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Guide and Walkthrough by LastBossKiller

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/09/2014

                          Haja no Fuuin (Famicom)
                        Guide by E. Phelps, ver. 1.0
                            (aka LastBossKiller)

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This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission by the author. Use of
this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
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Copyright 2014 E. Phelps

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                - - - = = = ====== Intro ====== = = = - - -
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     Haja no Fuuin is one of my new favorite games for the NES/Famicom. It
was only released in Japan for the Famicom, but there is a similar game that
was released for the Sega Master System called Miracle Warriors. They are
basically the same game, although with a lot of changes. The general flow of
events is the same, although the details of how you trigger those events are
different, the maps are different, the spell system is different, and the
items are largely different.
     I like unique RPG's like this that are different from other games of the
genre, and especially if they give you the feeling of being drawn into a
different world. Not everybody will like Haja no Fuuin since it is an RPG
that's a little more complex than the typical Dragon Warrior/Final Fantasy
clone, but the game mechanics are easily understood in a short time.
     The world map is a 72x40 grid which you will want to map out as you
explore (or look at the maps I made). The game feels very nonlinear, which I
love, and you are free to explore the world map aimlessly. In fact, there are
very few things that you actually have to do to make the story progress to
the end, and the rest of your journey is full of sidequests. The battle
system is turn-based, although slightly different than you're used to, and it
is nice and fast-paced. One thing that is interesting is the fact that you
will encounter random battles with townspeople, soldiers, merchants, and
wizards, who are friendly characters. You can talk to them to learn things
(the wizards might give you an item), but you can attack them too if you
want. There is of course a downside to this, which I'll explain below in the
"Game Mechanics" section.
     The only criticism I have about the game is that there are a few parts
where you can get stuck, and there are literally no clues about what to do.
However, in general there is adaquate information to accomplish each task.
     I hope that you will be able to use this guide to successfully play
through the game even if your Japanese is not very good. Have fun, and good

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               - - - = = = ===== Contents ===== = = = - - -
               - - - = = = ==================== = = = - - -

Search words are given in square brackets [].

1. Story [sec1]
2. Characters and Experience Charts [sec2]
3. Game Mechanics [sec3]
   a. Exploring the World Map [sec3a]
      i. Coordinates
      ii. Terrain
      iii. Boat
      iv. Encounters
   b. Weapons and Armor [sec3b]
   c. Learning to Use Items [sec3c]
   d. Healing [sec3d]
   e. Death in the Party [sec3e]
   f. Saving the Game and Passwords [sec3f]
   g. Popularity [sec3g]
   h. Fangs [sec3h]
   i. Battles [sec3i]
   j. Spells [sec3j]
   k. Menus [sec3k]
      i. Main Menu
      ii. Exploration Menu
      iii. Status Menu
      iv. Battle Menu
      v. City Menu
      vi. Spell Menu
4. Walkthrough [sec4]
   a. Getting Started [sec4a]
   b. Kosama [sec4b]
   c. Recruiting Guy [sec4c]
   d. Recruiting Media [sec4d]
   e. Various Sidequests [sec4e]
   f. Recruiting Tremos [sec4f]
   g. Final Preparations [sec4g]
   h. Final Dungeon [sec4h]
5. Equipment [sec5]
6. Items [sec6]
7. Spells [sec7]
8. Enemies [sec8]
9. Locations [sec9]
               - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
               - - - = = = ====== Story ====== = = = - - -
               - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -          [sec1]

Here is the story of the game, taken from the Sega Master System version of
the game manual. It obviously applies to the NES version as well:

Long ago in a land of swords and sorcery, a stumbling sheperd lad named Iason
unknowingly opened the Pandora Passage. Through this gateway all manner of
evil creatures were let loose upon the Five Lands under the claws of the Dark
Lord Terarin.

As Iason grew into a man, he watched Terarin's nightmare army devastate the
Five Lands. Since it was he who had unleashed this evil, he took a vow to
defeat Terarin and restore peace to his world.

Iason trained with the White Monks, learning the ways of the King's sword...
and the magical dangers of Terarin's evil hoard. To help him on his quest,
the monks gave him magical arms and armor.

After a long and valiant battle, Iason defeated Terarin and drove her into
another dimension. Then, his armor glowing gold, Iason resealed the Pandora

The people of the Five Lands made him a legend. Before he went back to the
life of a sheperd, Iason made a prophecy that one day Terarin would return,
and that four brave warriors would awake to meet her evil challenge!

Art Thou The Miracle Warrior?
There was a time not long ago when Terarin escaped from her entrapment and,
with a howl of rage that shook the world, once again unleashed her terror
upon the land.

You watched the Five Lands suffer under her ruthless campaign of evil as you
wandered from country to country. Then, one fine, cloudless day, your
wanderings led you to a castle...where you learned of your true destiny.

The blood of Iason flowed in your veins. But were you the one fated to bring
an end to Terarin's evil? Only time would tell as you learned the ways of
magic and the sword!

 - - - = = = ========================================== = = = - - -
 - - - = = = ==== Characters and Experience Charts ==== = = = - - -
 - - - = = = ========================================== = = = - - -   [sec2]

Your complete party consists of four characters, although it will take some
time to accumulate them. Listed below are these characters and the experience
needed for them to gain each level. Note, the experience charts are somewhat
randomized, so these numbers won't translate directly to your play through.

Argus (アーガス) - Your starting character, whose mission is to seal the evil
         doorway from which monsters have emerged.
Guy (ガイ) - The first companion to find. He is under a sleeping spell.
Media (メディア) - Your second companion, who is employed as a dancer.
Tremos (トレモス) - Your final companion. He has been transformed by a curse
         into a demon.

Here are the approximate experience point necessary for each character to
level up:

Argus     Guy       Media     Tremos
100       402       460       701
144       463       518       749
194       515       574       801
254       567       633       860
311       621       681       909
369       671       732       961
426       730       789       1021
476       778       838       1075
538       841       887       1127
653       898       935
708       949
756       1001

The final values shown coorespond to your characters reaching their maximum
level. You will likely have to level up your characters to their maximum
level to stand a chance against the final boss.

               - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
               - - - = = = == Game Mechanics = = = = - - -
               - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -          [sec3]

                    ---= Exploring the World Map =---              [sec3a]

The world map is a 72x40 grid. It extends 72 squares in the East to West
direction and 40 squares in the North to South direction. For the sake of
describing where to find locations, let's define a coordinate system. We'll
say that "x" describes your location in the East to West direction, with
x = 1 meaning you are at the location furthest to the West. We'll call "y"
your North to South coordinate, with y = 1 meaning you are at the location
furthest to the South. So the location (x = 1, y = 1) is the square in the
Southwest corner of the map. The location (x = 72, y = 40) is in the
Northeast corner of the map.

This coordinate system does not appear in the game itself, it is just an easy
way for me to tell you exactly where to go. You begin the game at location
(x = 4, y = 3).

