or avoid been siege). Usually, the kind of battlefield is diverse, meaning your strategy will have to change from one fief to another, challenging your brain (or sometimes making it cry).
2)Siege battles: really intense. why?? Is like the last defense!!! if you win one more fief for your glory but if you lose... well last say that : you lost a fief or you wasted great soldiers for nothing. It reminds me of the battles in Stalingrad during WWII, soldiers fighting inside cities, room to room, and such. Intense, very intense.

GAMEPLAY: 9. very deep, interesting and addictive. plenty of options, a respectable number of different units and the possibility to create amazing strategies. what else you want?? the only weak point is when you have too many fiefs and delegates them to the computer AI. You MUST check them once in a while, if not the AI will do something stupid.

Story:10. It made me want to know more about Japanese
history. Is really interesting to follow, the others warlords background.

Audio: 5. the audio gets repetitive and annoying. I usually turned off and played Carmin Burana( don't ask).

Video: 9. great nes graphics.

Replayability: 10. Plenty of it. everytime you play this game you find a new way to conquer japan.Also when Shingen dies...ops... a spoiler.

To buy or rent: well if you know that war is your second name buy it. But if you don't know too much Koei's style rent it, probably you will like it.

that is all. Hope you liked this review.

Rating: 9

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