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FAQ/Walkthrough by Frankie_Spankie

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/06/06

          8MMMMM  MMMMMM    MMMM MMMMM   MMS iMMMMM    MMMM  MMMM              
         MMMMMB  MMMM       MMMM MMMMM      MMMMM      MMMM  MMMM              
This FAQ was made for the NES FAQ Completion Project. You could contribute to  
this yourself! Just check out Devin Morgan's web site about it:                
          -------------------- Table of Contents --------------------  
          1. - Controls..........................................0001
          2. - Walkthrough.......................................0002
           2.01 - Level 1; Stage 1...............................L1S1
           2.02 - Level 1; Stage 2...............................L1S2
           2.03 - Level 1; Stage 3...............................L1S3
           2.04 - Level 2; Stage 1...............................L2S1
           2.05 - Level 3; Stage 1...............................L3S1
           2.06 - Level 3; Stage 2...............................L3S2
           2.07 - Level 3; Stage 3...............................L3S3
           2.08 - Level 3; Stage 4...............................L3S4
           2.09 - Level 4; Stage 1...............................L4S1
           2.10 - Level 4; Stage 2...............................L4S2
           2.11 - Level 4; Stage 3...............................L4S3
           2.12 - Level 5; Stage 1...............................L5S1
           2.13 - Level 6; Stage 1...............................L6S1
           2.14 - Level 6; Stage 2...............................L6S2
           2.15 - Level 7; Stage 1...............................L7S1
           2.16 - Level 8; Stage 1...............................L8S1
           2.17 - Level 9; Stage 1...............................L9S1
           2.18 - Level 9; Stage 2...............................L9S2
           2.19 - Level 9; Stage 3...............................L9S3
           2.20 - Level 9; Stage 4...............................L9S4
           2.21 - Level 9; Stage 5...............................L9S5
           2.22 - Level10; Stage 1...............................L10S1 
           2.23 - Level10; Stage 2...............................L10S2
           2.24 - Level10; Stage 3...............................L10S3
           2.25 - Level10; Stage 4...............................L10S4
           2.26 - Level11; Stage 1...............................L11S1 
           2.27 - Level12; Stage 1...............................L12S1
          3. - Weapons...........................................0003
          4. - Cheats............................................0004
          5. - Disclaimer........................................0005
   Please Note - This whole FAQ is searchable. That means you could easily     
   find whichever section you are looking for. Just press ctrl+f and type in    
   the name of the section or the password (the four digit number to the far    
   right) and press enter. It will bring you straight to that section.
               ---------------- 1. - Controls ---------------          
* D-Pad  - Move                                                                
* A      - Special
* B      - Fire
* Start  - Pause
* Select - Not Used
               --------------- 2. - Walkthrough -------------          
                           2.01 - Level 1; Stage 1
You will be over a desert area. Take the time to practice moving and shooting
as there are very little enemies. Here be sure to destroy any boxes you reach
to gain items. After a short distance you will move inbetween a line of ships.
Speed past them so that they won't crash into you.
After passing through the lines you will be in an enemy clear zone. Continue
onwards until you pass over a desert again. Now some blue asteroids will 
fly onto screen going diagonally left and right. Continue past them to reach
the stage boss. Just fire all of your shots on it when its eye opens.
                           2.02 - Level 1; Stage 2
You will continue from where you left the Stage 1 boss. Enemies will fly onto
the screen in attempt to hit you. Avoid them and continue on wards. When you
pass over a desert setting you will have reached the 2nd Stage Boss. Destroy
the four crystal balls on it and then the center will begin open.
It will send out enemies. Keep firing at the center until the whole thing
blows up. Also, if you need a new special weapon take out either box on the 
left side of the screen. Destroying the crystal balls on the boss will also
give you a special.
                           2.03 - Level 1; Stage 3
You will fly over another desert section with different enemies flying onto 
the screen every few seconds. You will need to shoot your way though. There
are a lot more boxes in the way as well as enemies which will restrict your
evasive movements.
When you begin to fly over a weird section the amount of enemies will lessen.
After a bit longer bullets will begin to come streaming across the area. Shoot
through them and avoid any enemies. You will soon start seeing little blue 
wings on the left and right sides of the screen.