There are different terrains spread throughout the world map. There are
plains, trees, mountains, water, and desert. If you stay in the plains, you
will avoid difficult enemy encounters during the early parts of the game. If
you enter the mountains or deserts, you will be attacked often by very strong
enemies, so you will want to avoid these locations in general. It is easy to
run from enemies in this game, so skipping over mountains to take a shortcut
is a good strategy, but you will want to save the game before you do so, at
least until you get used to the game mechanics, just in case an enemy lays a
heavy blow on you as you try to run.

Water tiles are a bit different than the rest. If you enter a water tile, you
will be swept by the current in a direction, and you will be carried along
until you reach land again. You are damaged by 5 HP per water tile you enter
during this process. The current on each tile is always the same, so you can
predict where the current will take you after some trial and error (or by
looking at my map).

If you have a boat, you will be able to control the direction you move on the
water tiles and they will no longer damage you, so the water tiles become
just like any other tile. The boat is expensive at 50000 gold, but it is well
worth the expense, and you will have to buy one eventually in order to
complete the game.

Later in the game, when you enter other maps, you will come across rough seas
that your boat gets swept away on, and you cannot control your movement. To
regain control of your ship in those waters, you will have to upgrade your
ship by visiting a specific location.

As you explore the world map, you are shown a close-up view of your main
character at the top of the screen and an overhead view in the lower-left
corner. You move around using the map in the lower-left corner, but in the
window at the top of the screen, you will often see an icon appear behind
your main character which means that there is something in the distance. You
will get used to these icons and what they can possibly represent.

There is a castle icon, which means a castle, town, village, or something
like that is in the distance, there is a person icon, which means that a
person or monster is in the distance, and there is a cave icon, which is red,
and means that several different things could be in the distance.

You push "A" to approach the image in the distance. Often, this will result
in a battle. If the figure in the distance is a monster, it will often
approach you and engage in battle automatically, without you pressing
anything, much like a random encounter in your standard RPG.

                      ---= Weapons and Armor =---                 [sec3b]

Each character can possess one weapon, one piece of armor, and one shield.
You cannot have backup weapons or armor, so if a character equips a new
weapon, the old weapon automatically disappears.

Weapons, armor, and shields all have endurance points. When the endurance
points reach zero, the piece breaks and disappears from your inventory. The
endurance points can be restored to their maximum values by visiting a
blacksmith in any city, for a cost, of course. Eventually, you can hire a
blacksmith to follow your party and automatically restore your equipment's
endurance, which is extremely convenient.

All weapons have a maximum endurance of 300 points, and all armor and shields
have a maximum endurance of 99 points.

The defensive strength of armor and shields is given as a percentage value.
For example, an armor with a defensive strength of 50% reduces the amount of
damage you receive by half.

There are ways to increase the attack power of your weapons by visiting a few
villages scattered about the world. Armor and shield defense strengths are
not upgradable.

                    ---= Learning to Use Items =---                [sec3c]

When you find a magic item, your character won't know how to use it. To
"activate" it, you have to visit the mayors of the cities. They will explain
to your character how to use the items he found, and then you will be able to
use them. Each mayor knows how to use three of the nine items that can be
found, so you'll have to visit different mayors to learn how to use all of
the items.

This does not apply to items you buy in the market. Your character will
already know how to use them.

                          ---= Healing =---                        [sec3d]

You can restore your characters' HP by visiting a healer in any city, for a
cost. You can also buy potions at the healer, which can be used outside of
battle to restore your HP (but not during battle).

                    ---= Death in the Party =---                   [sec3e]

If the main character, Argus, dies, you automatically get a game over and
must start from your last save point or password. There is an item called the
Resurrection Stone that can be found which automatically restores your main
character to life, but you can only carry one at a time, and it disappears
after one use. It cannot be used on any other character.

If any of the other party members dies, you must visit a special castle
located in the Northeast area of the world map, where a character can be
returned to life for the hefty price of 60000 gold. Since you can save your
game anywhere, it's much better to save often and just reset if someone dies.

              ---= Saving the Game and Passwords =---              [sec3f]

This game has both a save feature and a password feature, which is very
convenient. Since you can save your game, you don't have to enter a long
annoying password everytime you want to play. But the password feature allows
you to go back to earlier times in your game, in case you made a major
mistake that prevents you from finishing. Also, if you own the original game
cartridge, there's a good chance that the battery pack no longer functions,
so the save feature won't work. The password feature is a backup system in
this case, which allows you to play the game even if your battery pack is

You can save your game anywhere on the world map. See the "Menus" section for
details of accessing these features.

                       ---= Popularity =---                        [sec3g]

You have a statistic in this game which is called popularity points,
represented by the symbol: 知. It can take on the values between -10000 and
+10000. If your popularity is at a positive number, people believe you have a
good heart, while if it is negative people will think you are evil. When it
is positive, the White Monks you encounter while exploring the world map will
treat you well. They'll either give you items or advice. The Black Monks will
then likely attack you when you enter them.

If your popularity is negative, the White Monks will likely attack you and
the Black Monks will either give you an item or advice. Also, while your
popularity is negative, people will turn you out of some of the villages, so
you can't receive the items those villages have to offer.

Your popularity is affected by your actions in battle. If you kill some
characters, such as traveling townspeople, your popularity will decrease,
while if you kill monsters, your popularity will generally increase. Your
popularity will decrease by killing certain monsters too, so you have to be
careful. Use the "Enemies" list in this guide for a reference of which
monsters not to kill.

Your popularity decreases if you run from battle. The stronger you are
compared to the enemy, the more popularity you will lose, so as you gain
levels, you will lose more popularity when you run from the same enemy. Your
popularity increases by 20 points when you talk to a person or monster during
battle and they offer you advice. Sometimes, when you try to talk to someone,
they will say that they're in a hurry and offer no advice. At those times,
your popularity is unchanged.

Later in the game, you can instantly maximize your popularity, so no matter
how unpopular you've become, you can quickly get out of the hole you dug.
Earlier, however, you'll want to be very careful about who you attack. Again,
use the charts provided in this guide to reference who not to kill.

Actually, you will want to have negative popularity for a little while in
order to receive a certain item. There is a period during your playthrough in
which your popularity will plummet due to you being forced to attack enemies
that will make you lose a lot of popularity, and you should take that time to
receive the said item. Details are given in the walkthrough below.

                            ---= Fangs =---                        [sec3h]

Early in the game, you will be advised to visit a castle to receive a hero's
license which will allow you to exchange monster fangs for gold. From then
on, you will have a counter on the screen telling you how many fangs you
have. You receive fangs by killing monsters. You receive different amounts of
fangs per battle depending on which monster you kill.

You receive 50 gold per fang from the castles in the early part of the game,
but you can receive more per fang later. If you bring enough fangs to a
castle at one time, you might also receive some valuable items.

                          ---= Battles =---                        [sec3i]

Battles are versus one opponent at a time. The enemy does not take any
action. You are given the options to run, speak, threaten, attack, or use a
magic item. If you try to run, you always succeed in escaping the battle, but
you might take some damage in the process. The endurance points of your
equipment are likely to decrease as well.

