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Reviewed: 04/04/04

We Are On Your Side.

In this addictive side scrolling, button mashing, people shooting, western styled action game for the NES, you're bound to get some help along the way. Mainly from random people who stand in the crossfire of battle selling you items and saying ''We are on your side.'' Is this game truly a classic? Or is another poorly designed action drone? We'll find out.

Story 6/10: One day in 1849, a gang of outlaws called the, ''Wingates'' (Almost as bad a name as house of Ruth in 8 eyes, XD) came into town, killed the sheriff(ohnoes!), and took over the town. This town, goes by the name of Hicksville (It's TIME FOR A HILLY BILLY MOMENT! *shot*). Yer 'Bandit' Bill Rifle, and it's UP TO YOU TO SAVE THE POKE- ER TOWN!

Gameplay 9/10: The gameplay of this game is simple, yet fun. You control Bill through the town, shooting the members of the Wingates while traveling north in a side scrolling manner. Several of the Wingate's line of offense are snipers who attack from various buildings along the side, troopers who run up close and fire, people who walk up and plant dynamite which goes A SPLODE after a few seconds, and cowboys who leap across the road. The trooper-like people enjoy ganging up on you and some jump OFF the buildings. Your main gun has infinite ammo, but you can find several other guns- either by buying them or finding them from downed enemies or barrels. Several enemies drop money and ammo, PICK THEM UP. Instead of purchasing guns/ammo from the civilians who sell you guns in the middle of the road, you can find most of these items in barrels (by shooting them) and from enemies. The various guns range from multi-bullet shot guns, fast shooting Machine guns, and exploding Smart bombs. The game is a tad on the button mashing side, but it's still fun to play.

Sound/Music 7/10: The music and sound effects are decent. I like the western style music as the background. The sound of the bullets firing does get a tad annoying after a while though.

Graphics 6/10: Gunsmoke's graphics are so-so. The backgrounds are somewhat detailed and you can tell what stuff is. The bullet sprites COULD have been better than a stupid round pellet though.

Replay Value 9/10: This game is addicting and it's fun to play. Not to mention different combinations of guns and weapons to use, learning when to use power ups (such as the horse and boots), and moving on different sides of the street.

SUMMARY 8/10: GunSmoke is a fun and interesting action game to help pass the time. It can be a tad frustrating at times, but it's easy enough for anybody to learn and master. Just remember that WE ARE ON YOUR SIDE!!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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