Review by The Manx

Reviewed: 01/22/04

This is based on Lum?

This game is based on Rumiko Takahashi's immensely popular manga and anime, Urusei Yatsura. The protagonist of that series is a teenaged alien princess named Lum. When her race, the Oni, decides to invade the Earth, she instead falls in love with a lecherous boy named Ataru and decides to live on Earth as a normal girl.

That's got practically nothing to do with the game, though. Now, remember Lum didn't come to Earth until she was a teenager. In this game, she starts off as a toddler, who runs through school and up escalators shooting her trademark lightning bolts at people who get in her way and trying to get to the roof to catch her flying saucer home before the school burns down.

I swear I did not make any of that up. And once you complete a level, Lum gets a little older and you do the same thing all over again. From nursery school to grade school to middle school to junior high to high school to a ''studio.'' You get the idea. This continues until she reaches her age from the manga, her hair finally turns its recognizable green, and she has to collect all her jewelry before she can finally marry Ataru (I assume that's him), then the game starts over.

About all this game has to do with the series that spawned it are a few power ups that temporarily allow Lum to call one of her many admirers to her aid, like Shotaro Mendo or Rei. With the style of progression through the game I think this was originally not intended to be a Lum game at all. So for the concept of the game and its connection to its source, 2/10.

With a stretch, you can kind of see the character you're controlling as Lum, but since her hair doesn't turn green til the second to last level, that could be any woman in a bikini. The pipes you can climb on, escalators and trampolines to get around on, the climbing flames you have to avoid, and the guys in suits with guns are recognizable as what they are, but just barely.

The sound effects are standard NES beeps, and don't really sound anything like what they're supposed to indicate. The music isn't bad, but it is totally forgettable, and that's only a little better.

Lum moves, jumps (rather than flies) and shoots lightning bolts okay, and that's all you need her to do, so I gave this an average score. The controls are exactly what you'd expect of a platformer, not especially tight but not sluggish or loose either.

Like 98% of all platformers, this game was not made with multiple plays through it in mind, so every game will be pretty much the same as every other.

I've played worse games than this. It's slightly average but got knocked down a little in my review because of how far disconnected it is from its source material. If you need a Lum fix, go read the manga instead.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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