If you try to speak to your opponent, the reaction will depend on how
friendly the character is. They might respond with some advice or simply say
they are sorry, but they are in a hurry. In those cases, the fight ends.
However, they might attack you, causing you to receive damage, and the fight
does not end.

If you try to threaten the enemy, you will often receive damage. The only
time this is beneficial is when you use it to threaten a townsperson.
Sometimes townspeople will say that they are too busy to talk, but if you
threaten them, they will offer you advice even if they're busy. It's not much
of a benefit, so I wouldn't recommend using this command.

If you attack the enemy, both you and the enemy will receive damage. Since
the game always shows you the enemy's HP, you should avoid fights with
enemies who have much higher HP than you (at least until you know what you
are doing). Continue attacking until the enemy's HP is drained to zero to win
the battle. By aware that the endurance points of your equipment will also be
drained during battles, and attacking very strong opponents can cause your
equipment's endurance to decrease very quickly.

Most of the magic items that are used during battle simply deliver damage to
the enemy. Some enemies are weak versus particular magic items, which is
especially important to note during boss battles.

                          ---= Spells =---                         [sec3j]

In this game, you learn spells by memorizing a particular phrase, which you
enter using a text menu when you want to cast the spell. They are pretty much
only used for opening secret passageways.

                          ---= Menus =---                         [sec3k]

---Main Menu-----------------------------------------------------------------
When the game first loads, you will have the following options:

さいしょから はじめる - "Start from the beginning".
パスワードで はじめる - "Start from a password".
ターボファイルで はじめる - "Start from a turbo file".

The first two options are self-explanatory. The third option is only
available if you have a save file from a previous gaming session. Select it
to load your save file.

---Exploration Menu----------------------------------------------------------
Press "B" outside of battle to access the menu system. You are shown your
current HP and max HP for each character on the left side of the screen, and
the number of potions you have in the lower-left section.

On the right side of the screen are the following command options:

なにも しない - "Do nothing". Exits the menu screen.
いくさの したく - "Battle preparation". Allows you to trade items between
     your party members. Gives you the following submenu commands: なにも
     しない ("Do nothing"), つるぎのもちかえ ("Trade swords"),
     よろいのもちかえ ("Trade armor"), たての もちかえ ("Trade shields")
ちりょう - "Healing". Only available if you own any potions. Use potions to
     restore HP to your party members.
もちものをみる - "See inventory". Shows your inventory.
こもんじょ - "Ancient document". Only available if you've obtained the
     Ancient Document. Allows you to read the document.
ゲームしょり - "Game Processing". Allows you to save your game or get your
     password. You are given the following submenu commands:
     パスワード ("Password") - Get your current password.
     ターボフアイル ("Turbo File") - Save your game.
     セーブしない ("Don't Save") - Return to the previous menu screen.

---Status Menu---------------------------------------------------------------
Press "select" outside of battle to access the status menu. The upper-left
value shown is your popularity and the upper-right value shown is the number
of potions you're carrying.

Each character has two point values shown next to their names. The top point
value is the number of experience points needed for that character to level
up. The second point value is the maximum HP that character can have.

Below each character is shown the equipment they are carrying. Each piece of
equipment has two values which are their remaining endurance points (shown on
the left) and the item's strength (shown on the right).

---Battle Menu---------------------------------------------------------------
During battle, the enemy's remaining HP is shown below their graphic. Your
characters' remaining HP is shown in the lower-left window next to their
name, under the heading スタミナ ("Stamina"). Their current experience is
shown to the right of this number, under the heading けいけん ("Experience").

Next to each character's name are symbols of a sword, armor, and shield, if
that character is equipped with these items. If a piece of equipment breaks,
that symbol will disappear.

On the right side of the screen are your available command options:

にげる - "Run".
はなしかける- "Try speaking".
おどす - "Treaten".
たたかう - "Fight".
まじゅつひん - "Magic Item". Shown only if you have magic items in your

The effects of these commands are explained above in the section "Battles".

---City Menu-----------------------------------------------------------------
When you visit a city, you will (usually) have the following menu commands

まちを でる - "Leave town"
ちょうろう - "Mayor"
いちば - "Market"
まじないし - "Healer"
かじや - "Blacksmith"
さかば - "Pub"

The effects of these commands are explained below:
Mayor - When you speak to the mayor, he will ask you for a 500 gold donation.
     You have the options きふする ("Donate") and ことわる ("Refuse"). If you
     decide to donate, then you'll have the option じょうほう ("News"), in
     which the mayor will give you some advice, which is just the same thing
     the travelers you encounter on the world map would tell you. However, if
     you are carrying items, the mayor might know something about that item.
     If he does, that item's name will appear beneath the "News" option.
     Select an item's name, and the mayor will explain what it is used for.
     You have to do this for each item you find in order to learn how to use

Market - When you enter the market, you will have two options: いちばを でる
     ("Exit market") and ものを かう ("Buy things"). If you choose to buy
     things, you will have the option なにも かわない ("Buy nothing") and a
     list of possible items to buy. If you select an item, the item's price
     will be shown at the upper-left corner of the screen, and you will have
     the options はらう ("Purchase") and やめる ("Quit").

Healer - When you go to the healer, you will have the options:
     そとに でる - "Go outside". Exit the healer's house.
     けがの ちりょう - "Heal wounds". You will have a submenu with the
          options やめる ("Quit") and all of the names of your characters.
          Select a character and you will be told a price in the upper-left
          hand corner of the screen which is the cost to restore that
          character's HP to its maximum. Choose はらう ("Purchase") to accept
          the fee.
     くすりを かう - "Buy medicine" - Purchase 10 potions for 1500 gold.
          Potions can be used outside of battle to restore HP to your
          characters. One potion heals 40 HP, although they can be made more
          effective later.
     まじないしやとう - "Hire healer". This option is only available in Garia
          City. Hire a healer for 10000 gold to come with you on your
          journey. The healer automatically uses your potions after each
          battle to restore your HP to maximum.

Blacksmith - The blacksmith will restore the endurance points of your
     equipment to their maximum. When you visit the blacksmith, you will have
     the following options: そとに でる ("Go outside"), つるぎを なおす
     ("Repair sword"), たてを なおす ("Repair shield"), よろいを なおす
     ("Repair armor"). In Eratea City only, you will also have the option
     かじやを やとう ("Hire blacksmith"), which allows you to hire a
     blacksmith for 50000 gold to join you on your journey and automatically
     restore the endurance points of your equipment after every battle. It is
     well worth the cost, but be wary that your equipment can still break
     during battle because the blacksmith only repairs the equipment after a
     battle has ended. Just be careful not to fight any especially strong
     monsters until you know what you are doing.