They will begin to close in on you to deal a lot of damage. When they begin to 
close in, either sped up or slow down to avoid the crash. After leaving the
desert area for the weird area the enemies will greatly decline. The most 
you'll have to deal with are some blue asteroids.
When you reach a fortress this will be the Level boss. The only way to deal 
damage to it is to wait for it to "open". When it "opens" start firing. Your
specials won't help much except to take out any onscreen enemies. Continue to
fire at it untill all eight parts are destroyed.
                           2.04 - Level 2; Stage 1
You will now be above a forest area. After awhile you will pass over some 
rooftops. The speed of the game will drastically change. You will now be going
much faster. You will need to avoid any asteroids and bullets from enemy ships
along with crates.
When you pass over a an orange and green stripe a jet will begin to appear.
The jet will turn invisible and move to a different spot then reappear and
set of a barrage of bullets. Fire everything you have so that it will keep
changing colors. When it turns red it is almost destroyed. 
Keep firing until it explodes. While fighting the jet there will occasionally
be some enemies flying onto the screen. Avoid them for the most part and 
focus most of your attention on the main enemy, the jet. As it can do the most
After passing over the rooftops you will be above the forest again. There
will be some enemies but mostly blue asteroids flying onto screen. Keep going
until you fly over a desert area.
Continue to destroy and weave your way through enemies and crates until you 
reach the Stage Boss. It is a large purple base. There are eight towers with
vents on each one. Wait for the vent to open then fire everything you got at
it. And on each building is a vent. Take out all three for it to explode.
                           2.05 - Level 3; Stage 1
You will start out over the ocean. The only major threat for now are the
yellow wings that come up from the bottom of the screen and will join 
together in an attempt to crash into you. When you reach the forest area small
planes will begin rising up from the trees to shoot and then take cover below.
Continue past the woods to reach the desert fortress. There are four toweres 
you need to destroy that have vents and one building with a vent. Wait for the
vent to open then give it everything you have. There will occassionally be 
some crates and some enemies. 
                           2.06 - Level 3; Stage 2
After a long stretch of deserted...desert you will begin to encounter some 
towers that shoot out a diagonal stream of bullets. Weave past the bullets
or try to destroy the tower. You will eventually pass over water and then
forest. Continue to take out any enemies.
Near the end of the forest you will begin to encounter an enemy that will 
shoot out a long line of rockets. Avoid the rockets and focus your fire power
on the enemy itself. These enemies will be the only thing you fight once you
cross over onto the water.
When pieces of forest begin to appear along the left side of the screen a wave
of blue orbs will also appear. There is no way to damage these so you will 
need to avoid them. Fly close to either the left or right side of the screen.
Once past them you fight the same fortress as in the last stage.
                           2.07 - Level 3; Stage 3
You will breifly fly over sea, forest and desert. The only things on screen 
will be some crates and small enemies that fly onto the screen. Fight through
the waves of boxes to reach the stage boss. This giant cube has five vents on
it. Wait for each one to open then fire at will.
                           2.08 - Level 3; Stage 4
After the fight you will stay in the desert. Just make your way to the level
boss. There are a lot of different enemies on the way. When you come to two
sets of lines in the ground with a set of wings on both sides they will close
in on you. Speed up to the top of the screen to avoid being crushed.
Once past all these wings you will have reached another boss. There are six
vents you need to destroy. The first two are at the front while the last four
are in the back. The last four will be a bit more difficult to hit so after
destroying the first two move in for the kill.
                           2.09 - Level 4; Stage 1
Theres nothing too difficult about this level. Just weave in between enemies
taking any down that get in your way. When you get to the boss there are nine
vents to destroy. The first four are on the outer most section in the middle.
Then the next four are closer to the middle. And the last is in the middle.
                           2.10 - Level 4; Stage 2
Again nothing new to this level. When you come to a green acid sea you will
have to fight through an army of bats. Once past them you will have reached 
the boss. It is a large grey base. There are eight towers with vents on each 
Wait for the vent to open then fire everything you got at it. And on each 
building is a vent. Take out all three for it to explode. There will be lots 
of crates and small blue orbs flying in that will take your shots in place
of the fortress.
