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FAQ by pietjepuk

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/09/2005

__          __     _____  _____    __  __          _   _ 
\ \        / /\   |  __ \|  __ \  |  \/  |   /\   | \ | |
 \ \  /\  / /  \  | |__) | |__) | | \  / |  /  \  |  \| |
  \ \/  \/ / /\ \ |  _  /|  ___/  | |\/| | / /\ \ | . ` |
   \  /\  / ____ \| | \ \| |      | |  | |/ ____ \| |\  |
    \/  \/_/    \_\_|  \_\_|      |_|  |_/_/    \_\_| \_|

Author: Pietjepuk  E-mail: pietjepuk@ilse.nl Date: 04-09-2005 
Version: 1.1 System: NES


I.    Introduction
II.   Controls
III.  Items
IV.   Basics
V.    Tactics and tips 
VI.   Enemies
VII.  Credits
VIII. Copyright

I. Introduction

Warp man is little unknown game from Namco that was released in 1985, in the 
game you play the role of an astronaut and you have to stop the ever oncoming
aliens. Because the game is pretty old it's basic in everything so don't expect
a very deep game. 

II. Controls

A Button   : Shoot/lay bomb

B Button   : Shoot/lay bomb

START      : Pauses/unpauses

SELECT     : No function

D-Pad      : Move around the battlefield

III. Items


If you collect all these letters than you will get an extra life, some of the 
beasts that appear on the side of the screen will carry them with them, shoot
them to get the letters.


Sometimes a crystal will appear on any of the two screens, get it to open up the
portal on the space screen and to make a door appear on the space ship screen, 
to go trough the door you must blow it up first.

IV. Basics

The main purpose of the game is to kill every enemy in the level, when you've
done that than you'll move onto the next one, as far as I know the game just 
seems to continue forever so there isn't an ending.


On the left side of the screen you can how many monsters are left to kill, in 
every level there are 20 monsters that you have to kill, the monsters all 
appear in a corner and will walk around until you've killed them, other monsters
will be gone after they have reached the other side of the screen.


You can see how on what level you are by checking the amount of flags that you 
have, when you have ten flags or more than it shows one flag with a number in 
it. The levels are split into two sections a space screen and a spaceship 

The space screen

You always start in the space screen, in the spacescreen your only weapon is 
your gun, you can use the rocks laying there to take cover behind for the shots
the enemies fire. The portal in the middle will flicker from time to time and 
when it does you can use it to get to the spaceship screen, you can open the 
portal yourself as well by picking up the things that sometimes appear on the 

The spaceship screen

The spaceship screen looks like a maze, in this screen the only weapon you have 
is the bomb, you can lay down four bombs down at a time, be careful though 
because you can kill yourself or your partner with it. The reach of the bomb 
isen't very long so it's not easy to use, to kill the goblin's the easiest way
just put a bomb in front of them and they'll take it with until it explodes.

V. Tactics and tips

1. Playing this game with someone else makes this game a bit easier and more 
fun, beware that you don't shoot each other though, because then the one that 
got shot will spin around for a while and won't be able to do anything making it
easier for the enemies to kill you.

2. The space battlefield seems a bit easier because you can use your normal gun.

3. Getting 30000 points will give you an extra life.

4. To shoot with bombs go to the spaceship screen and go back to the space 
screen, then you'll be able to shoot bombs. It will be gone once you've 
finished the level though.  

5. You can stop bullets by shooting them.

VI. Enemies

Goblin (60 points)

The goblins are first enemies that appear in the game, they move around across 
the screen and shoot at you every once in a while. If you don't kill them fast 
enough they will become blue and will start moving and attacking a little bit 
faster, the blue version of the goblins also give you more points when you 
defeat them (90 points to be exact). Sometimes they can become dark green, 
than they'll go a little bit faster then the blue ones and will give the same
amount of points as the blue ones. In the spaceship level you can kill them by
putting a bomb in front of them, when they walk over it than they'll take it
with them unitl the bomb explodes.

Blue Dragon (1000 points)

The blue dragon will appear from time to time, it will only walk past a part of
the screen and will then vanish again, when it appears it will make a different
sound so you know when it's there. It can also carry letters with it what you 
can use to get an extra life.

Green alien (2000 points) 

Like the blue dragon this enemy will appear from time to time, it will only walk
past a part of the screen and then it vanishes again, so you have to be quick if
you want to have those 2000 points. 

Claw-things (500 points)

These aren’t always on the battlefield and will appear every once in a while, 
they are a bit faster than the green alien and the blue dragon and like the 
other two they won't shoot and can carry letters with them.

Eggheads (90 points)

These will appear in the second level, they will lay eggs if you don't kill 
them fast enough and when they hatch another egghead will come out. These
enemies are also in different colours but they don't have any differences.

Bombs (90 points)

These will appear in the fifth level, they'll walk around a bit and shoot at 
you, every once in a while they will stop and sit down, when they do that you
can't hit them.

VII. Credits

-Nintendo for making the NES/FAMICOM

-Namco for making this game

-CJayC for gamefaqs 

VIII. Copyright

This file is Copyright (c) 2005 Pietjepuk. All rights reserved. This file was 
entirely written by me. You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as 
your own. You may not alter it in any way. Warp man (R) is copyright(C) 1985 
Namco, inc. NES(R) is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America inc.

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