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FAQ by NESHQ_dot_com

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/24/07

Winter Games FAQ/Guide 1.00 By Andrew M. Evans aka AndrewM 

Looking for anything NES? Visit my hopefully-but-probably-not comprehensive NES
Site at www.neshq.com!

--== Table of Contents ==--
Section 1  ----- Revision History
Section 2  ----- Disclaimer
Section 3  ----- FAQ Introduction
Section 4  ----- Game Introduction
Section 5  ----- Hot Dog Aerials
Section 6  ----- Speed Skating
Section 7  ----- Figure Skating
Section 8  ----- The Bobsled
Section 9  ----- World Records
Section 10 ----- Closing Notes, Credits, and Thanks

--== Section 1 - Revision History ==--
Version          Date Released          Changes
1.0              July 28, 2004          Original Version

--== Section 2 - Disclaimer ==--
This FAQ is intended for private use and may not be reproduced on any sites or
in any publications without my prior consent, which I may or may not (I don't 
see why I wouldn't) grant by having you e-mail me at AndrewM@Neshq.com. If you
should fail to do so and I see my FAQ posted somewhere I shall be forced to 
sue you into litigation Hell with my army of high-powered lawyers. Actually, 
this whole bit is a bunch of ballyhoo. If you want to post or reproduce this 
FAQ go right ahead and do so, just leave me my credit and the shameless 
self-promotions for my NES Site, www.neshq.com (in case you have yet to see!).
Oh yea, and if you somehow get hurt using this FAQ I am in no way responsible
(is this even possible). As a matter of fact, by even opening this file you
have officially absolved me of any responsibility in my entire life. Ok, well
it was worth a shot......

--== Section 3 - FAQ Introduction ==--
Howdy. Hello. How ya doing? Welcome to my Winter Games FAQ/Guide. I managed to
dig out Winter Games while looking for a two player game. Chris "Skizzle"
Politi and I managed to play this game to its logical conclusion over the
period of a few days. What did we learn? Mainly that without instructions,
controls, or some sort of jedi mind control this game can be incredibly
(stressing incredibly) frustrating (thank you non-intuitive controls!). Once
We had conquered Winter Games I realized that I had to write an FAQ for it to
save others from the same unending frustration we endured. I hope you enjoy!

--== Section 4 - Game Introduction ==--
Welcome to Winter Games, your chance to win the gold. In Winter Games you
compete in four events - Hot Dog Aerials (ski jump), speed skating, figure
skating, and bobsledding. After you suffer through a completely unnecessary
torch lighting ceremony (you might not find it annoying yet but wait until
you hit reset a few times) you're presented with a main menu. From here you may:
Compete In All Events - Compete (either one or two players) in all four events
Compete In One Event - Compete (either one or two players) in a single event
Practice Events - Practice one event as much as you like
See World Records - Pretty Self Explanatory, eh?
Opening Ceremony - No, not again!

--== Section 5 - Hot Dog Aerials ==--
Section 5-1 - Introduction
  Time to show what you're made of! The Hot Dog Aerials (known as the ski jump
  to everyone but the people who made this game) is one of the two events that
  I personally consider to be the 'skilled' events. Depending on your trick(s)
  you get points that could take you to the coveted (note: sarcasm) Winter
  Games Olympic Gold.

Section 5-2 - Basic Controls
  Winter Games is really interesting because the B button is not used at all. 
  The controls for the ski jump are as follows:
  A - Starts down jump
  B, Up, Down - Not Used
  Right - Forward flip
  Left - Backward flip

Section 5-3 - Advanced Controls/Tricks
  Front Flip (FF) - Pressing right once will make your skier do a front flip
  Back flip (BF) - Pressing left once will make your skier do a back flip
  Double Front Flip (DFF) - Pressing right twice will make your skier do a
    double front flip
  Double Back Flip (DBF) - Pressing left twice will make your skier do a
    double front flip
  Skis Back (SB) - Pressing up and right simultaneously (essentially
    northeast) will make your skier do a skis back
  Skis Back and Crossed (SBC) - Pressing down and right simultaneously
    (essentially southeast) will make your skier do a skis back and crossed
  The Y (Y) - Pressing down and left simultaneously (essentially southwest)
    will make your skier do a skis back and grab, or 'The Y'
  The Split (S) - Pressing up and left simultaneously (essentially northwest)
    will make your skier do a split
  Combo - Any combo may be performed by combining any two (non-double-flip)