                           2.11 - Level 4; Stage 3
There isn't much to fight again. You will stay over the green acid sea. You'll
have to fight through hordes of missle spewing enemies as well as orbs and
while weaving crates. Fight your way until walls begin to appear in the sea
Now you will have to deal with turrets in the middle of the sea. It doesn't 
take much to destroy these. Once past the turrets in the middle they will 
begin to appear on the left and right sides of the screen. Weave in between
the bullets until the turrets appear in the middle of the screen.
Once past all the turrets, orbs will appear. Continue past them to reach the
boss. There are eight vents to destroy. The bottom crystal ball will weild a
power up when destroyed. After destroying all of the vents the whole fortress
will explode.
                           2.12 - Level 5; Stage 1
This level is fairly straight foward. There are a lot of mini jets to fight.
After a while you will reach some turrets. Avoid them and the jets as best you
can or just blast through them. When you begin to fight bats the level will
speed up.
Continue towards the level boss and some wings will begin to fly from the top
and bottom of the screen. They will begin to connect right down the middle so
avoid both to the best of your ability. Continue towards the end of the level
until you fight the boss. 
The boss is is spread out onto three asteroids. There are fourteen, thats 
right fourteen vents to destroy. There are two on the left asteroid, in the
middle are eight vents, and on the right asteroid are four vents. This is a
very easy boss fight.
                           2.13 - Level 6; Stage 1
This level starts easily. Fly through all the enemies until you reach a tiled
area. You will need to defeat a spiked enemy. This is similar to the jet 
fight a few levels ago. Keep firing at it until it changes colors and 
Shortly after the fight with the spiked enemy you will reach the boss. There
are eight vents on this boss. All in a straight line. Destroy each vent until
the whole fortress explodes. This is another simple boss fight. Keep breaking
vents down.
                           2.14 - Level 6; Stage 2
This level is fairly straight foward as well. You will occasionally fly through 
nearly deserted areas. After these areas unbreakable orbs will occupy
this empty space. Continue past them to fight some more enemies. After these
you will reach the boss. 
There are six vents to destroy. Three infront and four in back. Destroy the
two infront and then move in and take out the remaining four vents. You 
should be well use to these boss battles by now. Remember to swerve out of
shots and plow through enemies that absorb damage for the boss.
                           2.15 - Level 7; Stage 1
Fight through hordes of enemies until you come to an enemy that multiplies 
itself. Aim only on the part that keeps spawning more of its own. It will be
just like the jet and the spiked enemy. Once past it fight through several
screens of enemies.
When you reach the boss there are fourteen vents to destroy. This is another
very simple boss. Just destroy each vent. Theres not a whole lot of enemies
that will fly onto screen and the most to worry about is the shots from the
boss itself. 
                           2.16 - Level 8; Stage 1
No big challenege to this level. Just fly from one end of the level to the
other. There are a lot of enemies. At the end the boss is simple too. Just
four vents to destroy. Take them all out and the boss will explode. You will
then fly off to the next level.
                           2.17 - Level 9; Stage 1
This is a short stage. Just fly to the end. There are some turrets along the
way. Take out all the enemies until you reach the boss. There are fourteen
vents to destroy. Eith turrets in the middle and six buildings on the outside
of the fortress.
                           2.18 - Level 9; Stage 2
This is another short stage. Just shoot by any enemies until you reach the
boss. There are eight vents in total and all of them are in a straight line
along the fortress. Take out each vent and the whole fortress will begin to
                           2.19 - Level 9; Stage 3
Yet another short level. Just fly through all of the enemies to the other end
to fight the stage boss. There are nine vents to dispose of. Two in the bottom
corners. Two in the top corners and five in the middle Destroy all of them
for the boss to blow up.
                           2.20 - Level 9; Stage 4
Shoot your way to the end of the stage to fight the stage boss. There are five
vents that you need to destroy that are all on the fortress. This is yet 
another easy boss fight. Not too many enemies will fly onto the screen. Keep
firing until the boss explodes.
                           2.21 - Level 9; Stage 5
Guess what? Another short level. This is probably why there are more than 
usual stages in this level because of the shortness of each. Just shoot you
way through some random enemies until you reach a huge fortress. There are ten
vents destroy. Blow each of them up to defeat this boss.
