Review by PinoyGenius

Reviewed: 11/29/04

A boring, repetitive game gets a more boring, more repetitive sequel

Ah, Arkanoid II. Those of you that have played the original Arkanoid or any other Break-out clone will easily identify what type of game this is and how to play it. If not, then you may not want to waste your time unless you feel the need for boring, repetitive gameplay.


Moving your paddle to break various colored bricks is pretty much the gist of this game. There are some power ups that do things like slow down the ball, lengthen/shorten your paddle, let you have multiple balls on the screen at once, etc., but I think they are not as useful as the power ups in the first game. A somewhat neat new feature is the addition of “boss monsters” that you must hit multiple times while dodging their projectiles in order to advance to the next stage. There are also various little creatures in the rest of the stages that serve no real purpose other than to throw you ball trajectory off when you hit them. You will find yourself dying many times because your ball bounces off something weird and you can’t get to it. While some people may think this adds challenge to the game, I think that this will do nothing but frustrate everyone but the most diehard of Arkanoid fans.

STORY (1/10)

You have some universal energy called “Doh” that does something weird. Somehow, breaking bricks is supposed to fix the problem Doh is causing. There are several names for the various “spaceships” in the game, including your paddle, but all of those add nothing significant to the story. Basically, this is just a feeble attempt to put a sci-fi reasoning behind breaking bricks.


In some ways, the graphics are improved from the first game (boss monsters, bricks) and in some ways they are worse (little monsters, stage backgrounds). Regardless of what you think between the two games, the graphics are simplistic: various colored bricks, bland stage backgrounds, typical 80s NES looks. The colors to not clash and make things easily distinguishable, hence why I did not give this section a lower score.

SOUND (2/10)

Other than the recognizable Arkanoid theme on the title screen and a few-second tune in-between stages, the only sounds you will hear while playing are you ball bouncing of various things and some of the powerups. That seriously is pretty much it. If you decided to play this game on mute, you wouldn’t be doing yourself any injustice at all.


Unless you really like the “break-breaking” genre of games, I would stay away because this game will make you bored and frustrated really quickly. If you do like these types of games, you may want to try it out, but even then it’s a long shot that you’ll enjoy it.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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