Pub - Pubs are a place where you can gain information. When you go to a pub,
     you have the options: さかばを でる ("Exit pub"), さけを たのむ
     ("Request a drink"). If you ask for a drink, the bartender will ask for
     100 gold, and you have the options はらう ("Purchase") and やめる
     ("Quit"). If you purchase the drink, you will hear a piece of news,
     which is often the location of something important nearby.

---Spell Menu----------------------------------------------------------------
When you want to cast a spell during the game, a menu will appear that
contains the Japanese "alphabet", and you cast a spell by entering the
correct phrase. The top five lines of Japanese text are the Japanese
"alphabet", and the last line contains the words:

もどる - "Return". Deletes the last character you entered.
おわり - "End". Select when you have entered the phrase you want to chant.

                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = === Walkthrough === = = = - - -
                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -         [sec4]

---Getting Started-------------------------------------------------[sec4a]---
You begin the game at Arukas Castle. Press "A" to enter from the world map.
The king simply says that your mission is to close the evil doorway that has
been opened. He recommends first visiting Kosama, a wise woman, for some
advice. You then exit to the world map.

At this point in the game, you will want to spend some time getting used to
the game mechanics, building levels, earning gold, and buying equipment and
items. Save often, because you are likely to get killed by making mistakes.
Don't attack any of the people you encounter (except for the "evil merchant"
and thieves, see below), and only attack monsters that have comparable HP
levels to your own. Stay in the plains and avoid the trees, mountains,
desert, and water for now.

The encounter you want the most is the evil Merchant (しょうにん). He has the
same name as the normal Merchant (しょうにん), but the evil merchant has 270
HP instead of the normal 50 HP. He is weak, and killing him nets you 2000
gold. You get more popularity points for killing him, where as you would lose
popularity by attacking the normal Merchant. In fact, the evil Merchant will
sometimes attack you when you try to talk to him. The only other way to get
money (right now) is by killing a Thief (とうぞく), but this only nets you
300 gold.

Spend your money to keep your HP up by visiting a healer in Garia City
(location x = 7, y = 10), just Northeast of Arukas Castle. Also, keep the
endurance points of your armor up by visiting the blacksmith there. If you
want, you can do so with your weapon (the Short Sword), but I found it's not
a big deal to let it break and fight with your fists.

Once you are comfortable enough to go exploring, there are numerous things
that you can do. For the sake of this walkthrough, we'll do these things in
an optimized order, but you can have a lot of fun exploring instead.

Your first task is to visit Kosama. She is located much further from your
starting point than you might expect. She is located far to the East, at
location (x = 47, y = 5). The safe way to reach her is to go Northeast,
remaining on the plains, until you get close to the top of the map, then
continuing to follow the plains to the Southeast to her location. But the
fast way is to go over the mountains East of Garia City, which is what I
would do, but make sure you save your game before trying this just in case
you are killed by the strong monsters that will attack you when you try to

On the way to Kosama, make a stop at the castle at location (x = 23, y = 10).
Here, you will be given a hero's license which allows you to collect monster
fangs and exchange them for money at some of the castles in the land. You get
50 gold per fang, which isn't a lot of money, and it's better if you don't
exchange them, but instead save them up. You'll see why later. A new icon
will appear on your screen, which looks like a dinosaur head, and the number
next to it is your fang total. When you defeat monsters, they will now drop
fangs to add to this total. You can exchange the fangs for 50 gold at this
castle, and the castles located at (x = 38, y = 30) and (x = 70, y = 22).
Again, it's better if you save your fangs for now.

During this period, you will want to upgrade your equipment by purchasing a
Shield (たて) for 7000 gold, the Armor (よろい) for 6000 gold, and the Sword
(つるぎ) for 8000 gold. There is no rush, but purchase them when you have the
gold to spare, with an emphasis on the defensive items. They are all
available to buy at the Eratea City market, location (x = 61, y = 23).

When you finally reach Kosama, she will give you the Ancient Helmet (ふるき
かぶと). You won't know how to use it yet, so you have to visit a city mayor
who has the knowledge about this artifact (see the "Items" section of this
guide for a full list of mayors). The closest mayor who knows about this
artifact is very close, at Menos City, location (x = 46, y = 10).

The mayor will tell you that the helmet contains a spirit who will read
ancient writings for you. If you've been exploring much, you will have come
across places with ancient writings that you were unable to read before.
First, head to the statue at location (x = 38, y = 33). At this statue, you
will learn that you are supposed to find 3 allies to help you battle the
demons, and the statue will give you a spell to "awaken" them. The spell is:
トモヨトキハイマ. The statue then tells you that your first ally is in a
Southern city.

---Recruiting Guy--------------------------------------------------[sec4c]---
If you go to Kadia City, located at (x = 27, y = 4), and visit the market,
you will find that there is a new option: じゅもん ("Spell"). If you select
this option, you will be given the option to enter a spell (see the "Spells
Menu" section for a description). If you enter the spell that the statue
taught you, you will find that nothing happens.

Talking to travelers or mayors, you learn that your spell will gain more
power if you cast it while in posession of a certain weapon. You can receive
powerful weapons by bringing 300 or more fangs to the fang exchange castles.
The weapon you need in order to make your spell effective is the Iris Battle
Axe (イリスのせんぷ), which you can receive by bringing 300 or more fangs to
the castle at location (x = 70, y = 22). A decent place to accumulate fangs
in your still fairly weak state is at location (x = 34, y = 11), where you
can fight Roobaru (ローバル) to get 4 fangs per battle.

With the axe in hand, go to the Kadia City market, select the じゅもん
("Spell") option, and enter the phrase: トモヨトキハイマ. The character Guy
(ガイ) will be "awakened", realizing he is from the ancient hero Iason's
bloodline, and join your party. He will also give you a piece of an ancient
document. Guy will have no equipment, so buy a Shield, Armor, and Sword for

If Guy is killed, you can resurrect him by visiting the castle at location
(x = 66, y = 30). The fee is 60000 gold.

You will want to hire a blacksmith soon. For 50000 gold, you can hire a
blacksmith at Eratea City who will join you on your journey and automatically
repair the endurance points of your equipment after each battle, saving you a
lot of trouble and money.

---Recruiting Media------------------------------------------------[sec4d]---
The travelers will start giving you clues that the next party member can be
found in a town that is on an island. This is obviously Doris City, located
at (x = 70, y = 3). Doris City is accessible by riding the water currents
(see my map), but you can reach it easier if you buy a boat. Now is as good a
time as any to buy the boat, although it is expensive, so it will take some
time to accumulate the wealth. When you have 50000 gold, go to Menos City and
buy the Argo Boat (アルゴの ふね) at the market. With the boat, you can
quickly travel without worrying about getting attacked since enemies won't
attack you on the water.

If you enter the pub at Doris City, you will have a new option:
ダンサーとはなす ("Talk to dancer"). If you choose this option, you will have
the options ひきさがる ("Leave") and じゅもん ("Spell"). Select Spell and
enter the spell that you used to awaken Guy. Once again, nothing happens.