                           2.22 - Level10; Stage 1
These levels are getting simpler as it goes on. Fly through the line of
blue wings and at the end is a fortress. Blow up all seven vents which will in
turn cause the boss itself to explode. This is an extremely easy boss fight
because of the lack of onscreen enemies.
                           2.23 - Level10; Stage 2
The first few screens will have blue asteroids coming at you. Then after 
several more screens will be yellow and blue wings as well as the blue 
asteroids. Continue past them to reach a boss. Destroy the eight vents to
cause the whole boss to blow.
                           2.24 - Level10; Stage 3
There will be a few screens where there are yellow and blue wings coming from
the left or right side of the screen to crash into you. After the last screen
you will fight other enemies. The boss will have nine vents to destroy. 
There won't be too many onscreen enemies to deal with.
                           2.25 - Level10; Stage 4
The only major threat in this level are the turrets on the left and right 
sides of the screen. When you reach the boss it consits of nine vents. 
Three at the bottom, three in the midddle and three at the back. Fight 
through each line until the whole thing explodes. 
                           2.26 - Level11; Stage 1
The first few screens will have a bunch of enemies. As the screens go on some
wings will begin to come together in the middle and then turrets will appear
on the left and right sides of the screen. Later on a shelled enemy will 
appear. Keep firing at it until it leaves. 
It will then be replaced by by two jets. Destroy them both and then just take
out the smllaer enemies along the way to the boss. There are ten vents on the
boss destroy them all for the boss itself to explode. After these are gone 
take out the four turrets on the left and right sides of the screen.
                           2.27 - Level12; Stage 1
Fly past a bunch of screens until the shelled enemy reappears. Keep firing
at it untill it shell changes color. It will then fly off. Fight through the
next set of screens. Fight your way to the boss. Once there destroy the 
seventeen vents. 
With the boss defeated a new boss appears. This one has sixteen vents to 
destroy. Take them all out to destroy another boss. With the last vent 
destroyed three brains will appear. Destroy the three towers that are in the
left, right, and center of the room. Then go after the brains themselves.
                          You are the Messiah of Earth.
               ---------------- 3. - Weapons ----------------               
Rapid Orb
Shoots out a stream of flashing orbs.
Throws an orb out and it will slowly return to you.
A sheild will appear infront of you allowing you to plow through enemies.
Sends out a large orb that will damage everything on screen when it hits it.
               ---------------- 4. - Cheats -----------------          
Cheat Codes
Continue in Areas 11 and 12 - Select Continue on the title screen, and using 
                              Controller 2, press Down then Up. Then press 
                              Start on Controller 1.
Different Ship Code         - To use a different ship while playing, press
                              Start, Select, A and B near the beginning of the
Sound Test                  - When you get Game Over, press Start, Select, A,
                              B simultaneously on the ''Game Over'' screen.
Stage Select                - Press ''RESET'' button on your NES 13 times then 
                              press Start. Use Left and Right on the D-Pad to 
                              select the stage.
Easter Eggs
Beat the game and when the fairy stops press A + B on controller 1 and 
controller 2 at the same time.
Change the Music:
In level 10, after killing the boss, press and hold Select. When your ship 
moves again, the music will be different. After beating another boss, the music
will return to normal unless you hold select again.
You can also change the music by holding Select after your last ship is 
Game Genie
PEEKOLLA  -  Start with 1 life
TEEKOLLA  -  Start with 6 lives
PEEKOLLE  -  Start with 9 lives
OXEENYVK  -  Infinite lives
PEOPAGAA  -  Start with Straight Crusher
ZEOPAGAA  -  Start with Field Shutter
LEOPAGAA  -  Start with the Circular
GEOPAGAA  -  Start with the Vibrator
IEOPAGAA  -  Start with the Rewinder
TEOPAGAA  -  Start with the Plasma Flash
YEOPAGAA  -  Start with rapid fire
               --------------- 5. - Disclaimer ----------------          
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted (c) 2004 to Frank Grochowski. International
Copyright laws protect this FAQ/Walkthrough. You cannot sell this              
FAQ/Walkthrough for a profit of any kind. You cannot reproduce this            
FAQ/Walkthrough in any way with out my written consent. You are however allowed
to download this FAQ/Walkthrough for personal use. You can also post it on your
web site as long as you give me full credit, don't change it in any way, and it
is free. The latest version will always be found at:                           

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