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Reviewed: 02/22/04

A very nice gentle little unique gem of a game that was unfortunately a Famicom-only title.

Bird Week another one of the MANY playfully unique and wonderful games ever released for the NES. Or should I say Famicom caused for some strange reason it was never released as a game for the NES. (Though I seriously wonder why, its not too violent/vulgur nor is the premise too vulgur and its not incredibly difficult well at LEAST in my opinion. So I'm not exactly sure WHY would Nintendo leave us out on this pleasant little treat. Then again its not the first time that Nintendo has prevented potentially promising games from being released outside of Japan. Nor was it there last unfortunately.)

Just WHAT is the premise for this game you ask? No you won't be spending hours bird watching nor will you be shooting any via Duck Hunt either. Instead you are a mother bird finding food for her youth until their healthy enough to fly away. It may seem awfully... silly to put it mildly at first, but remember what can be one of the most dangerous jobs that a mother bird does is to get her children some and try not to be some other animal's meal in the process. When you think about it the premise makes perfect sense and does indeed make good video game material. After all its not the first time someone made a game out of the everyday survival skills of animals especially back then. (Frogger, Ardvark, etc.) The more I go through this review the more curious I am on WHY didn't Nintendo release this game outside of Japan? Then again Nintendo is like a good woman, may not be horrible to you but you still can't always figure them out.

This is graphically a ''Early NES'' game which isn't hard to tell. However its one of the BETTER games on a visual standpoint, actually to be honest I think it was probably one of the best back then and its still pretty good nowadays as well. While the graphics have aged very well did the gameplay & control go well here too? For the most part yes, granted the control is perfectly tight while it also doesn't exactly have the best gameplay. But its generally entertaining enough that it most likely won't make you feel gravely disappointed.

Though one problem this game has is the audio, while it does have a decent soothing little opening theme. The audio of this game is barely memorable at all, Nintendo certainly could've done better in this department. However one other flaw is that while its a very intrestingly different game that I have already mentioned many times beforehand in this review. The problem is its STILL feels more like a novelty rather than a true innovation like in some of the other NES games. Its a VERY good novelty mind you but a novelty nevertheless. But yet I still do wish that this game had a official release, the concept might've caught on and aspire some hopefully good games that could use this game's premise in various similar ways. (After all a common woodland mother bird is not the only bird that could make good VG potential if you know what I mean.)

However if you have a good emulator or know a good VG import store. (Or if your lucky you might find it as one of the games in those ''Power Play'' systems you'd find in a good amount of malls all across the US of A. And don't worry unlike a good amount of Famicom games, knowledge of the Japanese language is certainly not required here.) BUT don't forget that Nintendo is releasing a upcoming new system that lets you play all sorts of games from older systems. Now I know its QUITE unlikely, but lets just say I am most definitely hoping that they would. And you once you play this game chances are you'll most likely understand why do I have such hopes you just might.

+ It has genuinely good early NES graphics
+ The premise is effectively used & original
+ Control & Gameplay are not terribly flawed.
+ It has a decently moderate amount of challenge
+ This game actually might've done decently in America
- This was never officially released outside of Japan
- Innocuos, barely memorable audio
- It can sometimes feel more like a novelty rather than a genuine innovation.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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