You will hear from travelers that your spell will be made effective if you
possess a certain piece of armor. By visiting various pubs, you will hear
rumors about caves that contain legendary armor.

The armor you need is the Kronos Armor (クロノスのよろい), which is located
in the cave at (x = 33, y = 25). But to obtain it, you have to defeat a Senpi
(せんぴ), a very strong boss enemy. Defeating the Senpi will take some
preparation. You will want to obtain some magic items that can damage enemies
during battle and get Argus a better weapon.

To get the weapon for Guy, the Turos Sword (テュロスのけん), bring 300 or
more fangs to the castle at location (x = 23, y = 10). To further improve
your attack power, you can visit the blacksmith at location (x = 3, y = 19)
who will forge your weapons for the crazy high price of 96000 gold per
weapon. I didn't do this myself because the price seemed ridiculous, so you
can probably get away with ignoring this option.

The items you can use during battle to attack enemies are the Holy Nut
(せいなる このみ), the Anger Mirror (いかりのかがみ), the Quake Staff
(れっちの つえ), and the White Orb (しろのまきゅう). You will want all of
these to defeat the above mentioned Senpi. The White Orb is easily obtained
by visiting the village at location (x = 70, y = 38). The man there will ask
if you swear to seek justice. You have the options ちかえる ("swear") and
ちかえない ("Don't swear"). Choose "swear" to receive the orb. If you have a
negative popularity rating, these options will not be available and you will
be turned out of the village.

You can receive the Quake Staff from a White Monk (しろのどうし) by talking
to him during random encounters on the world map if you have a positive
popularity rating. If you haven't received one yet, you can get one at the
village located at (x = 18, y = 37) for 30000 gold, but only if you have a
positive popularity rating. You may also want a Resurrection Stone
(ふっかつのいし), which you can also get from the White Monk. The
Resurrection Stone returns Argus back to life automatically when he dies (it
doesn't work for your other characters).

You can receiven Holy Nuts by defeating the enemy Shaouhou (しゃおうほう) who
drops them randomly when defeated. He can be found anywhere in the plains
type terrain. You get 3 each time he drops them. You can hold a maximum of
eleven, but if you have 9, you won't be able to receive 3 more, so you never
receive anymore from the enemies. If you have 9, use one so that you have 8.
Then you will be able to receive 3 more from the enemies.

The Anger Mirror can be received from the monster Unmutaku (うんむたく) who
drops them randomly when defeated. He can be found in the area around
(x = 25, y = 25). Be warned, your popularity drops by 1000 when you kill an
Unmutaku. But your popularity is about to drop anyway, so don't worry about
it. Just make sure you have the Quake Staff and White Orb first.

When you are prepared, head to location (x = 33, y = 25) to take on the
Senpi. Save your game first, of course. Unload all of your magic attack
items, then use regular attacks to finish him off. He is weak against the
Anger Mirror, so it does 600 damage instead of the usual 200. If you had all
of the magic attack items I mentioned, then you will practically kill him
without having to attack. If you don't, then you might still win, but you'll
likely lose some shields in the process since he'll break them; however, it's
worth it if you win. If all of the preparation didn't help you win, then you
need to get more magic items or you may still need to gain some levels. When
you win, you get the Kronos Armor. Equip it on Argus.

With the Kronos Armor now in your inventory, head to the Doris City pub and
use the spell トモヨトキハイマ to "awaken" Media (メディア), who will now
join your party.

---Various Sidequests----------------------------------------------[sec4e]---
To get the final member into your party, you have to fight an even tougher
boss. If you can get enough magic attack items, you can try taking him on now
(skip ahead to the "Recruiting Tremos" section), but come back to this
section after that because you need to do these sidequests sometime. It's
best if you have Tremos in your party before doing them, but if you can't get
enough magic attack items to beat the boss, these will help you get stronger.

---Eros Sword---
Media will come into your party with no equipment, so buy her an Armor and a
Shield. You can get her best weapon, the Eros Sword (エロスのつるぎ), by
bringing 300 or more fangs to the castle at location (x = 38, y = 30), so do
that right away. Also, get new shields for your other characters if the Senpi
destroyed them.

---Hell Crown---
One optional sidequest you can do is to hire a healer from Garia City for
10000 gold. Then bring the healer to the village at location (x = 63,
y = 14). A man at the village says his daughter is sick, but your healer will
help her. The man will give you the Hell Crown (まかいのかんむり) as thanks.
It allows you to speak to monsters, just like how you speak to travelers
(although most monsters won't talk to you and just attack you if you try),
but first you have to learn how to use it by asking a mayor at any of the
following cities: Oruk, Garia, Menos, and Tegea. This is not an important
item, so consider this highly optional.

---Telescope and Long Distance Ball---
There are a few other optional items you might like to acquire. You can get a
Telescope (とうめがね) for 10000 at the Oruk City market, located at (x = 20,
y = 21). It extends your field of view on the world map, so you can see two
squares to the East and West, instead of one. You can also get a Long
Distance Ball (せんりの たま) for 30000 gold at the Megaro City market at
location (x = 3, y = 38). It makes icons appear on the world map wherever
there is a location you can visit. I found these two items make things a
little more convenient, but they are also very optional.

---Traveler's Holes---
There are places called "traveler's holes" which take you to other maps. To
enter them, you need to know a special spell for each one. The spells are
easily found by going South 3 steps, then West 3 steps from each one, where
you'll find ancient writing that tells you the spell you need. By the way,
you can't save your game while you are in the traveler's holes.

---Traveler's Hole 1---
You don't actually need to enter the first traveler's hole since you don't
get anything, but I'll at least explain it here. To enter it, you would go to
location (x = 10, y = 15), where you will have to fight a very weak monster,
and then you will read ancient writing that tells you the spell:
ヒトシレヌミチ. Go right 3 steps, then up 3 steps to a stone statue at
location (x = 13, y = 18). You will be prompted to enter a spell, so enter
the one just mentioned. The stone statue will open and you can enter. You
will be in a dungeon, and unless you have the Bat Mask (which I doubt at this
point), you won't be able to see anything. There's nothing in the dungeon,
but if you map the whole thing out, you will receive a secret message. You
can look at my map if you like. The message reads: アルカスの しろに キバ
240を もっていけ, which says "Bring 240 fangs to Arukas Castle". Go to Arukas
Castle when you have exactly 240 fangs (no more and no less) and you will
have your potions maximized to a value of 1000. You can repeat this as many
times you want whenever you have 240 fangs.

---Traveler's Hole 2---
The second traveler's hole is located at (x = 54, y = 11). To enter it, you
need to get the spell from the statue at (x = 51, y = 8). The spell is:
ウツツノミチ. If you still don't have the boat, you need it before entering
this traveler's hole. Use this new spell to enter the traveler's hole and you
will find yourself on a new world map. On this map are very few locations. A
little to the West is a fang exchange castle where you can get 100 gold per
fang, which is a nice way to get some extra money. If you bring 300 or more
fangs to this castle, you will be told another spell: アラウミニムカワン. Go
to the Northwest section of this map to find a stone statue. Chant this new
spell there and a man will appear who will give you a better ship that can
travel on rough seas. You can return to the main world map by going South and
a little East to a bigger island where the exit is located.

