Review by Amuro Heir of Roto

Reviewed: 11/01/04

A timeless epic!

Although this game is fairly unknown and was released a long time ago, it might be the biggest underdog on the Famicom/NES. It is a graphical adventure, meaning you mostly get to see static images and read text. But it is incredibly engrossing and deals with time travel in a never seen before way. Throughout the adventure, you will get to meet many historical figures and visit a lot of different places.
As a side note, Kemco has recently expressed wishes to make a full 3D version of this classic game and half of the Japanese web is already over hyped with this news.


Although a bit blocky at times, they do great justice to the story and characters by bringing them to life thanks to the vivid palette of the NES. Most backgrounds are amazing, dare I say realistic? All in all, they do a pretty good job immersing the player in this century-spanning adventure.


Although absent in the beginning, sound progressively appears as a result of the plot and some amazing themes can be heard later on. The ending music is incredible in terms of sampling and should be per se an incentive to finish the game at least once.


Meet Kutajima Toshito, a member of the time police as he embarks on a journey beyond time, a journey that will span through centuries and will decide on the fate of humanity. It should be noted how deep some characters are, particularly Nobunaga whose greed will send you time and again through the timestream. The only input you will actually have will be to make simple choices that will affect the story. That might sound a bit simple but it is consistent with the main theme here: choices. In the end, this brings very powerful moments (a million selling novel was released in Japan as a result). The game constantly deals with big, deep issues in a very casual and simple way. Often funny, it's always thought provoking.
The ending is a real shocker that makes The Usual Suspects look predictable, I still cannot believe someone thought of that.

All in all, this game is a true classic if there ever was one and any serious gamer should play it at least once in their lives. Hell, anyone should learn Japanese if only to play this.

Rating: 9

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