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Reviewed: 12/11/02 | Updated: 12/11/02

I thought it would be like Zelda...

I saw a screenshot of this game and it looked kinda like Zelda because of the Top-Down view but i was WAY off. Its actually like playing a wacked up Mario game that takes too long to actually get an attack off(We'll get into that a little later) After playing this game i see why it was only released in Japan.

Graphics: 5/10
Ummm what the heck is this crap??? On the world map your guy doesn't even look like he's walking! I mean at least move your legs. But at least the world map looks ok. Its kinda colorful but it lacks too much. When you go around the map it just repeats itself without anything new appearing. Thats not a good sign in any game. Then your playing the game the levels almost always look the same! Its so bland you'll want to shut this game down after 3-4 levels!

Sound: 6/10
The highest point to this game. The opening song sounds pretty cool along w/ the world map song but the screeching sound to begin the levels is downright agitating! The music doesn't get better in the levels either though. The sound effects are quite good though even though there aren't many there. You just get the regular jump and hit sound. The death sound sounds pretty cool in my opinion.

Story: N/A
Its in Japanese and I don't know Japanese so i don't know what the story is. But it seems that you have to find something or another.

Gameplay: 3/10
The gameplay in Aigina no Yogen is SOOO repetitive its not even funny. You go around these castle-esque things and hit bricks to make them into these gun like things that shoot red bullets. To shoot the gun type thing you have to jump on the gun to do so. That means you have to jump 3 times to attack. And when the shots DO get off they don't even travel very far! So your enemies have to be very close to kill them and you know what happens when they get too close, YOU DIE! NOT GOOD!

Replayablitiy: 1/10
You most definetely wont want to play this game again since its too repetitive and not very fun.

Overall: 4/10
Zelda clone this isn't. Stay away and don't even bother with this game since its crap. Only play if you want to hear the 2 catchy tunes in the game. Instead of this game play Zelda or Mario, there better.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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