---Traveler's Hole 3---
You will want to have hired a blacksmith before entering the third traveler's
hole if you don't have one already (get one at Eratea City), and you might
want to have a healer hired, although this isn't as important. Go to (x = 61,
y = 32) to learn the spell: ミチナキミチ, which will open the traveler's hole
at (x = 64, y = 35). Here, go Southwest to find another fang exchange castle.
This one will give you 150 gold for each fang, so this should be a regular
stopping place for you to build up your cash when you need it. If you bring
300 or more fangs here, you will have your popularity maximized to a value of
+10000, which you can do as many times as you like. In the Southwest area of
the map, you will find a village with a blacksmith who will ask to take your
blacksmith on as his apprentice. Select the option あげる ("Give") to give
him your blacksmith. In exchange, he will make the attack strength of all
your weapons be a whopping 600, and they will become indestructible. But now
you have no blacksmith, so be careful not to let your armor or shield break.
You can go North from here to another village where they will make your
healer more effective if you give them a 30000 gold donation (select the
option きふ する - "Donate"). Return to the main world map by going East a
long way from the blacksmith village. Make sure to hire a new blacksmith at
Eratea City.

---More Armor---
You already have the Kronos Armor, but you can get two other special suits of
armor by going to two other caves and fighting Senpi there again. Since you
now have an extra party member, it will make things slightly easier. Your
popularity might be dipping into the negative numbers, and if it is then you
won't be able to get another White Orb or Quake Staff. You can probably still
win with maximum Holy Nuts and an Anger Mirror. When you're ready to try
taking on another Senpi, go to the cave at location (x = 34, y = 3) to earn
the Titan Armor (タイタンのよろい) and equip it on Guy. Then prepare for
another Senpi and go to the cave at (x = 47, y = 31) to earn the Athena Armor
(アテネのよろい), which you should give to Media.

---Bat Mask---
If your popularity is negative, you should take the opportunity to get the
Bat Mask (こうもりのかめん). You can get it from the Black Monk
(くろのどうし) that you encounter in the plains. If you see a White Monk
though, run! Speak to the Black Monk when you see one and he might give you
the Bat Mask. It may take a few tries though. You don't need it, but it
allows you to see in the dark, which will make traveling in the last dungeon
a little more pleasant. You can also get one by killing Holy Knights (the
guys riding on the lizards), who drop them randomly.

---Recruiting Tremos-----------------------------------------------[sec4f]---
To recruit Tremos, you must visit the palace at the location (x = 35,
y = 30). You will be attacked by a monster, but don't kill it! It is your
final ally, transformed by a curse. If you kill him, I suppose you can't
finish the game, although it will let you continue playing without any
warning. If you visit him now, you an try casting the ally awakening spell,
but nothing will happen. Some of the travelers will tell you that you need a
shield to make your spell effective.

By visiting some pubs, you may have learned the locations of some shields.
The one that you need is the Odysseus Shield (オデッセのたて). To get it, you
have to kill a Hanjou (はんじょう), which is similar to a Senpi, but a bit
stronger, so stock up on magic attack items, then head to location (x = 54,
y = 38) to confront the Hanjou and hopefully earn the Odysseus Shield. Equip
it on Argus, then head to the palace at location (x = 35, y = 30) to chant
the awakening spell: トモヨトキハイマ and finally get your last party member!

He gives you a final piece of the Ancient Document, which you are now able to
view. We'll go over what it says later. You can view the Ancient Document
from your menu screen any time by selecting the こもんじょ ("Ancient
Document") option.

Tremos also tells you that he needs to get his equipment, which is in a
location that is accessed by casting the spell: トレモスキタレリ.

---Final Preparations----------------------------------------------[sec4g]---
There are two more special shields that you can get for your party by
fighting Hanjous. You can get the Celene Shield at (x = 46, y = 20) and the
Hector Shield at (x = 69, y = 15).

To get Tremos' equipment, go to the statue at location (x = 30, y = 14) and
chant the spell: トレモスキタレリ. You will appear in a desert area. There
are 4 oasis here which contain pieces of equipment. To access them, you need
to know the spell for each one. So there are 4 statues that will teach you
spells here as well. Use the map I provided to navigate the desert. One of
these oasis is just for fun since you can ride a lizard monster by chanting
the correct spell there. If you want to ride it, go to the oasis in the
Southeast section of the map and use the spell: スナノタミニイノル. You will
get the creature called Darklar.

The other 3 oasis are all toward to top part of the map. The one in the
Northwest corner has the Chimera Shield (キマイラのたて), which you can
receive by chanting the spell: タテヨマミエン.

The oasis in the middle of the top portion of the map has the Chaos Armor
(カオスのよろい), which you can receive by chanting the phrase:

The final equipment piece is in a oasis in the Northeast corner of the map.
You can receive the Babel Halberd (バベルのほこ) by chanting the phrase:

With all of Tremos' equipment in hand, you can return to the main world map
by exiting from the place that you entered this desert.

Tremos needs to have his weapon's power maximized by visiting the blacksmith
village in traveler's hole 3. You can go there and give the old guy another
blacksmith apprentice and he will upgrade Tremos' weapon. Make sure you
recruit a new blacksmith when you return to the main world map.

You are almost ready to take on the final boss. First, you want to get all of
the magic attack items that you can. Since you need to have a positive
popularity rating to get the White Orb and Quake Staff, make use of the fang
exchange castle in traveler's hole 3 to maximize your popularity. If you
don't have a Resurrection Stone, get one of those from a White Monk.

Also, to stand a chance against the last boss, you will probably have to have
your characters at the maximum possible experience level. Fight some stronger
monsters to level build until your characters stop receiving experience. When
they stop receiving experience, it means they are at the max level. It can
take awhile if you haven't been building levels very much. I like to level
build in traveler's hole 3.

---Final Dungeon---------------------------------------------------[sec4h]---
When you are ready to fight the final boss, the Ancient Document is your clue
of where to go. It is a little cryptic, but with some help from the advice of
travelers, you will piece together what it says to do. It says to go South
from Tegea City (x = 43, y = 36) to the statue at (x = 43, y = 28) and cast
the spell: キタレイアソン. Then go West to the statue at (x = 27, y = 28) and
cast the spell again. Then go North to the cave at (x = 27, y = 33), where
you will see a message that says something about an ancient magic being
awakened. Then go West to the palace at (x = 24, y = 33) where you'll
encounter a relatively easy boss named Basairuzu (バサイルズ). Kill it and a
box appears. You open it and... it's a trap! A Black Monk appears and casts a
spell that nearly kills your party, and it kills your blacksmith and healer
if you have one.

