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Reviewed: 12/15/01 | Updated: 12/15/01

I'd much rather watch the anime series any day...


OK... These are some of the worst graphics I have ever seen. Even for the NES, they're horrible. LUM'S HAIR IS NOT BLUE!!! It's green! (well, actually it's kinda bluish green.)I can't even tell what the enemies are supposed to be. One of them looks like Kenny from South Park, except it crawls on the ground, and it has like 4 or 5 legs. My guess is it's that fish in a spacesuit form the anime series.

Sound Effects:

There aren't really a lot of sound effects in this game... I would have to say there's 8 different ones at most. Jumping, shooting, falling, getting hit, enemies getting hit... that's about it, for the most part. They're not great... Heck, they're not even good. But I guess they're OK... for an NES game...


OK. This is the ONLY thing I liked about this game. Although the only song in the game is the opening theme ''Lum no Love Song'', it sounds ok. Plus I like that song. So yeah. The music was good.


The gameplay is fairly solid. All you do is walk around, jump, shoot enemies, and climb up flights of stairs in order to avoid being killed by the rising flames below you. You eventually reach the roof, and get picked up by a spaceship. Then Lum grows up a little, and you move from infant school to elementary school, and you do it again, etc... It is annoying though, you die if you get hit once, or fall into the fire, or fall to a lower floor. But all in all, the gameplay is okay...

Story: I don't really think there is a story... There may be some kind of mini dialogue story-ish thing if you beat the game, but I havent personally gotten past elementary school. (in the game, of course) If you want a story, watch the anime series. It's way better anyways.

Reasons you should play this game:

You're REALLY bored.
You have VERY poor taste in video games.
You like the anime series so much that nothing I can say could possibly deter you from playing this awful piece of crap.

Reasons you should NOT play this game:

You have other things to do (except homework, this still beats homework).
You enjoy being sane.
You're going to commit seppuku (it would probably be more enjoyable).

All in all, I say there are countless ways your time could be better spent than playing this game.

Overall: 2/10 (not an average, because I have nothing to average)

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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