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Reviewed: 08/08/03

Lets put weird and weird together.......

..... and make it even weirder

Lets see, where to begin?

The game Urusei Yatsura: Ram no Wedding Bell, a Japanese only game, is based on a very popular amine series in Japan called Urusei Yatsura. When a series spawns 195 episodes, 11 ova\'s and 6 movies, its inevitable that a video game will be made as well, however, that doesn\'t always mean they put the same effort into the game as into the anime, read on.

Background/Story: 0/10

There is none, but I will explain what I know based on the series. Well, you are an Oni (race of daemons) girl called Lum. You are trapped in a school that is full of monsters and burning to the ground. Strange how there are no other students, or ANY people other then yourself, to be found in the school at all. The main goal is to reach the top of the building without getting killed in the fire or by the monsters. Why the school is on fire, where everyone else in the school went, or where all the monsters came from it doesn\'t say. You have the ability to shoot electricity at your enemies (like in the series) and Jump. Strangely, you cannot fly, even though Lum does have the ability to fly in the series and uses it often. You start from infant school and work your way throughout every school, reaching the roof then hopping aboard your UFO before the fire covers the entire school. Rinse and repeat or nearly every level in the game, nothing is explained. For all you know you could be the one starting all the fires. I wouldn\'t even have known anything about Lum or the other characters if I hadn\'t seen the anime series, this game just deposits you into level 1 right when you press start with no story or even information about what to do.

Graphics: 4/10

First of all, the graphics while not the worst I have seen on a NES game, are far from best. I realize the NES had a very limited amount of colors it could display on-screen at once (I believe it is 16) but just about everything EXCEPT Lum is colored right. Lum\'s tiger stripe clothes and green hair are practically trademark, yet in the game you are wearing pink and blue stripes and magically have blue hair. (At least the graphic of Lum right before each level starts is colored correctly). The enemies also have little to no relevance on the series this game is based on. I haven\'t seen the entire series, I admit. But I only recognized one or two of the enemies. I was able to recognize the Tengu (A small crow-man) and the octopus that is the Mendou family crest or something and the ghost cat but that is it for the enemies. I also noticed the Characters Cherry, Mendou and Rei in bonus modes, so at least they attempted to link the game somehow with the series.

Sound: 5/10

For sound effects, there is nothing out of the ordinary, standard beeps and bloops for nearly everything, shooting electricity, dying, killing an enemy, throwing a switch, etc. The music is the only thing that saves this game...... almost. There are around 2-4 different background music themes in the entire game, but they are a rather well done re-creation of the theme song of the series \'\'Lum\'s Love Song.\'\' The title screen plays the intro of the song over and over and while playing the refrain is played over and over, which can get rather repetitive. Not much more to say.

Game Play: 3/10

Very repetitive, you do the exact same thing every level; the only difference is that each level has more enemies and more floors. There are bonus levels too, but they are very small and half of them don\'t even make sense. Finally, the levels and most of the bonus items don\'t change each time you play, bringing replay value down.

Challenge: 8/10

Ok, I will admit it, this game is hard. One hit and you are dead (unless you find a uniform or temporary invincibility), not much chances for extra lives, no continues, and enemies everywhere. The levels can get very hectic later on.

Overall (not an average): 1/10 and 3/10

I sorta gave this game two overall scores, one for people that want the game alone and one for people that are fans of the series and getting this game because of that. For people that know nothing about the series I gave it a 1/10, because this really is a rather shabby game, and most of its value comes from the nostalgia and links to the series. For people that are fans of the series and I give it a 3/10. Since I can only choose one final score, I give it a 3/10, since its unlikely anyone reading this review didn\'t stumble apon it because he is a fan of the series.

In closing, this is a pretty shabby shot at a game, it is over simplified and some of the stuff from the series is either altered or scrambled to make no sense, and it is pretty obvious they were just expecting this game to sell based on the popularity of the series.

So finally, would I recommend this game? Well...... no, not really, I would only recommend it to those that are huge die-hard fans of the Urusei Yatsura series, not much anyone else.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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