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Reviewed: 01/06/02 | Updated: 01/06/02

First of all, even if you consider it to be football, the correct spelling is futbol...

Soccer is not the funniest video game of all time, nor is it an average game. Just forget all that nonsense you read in the other two reviews for it, and be glad that I have taken the time out of my busy schedule to review this game, so you have the privledge to see that this game really isn't all that bad!

Released in the ancient era of 1985 (hey, I was like one year old when it came out) for the NES, Soccer is one of those few early sports games that are so simple and fun, you can't help but love them. I really felt the developers of the game made this game about as good as they possibly could, despite the fact that it's not really the most complex game out there.

Those of you that need statistic tracking in a sports game should probably look elsewhere for their gaming fix. there are no stats, all you get is eight basic teams, and a few game settings. Then you get into the meat of the game, where you find it is fun, despite the flaws. It plays a lot like soccer, despite the fact the game timer goes really fast, and you'll see yourself scoring a lot more goals than you may expect.

The game does have its flaws, however. Passing can often become a tedious chore, due to the fact that the computer AI is insanely stupid. You can only control one character on your team at a time, meaning you will spend half your time kicking the ball around and the other half hoping your stupid ass characters don't RUN AWAY FROM YOU. Most of the time, you will end up having to go down the entire field yourself. Think of it like Blades of Steel, only you can control who you want to pass the ball to. Only you usually don't have much of a choice.

The game really doesn't look half as bad as you may expect. Yes, the field is green, but it's supposed to be green. If you are used to the graphics in a game like Ice Hockey, you will feel right at ease with the graphics here. No, the game does not look great. Every character looks the same, and the animation is pretty bad. However, the game is playable, and at least there is no frame rate problems or animation skipping. You won't find much to hate, but not much to love, either. The graphics are just there.

Okay, so the music can drive you insane sooner or later. It's not nearly as well done as the classic theme in Ice Hockey, but it is still very solid in its own right. I wish there was an option to change music. Maybe even a different theme in each half, but alas, there is just one basic theme. However, this is such an old game, it doesn't really matter too much. Sound effects are standard soccer fare, so don't expect any gun blasts, okay? :P

You would think there would be no point to play all the original sports games on the NES. That is far from the case, as they were really fun. Many of them are ten times better than some of the ones being released nowadays! This is no exception, as this is practically the greatest soccer game ever released. That's not really a huge bragging statement, however, it is a testament to the quality of the game. Therefore, the game has solid replay value, especially on multiplayer.

Challenging, this game is not. After about thirty minutes of practice, even the most novice player will be blasting their way through the game. The computer really doesn't rely on any sort of basic strategy, instead using stupid tricks to try to beat you. These ''tricks'' are so easy to figure out that even the stupidest person on the planet should be able to figure it out in mere seconds. Yes, it's true, now Hugh Morrus will be able to play soccer on the NES!

It's soccer. Don't expect an epic game, but don't expect a complete pile of monkey dung, either. It's not that bad, really. Just give it a chance to see how you like it. The gameplay could have used some tinkering, and the one player mode is not the greatest thing out there. Many hours can be spent playing multiplayer, though. If you and your friend want a multiplayer gaming fix, and you love soccer, look no further than this.

Good Points
-The cheerleaders.
-The multiplayer mode is fun.
-The game timer moves so fast, it makes soccer seem fast paced.
-The cheerleaders.
-The controls are rather solid, despite the one flaw.
-Did I mention the cheerleaders yet? They're cool.

Not So Good Points
-The graphics aren't that great.
-Trying to let the computer beat you is like being a Maryland fan and not crying during the Orange Bowl.
-The dribbling is rather slow.
-Your players tend not to move with you, so passing becomes a chore.

I Run Down The Game... Psycho Penguin Style!
Storyline - Not Available, f00.
Graphics - 5.5/10
Music - 6.4/10
Sound Effects - 6.2/10
Control - 6.3/10
Gameplay - 7.1/10
Replay Value - Above Average
Challenge - Below Average
Is This Game Worth a Purchase? - If you can get it at a good enough price.
Overall - 6.9/10

The Bottom Line
Get what you expect. It's not terrific, but it's not half bad, either.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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