Section 5-4 - Point Values
  Points are awarded on originality and difficulty but are always the same
    (there is a .1 point variance on some tricks). Trick abbreviations are
    given above, in section 5-4. Point values:
  Trick/Combo           Point Value
  FF                    5.7
  BF                    5.7
  DFF                   6.3 (If trick started late enough point score 7.7)
  DBF                   6.3 (If trick started late enough point score 7.7)
  FF+BF Combo           7.1
  BF+FF Combo           7.1
  SB                    6.2
  SBC                   6.2
  Y                     6.2
  S                     6.2
  FF+SB/SBC/Y/S Combo   8.4
  BF+SB/SBC/Y/S Combo   8.4
  SB+SBC/Y/S Combo      9.5 (If trick started late enough point score 10.0)
  SBC+SB/Y/S Combo      9.5 (If trick started late enough point score 10.0)
  Y+SB/SBC/S Combo      9.5 (If trick started late enough point score 10.0)
  S+SB/SBC/Y Combo      9.5 (If trick started late enough point score 10.0)

Section 5-5 - Strategy
  I'm presuming you're reading the FAQ section because you want to beat your
    friend at Winter Games (you're a sad man, but hey at least you didn't
    write a Winter Games FAQ!). If you are then here are some good strategies
    for the Hot Dog Aerials...
  Strategy 1 (Play it safe) - Start with an easy double flip combo for a 6.3. 
    Second jump go for a FF+BF combo for a 7.1. Last run go for something
    like a FF+S combo for an 8.4. You're bound to hit at least one of these,
    meaning you have at least a 6.3. Good if your opponent isn't good.
  Strategy 2 (Moderate) - Start with a BF+FF combo for a 7.1. Next go to a
    FF+SB type combo for an 8.4. Lastly go for an SB+S combo for a solid 9.5.
    Use against decent opponents.
  Strategy 3 (Hot Dog Aerialist) - Start strong with a FF+SB type combo for a
    decent 8.4. If landed move onto the SB+Y type combos, if not try again.
    On third jump go for a 9.5 type combo no matter what. Used in case you're
    up against a veteran.
  Strategy 4 (The Chris Politi) - Only use this strategy if you're up against
    Chris Politi, who has proven himself as the world's foremost expert in
    The Hot Dog Aerials (yes, he is the best in THE WORLD). In this strategy
    try a 9.5 combo on your first jump. If hit go for the 10.0, if not go for
    another 9.5. On the third jump you've either A)Hit the 9.5 and can only
    go for a 10.0 or B)You haven't hit the 9.5 and you're hopeless so why not
    go for a 10.0? Huh nancy-boy? Yea, that's right, go for the 10.0

--== Section 6 - Speed Skating ==--
Section 6-1 - Introduction
  Speed Skating (or as I like to call it, torture a la Nintendo) involves a
    classic Nintendo pastime: button mashing.

Section 6-2 - Basic Controls
  Only two controls here, not too difficult Einstein. You must hit left and
    right as fast as possible to get your skater skating faster.

Section 6-3 - Strategy
  I'm supposed to come up for a strategy on this? Didn't you read section 6-2?

--== Section 7 - Figure Skating ==--
Section 7-1 - Introduction
  Figure skating is, without doubt, the hardest event in the game. You are
    judged on your tricks and overall flow of your routine. You'll probably
    pull your hair out and maybe even punch your entertainment cabinet
    twelve times before this gets easy. I'll now touch on the two categories
    you'll be judged on as well as a little strategy.

