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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Extremely Overrated with bad controls 04/18/18 IceMage2000
The beginning of the greatness 05/27/04 Alucard517
Dracula, a dark castle and a hero with a whip...all in one game? Awesome! 04/05/11 BimmyandJimmy
Vampire hunting at its best! 03/12/04 Braben
The Belmont clan's NES debut: As good as it has always been 10/30/06 Celtic Forest
Not that exciting 07/06/05 charlamain
How can such a simple game be so perfect. (fanboy review) 09/29/04 DarkSaiyan20
Grap your whip and some popcorn, cause its showtime! 02/02/07 dOuBLe_oh7
The beginning of an excellent console series 05/09/02 DReed
Classic. 01/19/10 dtm666
Enter the legend of the resurrected Count 09/04/02 EOrizzonte
Before all the fancy nouns, there was this. 06/07/05 FFM
A classic horror platformer 01/04/10 GameSultan3
Wooden stakes. Garlic. Sunlight. Add a whip and a triple cross-boomerang to the ways of vampire-slaying. 05/19/03 Halron2
A bloody good time 06/18/08 horror_spooky
The first game in the series is frustrating beyond belief! 02/01/07 ice beam
Whip it....whip it good! 11/26/01 KasketDarkfyre
Welcome to Castlevania 01/03/08 Neon_Knight2
For hardcore Vampire slayers only 11/29/11 Ofisil
A stiff, clunky, and remarkably unfun start to an eventually great series. 06/30/06 Phediuk
Hard as nails... or stakes in this case 07/07/05 plasmabeam
Simon says your NES collection is incomplete without this great one 03/17/03 Retro
Challenging old-school gameplay at its finest 12/01/06 Simply Dave
You'd think killing Dracula once was enough, but no... 05/23/05 terrisus
Castlevania: My thoughts with no childhood nostalgia 01/28/15 TKDBoy1889
A cutting-edge classic! 04/14/00 Vegita
Where it all began 08/22/07 wolverinefan

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Quintessential NES gaming 10/30/18 2001mark
The birth of the whip 11/25/08 Ali_X_Rexus
I'm a Belmont... 11/02/07 Arkrex
I can't believe that there is a bad game in this great series. 07/13/02 Blind Guardian
Castlevania Review 08/16/16 ChillHVAC
Great start to the best Action series on the NES 01/13/01 Emptyeye
Whipping vampires for fun 04/10/00 Falsiloquos
The beginnings of greatness. 02/14/00 fduboo
Konami nailed dracula, pun intended. 08/22/01 Green Goblin
Welcome to the world of Castlevania, where skeletons and bats explode. 01/03/08 Jetforcebelmont
Castlevania: A fine example of great game design. 07/23/12 kirbytoo
Classicvania 05/28/19 MFields1978
ph34r this game 06/14/01 Mikester
What a terrible clone of 8 Eyes!! 02/22/01 MMcPhun
The one that started it all 01/15/02 Mordecai the Mad
The introduction to annoying airborne Medusa heads! 10/01/10 neonreaper
This tagline will more than likely get a mention in TotD 07/29/01 PUhler
Not enough meat on this zombie. 10/20/11 RageBot
Quite a fun game. 05/17/10 RareManiac23232
This is definitely a game you cannot afford to miss for your classic NES 01/24/02 Ratking
I don't VANT this game!! 04/11/01 RXavier
Fun, but far too easy 05/29/07 sarevokmb
Certainly a very good start for the CastleVania series..... 04/20/01 shigman
The beginning in the greatest action/adventure series. 02/21/00 Spektre
This is what a classic is. 04/10/17 Superlinkbro
Castlevania is born 02/04/01 Van Veen
A classic, no doubt about it! 03/01/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford
A great game to start the series if you haven't played any before. 02/24/17 WhatTheDeuce92
3 Inches of Dracula 08/11/08 XCommander
old game, but classic one. 01/13/01 Yakuza

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