OK, so that whole path described above is a trap and a waste of time. But the
pattern that you followed to spring the trap is what you want to learn from.
You notice that each destination was reached by going straight from the
previous destination without making any turns? Well, if you study the map,
you'll see that there's another path that you can take that does the same
thing, but leads to a different final destination.

So, from Tegea City, go South to the statue at (x = 43, y = 28). Don't bother
with casting the spell here. Just go South again to the next statue at
(x = 43, y = 20). Here, cast the spell キタレイアソン and the ancient hero
Iason will appear and give you the 天 (Heaven) key. From here, go West a long
way to the statue at (x = 11, y = 20). Cast the spell again, and Iason will
appear to give you the 地 (Earth) key. Finally, go North to the statue at
(x = 11, y = 30) and cast the spell one last time. Iason will appear again
and give you the 冥 (Darkness) key. From here, go West to (x = 5, y = 30),
where you can enter the final dungeon. Save before entering, of course. Also,
make sure you have a supply of healing potions.

Inside the palace, you find a doorway with 4 keyholes. First, you are asked
to place the Heaven Key. Your options are: やめる ("Quit"), した ("Bottom"),
ひだり ("Left"), みぎ ("Right"), and うえ ("Top"). Select "Top" and a bolt of
lightning will flash. Then you are asked to place the Earth Key. Select
"Right" and the Earth will tremble. Finally, you must place the Darkness Key.
Select "Left" and the doorway will open, allowing you entrance to the

The dungeon itself is straightforward. There is nothing special to locate,
just find the stairs down. You should probably run from all the encounters to
preserve HP. There are three floors to wade through. On the third floor, you
will come across the final boss, Terarin (テラリン). Use potions to maximize
your HP before engaging her in battle. She has 9999 HP. She is weak against
the White Orb, so it will do 600 damage per use, but she is strong against
the Holy Nut, so those only do 20 damage per use. You will need to unload all
of your magic attack items: Anger Mirror, Quake Staff, White Orb, and Holy
Nut. Then, you will have to attack with all of your characters. The first
time I tried to kill her, I had maximum experience levels and all of the
magic attack items and the Resurrection Stone, and I STILL died. She had
about 300 HP left. The second time I tried, I killed her with all of my party
members still alive and a pretty good amount of HP left too. So I guess
there's a bit of randomness involved in whether or not you will win, but you
certainly need to be prepared with all the magic items you can get, maximized
weapons and armor, and maximum experience levels. Good luck!

               - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
               - - - = = = ==== Equipment ==== = = = - - -
               - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -          [sec5]

Short Sword (たんけん) - 48 Atk
Sword (つるぎ) - 64 Atk
Turos Sword (テュロスのけん) - 198 Atk
Iris Battle Axe (イリスのせんぷ) - 234 Atk
Eros Sword (エロスのつるぎ) - 180 Atk
Babel Halberd (バベルのほこ) - 216 Atk

Thin Garment (かたびら) - 25% Def
Armor (よろい) - 50% Def
Kronos Armor (クロノスのよろい) - 75% Def
Titan Armor (タイタンのよろい) - 75% Def
Athena Armor (アテネのよろい) - 75% Def
Chaos Armor (カオスのよろい) - 75% Def

Shield (たて) - 50% Def
Celene Shield (セイレーンのたて) - 75% Def
Odysseus Shield (オデッセのたて) - 75% Def
Hector Shield (ヘクトールのたて) - 75% Def
Chimera Shield (キマイラのたて) - 75% Def

                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = ====== Items ====== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -         [sec6]

Here is a list of items you can find. You can't use these items until your
character has learned how by asking a town mayor. Therefore, the mayors you
can ask to learn how to use a particular item are also listed next to each

Ancient Helmet (ふるき かぶと) - A spirit within gives you the ability to
     read ancient writing. Mayors - Oruko, Garia, Menosu, Tegea.
Escape Seed (にげあしのたね) - Use to escape battle without receiving damage
     or receiving a penalty to your popularity. Mayors - Doris, Eratea.
Hell Crown (まかいのかんむり) - With this, you can speak to demons.
     Mayors - Oruko, Garia, Menosu, Tegea.
Holy Nut (せいなる このみ) - Attack enemies during battle. Usually does 200
     damage per use. Hold a maximum of 11. Mayors - Doris, Eratea.
Anger Mirror (いかりのかがみ) - Attack enemies during battle. Usually does
     200 damage per use. You can only hold one, but it can be used 3 times.
     Mayors - Megaro, Kadia.
Bat Mask (こうもりのかめん) - Allows you to see in the dark.
     Mayors - Oruko, Garia, Menosu, Tegea.
Resurrection Stone (ふっかつのいし) - Argus is automatically resurrected with
     full HP when he dies. Mayors - Doris, Eratea.
Quake Staff (れっちの つえ) - Earth opens up and swallows the enemy. Usually
     does 200 damage per use. You can only hold one, but it can be used 3
     times. Mayors - Megaro, Kadia.
White Magic Ball (しろのまきゅう) - Attack enemies during battle. Usually
     does 100 damage per use. You can only hold one, but it can be used 3
     times. Mayors - Megaro, Kadia.

                - - - = = = ================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = ===== Spells ===== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = ================== = = = - - -          [sec7]

Awaken your allies: トモヨトキハイマ
Enter traveler's hole 1: ヒトシレヌミチ
Enter traveler's hole 2: ウツツノミチ
Enter traveler's hole 3: ミチナキミチ
Get a new ship: アラウミニムカワン
Enter desert to receive Tremos' equipment: トレモスキタレリ
Ancient Document spell: キタレイアソン

                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = ===== Enemies ===== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -         [sec8]

Here is a list of all the enemies found in the game, including their max HP,
how much fangs they drop, how much your popularity is affected by killing
them, any items they drop, and any other special notes.

They are separated into which map they can be found, in order from lowest to
highest HP.