Section 7-2 - Controls and Tricks
  Tricks are performed by using certain button combinations. If you use a
    combination not listed here you WILL fall and you'll see your score drop
    drastically. Moral of the story - stick to the tricks and win figure
    skating. Listed below are the tricks. A combination of directional pad
    buttons looks like: DUL (Directional pad Up and Left at the same time).
  Trick/Combo/Move                 Buttons               Point Value
  Double Axel Jump                 DUR+A                 .6
  Triple Axel Jump                 DDR+A                 1.1
  Double Lutz Jump                 DUL+A                 .6
  Triple Lutz Jump                 DDL+A                 1.1
  Camel Spin                       DU+A                  .7
  Sit Spin                         DD+A                  .7
  Camel to Sit Spin Combo          DU+A -> DD+A          1.2
  Skate Forward                    DR+A                  0
  Skate Backwards                  DL+A                  0
  As you can see, landing every trick will give you a perfect 6. To land the
    jumps you must press A while your skater is descending. Pressing A too
    soon or too late will cause your skater to fall. Making your skater fall
    is Figure Skating suicide, so make sure you get landings down well.

Section 7-3 - Feelin' the Flow
  The flow is the mysterious mantra, the figure skating jedi force. Ah, the
    precious flow. The flow can really wreck or make your round. What is the
    flow? The flow, simply put, is the combination of falls (or lack thereof)
    and continuity during your one minute figure skating exhibition. It goes
    like this: See how the scores above add up to a perfect six? Well, for
    every time you fall you lose 1.2 points. This means that if you did a
    perfect round but fell once at the end you'd only get a 4.8 (sucks, eh?).
    Now, as for continuity (bear with me, I read this in the manual for the 
    c64 version of the game but it holds true for the NES version) - you want
    to be as graceful as possible. There are basically three parts to NES
    Winter Games gracefulness - front jumps, back jumps, and spins. Whenever
    you do a front jump (Axel) you need to make sure you hit the appropriate
    buttons when your skater has her legs spread apart. When you're doing a
    backwards jump (Lutz) you need to hit the appropriate buttons when your
    skater has her legs closed. Lastly, when you're doing any of the spins 
    make sure you spin six times. Any violation of these three grace
    principles will deduct .2 point from your score. Seems insignificant, but
    if you landed every trick (but did so ungracefully) you'd only get a 4.6
    instead of a 6.0. Obnoxious? Yes, but it makes the game more interesting.

Section 7-4 Ye Olde Figure Skating Strategy
  By now you know how to do the tricks, what they're worth, and the finer
    points of Winter Games Figure Skating. Well, there are two more things to
    mention. First, you can only do each trick once. Any later attempts will
    not be counted on the final score, regardless of whether or not the
    original trick was successful. Second, you must be facing forward when time
    runs out. If you're not then you'll fall down (say goodbye to 1.2 points).
    So, now for strategy. The path I recommend is: Triple Axel, Double Lutz, 
    Camel Spin, Triple Lutz, Sit-spin, Skate Forwards, Double Axel, and finish
    with a Camel to Sit Spin. This works well since the jumps sort of lead
    into the spins. Give it a shot.

--== Section 8 - The Bobsled ==--
Section 8-1 - Introduction
  The Bobsled is the one event where once you master it it's really just luck.
    After investing ridiculous amounts of time into The Bobsled to see if this
    was true or not. I can really say that once you learn the controls on the
    Bobsled the rest is left to the three fates to decide your time. I've
    tried riding the banks low, high, low-in high-out, high-in low out, and
    even right down the middle.... all seems to be the same. Good luck.

Section 8-2 - Controls
  Controls for The Bobsled are:
  Down - Slow down
  Left - Steer left
  Right - Steer right
  Everything else - Not used

--== Section 9 - World Records ==--
World Records:
  Hot Dog Aerials
    Name                  Score
    Chris Politi          10.0
  Speed Skating
    Name                  Time (Seconds)
    Andy 'AndrewM' Evans  43.2
  Figure Skating
    Name                  Score
    Andy 'AndrewM' Evans  5.4
    Name                  Time (Seconds)
    Chris Politi          51.25

--== Section 10 - Closing Notes, Credits, and Thanks ==--
I hope the FAQ was helpful. If not well then you're probably just angry at the
  world and a joyless lump of coal (I'll go out on a limb and say there's a
  good chance Winter Games made you so bitter). Thanks to Chris Politi, with
  whom I had the joy of wasting several hours of my life on this game. I will
  use the rest of this space to once again shamelessly plug my website,
  www.neshq.com. If you see any mistakes or have anything to add to this FAQ,
  e-mail me at AndrewM@NESHQ.com.

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