---Main World Map---
たびびと (Traveler) - HP = 50, Pop - 40, Drops: 100 gold.
しょうにん (Merchant) - HP = 50, Pop - 70, Drops: 1500 gold.
ビッツ (Bittsu) - HP = 100, 1 fang, Pop + 10.
りっていか (Ritteika) - HP = 150, 2 fangs, , Pop + 5, Drops: Escape Seed.
ルエック (Ruekku) - HP = 230, 3 fangs, Pop + 15.
しょうにん (Merchant) - HP = 270, Pop + 10, Drops: 2000 gold.
とうぞく (Thief) - HP = 290, Pop + 10, Drops: 300 gold, Escape Seed.
ハージャ (Haaja) - HP = 350, 100 fangs, Pop - 5000, Note: Don't kill him!
ローバル (Roobaru) - HP = 400, 4 fangs, Pop + 25.
しゃおうほう (Shaouhou) - HP = 600, 5 fangs, Pop + 10, Drops: Holy Nut, Run
うんむたく (Unmutaku) - HP = 1000, 5 fangs, Pop - 1000, Drops: Anger Mirror.
スウマーグ (Suumaagu) - HP = 1200, 8 fangs, Pop + 20.
ようりきたいせん (Yourikitaisen) - HP = 1800, 15 fangs, Pop - 15.
ジャーディン (Jaadin) - HP = 2000, 15 fangs, Pop + 30.
ギュロール (Gyurooru) - HP = 2000, 20 fangs, Pop + 30.
せいきし (Holy Knight) - HP = 2500, Pop - 9999, Drops: 3000 gold, Holy Nut,
     Bat Mask.
バーリュン (Baaryun) - HP = 2500, 25 fangs, Pop + 40.
かんよう (Kanyou) - HP = 3000, 25 fangs, Pop - 1000.
ブラング (Burangu) - HP = 3000, 27 fangs, Pop + 50.
アギャーマ (Agyaama) - HP = 3700, 3 fangs, Pop + 80.
ころ (Koro) - HP = 4000, 30 fangs, Pop + 35, Drops: Holy Nut.
デラーザー (Deraazaa) - HP = 4500, 25 fangs, Pop + 25.
ヴォーム (Voomu) - HP = 4500, 40 fangs, Pop + 60.
はんじょう (Hanjou) - HP = 5000, Pop - 3000.
せんぴ (Senpi) - HP = 5000, Pop - 3000.
こうきんじょう (Koukinjou) - HP = 5000, 35 fangs, Pop + 45, Drops: Holy Nut.
ながーべ (Nagaabe) - HP = 5500, 80 fangs, Pop - 3000, Drops: Anger Mirror.
バサイルズ (Basairuzu) - HP = 5500, Pop + 100.
ダグフィグ (Dagufigu) - HP = 5500, 50 fangs, Pop + 70.
ほうてんげき (Houtengeki) - HP = 6500, 100 fangs, Pop - 5000.
しろのどうし (White Monk) - HP = 7700, Pop - 100 if attacked, Gives Quake
     Staff and Resurrection Stone randomly when spoken to if your popularity
     is positive.
くろのどうし (Black Monk) - HP = 7700, Pop + 100, Gives Bat Mask when spoken
     to randomly if your popularity is negative.

---Traveler's Hole 1---
ゲルフィース (Gerufiisu) - HP = 280, 2 fangs, Pop + 10.
ザイラード (Zairaado) - HP = 1000, 4 fangs, Pop + 15.
リジム (Rijimu) - HP = 2000, 6 fangs, Pop + 20.

---Traveler's Hole 2---
ノイノ (Noino) - HP = 300, 5 fangs, Pop + 5.
イムヤム (Imuyamu) - HP = 500, 10 fangs, Pop + 10.
プルーシュ (Puruushu) - HP = 500, 5 fangs, Pop + 5.
ミャーモ (Myaamo) - HP = 600, 5 fangs, Pop + 5.
アシャーコ (Ashaako) - HP = 800, 10 fangs, Pop + 10.
レッター (Rettaa) - HP = 3000, 20 fangs, Pop + 20.
オイソイ (Oisoi) - HP = 5000, 40 fangs, Pop + 30.
チャプン (Chapun) - HP = 6000, 80 fangs, Pop + 40.

---Traveler's Hole 3---
エクノム (Ekunomu) - HP = 600, 10 fangs, Pop + 10.
イラーム (Iraamu) - HP = 900, 20 fangs, Pop + 10.
イソリヒ (Isorihi) - HP = 2000, 20 fangs, Pop + 20.
ラシフィト (Rashifito) - HP = 2000, 100 fangs, Pop + 60.
ラウス (Rausu) - HP = 4000, 40 fangs, Pop + 30.
エルート (Eruuto) - HP = 5000, 60 fangs, Pop + 40.
オキエク (Okieku) - HP = 6000, 70 fangs, Pop + 40.
エマーゲフィル (Emaagefuiru) - HP = 7000, 100 fangs, , Pop + 50.

---Tremos Equipment Desert---
コーベトン (Koobeton) - HP = 600, 10 fangs, Pop + 10.
グニフィトン (Gunifiton) - HP = 2000, 20 fangs, Pop + 10.
アルブ (Arubu) - HP = 3000, 80 fangs, Pop + 40.
ジラワ (Jirawa) - HP = 3000, 100 fangs, Pop + 80.
エボレカム (Eborekamu) - HP = 3000, 20 fangs, Pop + 30.
ウオイエボリ (Uoiebori) - HP = 4000, 40 fangs, Pop + 20.
グニンロム (Guninromu) - HP = 5000, 60 fangs, Pop + 40.
ガンズ (Ganzu) - HP = 7000, 100 fangs, Pop + 80.

---Final Dungeon---
イエッピ (Ieppi) - HP = 800, 15 fangs, Pop + 10.
エウオニ (Euoni) - HP = 800, 15 fangs, Pop + 10.
アグス (Agusu) - HP = 1000, 10 fangs, Pop + 5.
アドヌット (Adonutto) - HP = 1300, 15 fangs, Pop + 10.
イケシック (Ikeshikku) - HP = 1500, 120 fangs, Pop + 100.
タボ (Tabo) - HP = 1500, 15 fangs, Pop + 10.
アマイグス (Amaigusu) - HP = 3500, 30 fangs, Pop + 15.
アミジョック (Amijokku) - HP = 4500, 40 fangs, Pop + 20.

                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = ==== Locations ==== = = = - - -
                - - - = = = =================== = = = - - -         [sec9]

Doris - (x = 70, y = 3)
Eratea - (x = 61, y = 23)
Garia - (x = 7, y = 10)
Kadia - (x = 27, y = 4)
Megaro - (x = 3, y = 38)
Menos - (x = 46, y = 10)
Oruk - (x = 20, y = 21)
Tegea - (x = 43, y = 36)

Arukas - (x = 4, y = 3)
Fang exchange castle 1 - (x = 23, y = 10)
Fang exchange castle 2 - (x = 38, y = 30)
Fang exchange castle 3 - (x = 70, y = 22)
Resurrection castle - (x = 66, y = 30)

Kosama - (x = 47, y = 5)
Quake Staff village - (x = 18, y = 37)
Sick girl village - (x = 63, y = 14)
Weapon forging village - (x = 3, y = 19)
White Orb village - (x = 70, y = 38)

---Entrances to Other Maps---
Final dungeon - (x = 5, y = 30)
Traveler's hole 1 - (x = 13, y = 18)
Traveler's hole 2 - (x = 54, y = 11)
Traveler's hole 3 - (x = 64, y = 35)
Tremos equipment desert - (x = 30, y = 14)

               - - - = = = ================== = = = - - -
               - - - = = = === Conclusion === = = = - - -
               - - - = = = ================== = = = - - -

I hope you found this guide useful.  If you have information that you'd
like to contribute or other suggestions for how the guide can be made better
or if you find any mistakes, please send it to lastbosskiller@gmail.com.  I
will give you the proper credit for your help.

Thanks to the NES FAQ Completion Project regulars for providing a fun
environment for exploring old, obscure games!

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